Control your iTunes library from your BlackBerry with Tiggit Controller for iTunes

By Kerri Neill on 26 Jul 2011 01:44 pm EDT
Tiggit Controller for iTunes

Back in April, Adam showed us Tiggit Controller for your Sonos music system which allowed you to control your Sonos music system from your BlackBerry device. Now the team at Tiggit Software has brought us another controller but this time it's all about controlling your iTunes library. Use your BlackBerry to play/pause, skip forward & back, toggle shuffle, repeat, adjust volume and mute your iTunes libraries. Tiggit Controller for iTunes even shows you the album artwork (if available) and allows you to select radio stations & podcasts. The application utilizes your BlackBerry's volume & mute buttons and can even pause the music when your phone rings. This app was developed for OS 7 but is compatible with both OS 5 & 6. Setup only took a minute or two and the app worked flawlessly over my WiFi connection. Press the BlackBerry menu key for your different options and if you have an Apple TV or Airtunes, you can select either for your speaker output. When you press the menu key, you'll notice that there is a mute option that is not available on iTunes. Tiggit Controller for iTunes is being offered at a special introductory price of $2.99 so if interested, now is the time to buy this app!

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Reader comments

Control your iTunes library from your BlackBerry with Tiggit Controller for iTunes


Would love something like this for my Playbook. I currently use my ipod touch with remote app to play my itunes music throughout the house via wifi.

Ditto. But I prefer to leave my iPod Touch in the car, so if this came out for the playbook it'd be sweet! Gonna download it for the BB for now, but would eventually like to have it on the Playbook so it's like a handheld jukebox!

I have an SD card in in my Torch. 3000 tunes on my hip at all times. hooks into any stereo or headphones. Anything i want to purchase i use my BB or PB to purchase from 7Digital.


So your stereo is downstairs hooked up to speakers throughout the house and outside. You're chillin with friends on the patio with a cool one and want to change the tune or turn up the volume. You mean you have to get up and go inside?

I don't know about him/her above, but I stream the 4600 odd tunes on my BB to the stereo via Bluetooth (even from outside), so no, I don't have to get up and go inside.

This is great. It offers the same funcionality as on iPhone including speaker selection (if you have several AirPort Xpress for example). The interface isn't as pretty as Apple's offering but who cares. What it's currently missing is transport controls either on the (touch) screen or physical keyboard. Space bar works as start/pause which is a start, the rest is menu only apart from volume up & down.

At $2.99 it was a no-brainer for me.