Could a native BlackBerry 10 Skype app be on its way?

Could a native BlackBerry 10 Skype app be on its way?
By DJ Reyes on 26 Oct 2013 11:51 am EDT

When it was first announced that Skype would be coming to BlackBerry 10 back in January, it got many people excited but the question at the time was will it be native, or would it be an Android port. That question was then answered via the Skype website itself. It was going to be an Android port. While many complained it was a port, others gladly downloaded it but it was buggy to say the least. Updates were pushed out to make things smoother but you still can't beat a native app.

A Skype update has just dropped and with it comes a very nice UI and is running a lot smoother than previous versions. It's still an Android port but it is a nice change. You can check out our quick demo of the update. However, is there a native Skype app coming? If you notice, in BlackBerry World, it is called Skype (Preview). Preview being the operative word here. Giving us BlackBerry 10 users a little peek of what's to come. A tweet today from Brian Zubert, Manager of Developer Relations at BlackBerry hinted that a native Skype app could be on its way. If this is true, it is certainly welcome with open arms. Skype is used a lot here by the whole of the Mobile Nations Team, so a native Skype app, that would run slicker and smoother than the Android port does is definitely something we want.

Brian does add that it may be for OS 10.2 only. Hopefully, if and when it does drop, all carriers will have rolled out OS 10.2 already, so no users are left out.

I'm pretty sure this is good news all around but let's hear your thoughts CrackBerry nation. With BBM already multi-platform and knowing that Android and iOS users will eventually get BBM Voice and BBM Video, will you still need Skype? Sound off in the comments.

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Could a native BlackBerry 10 Skype app be on its way?


Yep. 10.2. And the U.S. carriers won't be getting 10.2 out to their customers anytime soon.

BlackBerry needs to take back control from the likes of Verizon and AT&T. It's unacceptable that the carriers should have anything to do with BlackBerry updates. Screw 'em.

I agree. My carrier is T-Mobile, and who knows when I will be receiving 10.2, coupled with th fact that BB10 devices aren't sold in-store any longer. I am fed up with being at the mercy of of carriers.

Carriers want controls to ensure an OS Doesn't have problems, even their testing doesn't eliminate all bugs and people will complain to the carrier not BlackBerry, but it helps, for example my update over Bell Canada has done the following for me... I can't run Android ports even ones from BB world, and when I replaced my battery yesterday morning my device now states that my media card was encrypted from another device and all my content is not accessible, I've tried posting in BlackBerry support forms, twitter messages to their support, and even contacted someone directory and it has gotten nowhere because their support is terrible, now I'm going to go directly to Bell since BlackBerry is no help!

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Worth noting, though, that they actually have delivered a lot since the BB10 launch.

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Meh, I use bbm voice with my wife and family tons. Just give me that cross platform....its quality completely blows Skype out of the water

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Video is even better :). And got heaps better with 10.2 because wow the voice tone recognition is very noticeable now.

Only a fool thinks they know me.

I agree, I've been very impressed with BBM voice. Used it a lot while the parents were in Europe (I'm in Aus) and the quality was great.

this is awesome news.....yet threatening at the same time to Blackberry... BBM needs to move towards a feature complete version even sooner than later for all platforms.

That's the thing about competition. It forces you to innovate and keep up. Hopefully the competition that BBM is facing will prompt BlackBerry to keep up by adding more features and providing timely updates.

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Skype is the biggest thing for IM and voice/video on a pc, including, windows, mac, linux. They have much less competition there than on the mobile front, where there is now bbm, whasapp, viber, imessage, line, wechat and so on. for skype to be replaced, someone needs to offer a desktop client. Also, BBM badly needs at least voice calls over 3G and 4G, not just wifi. Although they are really not in a position to bargain with the carriers, missing some the best parts of BBM while on the go is a huge problem. BB fanatics may be willing to let it slide, but android and ios users will expect voice to be available over carrier networks, once voice and video hit those platforms.

Bbm will do voice and VIDEO over the wireless network.. I use it daily. :)

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All I want is BBM with video and voice for all. Then I will have no use for Skype.
Bill Gates put out a crappy app for BB and is only making strides now that BBM is cross platform. They could have done this months even years ago.
Happy for those who will use it on the regular.

