Corey Visto Chrono Theme Available for All Devices

Chrono Theme for BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 10 Apr 2008 01:26 am EDT

In his seemingly never-ending line of awesome BlackBerry themes, Corey Visto has just released his latest creation, Chrono. Available in Today, Icon and Zen styles for all BlackBerry smartphones (Curve, 88xx, 8700, Pearl, 7100), Chrono is a clean and sleek theme. It holds the same icons as the popular BB Droid and H2O themes, but adds some banner and background tweaks to make it really stand out. The carrier banner has been removed and I'm a big fan of the radar-like coverage indicator. As usual with Corey's BlackBerry themes, there is no profiles icon which help keep the presentation neat and clean. I'm a huge fan of all of the Visto Themes - I never seem to get tired of them. All versions are available for $7 from  

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Corey Visto Chrono Theme Available for All Devices


When are some of these theme designers going to embrace the new L Theme? Perhaps no one does because it seems to only be available with OS 4.3 (and 4.5 I'd imagine). Hmm, I refuse to use any other theme besides the L Theme. Seems a shame only 8110, 8120, and 8130 users have it today.

I don't think the L Theme is an option in Plazmic as of yet. Maybe only in the beta version but I'm fairly sure they aren't publicly available.

Corey Visto themes are great. He even customized one for me. Great response time.

The L themes would be great for the 8310, but I too am quite sure it's a Plazmic limitation.

What ebay program does that icon launch? Is it just a shortcut to the mobile web ebay or is an actual application?

Its just a shortcut I did with Blackberry Web Shortcuts that launches the mobile eBay site. There is an app available, but I can't see paying $20 to do the same thing the mobile site does.

I purchased the Chrono Theme yesterday. The profile icon is not showing up. How do you get it to show up? or Is it not suppose to show up.

Its not supposed to show up. It keeps the banner clear of any profile icons and make the theme look more clean.

It's broken with the profile icon completely missing. Saying it's not there to make it "clean" is just silly IMHO. Another issue is the reversed battery icon looks great on the black header on the home screen, but is awful on the light background of an application like email.

The icons are inconsistent. Some of them have a prominent effect where, when selected, the outline of the icon turns white and the icon shifts slightly. They look pretty identical to the icons that come in the stock themes. Many other icons have no effect when selected except for the shadow beneath the icon, which is really insufficient to show that the icon is selected. The combination of both effects makes the whole thing just look cheap, again IMHO. I sure wish I hadn't spent $7 on this.