CrackBerry Asks: Could the BlackBerry Q20 tempt you back to a hardware keyboard?

By James Richardson on 27 Feb 2014 02:50 am EST

With us know knowing that the next BlackBerry 10 hardware keyboard flagship device (the Q20/BlackBerry Classic) will see the return of the trackpad and function keys I was intrigued to discover if the news could indeed bring 'all touch' BlackBerry users back to their roots and switching over to a hardware keyboard. 

From my perspective it's a hard one to call. One the one hand I suspect that users of the BlackBerry Z10, Z30 and soon to be Z3 will be more than happy with their form factor of choice - after all, not only is the virtual BlackBerry 10 keyboard awesome, but you get the extra screen real estate. 

On the other hand, it is pretty easy to adjust between the two. Since BlackBerry 10 hit the scene I've rocked the Z10, Q10, Q5 and Z30 - all for decent lengths of time. Switching from an all touch BlackBerry to one with a physical keyboard is no big deal for me and almost feels like I'm back to where I should be. But, for you folks that have made the transition over to an all touch BlackBerry could you be tempted back due to the reintroduction of the trackpad and function keys? 

Yes, we are creatures of habit, but we're also BlackBerry users because of the productivity benefits and BlackBerry clearly thinks that bringing back the 'toolbelt' will make our lives easier. 

Get voting and let us know? 


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CrackBerry Asks: Could the BlackBerry Q20 tempt you back to a hardware keyboard?



Still on keyboard with Q10. Will have Q20 if there will be taller screen. 3.5 inch like that of the iphone 4.

Agreed, if it's a standard 16:9 portrait screen yes. If it's another 1:1 device just slightly bigger than I'll have to pass.

Absolutely! I don't care about the 'belt'. I've more than become proficient with BB10 's gestures and suspect most have who have given it a chance.

What I do want and would retire my Z10 for is a "premium" Qwerty, with a 4" screen in a 16:9 aspect ratio. Leave the 'belt' off.

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Gestures are great. But touch screen is inferior by a Longshot for text editing. This is why I have a hardware keyboard in the first place. A hardware keyboard with no mouse is only slightly better than a all touch device.

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For me it was never about text editing with the trackpad or speed with the qwerty!! The trackpad- along with QuickLaunch- allowed me to seek and select almost anything with barely a twitch of my thumb !!! PRODUCTIVITY PLUS

I agree the touchscreen/trackpad was the best thing did when the 9900/9930. Text editing and selection are easier with a trackpad.

Agreed, or a portrait slider would work too.

I prefer a physical keyboard, but I want/need a big(ger) screen to go with it. The small screen is the only reason I didn't get the Q10.

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I have a couple of Q20s sold "sight unseen".... I will stick with my Z30 until the next amazing touchscreen BlackBerry comes along.

CB10 from the Z30

Another interesting observation is that a number of people still have 9800/9801 sliders from Yolanda on RHBH to a number of people on the street.

I think BlackBerry slider, Q20 and a suped up octo quad 4.75 inch screened phone and we would be in good shape for a while on the upscale side....Z3 mass produced and selling like popcorn in emerging markets.

You had better figure out how to teach these people how to use BB10 gestures or all bets are off.

CB10 from the Z30

I'd take a slider in a heartbeat! Selecting text with the mouse would be a nice return to the performance of previous hardware, and some apps and websites aren't easy to navigate with such a short screen as my Q10. I like my Q10, am probably the only person with one on this island, but am eagerly waiting a BB10 version of my 9800 series Torch. And maybe HDMI or alternate charging possibilities for when the microUSB port gets damaged. #TorchBBOS10

How bout a any key to answer option for those on Q5/10, dislike not having a hard call send/end key. Any screen size less than 4 in on prospective Q20 is inadequate; trackpad is redundant on touchscreen

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Given proper implementation, most definitely. The Q10, with 10.2.1 was very close to fixing the copy and paste issue we were all upset about, but with a next gen design, and mind blowing specs, it will be a game changer. I am not too happy with a sub 4 inch screen though.

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Nope...I think the belt is a terrible idea. I hated the trackpad and my text selection is just as accurate on my Z10.

I'm loving the screen real estate. :)

Mmm...CB10! Just the tip though...

