Control Your Email with MailMinder - 50 Free Copies

By Adam Zeis on 14 Dec 2009 11:46 am EST

If you get tired of seeing junk mail when you see that flashing LED on your device, or only want to be notified of important messages, MailMinder may be just what you need. The app acts as a filter of sorts, letting you be alerted for only important messages, and having junk mail or other messages slip through the cracks. Features include:

  • Select email messages from your Inbox and set rules based on the sender or the subject of each email to automatically do one of the following whenever you receive a matching email:
    • Refrain from blinking the indicator light on the phone
    • Mark the email as read
    • Delete the email
    • Alert you that the email has been received (by turning on a solid message light and vibrating, playing a tone, or both)
  • Use as a junk mail filter and to prevent unnecessary new message indicators
  • Use to notify you when you receive an important email
  • Very easy to use with your BlackBerry email accounts
  • Audible alerts for important emails work regardless of the device's current ringer (sound profile) setting

MailMinder is available in the CrackBerry App Store for $2.99 through December 31st, but we have 50 free copies to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. 

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Reader comments

Control Your Email with MailMinder - 50 Free Copies



I always hurry to look at my Berry when the light flashes, most times it's important but I guess it would be better to always know it's something I want to see.

Yet another app i didnt know existed that i gotta have and will HAVE to buy if I dont win. Please don't make me beg my wife for ANOTHER app. She will kill me. (or "accidently" leave my BB under her back wheel before she backs out of my driveway.)

On my PC I have been using MailWasher Pro for many years. It is the greatest junk mail blocker I have seen. Hopefully, MailMinder can do the same for my Blackberry. Looks like a great little app. Hope I win.

Pass it on...

Seriously, this is a great idea! Whoever makes this app kudos to you! I will be buying this for me regardless, the winner will be the wifey! :)

thanks for this news and I would like to earn it because it is
what I need on my BlackBerry 8900 would be good
peru gift .....

and this program works better than advertised. Hope I win to keep it past its beta expiration. Great app! Great customer service!

This appliation is great because the MS Outlook won't filter until after the server sends the info the way we are set up.

Finally, an App worth entering a contest for. Please pick me, I'll put it to good use and give feedback.

i would love to get a copy for my berry! I'm new to this site and im addicted to it and love the neat things yall offer for us, blackberry users!

damn double posting! i guess the app does look promising to me haha :P oops! hope i don't get disqualified for the accidental double post.

This would be a good app for me to have with all them mail I have to monitor...thanks for your consideration.

I need this because I get spam at night. If you knew what I looked like, you would agree, I need all the beautysleep I can get. Happy Holidays!!!

Everyday, I am receving approx. 1300 emails and unfortunately, about 60% of them are spam. Therefore, I need this app so badly. :)

I can't get over all the junk mail that comes through my phone... this problem will help solve my issues. Thanks Crackberry, I would luv to have this program.

This is a great app to manage the the junk mail from the important stuff. Count me in for a free copy.


i set one of my e-mail accounts to lowest volume beep and no flashing led because of junk mail coming in. would like to give this one a try.

If this is anything like RingScheduler it would be awesome to have for Free ! Nice apps ! Clean, crisp, and best of all
User Friendly.

More than 100 emails a day that gets deleted without even opening... This would make my life so much easier.