Corey Visto BB OSX Now On Your Bold!

By Bla1ze on 6 Oct 2008 10:22 am EDT
BB OS X Bold Theme

A few days back now I got an email from Corey Visto letting me know that he had just released a newly updated version of the beautiful BB OSX theme, only this time the update was to make it compatible with the Bold.

I have previously owned this theme on my Curve and my Pearl, so needless to say I was stoked to hear it would now be available for the Bold.

With a totally user customizable dock and fresh looking icons, this one is a treat for the eyes. But the thing I really love about this theme is that..even though it's OS X based, Corey still took the time to pound out some BlackBerry specific icons, such as BlackBerry messenger (pictured) and of course the ever popular BrickBreaker!

Download now from the Store:

Looking for other versions for your Curve or Pearl?  Check out the whole selection of Visto Themes!

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Corey Visto BB OSX Now On Your Bold!


I so didn't even see that until now, that's a minor fix anyways Corey would be able to fix it up, and that's only if he hasn't already fixed it..theme has been out for a few days now and others may have mentioned it.

wow this looks great, can't wait to try this out on mine......oh wait i live in the USA, the bold is never coming out here. :/