Yes we need bigger battery for z10 and it will be perfect. Love Z10. Hope in future z10 next gen will feature new high spec, battery life and camera. My wishlist. Hahaha

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Agree, Z10 is a great device. With bigger battery and upgrade specs, who would say no?

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

Yup, The Z10 is a beautiful device. I have had it for 6 months and It still looks classy unlike a Samsung. The key going forward is how to make this mid range device just a bit better without dramatically changing the form factor. Two things, I think it is possible to stretch the screen to 4.5 inches by shrinking the bezel. Next, a 2100 map battery for a bit extra phone life. 2400 is just a bit too big and a bit too heavy.

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Ya its actually the perfect size for me. So hopefully we get a New z11,With A 4.2in screen. 16mp cam with a 5meg front facing cam. 4 gig or ram. A quad or octane core cpu

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Bigger battery on about a 4.75 inch screened Z10 would be perfect.

The one thing I liked about my old S3 was the screen size and size of the phone.

CB10 from the Z30

A better system design would do more than a bigger battery. My iphone 4s has approx a 1500 mAh battery and easily outlasts the battery of my Q10 with same use and screen settings.

ya my 4s would last about 4 - 5 hours..i was always charging it though the day... same as my wife hers is dead by noon..

If What Chris said about the belt being under the glass being true, I would have it as a back up to the Z30(or Octocore device)

TechCraze C0008DDD1 :)

Having just changed last week from my 9900 to the Z10 after much deliberation I personally would welcome the hardware return.

I am impressed with the Z10 but miss the traditional feel I have used for the last 6 years +.

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Not definitely... I was on touch for almost a year, couldnt be happier to be back to physical keyboard. YMMV tho...

I was just looking at my old 9900 kinda miss it but I now love the screen real estate and gesture based BlackBerry 10 OS which is a big improvement. I would say give me a keyboard with as much screen real-estate as the Z10, possibly a slider like one of the concepts just recently listed!

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Nope. I love my Z10. I've got no interest in physical keyboard or track pads or anything.

I'd be happy if they just released another device just like the Z10 in a year or two with up to date specs just so it can keep up with new apps and websites.

The Z10 is already the perfect device.

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Agreed, keep the Z10 frame, stretch the screen edge to edge, eliminate the top and bottom plastic taking up space, amp up the specs and battery and I'll buy the new Z10-2

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i agree the z10 is perfect size for me.. 5 in is to big.. but would love and updated hardware ver.. heck they could use the same phone for all i care.. just upgrade the guts... most of all the battery.. but i think they learned there lesson from the bad reviews of the z10 battery..

It's a touchscreen world!!!!

WAKE UP People!!! Get used to it.

The Z30 got the ball rolling improve on that.

The Z10 needs a slightly bigger screen and a Z30 battery life.

Any QWERTY device has to have a 4 inch screen minimum.

All need better cameras ; front and back.

BlackBerry when are you going to ever learn?

Go Hard or Go Home!!!

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The chances of the belt and trackpad being built in software are pretty slim as Chen seems to be leaning towards a full classic experience. However, if it was built in software with the option to turn the belt off. I would be more then happy to see it return on the Q series. I never hated it on my 9900. I didn't even think about having to use it, but I never missed in when it was taken off the Q10/Q5. From a production point of view I would build it into the software, but then again. The qwerty models have always been about tactile feedback.

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No..happy with z30..but would certainly recommend if it comes with virtual trackpad.

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I've bought an original one, last July, but since then, the battery life it was improve dramatically, thanks to the OS upgrades, so I'm using it very rarely, but for the peace of mind it's more than enough!

If it were in deed built into the screen with illumination and maybe it'd tempt me...if said illumination was responsible for notifications I could get on board with a track pad. That said using a Z30 I want the screen space...give me a 5" slider with sharp edges and angled like the porche design and I'm all over it

The only way I'd consider going back to a keyboard is if the screen was larger than 3.5. I would love to go back to a physical keyboard but I am too used to the huge screen for browsing and running apps!


I have thought long and hard about the Q10 so yes, I would consider swapping my Z30 for a Q20. I have yet to use a top end BlackBerry keyboard phone, although the Q5 was a miserable experience...

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I thought I would never switch from the 9900 but after 3 months with z10 I don't feel the need to go back to hardware keyboard. have to say I think it's a step backwards, BlackBerry need to get people to switch from ios and Android and physical keyboards won't help.

