Convert business cards into address book entries with the Card2Contact application for BlackBerry

By Zach Gilbert on 29 Feb 2012 03:35 pm EST

I’ll have to come out and say it, adding contacts to my address book is just a pain. First you open the app, edit contact field upon contact field, then save the contact. Only then do you realize that you didn’t enter the email address correctly. You’d think that with the technology we have this could be easier. This is where an application like Card2Contact comes in handy. Card2Contact allows you to easily take photos of business cards while you’re at an event or when you’ve just met that important business executive. Later, upload those photos into the application and have them converted into address book entries without you doing any of the legwork.

The best part yet is that humans, real living people, verify the image and because of that, Card2Contact claims their service is 100% accurate. Card2Contact is supported on all devices running OS 5-7 and while the app itself is free you’ll get 4 credits to start and then the cost is $10 for 30 credits. Let us know in the comments how you enter people into your BlackBerry, the old fashioned way, or by using technology.

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Convert business cards into address book entries with the Card2Contact application for BlackBerry


Hello, App is Free to download. You will receive 2 complimentary credits that allows for two free card transcriptions to experience the service. After that, you can purchase 30 credits for $9.99 and each credit allows you to transcribe one business card.

$10 to be able to scan 30 cards?? That's crazy! Also I'd worry about getting a clear enough picture on my 9900 because of the lack of autofocus. Nice idea though.


I'd like to see this erstwhile-100% accuracy on captures made on a 9900. I'm a real, live human and I couldn't read type captured via my 9900's camera---which is why I don't have a 9900 any longer.

Thanks for your review comments. We have received business cards from 9900 model as well. But, please make sure the card is readable. Also, We are getting feedback from many industries and professionals about preferred pricing options. As we release new versions, these pricing models will be incorporated with the release. Please feel free to download the app and give it a try!

Horrible pricing...I attend fairs all the time, collecting a TON of cards throughout the year. I paid a flat fee of $10 for the Business Card Reader app, from SHAPE Services (, for unlimited scans. And I love it!

I have no interest in paying continually to use an app. I can see paying an upgrade fee for major revisions to the next version but to pay only to be able to use an app so many times, no way.

In my opinion is a waste of money. i prefer Old fashion way, com'on how may cards you get per day?? yeah if i had to enter manually like 50cards per day yeah is a good buy but most of the time i have to enter like 7 BsCard per week sometimes les...
Nah ill pass this future app.

Thanks for your feedback. We are adding more features based on the customers expectation and It will be in the upcoming releases soon. Please feel free to try the app.

Credits to scan... are you serious?

I'll just scan them into evernote, and run a search when I need to find those contacts every now and again.

Wow, rather expensive. With new and camera technology there should be a native solid robust card reader from RIM for the business community that will sync with other contact management tools.

Waste of money. I still use my card scanner from 10 years ago I bought for $30. Works perfectly and have scanned thousands of cards. They are probably building a database of contacts to sell.

I agree with all the people commenting on the cost. I do not collect tons of cards a day since what I do is rather exclusive and not for everyone, but seems a rather expensive service.

I enter card info the other,do fashioned way: In the computer and then sync it.

hi kjjb0204,

i don't want to waste money on entering a card. that's crazy, anyway, may i know what card scanner software are you using now? is it free or pay? I can pay it for one time, not a problem at all,but paying every time, it sucks.

Hi All,

Thank you for your comments! Here are some comments/answers regarding your questions!

@JAKrzysztow – The App is Free to download. You will receive 2 complimentary credits that allows for two free card transcriptions to experience the service. After that, you can purchase 30 credits for $9.99 and each credit allows you to transcribe one business card.

@seaners - We have received business cards from the 9900 model. But, please make sure the card is readable. We have real people here to process your business cards and send it back to you.

@psarhj - You are correct. We are receiving business cards from 9900 with clear images. You should give it a try!

@HavPlenty - Again, there are very few alternatives for BlackBerry with OCR technology. Most of them did not work as expected for different font styles and sizes. Our conversion is provided by real people. So, you won’t be missing any information on the card. It will also be 100% accurate.
You are paying the price for using the live people to convert your business cards. Also, we are in the process of integrating new pricing models so we can provide an unlimited business cards conversion option.

@Mike_Luchia - We are always looking for feedback from our customers to be able to continually improve our apps! We are getting feedback from many industries and professionals and integrating those features into our app.

@kjjb0204 - We don’t share any of your contact information with any other third parties. Security is our main concern and we do our best to secure your information. All of our employees understand Card2Contact’s ethics around this. We have a strict NDA policy in place.

We are in the process of adding more features for our customers. Please feel free to download the app and give it a try! The updated versions will be pushed through Appworld if the app is installed, or check our website frequently at for more updates!

Happy Conversions!

Card2Contact Team

hi card2contact, do you have any other pricing models, like, individual subscription for a month or a year? unlimited cards. i think, people would jump in if you do annually than single card

The pricing is ridiculous! I have no issue with taking a few moments to add any and all contact information into my system and then it's a simple couple of clicks to sync it to my BB. The old cliche "A fool and his money are soon parted" certainly rings true for a lot of applications (not just this one).


Unfortunately, it is too expensive for me as well. I would love the convenience of electronically handing off and receiving a business card via my Blackberry through a NFC.


I may get 60ish business cards in a year and that would be about 20 bucks a year. Less than 2 bucks a month isn't bad. I don't think the prices is that rediculous but paying anything more than free is going to be a turn off for a lot of people. Getting something for nothing is seen more as a right than a luxury anymore with apps.

Good luck with the app.

I desperately need to find a card entering solution, but unfortunately at this pricing structure it will cost WAY TOO MUCH. I can hire a youngster/friends kid/college kids from church/stay at home mom/retired teacher or admin type for an hour or 2 each week for way less. we all know those people and we know they could use a few extra bucks And yes, lots of cards, but also scribbles on pages, receipts, call notes in my BB, etc need transcribed. AND they can then put the cards in my card binder!

I'm thinking hardware type biz card scanner/software and error correcting as above w/ hired helper.

there are two possibilities:

1) you don't get a lot of cards. in this case, you should have the time to type the information by yourself.

2) you get hundreds of cards. in this case, this service is waaay to expensive.

additionally, I think some private informations are for my eyes only. I'm a sceptical guy..

Am I the only one that has only relevant contacts in my phone ? I file cards I receive in a card file, then if we have to call each other regularly, the info gets entered into my contacts. Likewise as friendships/business relationships die off, I purge contacts from my list.

Hello Again!

Thanks for everyone’s comments/suggestions! Please find some more responses below:

@Ara-Aksh - Thank you for your feedback. As per our message above, we will be adding more features and packages soon! We are going to accommodate options for all users, understanding that different professionals have different demands for the volume of card conversions.

@Halifax Guy – We first came up with the idea for Card2Contact for professionals that collect a lot of cards a week. Our current pricing model works out to approximately $0.30 per card, you are getting a real person to transcribe, verify and ensure accuracy for each conversion. You are saving your entry time for the contacts. Again, we are integrating new pricing options in the near future for high use customers!

@dagerlach - Thanks for your feedback. NFC is a good feature to include.

@Mathrin - Thanks for supporting our pricing structure :)

@DocDRM – Thank you for your feedback! Please see our comments above about incorporating new pricing models.

Happy Conversions,

Card2Contact Team

I can't believe that there are people who will pay for input of contact data from business cards.
First you have to take pic of card, and then t o send it.
Then, you pay for transcription. And finally to receive it and store it on your BB.
Lazy people.