Visto Themes Free BlackBerry Theme Contest!

By Adam Zeis on 29 Apr 2008 08:14 am EDT

Corey Visto of Visto Themes has just announced a new contest coinciding with the launch of his newly redesigned website. As you know, I'm a big fan of all the Visto themes (as are many others I assume). They are some of the sleekest themes available with their clean look and bold icons. The contest is simple - be logged into and reply to this post with a comment, and on Monday May 5th Corey will be selecting 4 lucky winners who will receive the theme of their choice in any style. Not sure what kind of comment to make? Why not tell us what your favorite theme is, what your favorite style of theme is, or what you'd like to see in a theme for your BlackBerry! 

If you want to preview the themes to be won or can't quite wait a week to get your hands on one, all them are available for all devices in Icon, Zen and Today styles in the Store.

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Visto Themes Free BlackBerry Theme Contest!


These themes are amazing!!! I love how bold and sleek all of these themes are! Very cute and I totally want one!

I just have to get involved in this contest. I've never had a BB and will be getting one for the first time when I get back from the Keys on the 11th (or whenever the curve comes out) so this would be a great way to start a collection of all the great things that BB's have to offer! Thanks Corey and thanks to! :D

I haven't had chance to purchase or try out any themes, but I've been wanting the iBerry blocks theme as I love how it looks clean and the icons are easy to see being that I'm a bit "colour blind". I'd LOVE to have these themes if I were to be chosen as the lucky winner!! then these themes would be my first installed themes!!

I like for themes to be creative, yet simple. Nothing that is over the top confusing. I want to be able to tell what something is by looking at the icon without scrolling to it. I know it is hard to find that balance. But I have seen a few that hold their own.

I am a ZEN theme guy myself. Still havent found the "ONE" Currently using the Crackberry Abuser Theme which is the best I have found so far.

I'm a fan of the Today Plus format. Once available to all theme makers, I'd like the scroll bar (currently yellow) to match my selected wallpapers.

I want a today theme as well. I have an 8703e for the meantime until verizon gets the curve. If anyone knows how to get a today theme recognized on an 8703e I would be thrilled. I think that I need to get the dimension today theme first.

I mainly use the T Mobile theme that you can get if you unlock your blackberry to the other providers, though I do sometimes switch to a cool Jimi Hendrix theme I picked up on the weekends. :)

Just checked out the Visto site, and they are all awesome.

I prefer Zen themes for the clean look, and all the themes there have a very clean, uncluttered feel to them. Good job on the themes as well as the the site itself. Good looking stuff.

My favorite is Abuser, but I wish I could change the icons on the regular page......and the BB messanger Icon doesn't appear. oh well, this is my post

hey, i just wanted to enter into the contest. right now i am using the zen theme with a picture of central park as my background. it's the same wallpaper i had on my razr and on my computer at home but i really like it; however a change would be nice.

I love the Today style theme. Having everything in one easy to view screen is a lifesaver. Before Blackberry I was a Palm guy all the way and carrying a PDA and a Phone. Now I carry my Blackberry Pearl and the complete integration and flexibility are indispensable, especially the ability to choose not only a theme, but the type of theme.

ok so i am not just saying this because the contest is by corey visto but my favorite theme is the bb droid by corey visto...i hadn't been real big on themes until that one was reviewed...i love the bright colors and the icons in this theme...i also like the zen layout...

These themes look great. I am getting bored with some of the ones that I currently have. I am a big fan of the Zen style theme > reduces the clutter.

I love Corey's themes and am desperately hoping that I get lucky....Keeping my fingers crossed.....Currently am using the 9000 series inspired theme(Zen Version) by JC Designs...Love it but would like a change....

I've just starting using the BB Dimension Zen theme, this way I can fit all my icons on a single screen! (It doesn't take much to please me lol)

I prefer "today" themes because of the calendar display. But I would love to see a today theme which shows more than the customary two calender items. Get at it, Corey!

great themes. crisp, clear, clean images with small top status bars. i like, i like it alot. cheers!

The ideal theme is a Zen based theme that doesn't require reader eye glasses in order to see. One with slightly bigger fonts (make that a user selectable option) than what 99.9% of all themes use and make it so that that font size is used throughout the BB.

Hello! Corey here, It looks like the server that hosts my website is going through an update right now, so it may not load. If you happen to purchase a theme off mobihand/shopcrackberry.. you might get a downloading error as well. It should be fixed and back up shortly.


Hey Corey- Great themes! I bought the chrono and h2o themes for my BB 8130 os4.3
I don't have profile icons for either theme set.Just a blank space that I can slick onf access the profiles. Ideas?
Thanks MM

I love, love, love, the today plus theme and can't wait to someday see it in more than one option. The today theme would have to be my second favorite followed by the zen. :)

I'm having a hard time deciding which theme would theoretically suit me best. They are all pretty visually stunning compared to ... say.. the basic AT&T theme. Maybe they should team up with providers and see if they could be the designers in the future for OS upgrades? Good luck if that's the route they choose to take! :) And good luck to me for hopefully getting chosen.