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I'm currently sporting a Q10 and really love it. Not so much the OS as the phone itself. Q20 most likely wont be available in my country so there is no point in getting my hopes up. That said, a bigger screen (and resolution) does sound nice.

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Nope. I can see the trackpad being usefull (and I liked the trackball on the 9000 even way better) but the other keys are a wast of space. Starting/ending calls? Menu/Send button?? Those are all dealt with perfectly with the touch screen.

So, either think about what nice things those other physical buttons could do (convenience buttons?) or implement Chris Umiastowski's suggestion of adding a virtual trackpad. Now _that_ makes a whole lot of sense to me.

Not excited about BB needing 9 months to get such a device to market BTW.


Physical call and end buttons will allow for no look hang ups when you forget your phone is on loud and you are in a slient place. (we've all done that 100's of times in meetings etc)

Also no more Q10 pocket dial! I've had about 50 this year with mine.

BlackBerry button is going to be an insta teleport to the hub!!! Without removing hands from typing position. Then trackpad down to the email and start pounding out the emails. All while fingers are still in typing position.

Tbh the belt is efficient and perfectly suited to bb10 and any qwerty.

I see many other possible advantages to the belt...(especially with the back button). that has sooo much potential to rock bb10.

 BlackBerry Q10 

if you live somewhere cold and wear gloves you come to appreciate a send/end button quite a bit. it saves time taking them on/off to answer the phone and freezing your fingers. also nice that you can be doing other things on your phone while talking on the phone and still end your call with the end button instead of swapping around screens to end your call. virtual keypad is a no go for me

I love the physical keyboard BlackBerry devices and I loved the trackpad on my old bold devices so if the Q20 can combine these two things, I'll be an instant customer.

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I think the real question is not whether or not current BlackBerry 10 users buy the new device. There are plenty of legacy owners out there that haven't upgraded. Seems to me it's directed at that market. That's a question to ask in a survey once the phone is made public. Will legacy owners upgrade?

I'm a bit hesitant about them bringing back the key bar I'm not sure how it will help with the navigation given that I'm using a Q10 and have used previous models from the legacy devices which I've compared recently. Maybe it's a good think I'd have to try it out first they could probably add a finger scanner on the navigation panel.

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Missing a question (in the TINY vote).

I don't need a Q20 to "tempt" me back to a hardware keyboard, I have a Q10. (we already have a hardware keyboard)

Now, make a vote about having a track pad as well! (hell yea! I miss precision cursor control)


As a Q10 and Z10 owner I felt a bit weird, because I like both.

Did not vote, this poll is a bit if a dud.

Zzzzwiped from a Zedevice....

I don't think it really matters what people on this forum think when it comes to keyboard.

Keypad phones DO NOT sell! Why are blackberry concentrating on this?

The Q10 and Q5 were enough for the minority, and I don't understand why blackberry chose to take a step in the past for a very small number of people to buy very old technology!

Touch screen phones sell to the masses, they need to be investing everything into new innovative ways of securing a touch screen phone and hitting everyone hard with mass advertising.

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put the tool belt back on and it's the only option for people who don't want touch screen. What's wrong with cornering a section of the market, which I can assure you is bigger than you think. Q10/Q5 didn't do it because you're still going touch screen for most things.

I would love to go for Z30 if it has toolbelt, hw keyboard and at least a bit bigger screen than Q10

Put the decent ram, flash storage, camera, and BB10 OS to Blackberry 8700G and I would buy it in a heartbeat. That is the blackberry root.

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That keyboard was faster than my brain!
And the battery lasted 3 days

That's what made BB Great to me

It's not an either /or situation. It's a big, big world.
BlackBerry can own keyboard AND touch.

BlackBerry = BraveNewWorld

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I think the Q20 would be a great Blackberry Come Back for those people that don't know how or prefer a track pad like those of Android. Old blackberry 7 users told me that the Z10 and Q10 look Confusing to use, because it doesn't have a track pad. But if having the new Q20 with an track pad, Maybe just maybe it will attract more people to switch back into Blackberry.

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I think that OS7 (or earlier) users are only visualizing how they would use one of the new phones w/no trackpad & back buttons based on how they are currently used in that older OS. I was one of them. With my Torch 9810 I wondered how I would do without the touch pad I had always relied on before my switch to the Z10.

