Could 4G be coming to the UK in time for BlackBerry 10?

Everything Everywhere
By James Richardson on 23 May 2012 09:08 am EDT

I had a meeting yesterday morning with Everything Everywhere, the owners of T-Mobile and Orange in the UK. I wasn't initially going to post the details here on CrackBerry, but the more I think about it, the more the discussions I had may well be to RIM's advantage.

The meeting was about Everything Everywhere's plan to hopefully roll out 4G finally in Great Britain. (We are lagging way behind our American friends over the pond). I say hopefully as they are still waiting for the go-ahead from Ofcom and without the clearance we will stay on 3G. However, Everything Everywhere are confident that things will move positively and in the meantime they are preparing their current cell sites for 4G so a switch to the new technology will be swift once the green light is given.

So where does RIM come in you may ask? Well, we know that the first BlackBerry 10 device is scheduled for release in Q4 this year and of course for the U.S. market it will support LTE. Everything Everywhere have stated today that they 'hope' to have the HSPA+42 network in place late this year "subject to Ofcom spectrum liberalisation", so I presume the UK variants of the BB10 handsets will also have the same LTE capabilities. To cut a long story short, if Everything Everywhere are to support BlackBerry 10 devices from the offset they potentially could be some of the first 4G smartphones to launch in the UK giving RIM UK an extra selling tool.

With Everything Everywhere being the UK's biggest network, it maybe time for them to grow even more as they are the only carrier that are working towards rolling out 4G ASAP.

May be great timing for RIM? Or fate. Or their destiny!

Reader comments

Could 4G be coming to the UK in time for BlackBerry 10?


Like the sound of that. It would really be a great bonus if it was ready for bb10.

My question tho is if isnt ready, would the first released phones still be able to get 4g or is it a case of once ur on 3g ur stuck with until u upgrade ur phone?

Sorry if that is stupid question but I'm ready for an upgrade at the end of the year and would love 2 get the new bb10 as soon as I can but don't want to be stuck with 3g phone if 4g isn't ready and I won't be able to get it afterwards.

I like the sound of 4G on a BlackBerry. The faster the better as I always say. I have a good feeling about the BB10 platform. I hope it's going to mean bigger sales of RIM this year. I certainly would want a BB10 device. I just hope it'll be worth it in the end. Good article Kevin! Sure sheds a little more light on the BB10 devices that are coming out.