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Old school meets new school with Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 22 Jun 2013 03:38 am EDT

I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to note taking applications. Normally I'm not at all bothered about nice colors - I just want the app to do its job. Then I discovered Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10 which brought back the good old days of when I didn't use a smartphone but used post-it-notes.

Corky Notes is a free download from BlackBerry World, however there is a slight catch which will sucker you in. The free version only allows you to use a few notes and you can't change the color of them - so I was forced to make the in-app purchase of the full version, which was only $1.99. So now I'm able to have as many notes as I want, choose from a selection of colors and also the style of the note.

A single tap of the note will bring it up full screen and here you can change the text you have input as well as alter the color of the note once again. When you are done with a note you just drag it to the bottom right of the display where there is a recycle bin logo and off it goes.

Sharing is also integrated into the app which is always nice to see - this time drag a note to the share icon (bottom left) and your BlackBerry Hub will open giving you the option to share with any accounts you have in there.

And that pretty much sums it up. It's colorful, yet simple to use and kind of looks pretty. If a note taking app is a must for you give this one a try - I think it's here to stay for me. You can download the free version for both the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 below:

More information/Download Corky Notes for BlackBerry 10



Any app is welcome to the BB free app club.

Posted via CB10


It's a great app so go and buy it....
Here is the thread for this app


Great tool indeed!
Q10 friendly in addition.
Getting it.

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[off topic: why can't I get my avatar to display in CB10 while it shows up on CrackBerry.com forums? I uninstalled and reinstalled CB10 app, but avatar won't display.]

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I'm experiencing the same thing. Any help, anyone?

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yea the only Q10 issue I see is that it's active frame supposedly pages through previews of your notes. On my Q10, the active frame just shows the top of a note & no writting


Active frame is optimized for q10/5 on version 2.0!

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


I look forward to seeing 2.0 next week :)

Bor Navas

Just downloaded it, looks very useful

Posted via my z10 - BBM channel pin C000F331C


Yep nice on

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Now on full version I'm missing
- owner wallpaper
- owner color
- changeable font size
.... more will add.
But over all nice app, and works well. Thx

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Hello, we don't allow users custom wallpaper because most of the times, the custom wallpaper will be too "busy"

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


Sorry, pressed submit before I could finish the reply.

Anyway, custom colors will be an option to look into but since the notes are custom shape, I'm not sure how we can allow users to set colors.

Also, we would love to provide custom font support for our users as well but BlackBerry doesn't allow custom font support for native apps yet. Hopefully that'll change in the near future!


Corky Notes for bb10 developer


Nice App! Well done and thanks for being a BB10 dev!!
Will check out any apps you have/will create(d).



Got Corky Notes and qbotron. Good and helpful self-promotion!



Yeah, i also love it so much.. :)

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Oh yes!!! Very good app for work related reminders...

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Also, you can set due dates and have the notes change colour automatically based on not due, due, past due.

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Now that's a great idea. I'm only using the free version but that might be enough to upgrade.

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As with any other devs, we would love for you guys to leave a nice comment and a rating of our app on the BlackBerry World :)

You can also visit our website for more information and please direct questions and bug reports to our support email which can be found within the about section of the app!

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


Love that the developer popped in here to answer questions. I had a post-it note app on my 9850 and it was really easy to pin a quick note then delete just as easily. Going to BBW now to buy it for Z and Q!


You felt forced to spend $1.99?
Some people sure have a tight grip on their money.

Matt J

Bought it! Great app.

Posted via CB10


Yea Nice App

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i wonder if the PB version will get an update soon...?


Though Corky Notes is only available on BlackBerry 10, on pb, there's a similar app called Many Notes. Check it out here http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/86915

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


I am very happy with this app in the full version. I use it in conjunction with a full to-do app because this one has a really nice active frame so my immediate to-do items are front and center. Kudos to developer... keep updating with more colours, fonts, priority options etc as in fuller to-do appa

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Didn't Blaze cover this a while ago?

Cracked it out with the amazing Z


I love the app. :)
I would love a way to share the whole corkboard with a contact (with several post it notes present, not just the option to share them individually) but I took a screen shot of my finished product and shared that way.
Love the look, thanks!

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Great job on the app. Can't wait for version 2.0.


Great app. What I was looking for. Simple and to the point and also visually nice.

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This is why I use my calendar to make notes as it's free and reminds me and can repeat

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This actually makes the z10 a better phone to have and can make people that see it want to buy a z10!

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Stop hijacking our feature spotlight. This is the second time you did this. Do you have any sense of dev ethics?

Corky Notes for bb10 developer


Delete or face the consequence.

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Winston Loh

Nice clean and easy to use ! Nice...