Cooklet - An inspiring culinary organizer for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Cooklet for the BlackBerry PlayBook
By Alicia Erlich on 4 Nov 2011 09:01 am EDT

Calling all non chefs out there. If you've been nervous about spending time near an oven or get home so late you think you can't whip up a good meal, then you want to check out Cooklet for the BlackBerry PlayBook by Cooklet Sp. It's a great application that links you to food lovers from around the world to exchange recipies or to help improve your skills. There's my favorite, the Quick Pick option, that lets you pick the meal type and prepare time, and voila, it brings up all the recipes they have on file that match.

Cooklet comes with an integrated search feature by food type, a built-in shopping list and an amazing interface that lets you flow through recipes with ease. Being in the kitchen was never my domain, I usually eat sandwiches or boil water after a long day at work, but Cooklet is slowly making me not want to reach for my faithful take out menu. 


  • Interactive cookbooks library
  • Variety of ways for recipes discovery (QuickPick, Inspirations, Search)
  • Useful culinary tools (Timer, Measures Converter, Shopping List)
  • Vibrant, international community
  • Favourite recipes, Cookbooks and Shopping List are synchronisable and available on all the elements of the platform (,, Cooklet App)

Cooklet is available for free at BlackBerry App World and registration is free if you want to upload your culinary concoctions. A WiFi connection is required to view the recipes. So if you're a newbie like me or a cooking whiz this app gives you everything at your fingertips to create the perfect meal.

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Reader comments

Cooklet - An inspiring culinary organizer for the BlackBerry PlayBook


I loathe cooking.

I hate shopping.

Maybe this app might make me find some synergy in the two. If it can make me hate these tasks a little less - then fair play!

This was among the first apps I downloaded for my PB. Going to get it a test tonight since I haven't been very creative with my cooking as of late.

You must have tried it from your BB device, not Playbook. I just checked on the AW on tablet and it shows up after searching for 'Cooklet'. It's also in Apps > Entertainment > Food&Drink. Smartphone app for BB hopefully this year...

Whats with this app---I can't log on and when I look to connect away from my playbook on a dedicated hardwired internet conncetion-- the url is down or something---what's up?

There've been some server problems with on Sat which affected the App unfortunately. Since Sunday all seems to be running smoothly :) Cheers!

There's a new, Xmas update available in the AW :)
Another good news is that Cooklet is #AppOfTheWeek by @BlackBerry :)