Corey Visto Glass X Theme

Glass X
By Adam Zeis on 8 Oct 2008 02:15 pm EDT

With new beta versions of Plazmic combined with new devices like the Bold, its good to see that not everyone has moved on to making themes only for newer OS versions and devices.  Corey Visto has cranked out another great clean theme - Glass X.  Available in both Icon, Today and Zen versions, Glass X keeps the sleek banner and design that all of Corey's themes are known for.  The icons a crisp and the theme is well worth it.  So if you haven't made the jump to OS 4.5 or a new Bold, check out Glass X in the store.

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Corey Visto Glass X Theme


Is it only me or do other people prefer the Today Plus themes?

I'm currently not using one, but they are my fav.

My phone can't support any other theme but the ones that came on the device because it shows the hour glass of death...

And ideas on what I should do?

I wish your themes would display Away Messages on Google Chat correctly, plus the menus are in blue/white making them hard to read. Otherwise, they're the best themes ever :/

For the themes that do use a black background for the menu, some 3rd party applications do show text/menus weird - it's the combo of black background and white text, and then the 3rd party applications force the theme text color (white) but use their own menu which sometimes happens to be white as well. I do try to find a happy medium between them, but I do think i'll stick to using light menu's from now on - even on dark themes.