Copy2Contact for BlackBerry now available for OS 6

By IsaacKendall on 9 Dec 2010 08:56 am EST


Ever since I moved to the Torch I've had a heck of a time getting my Copy2Contact registered.  For some reason the program was just not cooperating for me and once the trial expired the program has been dead in the water.  I've been in contact with their tech support several times with no good results.  This morning I received an email from their support with good news.

You're receiving this message because you recently wrote us about problems unlocking Copy2Contact on your BlackBerry device. We've traced the issue to a bug in OS 6 and have confirmed a solution to the problem. It was frustrating but we're relieved to finally know what's going on! You can read about it on our blog post. Please let us know if you have any questions.

I followed the steps in the blog post and once again my Copy2Contact is now working. What is Copy2Contact you may ask?

Simply, it allows you to take any contact related information from say an email, copy it to the clipboard and create an address book entry immediately.  Unlike Xobni which continuously updates the Xobni address book with data captured from incoming and outgoing emails; Copy2Contact allows you to create a new contact in the native BlackBerry address book which you may have synchronizing with Outlook or Gmail.

As a busy person on-the-go I don't have time to manually enter peoples data into an address book entry so Copy2Contact has been a staple application from several years, and I was feeling a quite lost without it.  The email from their support department put a great big smile on my face.  I recommend you try this app if you have not ever used it.  It's available in the CrackBerry App Store for $9.99, if you value your time with any dollar value than $9.99 is worth every dollar.

For more information on Copy2Contact from the CrackBerry App Store

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Copy2Contact for BlackBerry now available for OS 6


I guess I dont make new friends/contacts fast enough to need an instant contact maker. But it sounds like a good idea. I dont care for the automatic types, I have to spend time deleting contacts. Already my calender is filled with birthdays of facebook friends, I dont need that.

It doesn't automatically create a contact for you but makes it to where you don't have to manually type each line of the contact with a simple copy and create feature. Its a very valuable time saving tool! Well worth it!

Pay 9.99 and wait long time for thing to fix?
Sorry, I wouldn't buy that thing with that kind of support for sure.

Doesn't RIM already have this feature on OS6 as well as 5 and 4...and maybe even as far back as 3. I read this post and was like why would you want an app to do something my phone already does. Add to contact if you highlight a name. Weather it be a SMS or e-mail...does this app do something special beyond that that I am missing?

Simply clicking on "Add to Contact" takes the phone number and puts it in your address book.
Copy2Contact allows you to highlight the entire signature of the user's info:

-Phone Number
-Mobile Number
-Fax Number
-email address
-company URL

Adds all that info to your address book.

This is extremely valuable to me. Yes, the app is 10 bucks but again at some point you have to put a $ value on your time. I do value my time and don't want to manually copy and paste each piece of a person's contact info into my address book.

Of course this app won't be all things to all people. But around the house I'm the enterprise/business user guy and I write about products that help me, a on the go mobile professional sales guy, more efficient in my work day.

It's sometimes frustrating when you write an article about an app you like and you use daily, and someone says "No that's crap I will never use it so why would anyone else in the world find it interesting?"

We all like different things. I personally find themes and ringtones not my cup of tea. But that is just me. The CrackBerry staff write from different perspectives and it's great that we can bring it all together under one website to offer variety.

I'm not going off on any one specific person here but let's all keep in mind that we're all BlackBerry people and the BlackBerry is used by different people in different ways and let's celebrate our diversity

Surprised people are willing to pay that much when Gwabbit is available for less and works better.