They already said at MWC that they are working on a native app. They are just moving slow - kinda like BlackBerry sometimes.

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Just another application made for ANDROID.

IF I wanted Android, I would not have purchased a BlackBerry device.

If a dev wont put in the effort to make BB native applications, I see NO reason to to support them.

I would rather BB World have just 1467 native applications instead of thousands of these Android cRaps!

BB until it is not CDN

Only if BBM gets a desktop client will they be a threat to Skype. Not before.

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Yeah fear they do. Cause bbm4all will eventually replace the likes of Skype and WhatsApp and crap. Watch for native apps by those that fear BBM4ALL

Only a fool thinks they know me.

Then learn to know who night am bahahahaha. I'll spin you right round into the new era of music

Only a fool thinks they know me.

What if I know for SURE that I know you? Does that still make a fool out of me?

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I have both Blackberry 10 and Android. I think the version on BBRY is now equal to the android one and works stable. Since its a port I can't deal with the notifications. Bringing up that online notification to the hub is unlucky on BBRY. On Android this protects Skype from beeing closed. Visible apps on Android get a higher priority to stay running.

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The persistent notification is there so you know it's running and won't get killed. That's the intention on Android. Same with BBM for Android.

So naturally the same notification is there BB10 with Skype.

Agreed. Still, my preference would be a full communication suite BBM fully available on all mobile devices. That I would use as often as I needed that service, and I think it would push BBM to the top of the charts.

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Encouraging news. Like the new update but not a fan of the ads and battery drain. Had to sign out of it.

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I hope it doesn't go native too soon. BBM video cross platform NEEDS to come out first to get the jump on Skype.

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Skype has its uses. BBM is not available on PC, but Skype is.

Of course, I would welcome the ability to bridge to my PC if I could access the majority of BBM's functions, as they showed off in that demo

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Wouldn't even be surprised to see a desktop client to incorporate the non-smartphone users.

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Anyone notice all of the permissions this app asks for? Why does it want to be able to view everything on my phone at a remote location? I'm sorry but any app that wants full access to everything on my phone is not going to get it!

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It's how android ports work, the user doesn't have control over it like a native app. It's always asked for those kind of permissions.

Time as a BB user to demand better. Stop installing, supporting or encouraging developers who wont make a BB application.

BB until it is not CDN

That's true. But it doesn't explain WHY it needs permissions like accessing my device pin, documents,gps location, etc. It has a permission to access all files in the cloud - with remote pc access on bb10 this means any file accessible on your computer from your phone they are allowed to look at. Why the hell does skype need this? It seems most assume it's part of a group of general permissions that most reasonable apps have. It's not. It is quite possible to only ask for things needed. Most apps do this.

Skype is a better desktop app than a mobile app. If they bring BBM to the desktop, we can talk replacing Skype. But even then, Skype allows calls to landlines as well...

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I have YET to see the bug deal with skype

I have it installed and have never had a moment where I have used it.

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Skype is very resource and battery intensive.

If there is BlackBerry voice. Definitely no more skype. I would ask my contact to install bbm voice.

Start working on some landlines calling. I personally don't mind paying for it. Since bbm is a much better platform

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It will take time to move everyone to BBM.

I'd like to have the option to have Skype yes. And remember: BBM can't call mobiles/landlines. Nor does it have a desktop client.

Till that changes, skype will always have a place.

I hope this is true!!!!

Side note : when using a port can the company tell is a port or would they think is an android app thereby falsely giving higher android usage numbers.

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I'd imagine that they have tabs on which medium is being used to download it. Be it Google play,itunes or BBW.

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Skype always fills the gap for cross platform conferencing. If we get BBM with pro features like video conferencing (more than 2 parties) it'd be a serious contender to Skype in other platforms. Also, Skype has good rates on Skype to landline calling; I'm totally enjoying the 3 month unlimited calling offer!

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This Skype thing is such a joke, why in the heck have they had it been "Skype (Preview)" for nearly 5 months.. made it seem like they have been in the works for a full featured native app or something, but all this time and they just redesigned the android port? This makes it look like Skype is acting like BlackBerry is a joke. They could have had one person spend that amount of time more wisely and just made it native. I don't understand the games they are playing here, whatever.

