Cortado Offers Wireless Printing for Your BlackBerry

By IsaacKendall on 5 May 2010 07:03 am EDT

We met Cortado at WES this year and they offer BlackBerry users the ability to print to WiFi or Bluetooth printers.  For enterprise customers a Cortado server is installed behind the corporate firewall offering secure remote printing to any company printer from anywhere in the world.

Another great feature is allowing you to access files stored on network drives at the office.  I was very impressed with the product and found it really cool and could be very useful in an orgainization that can afford and justify the cost of the server and license.

What blew me away was when they announcedat WES a personal version which offers free printing to any WiFi or Bluetooth printers.  Additionally they give each user 1GB of web based storage for files.  This now gives you the ability to print from files stored in the cloud or on your BlackBerry handheld.

Reader comments

Cortado Offers Wireless Printing for Your BlackBerry


He couldn't get it to work on the Blackberry so he pulls out an Icandy...this make the blackberry look bad. How do you come to WES and demo an Icandy. What a joke.

My thoughts exactly, what a douche, this show is about bb the moron pulls out an ithing. I wish I were the person behind the camera.

This really makes me mad this video should be removed and only use the text. If I wanted to see an Icandy video I would go over to TiPB...can't show this to my Icandy friends they would laugh at the blackberry...remove the video.

I found out about them 3 weeks ago but sadly my printer was not available. Does anyone know if they updated the printer list for a EPSON 800.

Waiting now to see if I actually here back after contacting support. Tried to call but no answer (straight to a message about using their e-mail support). I tried multiple e-mail addresses and all of them gave the same registration error.

Of course this app would have support for dozens of printers: except mine. No drivers present for the HP ColorLaserJet 2600n. What a letdown... Would love to be able to use this app to print from my BB Curve 8530 via WiFi...


I feel your pain, I jumped at the chance to get this app more than a month ago, only to find out that theres no support for my Lexmark X4850 Wi-Fi printer ( So Much For Connecting to ANY Wi-FI printer) no drivers available.

contacted customer support, they suggested to use the Standard Printer Drivers but that didnt work either.

So I tried my Lexmark Z65 network printer, nil! lol

inasmuch as they have a standard printer driver which seems to be just for inkjet printers, I wonder why no support for Thermal Printers such as my Lexmark X4850 Wi-Fi printer.

so much for my excitement.

Great idea but would be nice to share list of compatible printers before I downloaded and did not see my Xerox 6180!

Cortado is a great, free, software. Workplace is the only cloud file hosting app I was able to find, and it works perfectly.

Downloaded this application, after downloading it the phone resets itself and then displays a reinstall software 552 error message of course this is not possible as the phone is totally locked up and then even after hard restting the phone goes back to this display again now in USCC store getting my OS restored as the program junked my system....stay away from this piece of crap program, their respnse to my problem well just reinstall your OS system, what a work of art this program and company is.

Finally can print from my BB! life is sweet!
Using the BT printer since my tour doesn't have wifi. Didn't have my HP deskjet 6980 printer in list but used the hp color deskjet driver and it worked perfect. I have a cheapo $2 BT adapter plugged into the picbrige port on the printer (which HP said wouldn't work unless i bought their BT adapter, HA!)Didn't even have to reboot after install but did a battery pull later anyway...

too funny. had to demo it on the iPhone. way to going RIM and Developers. only if the iPhone was available to all carriers RIM would be dead in the water to consumers.