Cooklet for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets a sizzling new update!

By Kerri Neill on 23 Nov 2012 08:02 pm EST

We first showed you Cooklet a while back after its big win in the AppCircus at BlackBerry Jam in Orlando. Since then, Cooklet has been downloaded more than 600,000 times and now I can see why. I’m new to the kitchen and already Cooklet has given me some fantastic, crowd pleasing recipes and solved my “What’s for dinner” woes.

The exclusive BlackBerry PlayBook version has gotten a hot new update with a complete redesign that makes the app a bit more user friendly. Cooklet 6.2.7 is now available in BlackBerry App World for only $1.99. This is a limited time offer so be sure to check out Ryan’s review here and the update notes below, then head on over to App World and grab your copy today!

Features Include:

  • Over 3500 quality and original recipes from real foodies from around the world
  • Search by recipe title, category & ingredients
  • Simple view on ingredients and step-by-step directions
  • “I made it” button – let the world know what's cooking in your home
  • Add your own picture as you make the recipe
  • Countless food ideas thanks to the feeds from Twitter and blogs
  • International community activities stream
  • Save the recipes in favorites
  • Follow foodies and be followed by others
  • Useful culinary tools like MultiTimer and Measures Converter
  • Cooklet has a built-in RSS reader with all of the most popular food blogs and Twitter integration with all sites tagged with #recipe

Cooklet is more than just a cookbook and pictures of tasty looking food. It’s a great source for inspiration on what to cook, helpful tips and allows you to socialize and interact with others who share your passion for food as well as new cooking techniques and recipes. You can find Cooklet on sale now at BlackBerry App World for the low price of $1.99 (regular price is $4.99) on PlayBooks running OS 1.0.3 or higher. Those of you who may have previously downloaded the FREE version can upgrade for the same low price of $1.99. If you love to cook and need some new recipes to try out, Cooklet is a must try and at $1.99, it’s definitely a chef’s dream come true.

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Reader comments

Cooklet for the BlackBerry PlayBook gets a sizzling new update!


I've had Cooklet since day 1.. ( I suck @ cooking & its a great help) but just think it sucks that people who already have the app would have to pay for the update.. Give us a break-throw us a bone

I don't begrudge the game developer the right to release an update that costs $2.00, even to those of us who installed it previously for free. What I find annoying is the way the PlayBook OS handles this situation: If, like me, you rarely used the app after installing it, and while you like its functionality, you don't use it enough to justify the measly $2 upgrade, then you only have two choices: Either leave the app installed, and suffer through perpetually seeing that damned Notification (exclamation point) icon on your screen, notifying you of the availability of the upgrade forever more, or delete the app. I chose the latter option.

This is but one more of the countless ways in which the PB OS annoys its users by not exposing a setting/option to the user; in this case, the ability to permanently cancel a notification. And unfortunately, it looks like BB10 will only continue this fundamental and detrimental change to the way that the BB OS has historically been designed.

This design decision is a grievous mistake, IMO. RIM, please don't do it! (Said the man whose plea came a year too late to even be considered...)

You certainly can delete the notification. Touch the notification on the top left of the screen and a list of updates will appear. Tap the X beside them and they are gone.

In BBWorld the update will be there in the list until you upgrade or delete the app, but I don't feel this is a design flaw. By the way iOS puts a red number beside the "App Store" icon to show the amount of upgrades available and that number NEVER goes away unless you perform all the upgrades.

I have to jump in here. It isn't the 2 bucks folks. You can delete the notification all you want but when you reboot the notification will return. Quite annoying if you ask me. I guess either pay the two bucks, delete notifications forever or delete the app that I use once in a while. Hmmm.

If you already have the app you can use that version still if you don't want to upgrade. I think that it's very generous of them to offer a free version of such a great application. As soon as you open the app you notice that it's a quality application and a lot of hard work went into it. I think some folks should give the developers a break and throw them a bone. Less than 2 bucks for such a great app is awesome!

Your really going to complain about $2?

That's less than a cup of coffee for a continuing app that will keep growing.

Devs dont work for free. If you spent time managing an app and updating it often would you do it for free?