With BBM video chat (excellent picture quality btw) why bother. Skype is OK for now but full bells & whistle version on Android and IPhone is the better way to go.

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oh so now Skype wants to jump on it and get those downloads before #bbm4all takes over Jajajajaj what a joke!

They Type... I Flick (get it).

I'll use Skype if they don't request bogus permissions. But it's a Microsoft product so I'm sure the native version will be no less intrusive than the Android port.


I need it to talk to my suppliers outside of the US. So I'm glad a native Skype might be on its way.

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I don't think it's BBM vs Skype. Skype has a use. Just like BBM has a use.
I actually prefer OOVOO over Skype. I've used Tango before but like whatsapp it wants to auto populate your contact list from your contacts.
I think BBM will be one step at a time. Now the app is out cross platform. That was the biggest step. As they add more features it will grow. Video chat would be a big add on. If it us a clear cross platform as it is over BB10 phones it will be a killer.

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I do know for a fact that a lot of developers are waiting for 10.2 to come to release their apps

You are now in my Bingo Book

OK you said that by the time Skype becomes naive we'll (we all) be on 10.2 by then..
I'm with AT&T (my Verizon brothers and sisters can testify to this) and I'll STILL BE WAITING!!! thanks I'll use BBM. My contact list is growing by the day. Thanks BlackBerry for doing something timely!!!

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I like the idea of native skype on BlackBerry 10.
I also like the idea of native BBM on Windows Phone 8.

I shows confidence in the product if they both reach out to the opposing side.

What for really. If BBM voice and video is on its way. Maybe on a desktop but even that is coming soon with BBM.

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Typical Microsoft. Now that BBM has gone x platform they decide to actually be competitive. Well when BBM is cross platform with voice and video calling Skype will be gone from my world. Add in BBM desktop and buggy cappy Skype can go to h**l. And good riddance. Time to say aloha to these huge companies as they are too intrusive and abusive!!

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It could be that the native version wouldn't work with the api's below 10.2. That being said, I would hope the mobile version is better than the desktop version as it constantly drops our video calls in our meetings. I suggested we use BBM instead...

Even with BBM video if Skype shows up native then I'll support them and use it too. After all I am fond of the new UI...

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BBM voice and video, once THAT is cross-platform, erases the need for Skype (and virtually all of the other IM packages too) -- and the voice quality on BBM is beyond ridiculously good.

I use Skype for interviews on my machines here and often have problems with quality in the middle of them -- and I'm on a VERY high-bandwidth connection. Skype appears to simply need more than it can get far too much of the time, and it needs it in ways that BBM doesn't seem to.

I'm beginning to sense support from major players including app developers returning to BlackBerry which I believe is central to winning back overall trust. I'd be satisfied with a stable place for BlackBerry in the mobile device market without needing to be in the the #1 position. Needless to say I'm hopeful about the November 4th outcome being an arrangement we can live with without selling off to foreign interest.

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When bbm becomes fully operational skype is done for, I mean I never use it in my pc because of how buggy it phone is even worse! bbm Boice and video have worked perfectly for me

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Is there any one have the problem to have Skype available notice all the time in the hub? I delete it but it keep coming back.

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Give BBM To Microsoft and take Native Skype and other Microsoft Apps from them... Sweet deal..

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I don't use Skype much but it has a place still for meetings. It works great when not everyone has a smartphone, meaning one could use Skype with phone, or any other computer OS (ie. Windows, Linux, Mac).

The Skype update is a welcomed change to the UI and functionality.

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Bbm4all probably came out without video and voice to avoid server overload, once the registration process slows down, it would probably begin testing video and voice, it's release would be sooner than you think . The biggest problem with sudden releases of new apps that go viral is sever overload....mass upgrades don't hamper a server like mass registration...

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Hopefully, if and when it does drop, no one will care because BBM will have established it's self as the superior voice, video, and IM client.

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I like skype, though it lags a lot, it's my only way of communicating with my son as far as video calling. Once BBM gets the video and voice updated, bye bye skype :(, sorry, but it's is the reality. Skype should've fixed this awhile back, now that BlackBerry has gone cross platforms, they want to keep us (BBM users) on their skype. No thanks, BlackBerry rocks!!!

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Well if they make a native Skype app I'll only download it as a backup. In case I can't communicate with bbm.