But... once I got my Z10 and I saw how the way OS10 is designed I had no use for a touch pad and back buttons, and I didn't miss them at all. If people haven't tried OS10 yet they really should try it out.

The Z10's touch keypad is amazing, so I don't miss the physical keyboard at all.

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tried it for 6 months and went back to os7 Bold 9900. just prefer how it works and really missed the toolbelt. I'll buy a Q20 as long as they don't do anything foolish like make the tool belt virtual

The fact the poll is so tight has got to be signalling slider to blackberry. I want the best of both worlds. Love my 10 but considering buying q5 just for work where I won't miss the screen size that much and use the 10 at weekends.
My biggest issue is every BlackBerry I've ever owned, and I've owned a few, on every single model it was either the trackpad or buttons that failed first. Easy repair on the likes of the pearl but more modern devices is a hefty bill from a repair shop.

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I am quite happy with my Z10 for the time being. Big jump from my beloved Bold 9900. It took me a while to get used to full touchscreen, and I finally learned to love it just recently! However, I wouldn't mind owning a Q20 if the screen was large enough like 3.8 inches (close to iPhone 5s) for the heck of it--switching between both phones. That would be pure awesomeness for sure! Until the next best thing comes along like Z50. I have a feeling Q20 will come out first in the Fall, and then Z50 will probably come out in early 2015. Now I think maybe I should hold out for Z50 instead of Q20. Decision, decision! Damn!

Happy with the Z10, wanted a Z30 for a while now but going to hold out and see what the new Q looks like.

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No no. I don't physical keyboard for any reason. I have been fan of full touch screen. My first smartphone is full touch screen BlackBerry 9860. My next phone will be Z30

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Already using Q10 & happy with it. Hoping for a larger screen version but don't really want a physical "tool belt". A trackpad on the space bar would be ok though.

Posted on CB10 with my Q10


Z30 is in my wish list, if by any reason at&t US decide not to have it available I most definitely will buy it elsewhere and switch from my beloved Z10 to the monster Z30.

I'm MongezaurioBerry

If the 3.5 inch screen sits above the belt of buttons then I think you'd have a pretty decent device there!

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I'm good with what I have. I absolutely love both my Z and Q10 for different reasons (the keyboard on both being one), plus I'm not a phone-hopper every time a new device is released. This is great though for those who haven't dived into BlackBerry 10 or users who would prefer what this phone has to offer!

These words were brought to you by my elegant and classy Z10 or Q10.

Z10 has been great. Stop the confusion. We never get the goods due to changes. Give us a better camera app, redo the Z10 with same dimensions with some extra perks. No native panoramic photos. Why???

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My aging eyes want more of a Z 30 type screen, with the touch. I am looking forward to the increased specs that the new all touch devices will give us. I don't need to go backwards to my curve / torch days.

No. I don't type that much therefore I prefere the bigger real estate of the full touchscreen device.
But I think for people who type all day long Qwerty + Trackpad will still provide the best user experience.
1/3 of the Crackberry folks is already considering it - this shows, that the decision to make these phones was propably right.

On my q10 but wouldn't upgrade to a q20... a taller screen that would allow me to run apps only compatible with z would be a grand incentive to upgrade.

When weighing apps vs keyboard ide choose keyboard any time, and I love my Q 10, having said that a hybrid phone long screen with keyboard is smthg ide definitely go for.

Q10 Powered by

Yes I will go after the Q20. Even though I enjoy the improvements in the BB10 I severely miss the trackpad and the belt. I use my BlackBerry mostly for text and e-mail messaging and often the Q10 is a pain, making me miss my Bold 9900 so much. When I really want to use other "internet advantages" I often go to my Z10. I have been trying to convince me to get the Z30, but I have not been able to have one in my hands to physically test it. I hope that the Q20 will bring the best of two worlds together. I personally hope that it will include the sound advantages of the Z30 since I use my Q10 as my "musical archive and music player" as well.

Nothing will tempt me back to a hardware keyboard because I have never had a phone without one. I'm merely relieved that this will continue.

This question doesn't make any sense, the Q10 does have hardware keyboard, the only difference is the scroll key which the Q10 doesn't have, and with BB10, u really don't feel the need for a scroll key, unless for those with oversized fingers! Hehehe

Posted on a sexy QTEN

Unless it's something seriously innovative from the traditional belt then absolutely and categorically NO!

