Corey Visto BB OSX Bottom Zen Theme

By Adam Zeis on 17 Jul 2008 03:38 pm EDT

I just got word that Corey Visto has released his latest theme - BB OSX Bottom Zen.  The theme is an updated version of his earlier BB OSX now in a bottom zen style.  The icons are fixed (browser, messages, SMS, Calendar and Alarm) and have a cool bouncing hover feature (much like our own User and Abuser Themes).  The theme is currently only available for 83xx, 87xx and 88xx series devices. A birdie also told me that some L themes are on the way as well .. stay tuned. 

Download now from the Store:

BB OSX Bottom Zen for 83xx/88xx series devices
BB OSX Bottom Zen  for 87xx series devices

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Reader comments

Corey Visto BB OSX Bottom Zen Theme


When I bought my 8830 the bPhone theme was the first thing I put on here. I don't think I'll ever want to replace that.

I'm just wondering if it's that difficult to make themes to where you can position the icons anywhere you want instead of them being perm. docked!? Love the look of the theme, but want to be able to move my icons lol!

enough with the osx, apple, mac, I-THEMES! !!! gosh, isn't anyone else SICK of apple Zombie BS!

oh and this theme looks terrible

I love this website, and I love blackberry, but I'm sick of this site kissing apple's ass all the time

I usually wouldn't take the time to respond to such a childish response, but you have perked my interest.

1. There are many qualities to the OSX operating system that many people would love to see on other things, such as the BlackBerry.

2. This theme has been around for over five months and have made at least $5,000 in sales. (mind you, not the bottom zen style)

3. CrackBerry is not kissing anyone's ass. They provide news to BlackBerry users - who are you to judge what kind of content they provide?

4. Why don't you try to make a theme? It's not as easy as it seems. Sure, anyone can slap a few things together but I spend a lot of time in my themes. There's many overlooked factors that add to a great theme - most people don't realize that.

I absolutely agree.

Making themes takes a great deal of time and it's not an easy undertaking. If you - robotaholic - prefer to rip apart someone's hard work, you should try it yourself.

I respond well to critique as well as any theme creator should. Corey is highly respected around here as are most of the theme creators.

So before you start to knock it, try it. You'll be amazed at how much time goes into a theme.

I can say I have never made a theme so i understand. I have the plazmic builder and I just know the basics. I guess there are more than what I know to making one. Ahh i do remember working with you on a couple themes and you did dock some icons to my personal likings and that was very appreciative. Sorry If I seem like an a** on my post.

Corey has personally designed 2 themes for me, and they are fabulous. He is professional, and handles his business very well. I always think of him when the word theme comes to mind. He is respected here at CB, and by me. So make your own themes if you feel you can do better.

Very clean theme. The BIG problem is that the 5 primary icons are FIXED (browser, messages, text message, calendar and alarm) so you cannot change them. This is unfortunate because the design is really nice.

I'd consider paying out the $7 if the icons were customizable but I can't justify using this theme if I can't assign the icons I want.

Corey is, by far, one of the best out there...if not THE best. So chill and appreciate the man's work. Keep'em coming Corey!

I am missing the profiles icon for some reason. If any one can help me with this quandary, please feel free. Other than the small blip, this would have to be my favorite theme by far.

Keeping with the style of my themes, I have to make the Sound Profile icon invisible to keep the banner clutter free. The current theme developer forces the Sound Profile icon in the banner. If you have a hardware button on your actual Black Berry, I find it best to set a button short cut to Profiles. You can do this by going to Options > Screen/Keyboard > Convenience Keys.