Contest Winners: Seidio Innocase 360

Seidio Winners
By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Jun 2009 11:28 am EDT

Drumroll please! We have the winners for our Win a Seidio Innocase 360 contest.  We had some great stories left in the comments.  Some made us tear up, and others we just flat out laughed.  All of the winners are truly deserving of Innocase 360 protection, so enjoy your prizes! Congrats to all the winners, who's CrackBerry usernames are listed below. 


* Note to winners: We've passed your email address (the one tied to your account) onto Seidio who will be contacting you directly this week with details on claiming your prize. If for some reason you don't receive an email by end of day Friday this coming Monday (be sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case) you can email us at sitesupport @ over the weekend and we'll be sure to get you taken care of. *

Seidio Innocase 360 Contest Winners

BlackBerryies are My Life


Didn't Win? Don't worry.... another contest is always just around the corner. And in the meantime you can always pick up your own Seidio Innocase! Be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Reader comments

Contest Winners: Seidio Innocase 360


congratz for all winner's :)

PS: anybody pickin up already bezel's or trackball's from previous CB contest?

Aw come on. And I had a great story too. Broke apart into three pieces on the wet dirty floor of a Seattle bus during rush hour and you didn't think I needed a bullet proof case?

Who DID win? The people that posted "Gimme!" fifty times?


Congrats to those who did win, especially if you truly needed it.


My experience was to do with a mishap participating in the Running of the Bulls in Montanejos near Valencia, Spain. With video to back it up! Bad Toro!

Thank you Crackberry and Seidio for choosing me to sport your wonderful product. My Blackberry will forever be protected :)

Congrats to the winners!

Thank you to Seideo and CB for giving us all the chance to win one of your great products. We didn't win this round, but we didn't loose anything either.

Better luck to everyone next luck to us. ;-)


Thank you for choosing me! I almost makes the gut punch of being robbed and then the double gut punch of spending so much money to get the same model phone back worth it! PS. If you ever get a chance to go to Accra, Ghana in Africa....Go! But take your phone! :o)

With all honesty I am so freaking happy, I cant freaking believe I won!!! After all i went through to find my phone that night and then to be rewarded with this is just awesome. Its offical this is the best graduation gift.. thank you so so much

I keep coming back to this blog entry just to see my name over and over.. this is my 3rd time so i had to leave a comment.. im such a dork .. but im also a happy, excited dork..

Thanks for the patience. We'll double check with Seidio, but they should be following up with you soon. If it hasn't been yet, then most likely Monday. Thanks again! Don't worry, they will and you will get your Innocase 360!

has ANYONE gotten an email yet???? i hope this wasnt a bit hoax..... that would make me mad the only thing ive won in a contest and its fake hahaha.... can i add that to my experience haha will that get me an email faster lol

Hi Photex, did you get a shipment email before they sent it to you. I haven't heard anything more in a week. I sent them my shipping info but .....nothing.