The toolbelt would be a great feature and might even tempt me to trade my Q5 (which I do love) for a Q20. I still sometimes struggle to use the virtual cursor circle thingy...

I'd love to see the empty space between the screen and the keys on the Q5 (now used for the BlackBerry logo) become the toolbelt either in physical button form or some sort of "virtual" under the glass form.

Posted on a Blackberry Q5

Probably not. Z10 is my kind of dish. I need large screens as I do my 90% computing on phone.

What I am literally waiting for money sitting readily in my drawer, is, a kick ass large, edge to edge screen, and concept hw.

Posted via CB10

No, because English is not my native language, so there should be letters of my language and English both at the buttons. Which looks awful.


The Q10 has tempted me. The Q20 is just ridiculous and a waste of real estate. I definitely won't get a 20. But I can see how some ppl (particularly those who never used a Q10) would be interested.

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I love my Z10, but it doesn’t really stand out. Folks still ask if it is the new iPhone. The form factor in the same as everything else out there. I really enjoyed having the physical keyboard previously with my 9650 and 9930, and am seriously thinking of going back to one when my upgrade comes up later this year.

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I think we're going to need the trackpad back so we can more easily choose the poll answers on the CB10 app ;).

Posted via CB10

Me personally I'm done with the tool belt. I have the Q10 and love it and the next device I would like is the Z30! Hopefully sprint will pick it up in 2 years or so hahaha

Posted via CB10

No. Not a chance. I have left the track pad behind. BlackBerry 10 is great. I love my Q10. Touch screen is 1000x better.

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I love my Q5 but I would love the bigger screen. However, could someone tell me what the principle use of the track pad would be? Placing the cursor in text?

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Yes. And also being able to close unwanted pop-up ad windows by moving the cursor exactly to the x box. Even on my tablet I more often end up opening those pesky ads rather than closing them. You get cursor accuracy and precision.

If I'll ever switch to Q20 it's bcoz it has a bigger screen. BlackBerry should focus on improving it's OS to entice developers to increase native apps.

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Nope I'm happy with full touch and the blackberry touchscreen keyboard is not much of a compromise in speed and accuracy

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Loved the keyboard on my Bold 9900. But the track ball developed reliability issues. Switched to Z10 and love the gestures and biggish screen. I think the cat's *** would be the slider form factor with big screen and slide out physical keyboard (and virtual keyboard - wishful thinking?).

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Yep can't believe BlackBerry think people will go for a tool belt and track pad. They have one of the most unique OS available as it is swipe ( no buttons) which most people love once they are used to it but instead of highlighting that aspect they want to pretend it doesn't exist - crazy!

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I like the Q20, but not because of the track pad. I like it because I am a two thumb typist and prefer the curved keyboard.

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Never thought I would say this but I love my Z10 and the touch screen. I have had 3 previous BlackBerry devices, Curve and 2 Bold's and I always said I will never go to a touch screen keyboard!! BB10 and the Z10 changed my feelings on that 100%.

Posted via CB10

Mist likely not. Physical keyboard takes us years back and they are the problems BlackBerry are in today. If at least it was a 5 inch display maybe I would consider it but a 3.5? Come on? Nobody makes screens that small anymore.

From my Z30 STA100-5

Need a slider so as to conserve max real estate while enjoying real keyboard like a boss.

Sent from my iPuh-lease-as-IF

Yes, I will be looking forward to the release of the Q20. Screen size, qwerty keyboard, tool belt is back with track pad! This looks and sounds awesome!

If you haven't tried the Q10 first (on 10,2.1), you have no idea what you're missing! I love my Q10, having spent nearly a year on my Z10, and I can't put into words how much cooler the Q10 is. The OS experience feels more exciting, like it was originally designed with the Q10 in mind. If people aren't smart enough to figure out the Q10, then the Q20 will help them. Heck, I may even buy it if the resolution is 720 by 1280.

I used my Q10 to create this CrackBerry madness!

The vkb is awesome already. No need. I just want a slightly bigger screen for my Z10 and of course a battery that's so much better than what we have now on the device.

Posted via CB10

Depending on what the device will look like. It could tempt me. It's still nice to use a physical keyboard but I would like a bigger screen. I'm not too fussed about the toolbelt, I quite like the gestures. 