I've spent the last 3 weeks (since I got my Curve) customizing it - pimpin it out, if you will - but haven't ventured yet into the 3rd party theme territory. A premium theme from your selection would be an awesome start! I'm glad I got a glimpse of your new website earlier, hopefully, it'll be back up soon. I like the Zen style and really like your themes with the black color menus and knocked-out type. The screenshots look real sharp.

I just got into the Today theme. I would like to see a today theme that has Messages, MMS, and Calendar on the main screen. I feel that a call log is unnecessary, because you can just hit space and get into the logs. Most themes I've seen don't have what I mentioned on the today screen...(hint hint, Corey) and of course I"m a huuge fan of Corey's themes. I won't pay for any other ones!

I love the look of the 9000 theme. However, when you add programs that don't meet its colorscheme it looses what makes it special. I would like it if you could change the colorscheme of icons to make them consistant with the current theme. The 9000 black and red looks odd with a green viigo icon.

These themes are HOT!!!! They stand out in a way that no other themes can. Very original in design as well. I want to win one of those free themes!!!!!

Being a diver, I would love to see some kind of under water type theme, if there isn't one already. I don't mean fish for icons or anything, just something fluid with blue tones that give the feeling of water.

I'm a fan of Icon themes. Right now I'm using the Icon Sunset red Theme. If I win I would like the Icon Droid Theme, looks cool.

I can't live without my Iberry blocks custom L theme. It has everything I need and no nonsense either. The best theme on the planet for the best phone on the planet!!

I would love to win one, but I am never lucky enough to win anything, but will try anyway!

My favorite style of theme is the Zen and Today styles, but would really like to see some themes out there more like the T-Mobile Zen theme with the icons at the bottom of the screen with consideration of the my faves interface.

I really like many of the themes that I've reviewed with one exception, which for me is very important. It seems that not many themes make the time of day display large enough for me to easily read it. The icons for the apps are fine (regardless of size) but the time needs to larger on many of the themes.

Great, cool themes. I already bought the H20 Today theme for my Curve. It looks sharp :) Thanks Corey!

I love the bbveesta just because I'm getting older????, doesn't mean I can't be cool!!!! My kids freinds think I am . I know how to use a bb and I have a cool case! I am definitely in.

I love the zen theme with it you have the choice of basically choosing between 2 screens one with your favorite apps and another with all the other apps avaialable on your blackberry, visto themes have great vibrant colors and yes the icons are nice and bold.. I would love you have one on my BB... But not for $7.00 :)

What a great idea for a contest. I currently am using the BB Droid theme and absolutely love it. All of the Visto themes are great, clean, well put together, and easy to use. Top notch themes Corey keep up the good work.

My most favourite all-time Home screen layout is easily the "crossbar" layout, as made famous by bplay with their recently-available theme of the same name...

The "crossbar" layout offered quick access to common functionality via three icons, with the next six icons being user-specified - a total of nine icons.

The "crossbar" Home screen layout is attractive to look at, non-obtrusive and simple to use - my only complaint that bplay's offering did not allow the "profiles" icon to be selected on the Home screen, though some have suggested that a theme developer may or may not be able to change this issue...

Another Home screen layout that I fancy is the "abuser" layout, as made famous with their "User" and "Abuser" member themes.

Whilst not as functional as the "crossbar" Home screen layout, the "abuser" Home screen layout is great to look at and extremely un-obtrusive, leaving the background clearly visible; the animated effects are also a nice touch.

At the moment I am using a poker theme and whilst it's a fantastic theme, it is also one of the most frustrating to use...

On the other hand, my "bPhone" theme is not my favourite theme, but the easiest to use.


The icons on my poker theme are extremely similar, making it difficult to distinguish between functions, whilst the icons in the "bPhone" are completely different - each icon in the "bPhone" theme shares the same style, but the icons are different colors and pictures; the icons in the "bPhone" theme are also easy to see against the theme's background.

Whilst I haven't used it personally, I believe the "L"-style themes would be quite functional, though my opinion is strictly based on screen-shots - in the various screen-shots I have seen of the "L"-style themes, the background appears to be clearly visible, with a large number of icons on-screen for quick access to the most popular functions...

for some reason the above post didnt post while i was logged it?? however i am a registered and loyal crackberry addict!!

I remember my windows mobile & IPAQ ages... There was a option to install animated wallpaper. I mean for example the crackberry abuser theme where the CB are showing and hidden or something like that..another example..for screensavers over theme..Why cannot be animated?? Does anyone remember Pipes?
Anyway thanks to Visto and Crackberry theme =)

These themes are well done. Clean Icons, nice fonts, a unique bar at the top. Some of the best commercial themes I have seen come from Visto Themes. Good luck to all that enter the contest!!

Love the Trans Green theme and BB Veesta in Zen. Very clean and uncluttered looking. But if I had to choose one it get right now it would be the Trans Green Zen.

I have several themes on my 8820, and the ones being presented in this contest would be nice additions.

Send them ALL my way. I love themes. I'm always changing the look of my BB. It's great. I've had people comment on mine stating it really shows my style & mood.

