The coolest gift I received for Christmas this year - BlackBerry Monopoly!

BlackBerry Monopoly!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Dec 2010 12:00 pm EST

It's not easy to do Christmas shopping for the BlackBerry geek who already owns every BlackBerry (and accessory and app) and electronic gadget he wants. I'm not sure how she did it (she wouldn't tell me, but I'm assuming she found this on ebay), but Miss CrackBerry came through big time this year with a BlackBerry gift I had no idea even existed - BlackBerry Monopoly!

When I talk about BlackBerry games, I normally mean it in the form of an app you install on your device, but that's not what you're looking at here. This is straight up Monopoly the board game, done BlackBerry style! There are BlackBerry phones for tokens (gotta love that BlackBerry 7210!), all sorts of different BlackBerry markets for properties, and the Innovation and Connectivity cards are just brilliant (WES fees due - pay $50!). Based on what some of the cards say, I'm guessing this was more of a RIM employee/partner corporate gift than ever meant to be seen by consumers, but damn, I think they should release this one for real! There are lots more photos below, so check them out.  

So that's the coolest gadget-related gift I got for Christmas this year.  What was yours? Sound off in the comments!

More BlackBerry Monopoly Photos

BlackBerry Monopoly!

BlackBerry Monopoly!

BlackBerry Monopoly!

BlackBerry Monopoly!

BlackBerry Monopoly!

BlackBerry Monopoly!



F-ing Awesome!
And 1st post!
I did find another one on sale on Ebay for $175, $195 to buy it now. Says that RIM gave them out for their 25th anniversary to all their employees last year. Pretty bad ass gift if you ask me.

Here's a link to the Ebay auction if anyone's interested:

Kevin Michaluk

Nice detective work there!! Definitely explains it fully.  :)

And makes sense that it was given out last year... that was the 25th anniversary.


Crackberry Monopoly should be next on that list!! :D


OMFG, coolest gift EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11


Wifey gets 5347524272 points for that one but what did you get HER? Lol


Indeed, this was a BB employee item for....2009 I believe. I guess someone didn't like theirs. :)


I second pkcable! Wish I could have one! Kick***!!!!!


Why is Waterloo on Baltic?! It should be on Boardwalk, with Dubai in Park Place!


They're placed in chronological order.


Good call. Although I don't understand why US is so far behind, then (I can't see what American city it is).


I'm pretty sure that's what it was anyways. I can't remember their explanation.

The US city is Irving.


Thanks! You learn something new every day. :)


AFAIK RIM has office on Irving, TX. Maybe it's where their country offices are located?


Yes and yes. I'm just not sure about the ordering of the offices. I know that Dubai was the last one (as of the printing of the game), but I didn't think that Hong Kong came about before Irving (or any number of other places)


awesome, need to find this now.......


LM@O! Way kewl BB beans!!!


Well I did comment on this before... Until my post got yanked because I posted a link to Ebay where there is another one for sale for $195. Guess I can't post a link for people to view...

Anyways, go to Ebay and search for RIM Monopoly, you'll see it there. It does say that RIM gave these to their employees in November 2009 to celebrate their 25th anniversary. Says it was never released to the public.


You sure it got pulled?  I can still see it.


I had seen his post at first. Then I came back about 15 minutes or so later to check on something in the pics and his post didn't show up. I see it now though. Odd.


That's an awesome gift Kevin enjoy it.


I'm an AT&T customer in rural Central Florida, so you can imagine my excitement when the five year old called me to the backyard to watch Santa fly over (I'm sure it was just a small plane) Christmas Eve and I go back inside and see that my Torch now has 3G. That was just a plane, right??


the mrs is super cool


That monopoly set is REALY COOL!!!!! Since you did ask to post what we got for Christmas I got a red Torch 9800 from my girlfriend I got her the Seidio extended life battery for her Tour and a 32" LCD TV.


haha love the roaming charges penalty square.

BiG BaLLA 923

I want this so badly!!!!!! going on ebay now

EDIT- On ebay one person is selling it from canada for 175 bucks :( It was only given to workers for rim last year! guess I am not one of the lucky ones.....


Very keeeeeewwwwlllll indeed!


My son yould love this xx


Family game night at Kevin's place!!!!!!!!!


Awesome... Just F'n Awesome!

the brother

Looks great...where's free parking??? or is it disguised as free wi-fi? lol


Whoops! Didn't say anything about my gift this year!
Well...I had gotten it early...and it was a Hanukah gift not a Christmas one. But close, right? :)

My uncle had helped me switch over from the iphone 3gs to the Torch. I was only on the phone for only a year so I had the upgrade fee and everything. He paid for all the fees and that hassle. But I got my Torch! :D

big dawg 23

As a Monopoly Collector this is sweet. I have over 60 Monopoly games most unopened.


Amazing and coolest thing ever :)




I tried to find it, it's no longer on eBay!


Try again, it's still there, use RIM Monopoly.  Or just copy and paste the link, and make sure to just copy to the questionmark.


I have a 25th anniversary RIM Monopoly game if anyone is interested :) taking offers now

DJ Reyes

I want me one of these!!!!!! That's an awesome gift Kevin. So when can we play it?


What happens if you draw a Storm 3 card from the Chance pile?

Go directly to jail... do not pass go... wait forever?


thats the coolest gift ever !

and what did i get . . . nothing :/


That's a whole lot of duckets to purchase cool version of a great game. I wish you could get hold of just the player pieces.


I've got a RIM Monopoly 25th Anniversary board game for sale to the highest bidder. Still in its shrink wrap and cool as all hell.

Will take offers until Jan 4th.



What is the offer up to?


those are sweet

a friend of mine works for rim in waterloo and they got that as a xmas gift last year, he wouldent sell it to me tho

michael steel

Be very careful about playing *ANY* version of monopoly with friends/family... it kills friendships and destroys relationships, hah!


Lol this is so cool,that sure is the best gift ever.


I got the Parrot AR.Drone Quadracopter!
Best gadget ever.


Kevin, you're a very lucky man! You're woman is pretty and thoughtful!


The coolest gift I got for Christmas was an Android Evo. I'm enjoying for the past 7 days, playing with this incredible cell phone. I found all the apps on here I have on my BlackBerry Torch (for free also like on my Torch) and the video and sound are superb with it's high definition big screen. Now I have the best of Both Worlds. The Torch and the Evo. What a wonderful Christmas.


Pretty cool gift...I'll offer $50 for an opened copy of this game to anyone selling it.


Very cool, never knew BB Monopy existed!


what if we were able to make a software version of the game? for the bb would just need to figure out how the regular monopoly is coded as a bb app but im sure we know all the details about the game

Phil DeLong

I'm jealous, would love to get one of these.


Yes, it was given out near Christmas 2009, but that was just a timing issue- it was not given as a 'Christmas gift'. As an aside I'm suprised that no one has asked what was given out this year...

Also, yes there is an office in Irving, but there are also offices in Florida, Washington, Illinois...


I have one of these (was an employee at the time) and Im looking to sell it


I'm interested in buying one, let me know your price please!


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