Contest: Win your choice of application from Mobatech

Mobatech Applications
By Kerri Neill on 26 Aug 2011 01:40 pm EDT
The crew over at Mobatech and their applications are definitely no strangers to the CrackBerry blogs. We've featured several of their applications including my personal fave, Mobile Checkbook, back in my CrackBerry Idol days. Mobatech is known for creating reliable and easy to use BlackBerry applications. All of their applications have been updated to include OS 7 compatibilty & to show their appreciation to CrackBerry users, their giving us 10 copies (winners choice of app) to give away. Read below for a brief description of each app and then drop us a line in the comments telling us which application you'd like to win and why.

Mobile Checkbook

This app has been one of the top paid applications in BlackBerry App World several times. This application allows you to keep track of multiple accounts & record your transactions while on the go. Transaction lists can be exported via email with optional XLS or QIF attachments which can then be imported easily into most computer financial software. Mobile Checkbook even has a PIN code password feature that you can set just in case you're worried about someone seeing your financial information if your phone gets lost.

Mobile Bartender

Mobile Bartender puts a full-featured drink-making guide in the palm of your hand. With access to hundreds of drinks, shots & drop shots, you'll never be at a loss when ordering at a bar. Easily filter results by drink type, liquor or drink name. You can also add or remove recipesat any time.


This takes your BlackBerry calendar one step further. With hundreds of dates for national holidays, sporting events & religous holidays, you can simply select the dates you want and then export them to your native BlackBerry Calendar or contacts. The application features a days-till-event countdown & allows the user to create customized reminders.

More information / purchase Mobile Checkbook
More information / purchase Mobile Bartender
More information / purchase Datepedia

Reader comments

Contest: Win your choice of application from Mobatech


Mobile checkbook please! I have been eying it for a long time! A great way to stay up on things when you go to Starbucks or the grocery store.

Bartender Please!! Can never remember how to make some drinks and always have my phone at parties!!!!!

Grate i was w8ing for one of this Apps to drop a price, but now because of this contest im more happy to grab a copy of one app most especially the Mobile Checkbook but if isn't possible then i will more than happy to take Mobile Bartender that's a grate app as well, when you getter with friends and have a good time.

Thank you!

Mobile Checkbook is for me!!! I would love that app. It looks to be a very easy to use solution to track my spending, give me up-to-the-minute updates of my bank balance anywhere and anytime, and it will also serve to give me more "play" money if it helps me spend more wisely ;)

Thanks to "Datepedia" I know when they have friends and family Feast :-) big problem if not live his native country and confuse you calendars

I have Expense To Go, and I have been interested in trying out a new mobile "checkbook" app for awhile! I have my hands in the air ready to catch!!

I have used Datepedia for a couple of years now on a Storm, Storm2, and a Torch. It is an excellent app with a very good GUI. So, I think Mobile Checkbook would be as well done and would love to win a copy of MOBILE CHECKBOOK !!!

OMG mobile checkbook looks like the cause I need alittle help when it comes to money :) wish me luck :)

Judging by all the responses for Bartender, there are a lot of Crackberry nation that likes to party hearty. :-) Boring old me would love the Datepedia app.

Dateopedia for sure! I'm always wondering when long weekends and holidays are-planning my weekends to full advantage is very important to me! :D I would LOVEEE it!

I like the idea of datepedia. It would make planning sales calls and meetings much easier when I have the info on holidays. I entertain clients quite often and knowing when sporting events are will make it easier to plan outings with clients.

Datepedia please!

As I am not very good with money mobile check book would really help with finances and keep me from going deeper in debt. Thanks crackberry!

I would love to win Mobile Bartender. I never know what to order when I'm out with clients and this would help me look astute

My choice would be Datepedia or the Mobile Checkbook, not sure yet will know when I win :)
Thanks in advance CrackBerry and Mobatech!

I'm a Canadian living in the States and Datepedia will make it easy for me to keep track of the holidays back home.

PS: I already have Mobile Checkbook and love it!

Would love a copy of mobile checkbook...have been looking for a good checkbook app and just haven't sprung for one yet. If CrackBerry chooses me, it will help me to save up for a new Torch 9850.

Would like to win a Mobile Check to keep track of my tightening cash flow after got myself a new Bold 9900.

i just bough the Mobile checkbook... is really a great apps... simple and nice. i wish i can get free copy of DATEPEDIA !! thanks :)

I'd like to win Mobile Bartender. I find myself somewhat of an alcohol enthusiast. Complete with a small yet decent sized bar. Having an easy access drink mixing guide on my phone would help for those late night parties where I'm to drunk to remember every little drink.

Tough choice here. I think I would go with Mobile Checkbook just to keep better track of all my BlackBerry purchases.

I already own Mobile Checkbook and the Mobile Bartender app so the Datepedia app would be nice, fantastic developers.

I actually work at my friends Bar sometimes. Mobile Bartender PLEASE! That would be soo helpful!

I would like to win Datepedia because I always forget important dates and this would help me keep track of everything. Thanks :)

I would like mobile bartender. I host a dinner event quarterly, and would like to be able to mix it up and offer a bunch of non-conventional drinks people may not have ever tried

I'd love to win Mobile Bartender! I like to try new drinks when I have friends over... this would make the best bartenders assistant!

I work a bar and sometimes people ask for random drinks and don't even know what's in it. This would save me a trip to google.

I would love to have the bartender app on my 9930, because i love to order/make new & exciting drinks at restaurants and at home. Please help!

I am a fanatical user of mobile checkbook! I would love to have Datepedia 1st choice or Mobile bartender 2nd choice. Actually I would love to own both. Mobile Checkbook is a lifesaver for guys like me who live by their ATM card. I used to forget to post to my checkbook register ( which causes some major overdraft fees) but now my balance is always accurate. Checkbook is fast and easy to use and saves me a lot of money. Please hook me up!