I currently use Tango viber line and skype for voice chat. And line for video chat.
When BBM step up I will ditch 4 apps for BBM only

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What is the point of Skype on a BlackBerry? There is already messenger. And mist plans include unlimited data and international calling. What with BBM being free on other platforms it would seem Skype is being rendered useless.

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The Skype app is a bit sh##y on bb10, though the BBM video is buttery smooth ......i only talk with my wife who has a q10 and it is massively better than Skype

I just downloaded Skype and does not seem like android port, since no bar shows when I swipe from up to down.

Btw it is looking really the UI and runs smooth so far.

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If BBM is available for both desktop & windows mobile then I would think that Skype may be irrelevant. Otherwise they will still continue to be relevant.

This also means that BBM Video has to come out very quickly.

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There is no native version planned, but this is pretty good usable I would say.

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Ok, though the current Skype port works quite well. When's An official Netflix port gonna drop?? Works fine sideloaded (with the right version). Why no official?

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BBM all the way. Just have to get full version cross platform out that way you can show the world what BlackBerry Messenger is all about

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I would just prefer to use BBM video over Skype. But we need more adoption of BBM cross platform. If they can meet a critical mass then it will fly for BBM.

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Since Microsoft bought Skype, it hasn't been growing much! I don't expect a native Microsoft Skype for BB10.

Where is my «Seven flying D's» Logo???

Native is the only way. Quality BlackBerry apps are far superior to ios and android apps, imo.

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I find calling and video chat on Skype decent but for everyday chat messaging, it has always felt unwieldy.

When people complain about BBM on ios and Android not having video chat and voice, one wonder how many times they'll use it on a mobile device.

I've used it a couple of times since BBM has implemented it on BlackBerry but I haven't really used it. It'll definitely be something I'll use when overseas though.

Back to Skype, it's definitely a huge improvement.

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I hope that a native Skype app comes out. The Android port makes me want to throw my phone against the wall.

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Skype can go to hell.... they update their app three days after bbm goes cross-platform.... and that is after having an unusable app in preview mode for almost five months... no thanks Skype...

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I believe we can start to talk about replacing Skype by BBM once BBM adds voice and video conferencing to Android, iPhone, Windows phones. (Nokias) and definitely on PCs, I forgot to mention the PlayBook too.

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I'd welcome a native Skype app. Sadly, BBM Audio and Video are crippled by my carrier, so Skype may still come in handy.

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Well, I do have a question! It appears that we BlackBerry users will have available to us, BBM video chat...Face-Flow, and now Skype. Anyone know the benefit of the differences between these?

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It may be more and more native big apps launch after recent wide spread of Angela Merkel showing off her Z10 and more government dept. choose using BB10.

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I don't understand - there is no update for me in BBW. The latest Skype I see was posted in June. How do I get the updated one with the new UI?

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WHO wants skype when BBM will be fully deployed...especially being a windows product? Do you Windows phone carrying BBM? Nope!!

I think Skpye native app is here and running on my z10 with 10.2 update.
Last night I updated my skype app and now it doesn't show the android bar that appear while swiping upside down. I tried swiping from all directions but no bar appeared. Oh and when I swipe down from top, it opens the options menu.
So I guess this is as far as skype would go if its really a native app which is in my z10.

I updated my AT&T BB Z10 (STL-3) to the OS version (through Sachesi) last week; but sadly, haven't got the Skype update pushed to my through the BlackBerry World (tried checking many times).
Is it because of the leak I updated to? Or is it some other issue? Or does it need BB OS 10.2?
Please help.

On the official BB World link (; it shows the new version of October 25, 2013 (Skyper version - 4.4.507.33580) is for devices running OS 10.1.0 and up.

Cray update...
Many options are gone now..

I can't set my account offline. Have to logout...
I cannot setup, that I don't want to use videocall.

And the gui is leggy again.. the one before was running smooth with 10.2..

I'm glad that I don't need it every day. .

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The "Preview" label has been removed from Skype in BlackBerry World. It's a port of Skype 4.4 for Android with all the latest features, including video messaging.

And don't hold your breath waiting for a native app. There is already some BB 10 integration with Notifications and Contacts. And yes, it does require 10.2 as it needs the Jelly Bean Android player.