I'm committed to my z10 for another year atleast until my Verizon contract is up. However, I was upset I didn't go q10 (miss the physical keyboard) and I will absolutely switch to a q20 or similar keyboard / track pad device when I can. Editing text is pain, and I'm sick of making typing mistakes on touch screen.

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Different things for different folks. Definitely some people will come back to BlackBerry because of the Q20. This phone will be unique in the mobile market.

No way I'll stick with my Z10 till Z20 or whatever full touch coming perfect size but same size bezel all around

Posted via CB10

Until they smarten up and make a Typo version of a phone a 1:1 aspect ratio phone will continue to provide a disappointing experience.

Posted via CB10

Yes it would. I'd like to see a bigger screen on it, though. In the meantime, I'm happy with my Z10 and enjoying it.


I'm on Q10, I prefer a Q30 though (without the belt). I think this OS doesn't require the belt as no menu is needed. Answering and dropping a call is a breeze.

I rape this Q10 on a daily use, it handles my extreme work load unbelievably well.

All I ask for is a better Camera. That's it.

Posted via CB10

Yes. Navigating type without a trackpad is madness! And answering calls! I keep. Dropping them when swiping. Clicking a button- bliss. Amazing how taking away something and replacing it with nothing tangible is a selling point.

Posted via CB10

Tool belt, yes. Hard Qwerty if it were on a landscape slider like the Verizon xv6800. Still want the 5-6" screen size if getting a QWERTY physical keyboard.

Posted via CB10

I don't think Q20 gonna make a difference, most ppl on bb7 pay around 35$ per month for their phone and only interested in BBM but if carriers offer better blackberry plan and pricing they will take the leap. Carriers treat BlackBerry phones like tablets we need better plans and pricing for BlackBerry

Posted via CB10

I like the extra screen space and the virtual keyboard is very good, especially the predictive function. I have a Z10 and my next phone will probably be a Z30 or whatever equivalent is available a year from now.

Posted via CB10

For personal I'll stick with my Z30, but if they were to pick them up for work to replace BlackBerry 7 phones that would be awesome


I went just under a year with my z10, then made the switch to the Q10. Nothing of the q20 interests me. The q10 just may be the first phone I have that I use for longer then a year

Posted via CB10

I am waiting for new premium z10 wit 5.5 screen and better camera too. I am gonna use my z10 until blackberry come until there is a premium one.

Posted via CB10

As soon as it is available, I am buying one. Money well spent.

Magnificently composed using CB10 on my BB Z10!

I have both a Z10 & a Q10, I prefer the full keyboard so the answer is easy for me, YES!!! Looking forward to see both the larger screen on a Qwerty model & the new/old tool belt on the Q20.

The torch 9850 broke my dependence on a physical keyboard a long time ago. I can take it or leave it.

Don't need the physical track pad (guess it's time to move on)
As a Q10 user... would prefer a longer screen. The width is fine (slightly wider won't hurt)
As long as BlackBerry doesn't take my Physical Qwerty Keypad... I'm loyal all the way.... even if I have to use igran give up viber or facetime

never ever go back hardware keyboard , big screen and fulltouch is the way to go

And looking at the voting, most people think same :)

Nope. Love my Z10. I would love a Z30 on Tmobile. I am leaning towards a larger screen. My wife just got the G2 by LG and it is a beautiful phone. Fast and beautiful screen, not to mention a 13 mega pixel camera. Keep your keyboard and small screen.

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I've always and will always have my keyboard sidekick Berry yo!

Photos captured using BlackBerry devices - C00016D81

Never thought I'd switch from a physical keyboard until the BB10 virtual keyboard.

Love it and won't be looking back.

Glad that BlackBerry will continue to offer both options though, for those that continue to prefer the physical qwerty.

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I seriously miss the trackpad because copy and paste is painful with a touchscreen. I am loathe to give up screen real estate, so I'm hoping a slider is in the works.

Posted via CB10 on Z10

The Q10 reminded me of how much I loved having a physical keyboard. I have many all-touch devices but still have a preference for the Q. The Q20 has made me want to wait on buying the Z30. Man, so many devices to choose from, wish I could have them all.

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App!

Tough call but I don't think anyone who has a Z30 will go back. I think anyone with a Q10 or any legacy device will hop on that train without flinching. For me I started with sidekick, moved to a couple smartphones with keyboards like the G2 and then went all touch with Samsung, got the Q10 last year and thought I wouldn't like it because of the smaller screen but here I am feeling like I did when I was rockin a sidekick.

