Contest Winner: Unlock T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 from BlackBerry Emporium

By Adam Zeis on 17 Nov 2009 12:37 pm EST

BlackBerry Emporium

The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is finally available from T-Mobile, and as promised we teamed up with BlackBerry Emporium to give one lucky member an unlocked T-Mobile device. We had tons of entries in this one, and the member walking away with a new device is kronosx1. Huge thanks to BlackBerry Emporium for providing the device for this contest. If you didn't win, keep it locked here as always since more contests are on the way and you could be the next lucky winner!

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Contest Winner: Unlock T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 from BlackBerry Emporium


Has anyone seen his comment? I have not so I cant judge it but I saw a lot of really good coments and would like to see the winning comment. I looked for it but out of over 3300 comments I ran out of time looking for it.

Here's his post:

"close to perfection.
By: kronosx1 | Date: Sat, 11/07/2009 - 17:19 | reply
I am new to the blackberry scene. I have a storm on tmobile. I really enjoy the service and support. The bold seems to have everything you would want in a smmrtphone"

Page 53, a few down.

Last I checked, T-Mobile can't have the storm... I'm a little confused.

I agree with HUFFDADDY1982 =(

He probably has an unlocked Storm. I have the same on t-mobile.

What I don't get is that I thought this contest was about creativity, not a random selection. I worked hard on my post! I feel cheated, like I did all my creative work for nothing. Oh well. I love my Storm.


Was this contest decided on a random selection or on the creativity of the post? The original posting about the contest seemed to inferr that it would be chosen on creativity. I realize that it would take a lot of man power to read every post and judge creativity and choose a winner, but at least just tell us that it's only a random selection. I spent a good 30 minutes that are now wasted on creativity!


It has to be a random selection, there is now way that was the most creative on the posts. If your going to infer that its based on creativity then follow through crackberry. Get off your lazy butts and read the posts then pick the best one, not just a random one. Even so congrats on your new 9700, hope it rocks.


Here's the direct quote for this contest: "Leave a comment here on this post stating why you feel as though the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is better then any of the other BlackBerry smartphones released and we'll pick a winner."

It doesn't state or imply that the post has to be "the most creative", so there's nothing wrong with this at all. You could have posted "Well, it's purdy..." and won. On that note, congrats Kronosx1! Enjoy your Bold, my boss loves his!

so you are saying that his post of having a storm on t-mobile (which does not exist) is sufficient? come on now - that post was complete stupidity

It is completely sufficient according to the rules of the giveaway. He won, we didn't. No biggie. Be happy for the lad (or lass). But don't sit here and start to question the rules of the contest when you didn't read them completely. Whether he has or doesn't have a Storm on T-Mobile is completely irrelevant to the issue.

Next time, read the rules. If you want to spend an hour typing something out, have at it. But don't sit there and cry about it when you come out on the short end of the stick.

It's a flippin' contest. You didn't win. I didn't win. Quit telling them how to run their show and be thankful you were at least in the running for a FREE phone. Move on.

I think these contests are similar to those raffles they have at the malls where they have a car and they ask you to fill out your info.

When they do the drawing (in secret, of course) they can just say "so and so" won it to anyone who asks and if there's someone out there upset enough to demand proof, they'll simply have a fictitious name on one of those forms to show.

I mean, how can you even prove that someone actually won this item?

Just like the guy in the forum who said he got a Bold 9700 a week before it even came out, for only $50. On top of that, he said that he didn't even have a business account. Not only that! He also said he got free pizza. Now imagine that!

Even if this dude is real, he's new to the forum and probably doesn't even know how to navigate this enormous site and will never know he won anything and never claim his prize, hence, someone at the top gets to keep the phone and sell it on ebay.

It seemed fishy as I saw there was some discrepency or accusation regarding the last phone giveaway via posts. I also questioned the fact that he has been a menber since 10/29/09 and has zero posts but ultimately I misunderstood the contest rules as well (thought you must put thought into it and have a descriptive or creative post). Either way you shake it he posted and he won a kick a$$ phone:

CONGRATS Kronosx1!!

craziest day of my life. Thank you Blackberry Emporium and thank you Crackberry. I am a android transplant and I must say this rocks.

I purchased a unlocked blackberry off of craigslist knowing that unlocked it would work with Tmobile. Though yesterday I did trade it for a 8520. I browse forums but havent posted yet because I havent had any real questions. I dont just want to post for the sake for posting. When i saw this contest I figured why not. and now i am more than grateful. Ill be here for a long while and hope to make friends with you all.

everybody's just jealous :) enjoy your new bold if you get sick of it and decide you want that 8520 i'll trade you ;)

Get over it. You did not win, nor did you read the rules. Be thankful that there is a website that has these great contests for BlackBerry users. Congrats to the winner, regardless of how long he has been a Crackberry member or what phone he has. And thank you Crackberry for all the contest and giveaways you put on each and every week!

Congratulations on winning. However, I now challenge crackberry to pick another winner to give away another Bold 9700 to based off of the creativity of their comment.

While I AM jealous I did not win I have to agree that crackberry needs to start reading posts. Half the time they say just leave a post but sometimes they ask for input or info and I think that's a little misleading. I (and many other posters) DO take the time out to put thought and creativity into these answers and I believe it's unfair to use the random selection process. It leaves all the true crackberrians out to dry and opens up the flood gates for all the bottom feeders who just sign up using 30 different email accounts and then post "PICK ME" or "WOOHOO" over and over under each new account. I know there are thousands of posts to go through but I believe it's the right thing to do considering there are a lot of members who give their time to crackberry. Just a thought.

Okay, so, they said they'd pick a random entry. It could've been anybody, I'm a newbie with barely any posts on the forums, that doesn't mean that makes me any less worthy for a new phone than someone who has been on the forums and been posting every day. It was a random draw.There will be others, get over it.
Congrats, Kronosx1. Enjoy it. =)

Ok he won, over...

I tought it was for creative responses too, i tought i could win xD, check mine hehehe, but dont be angry, keep on the contests, congrats dude..