Hi there, I'm new!. Just switched from a Samsung A900 to the 8130, and I'm loving it so far. I'm a tinkerer, so I'm stoked about new themes, etc. (BTW, this site is great for tracking down useful software. I've had CB up in my browser for about three days straight now... )

As far as themes go, I'm game for anything that looks cool -- right now I've still got the basic Sprint one. It's not bad, but I want to do better. :)

LoL...I've never won ANY contests in my life, but hey, u never know rite? :) I've been using the iberry theme, and it's a great theme no doubt, but getting kinda tired of looking at it after several months. These new themes look pretty good to me!

I see 'em. I love 'em!!!

I'm a motorcycle guy.. I'd love to see something to do with motorcycles.. if we are getting specific Honda CBR.. Oh yeah..

Also, my name... I'm a DBA so I work with databases. I've been trying to think how to make a database theme... maybe back to the motorcycle theme...

Looking for a Winnah!!!

I like all the different themes out there and these ones look cool but I always end up back using the L theme that comes on the BB Pearl...

These themes all seem to be very professionally done.

I kind of like the Windows Vista theme, although it looks like the menus are black. I'd rather have them white. It also doesn't look like there is a version for the Pearl.

Some of the other themes look nice as well.

I do have veesta for the pearl, in all styles. Looks like I must have missed adding that particular model on mobihand/shopcrackberry.

Now that I think about it, bb osx might be missing a model as well.

Email me at if you want to purchase it.

I love the icon theme, but the icons are too large, and the pearl only fits 9 to a page. I like the today and zen themes, but when you completely exit out, you've left your cozy nest of icons on another page. i'd like to have the icon theme with smaller icons. is this possible?

digging the H20, Chrono, and Android Themes! I also like the ZEN.. how about a Visto Bottom Zen Theme? Don't think I've seen one.. :-)

I think I like the Trans Green Icon one the best. I have a blue cover on my BB and I think the green background would really make my BB "pop!" I also like the Veesta Icon one as well. It's a tough choice between those two. The Droid one looks awesome, too. They're all great! All of the themes are so crisp and clean! It just shows me how much my BB needs to be "cleaned up!" Great themes!

I have to say I like the vista style (veesta) theme best so far, but the chrono icons look stunning as well.
my favorite theme style is the today plus where you can slide to the right. to me its the best of both worlds, but I wonder why more themes arent made that way.
none the less, all these themes are very clean looking and darn worth a few bucks! great job on all of them.

I use the default BB Today theme, and I'd be happy with any kind of free theme, but I'd like to see something beach-related or something that looks like Mac OS X, maybe.

Since most of my money is tied up in bills and baby expenses (9 month old son), neither the wife nor myself can afford to buy premium themese for our BB's. So, we really enjoy rockin the free themes that can be found out there.

I had a kick where I changed themes a lot but for at least a month solid i've been rocking bPhone with the plain Solid Black wallpaper. I love just looks awesome!

But, anywho, what i've seen of the Visto themes I LOVE. Would love to get a few, but is tied up in other things.

I love the Visto theme and hope to alternate it with my current favourite iBerry theme and really confuse my workmates, who are starting to think that one can install just about any operating system on Blackberrys lol

I have heaps of ideas for themes but no time or expertise in making them - eg would love a currencies of the world theme with all different countries notes....

Plenty more where that came from...

I've been following Crackberry for a couple months now, since I first became a Blackberry Curve 8310 user. I always love customization and try out new free themes often. Zen styles are my favorite for their minimalistic quality that doesn't hide the beauty of whatever wallpaper image I select for the background without sacrificing icon usability and Blackberry functions.

I like simple but stylish themes (like the free bPhone and Elemental Zen) that can be used with a variety of wallpaper backgrounds. Visto's themes are very much to my liking. I especially love his BB Veesta, BB OSX, H2O, and Trans Green.

All of Visto's themes are great. I look forward to seeing what else he creates in the future, and hope to one day be able to afford purchasing a bunch of his themes.

I would really love to have a theme designed after Dr Pepper or Winnie the Pooh for 8700g/4.2. Wouldn't mind trying out these free themes tho!

Those themes are great. I really like the smooth look of the first one in the set. I have yet to find many themes that I like but these I do.

I think Today-style themes are the most useful, though I use the L-theme on my 8100 right now (probably just because I can use it with the Beta now :P )

I'm looking forward to the OS 4.6 upgrade because as far as I can tell from the screenshots it doesn't have the application-icon-bar on the bottom of the today-theme (which is useless since you have the application button in a physical form anyway).

I just got the BB OSX theme in Zen from Corey and am very happy with it. It is clean and bold and it looks alot like my OS X desktop! Thanks for a great theme!

The themes look great, I usually change my theme daily and my favorite type of theme is the zen.

They all look great and I really like changing themes to match my mood. These look cheerful and I would love to have one or all of them. I really like how the icon pictures match what they are for, easier for a quick find.

I am a huge fan of your attention to detail and your eye for balance and color. No need to wonder if a date will be cut off or the font will be cropped.

Keep up the good work.

Carpe Diem