This new update didn't look like it refreshed the ui from the last one. Still a great app though. Well worth the $2 just to browse and make me hungry. Lol

This has turned out to be a really good app. I had downloaded it long before and have seen their free updates. The udates didn't do to much to improve anything. Well, the new update that costs a whopping $2 ($5 later!) Is worth the price of admission. They changed the interface around, made everything smoother, added social stuff, etc. It looks and feels like a whole new app. The devs have obviouwly been hard at work..

Got the free app, it looked so good I have now bought the app, I am running out of space on my bookshelf for any more cook books so this is a great space saver. Well done guys.

Agreed with most of the above.
Built the audience with a free app, then offered lots of extras for a cheap price.
I have no issues with this.

Would just love a better search for recipies based on ingredients you have (ie what can I create) and also something that translated ingredients between countries.

Kerri, What makes the this update worth $2 over the currently installed free one?
This post sounds more like an ad then a review.

I purchased this app sometime last week when i saw the sale and ive not regret it. The moment i launched the app i could tell it was really well done, well developed. Why couldnt every app in App World be as functional while still so visually appealing!

Btw theres actually a new update... It currently stands at Version 6.2.9

The kitchen timers pause if your device goes into standby mode (screen turns off) forcing you to constantly watch your PB to prevent it from going into standby automatically. This IMO renders the entire timer feature of Cooklet worthless. Almost ruined my turkey this year because of it.

Agreed and the timers and tools used to work even if you were offline. I hope they get this to work again. Sometimes I use just the tools and found myself at a friends house helping with dinner so I thought hmmmmmmm perfect time to showcase this apps awesome. Tools. Only now they don't work offline. I hope they find a way to make these available offline. Other than that I'm very pleased with the mere pennys I spent to upgrade.

I may be missing something here but I bought this app based on the Crackberry review and an assumption that features would be added in the update not taken away. I can't see the touchless navigation, the shopping list, the cookbooks organisation, or the "start cooking" option. The start cooking looked especially helpful since the large size would allow for viewing across the room. So if all these features are gone we're really just left with a website link? If that's the case then I'll be uninstalling and counting that as a wasted $2 there's lots of great cooking websites out there that I can bookmark and get the same benefit as this "app". If all these benefits have truly been stripped out then I'm not sure that this could be classed as a 'sizzling new update!"

Offline mode is something to be considered for the tools, as for the rest it's rather difficult to imagine connected apps like twitter, pinterest or facebook to be available offline :) Version 6+ of the app is completely new ( and rather should be treated as a new app than an update though technically it's just an upgrade. Comparing app to the webiste is not something worth arguing in almost 2013 :)

As for the features - we communicated it before on our social channels ( and and in mailing that the new interface with photo streams took us 9 months to develop and we wanted to finally launch it (exclusively on PlayBook), though some of the components were not redesigned or polished so we decided to work on them more and release them in the future upgrades. This mainly applies to the touchless navigation/cooking mode + the shopping list. So they'll come.

Thanks everybody for a nice discussion, it's always healthy to talk about things. It shows that you really care for the product :) We're really very happy to see that so many of you like the new direction and appreciate our effort, really - it means a lot :-) Apart from the very good feedback we get from you on the new app, it is used more frequently and longer, so that shows that despite some temporary difficulties with the transition it's the right direction. The one we want to go. Cooklet's future looks brighter and brighter and you can rest assured that we'll keep on developing. Stay hungry! :)


I never used the free version or had reason to follow your journey on Twitter but as you say yourself it should be considered a new App. So if that's the case then why associate your "new" app with the reviews of your "old" app? That's what caused the confusion for me.

I also got this when it was free and felt it was a low blow for them to start charging; i don't care how cheap it is. There are a lot of other apps that have a free demo version with less features, They could have done that with this... I'll keep it because the free version has over 300 recipes that will keep me busy for yrs. So I'm good for now but i don't find myself paying for this even if it comes down to 50 cents...(i have yet to buy any apps...for anything.)

Now heres the problem with app world that im not sure how much longer i can put up with... I bought the app on sale price.. But now that its back to its original pricing i cant update it.. Mark my words .. RIM is gonna face serious backlash if they dont deal with this problem now.. BB10 better not have this flaw.