Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 - oozing with new and improved features

By James Richardson on 25 Jan 2014 02:51 am EST

Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 has been around since July 2013 and it's just had quite a major overall bringing it to version 3.0.1. We've posted recently about a few other note taking apps but this one still remains a firm favorite of mine since I first reviewed it

Quite simply - Corky Notes is a post-it style note taking app but one with a twist. It's free too which always goes down well - although there is a pro edition for a few more features.

With a double tap on the screen you can create a note and you get a choice of colors to choose from (the default is changeable) as well as a date when the task is due by. Sharing is included - just drag the note to the bottom left and your BlackBerry Hub will open with all your sharing options - perfect. 

As you'll see below the list is quite extensive so another fine job by a dedicated BlackBerry 10 developer.

Corky Notes v 3.0.1 Release Notes "Simplification and performance"

Feature Additions

  • Toggle app performance: trade appearance for performance
  • Export notes in any tab
  • Import notes to any tab
  • Note deletion indicator pop-up can be turned off
  • Manual restoration of past purchase of additional feature

Due Date

  • Select calendar Corky Notes integrates to
  • Select time with the date the note is due
  • Set due date for individual notes and mix them up with regular notes instead of making the entire app “due date mode”

Active Frame

  • Select which tabs the Active Frame can choose notes from to display
  • Toggle Active Frame to off and display static image to save battery life

UX Enhancements

  • Huge performance boost
  • Creating new note is simplified
  • Tab switched notification (can be turned off in settings)
  • Splash Screen

Due Date

  • Setting due date on a note creates a due date badge with time sensitive colors (Green - not due, Blue - due today, Red - past due)
  • Due date badge also displays number of days left/remaining until the due date

Active Frame

  • The tab name and icon are shown to display which the note belongs in
  • Due date badge also shows up in Active Frame for notes with due dates set

Bug Fixes

  • General - Notes lost due to complete battery drain of the device eliminated
  • Due Date - Editing a calendar entry that doesn’t exist in the native Calendar application creates a new calendar entrt

Active Frame

  • Battery drain bug eliminated
  • When there’s no note to display, it now displays “no notes” instead of a blank note

More information/Download Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10

Reader comments

Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 - oozing with new and improved features


Reminds me of windows Vista and it's note widget

Posted Via CB10 Running On Z10STL100-2 Using OS Version

The reviews claim only six notes available in free version.

Something like this is important for you to put in your blog posts.

Are these blogs just random, or do you try these things before you hit the post button?


I clicked the link to your first blog on this, and you clearly state that you needed to purchase to get beyond the free limits.

Why are you withholding the information from this one?


It does make u a ****, glad you can live with that!

Even when you think something, there are ways of expressing it so as not to come of as a rude, inconsiderate child. He did mention there was a paid option to get more features. Does this child not know how to read properly?

Posted via CB10

The download page of the app in BBW states in two places "This app contains items for sale"

Posted via my beautiful, red Q5 (

you are wasting your time chatting with BlackBerry fan girls. They will defend the apps and crack berry even if it costs them their families.

These clowns here don't think with a objective mind frame.. it's all about ass kissing.

White Z10

One: This isn't a review - just an app update post. 

Two: I clearly said there is a paid version available. 

Three: Chill - it's the weekend :-) 

I am chilled.

You talk about things this software can do -but fail to mention that you must pay for it. (after saying it is free)

Maybe it is time to do some reviews, with full disclosure, instead of advertising "free" software, that is clearly not free.


I'm sure most people will get this: "It's free too which always goes down well - although there is a pro edition for a few more features."

Posted via CB10

Most good things come at a cost so stop with the cheap attitude and support the dev already. Just calling it like I see it...

Posted using the best phone ever, the white Z10!

Seriously, just back off.

What James shared is fine - the article was not meant to be an in depth review.

Posted via CB10

Most of the features you describe are for the paid version, not the free version.

Looks pretty good. It's something I downloaded ages ago and never used. It looks like something I may well use now.

Posted via CB10

NO! Guys, don't update Corky Notes
There is NO DARK theme after update!!
Why dev, why?
There are no more notes styles.
The colours of the notes are like iPhone 5c like...come on dev. -This is BlackBerry! Right?!
The active frame is worse like hell!~
In the old version I could setup a dark theme and dark blue notes, in active frame too, but now- yellow, or pastel iphones poop!
I don't like CN any more:/

Hey Dev- Give us the old 'Styles' back, that I've paid for!!!!

I like the new privacy when it's in the Active Frame but don't like the style of the actual notes. I preferred them the way they were in the previous version.

It's a really nice simple app that keeps me organised for the basics.

Posted from my Z30 via the CB app

Thanks for creating this, qbo. I downloaded this to play with it, in my search for a notes app I'll actually use. Love the GUI. :-)

One question:
Is there a way to drag a note from one tab to another?

Posted via my Q10, still on

Yes, we can drag the notes from one tab to another. We only need to have the tabs open before you drag the notes, you want to move.

It's better but I can no longer find the dark theme and different background textures!

C00121953 channel for car freaks!!

The previous app icon looked cleaner too when it didn't have the pink note under the top yellow note in my opinion.

Future suggestions, not criticisms ;)

Posted from my Z30 via the CB app

So many Note apps out there for BB10 but do any of them synchronises with the Notes folder in an ActiveSync mailbox like BB10's stock Notes app?

That's the only thing that would make a Notes app useful for me but I've yet ton find one that does.

None of the Notes apps I've tried can work with a Calender in a Work space when using Balance either, although maybe I'll try publishing this one as a Work space app on my BES and see if it can then.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

I can confirm that Corky Notes when published as a Work space app in BES10 can add reminders to the Calendar in the Work space.

Posted via CB10 on Z30 STA100-2 / on O2 UK - Activated on BES10.2

Nice looking and fun to use UI.
What I'm missing (and these 2 features are a must for an up to date note app imho): a cloud backup/sync feature. ToDo list option.

What I would like is escalating importance as start with normal or low priority then switch to normal or high priority if you get what I mean

Posted via CB10

Nice app, good work.
I have one request make it so it fully integrates with Exchange, effectively giving the option to replace the reminder app that now does Notes which syncs with Exchange.

I've used this app for quite a while and it's very well made. The paid version is well worth it. Corky Notes and Clipman are among my favorite and most used.

Posted via CB10