Count down the days until BlackBerry 10 arrives with the BB10 Countdown app from Kisai Labs

BB10 Countdown
By Bla1ze on 13 Nov 2012 11:20 pm EST

If you're looking for a fun way to countdown the days until BlackBerry 10 arrives, Jerome Carty from Kisai Labs has just what you're looking for. BB10 Countdown is now available for download and offers some cool options built into it.

When you install it, you'll have the option of connecting it to your BBM profile wherein, each day the app will update your BBM avatar with the amount of days left. In addition to that, you also get a optional status bar icon notification with the amount of days remaining. Finally, opening up the app by clicking on the icon will reveal a fun countdown timer with an animated background of falling snowflakes. The amount of snowflakes is adjustable in the settings menu, should you decide you want to see more on your screen.

BB10 Countdown is available for BlackBerry smartphones OS 5.0 and up which are running BBM 6 and up. It'll soon arrive in BlackBerry App World but if you can't wait -- you can grab the download from the link below. If you dig the app, be sure to say thanks to @jcarty! :)

Download BB10 Countdown directly

Reader comments

Count down the days until BlackBerry 10 arrives with the BB10 Countdown app from Kisai Labs


I agree but I don't think it works right...Bla1ze lives in Canada right? I live in Cali, a 3-hour time zone difference. So why does mine say 77 days 7 hours when his in the picture say 77 days 1 hour? That's a six hour difference and he could have taken the picture even earlier. Also, if you open the notification thing and click on it it will start at 59 seconds. If you wait a couple seconds (I always waited until it said 52), push the back button and re-open it from the notification thing, it will start back up at 59 seconds... I don't get it... btw this is on the torch 9850 for Sprint.

I just downloaded the app and have the same issue on my Torch 9800!

However I like the idea, it's helping me spreading the word about BB10!

Yeah! And btw kevin, can we start calling them SUPERPHONES again? Cause that's what they're going to be.

Haha nice just got it

It'd be cool if you could switch the snowflakes to the number 10 to fall. Or the bb symbol.
Pretty neat though if you ask me. Snowflakes before bb10! #bringiton

Jerome thanks this is very cool.  10  10  10  10  10  10  10  10  10  10

My status update doesn't match up with what the countdown says when I open it. There's a day's difference between them. Any idea what gives?

Great idea! A good conversation piece with friends & family too ;)
Sure would like the wallpaper on that dev device too...

slight bug on my notification is states 77 days. But app 75 plus hours and minutes.
not criticising just atating. love the app

Awesome! Thanks so much Jerome. I love the app. It's a nice daily reminder as I sit back and patiently wait it out. I think you did a bang up job and the numerical days remainder icon on the homescreen noti bar is grand. Keep up the great work.