Posted via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA  ‎BlackBerry Q10...SON! (Soon to be the almighty Z30!)

Depends on how they implement the the tool belt into the Q20, I'll for sure be interested in one though.

Buts as of now I'm loving my Z10. I've owned an android and iPhone and the Z10 is definitely the best phone I've owned by a margin. Just give me an updated z10 with a bigger battery and a bit better specs(maybe fix the camera too, I don't really dig the camera) and I'll be a happy gopher.

Posted via CB10

Before buying my Z30, I was torn between the Q10 and a Bold 9900. Yes, seriously. There's something about the Bold that is Epic. If the Q20 can combine 'something' with the awesome BB10 and decent screen real estate - I will pick it up in a heartbeat!

Posted via CB10

Just wanna say I do like the idea of the return of the hard keys but I am equally happy with my Q10 without. Can't wait to see what the Q20 actually look like. if it is a hing end phone I might trade in my Q10 for it but if it is like the z30 an low end then thank you very l will keep my Q10 instead, like the quality of the Q10.

I love the Q10 and have no use for the belt. Increase the screen size another inch and this is my perfect mobile communications device.

I was never a fan of the track ball or track pad, especially the later implementations of the track pad on the Torch and Bold devices. The sensitivity of the track pads never seemed predictable, and my Brick Breaker scores suffered as a result when I switched from a Curve to Torch 9810.

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Put the keyboard and belt on the Z30 sized BlackBerry and would leave enough screen size. Best of both worlds.

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Simple answer: yes
Detailed answer: people thought this would be the actual Q10....that right there shows that BlackBerry wasn't at all in touch with what their already customers were expecting...This is bad. On top of that, BlackBerry introduces a new OS that gives the user the ability to swipe up on possible words inessence making typing on virtual keyboard quicker&efficient..Great!!! But on the Q10 we can't do that, so why in the heck wouldn't they leave the abilities of the Legacy QWERTY in the new OS? If I want to type thre periods, or any succession of the same character(especially if it includes me having to press alt) I can no longer just hold the last characteruntil the amount desired is typed. I have to go through the inefficient process of hitting alt each time. No shortcut keys(WTF!!!). Long press on A or Q no longer works. So yes, bring back the old experience of the old KB&Belt, because that's what should've been on the Q10 to begin with. Just like someone else stated, Menu Button should take you straight to HUB, long press on Back Button should return you to screen of running apps, double click on Call End Button should close current app. That's how I envision it, the belt should offer more options, but everyone on these comments that said no seem to think it will take away from the it will actually take a BB10 device & make it a legacy device simply because a belt is added...bollocks!!!

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I didn't vote because the answer I would choose isn't a selection. I just purchased a Z10 last Saturday night, and I appreciated the larger screen instantly. To go back to a smaller screen would be counterproductive for me. I admit, I do miss the toolbelt with the ability to copy and paste, (which if BB10 has that, could someone please tell me how to use it?), double click the call button to dial the last call out of or into the phone, hang up with one press of a button without having to remember "how did I get the screen to light back up last time?" if you are on the speaker phone, and the track pad, yes I definitely miss that. But I would switch only if the toolbelt was on a Torch-like phone, which is what my two previous phones were. I can no longer drive, so I would make a grocery/shopping list during the week in the Memo Pad on my Torch, then copy and paste it into a text message and send it to my wife when she went shopping on her way home from work. But for now, until and IF they come out with a slider BB10, I will just have to get used to the fact that I can't do that anymore, because I will not switch back to a device with a smaller screen even if it does have a physical keyboard AND a toolbelt.

Yes, it is tempting me. Much more so than the Q10. Ironically its the keyboard of the Z10 ("flicking" words) that will be the hardest to lose going back to a physical keyboard. I don't think I'll mind a loss of screen size, I don't really consume much video media on my phone, just text based things and music really.

I'm going to have to see it when the device releases. I already use the Q10, I'm on the fence about bringing the trackpad back.

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I started out with the storm 2 and now I have a z10 but I wouldn't mind having a qwerty at all... the screen has to be big enough tho or no deal.

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Absolutely not. The virtual keyboard is faster and more efficient.

That said, it's good to have choices.

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