Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



Please send innocase for the Storm! Soon it will look like RIM Captain Cruch if this keeps up! I have already gone through 3 cases!

Hey! I'm a police officer down in Houston, this case would save my Blackberry Storm when it falls out of my front pocket during chases! And believe, it's happened a couple of times!

I definitely need one of these Seidio InnoCase 360 covers for my BB Curve 8330! I almost had a major "oops" tonight after getting home from the hospital where I'm an EKG technician. As I'm sure you can imagine, after being on my feet all day (and part of tonight) I'm tired as hell. I'd left my BlackBerry in one of the pockets of my uniform. I wash my uniforms every night, and so threw them into the washer on top of all the rest of the clothes that I was due to wash this evening. My uniform felt a little heavy as I tossed it into the washer, and so I picked the uniform out of the basket to make sure that I'd cleaned out my pockets. Lo and behold--to my horror--there was my faithful, beloved BlackBerry, with my EKG reference software on it--which had just about been washed up with my uniforms! Needless to say, I'm THRILLED that I didn't wash it up (phew!), but I definitely need to have a premium case/cover on it such as this one--to add bulk to it so that I don't forget and leave it in my pocket ever again! The case would also protect the screen and the surface as I'm constantly on the go at my hospital. An extra layer of protection for my BlackBerry would be appreciated as I go about helping protect my patients' hearts daily.

I would love to have one of these, just last week I was on top of a concrete truck working on the engine that is very high up, got a call went to answer it and dropped my curve and cracked the screen and housing. I went 3 days with out it, I felt lost. Now I have been treating my new as if it were a pane of glass trying to not bump it scratch it or drop it.If only I had a innocase 360.

I am now on my third Storm. I so need one of these to protect my investment. My first storm got loads of dust behind the screen and drove me absolutely crazy. My second one had the screen cracked due to an unfortunate accident with a ladder handrail at work. I now have insurance, but still would have a deductible to pay. Paying $6 a month for insurance sucks and I refuse to get a belt holster and look like an uber nerd. My phone must be pocketable. A black Innocase 360 for my Storm seems like a good fit.

Every morning I wake up to my Blackberry's alarm. I go strait into the bathroom where I read the news on my Storm via Viigo. When the shower is ready I put the phone on my windowsill and hop in. Well, one morning my two year old was up early and came into the bathroom where she saw dad's phone sitting on the sill. She grabbed it and said "watch Daddy." I cleared the shower door to see what she was doing just in time to see her put my phone on the newly opened toilet seat so that the phone could apparently "go potty." I hopped out of the shower and grabbed the phone from it's precarious walking the plank. I scared my daughter half-to-death, but all in the name of protecting my digital companion.

This is the closest my Storm has come to eminent doom and I have held a careful vigil over it ever since, especially in the mornings!

I would love a new case to add one more avenue of protection to my already close vigil.

One of the many problems that the revolutionary Storm has is that no one has made a suitable case for it--until now. I've accidentally dropped my Storm so often that it is a wonder it still works. And that's without a case. The battery door flies off and it no longer is a 10. I'm looking forward to owning one soon.

i carried my curve 8330 in a bodyglove hard case but it's too bulky so now it's naked besides a zagg invisible shield (had a seidio rubberized battery cover but it didn't fit correctly and broke in half before i could try to return it, so now i'm using the OEM one). the body glove case did protect it from a fall of ~7 feet though!

yeah this would definitely help, every time i drop my phone its as if i dropped an egg because thats how it feels, so fragile and precious

I have a bold and i would love to have a black case for it. These cases are mad fly. Hope i win one.

My biggest issue is my BB Bold not being "locked" in my plastic holster, thus when I get out of the car to stand up, out flying comes the Bold. The worst one is about three weeks of no drops after installing a nice all white housing/backplate on my bold, this same thing happened. This time when I got out of the car, I was parked by the curb and my Bold flew out and hit the curb denting the housing and putting several "chips" in the phone. NOT COOL. So, off came the white housing and back to black. My choice would be for the BB Bold. Thanks in advance for the chance to win a case, and have a great day.

In the early days with my storm, I learned very quickly that I needed a little more protection for it, because the normal BB silicone case didn't do it for me. I got the IS and it worked for a while but after some time it started to wear from normal use. I have never used and Innocase 360 case but I would love to try one just to see how well it works. I have heard many good things about it and would really like to get one.

Robert Reagan
9530 Storm

I just got my 8900 a couple of days ago and definitely need a case to keep my blackberry safe from my little monster boys that I have at home. It would be a wonderful addition to my blackberry 8900!


Right off of my storm. Now I need a new case for my naked BlackBerry. One of these would do nicely...Thanks for all the quality gear!

Out of love for Blackberry and touchscreen phones i upgraded to a storm. Big mistake for me. After having a few phones with malfunctioning screens i ended up with 5 replacements. Missing my 8330 i "accidently" threw my storm a few too many times. After about 3 or 4 different customer service calls i finally talked my way into upgrading back to my 8330. A nice case like this would help insure a long life to my curve and i promise i wont mistreat it like the storm. A black or burgandy case would make my 8330 curve sleep better at night

ill be honest, i am one of the most abusive people with phones, probably started when i worked as a dealer going through university. since i worked in a shop i got great discounts and sometimes free handsets for hitting sales targets. Now that i am in the real world i still go through a handset atleast once every 6 months, but now i have to pay non contract price!!!. but i do have a problem now, i am a newly wed as of 6 months ago and am afraid my buying a new handset every 6 months is over!!!, so i need alot of help! i have a new curve 8330 and i really need it keep it safe (to keep the wife happy) and looking new! (to keep me happy!.

I read a lot about the seidio case so I proceeded to buy the seidio 2 with case and holster. I love the case and never dropped my phone with the case on. A month later my girlfriend upgraded her phone to a Storm and needed a case. So being the good BF I gave her my case and told her use it. The next day I dropped my phone TWICE and have two large scratches on the corners of my phone. I would love to get another Seidio case to protect my STORM!!! PLEASE SHOW ME SOME LOVE!!!!

I would love to have a case for my BB Curve 8330. I never knew why people seemed to love their "crackberries" so much until I got a great deal on an upgrade and decided to take the plunge.

I'm an event manager for organic companies, and my phone is so essential to my work, keeping track of my staff and what's going on with the corporate office. And when I need to chill, I can listen to Pandora or tweet! I just want my crackberry to stay in pristine condition, so (uses Jedi mind trick)... I AM THE CRACKBERRY DROID YOU ARE LOOKING FOR ;)

I have a brand super clean Bold 9000.. Please help me from letting it look like my previous 8800 that was scratched, dinged, and mangled!

Oh and the black is very cool...

Had to be a few weeks ago. I lent the hubster, affectionately called Princess, my Storm, to use while he was on a fishing trip. So, he comes back, goes to sleep, and I asked him about the phone, the next day. He tells me its in his truck. So later on, missing my phone, I go to look, and can not find it.. He thinks it may have gotten stolen.. and I make a claim. The next day, his mom, who lives with us, wakes me up at 7 am.. with.. "I found your phone!".. Boy.. I was so happy, and I asked "where?" The she lays it on me...

"In the Bottom of the washing machine..."

Dumb Princess left it in his pocket.. and then washed his clothes. I dont know whether to be mad that he broke my phone or happy that he actually washed his own clothes?

My previous Bold died after being spilled with liquid and then immediately fell off the table with no protection T_T arghh...I need better protection!

I'd love to have one of these for my 8330. It often gets thrown around in my car (police cruiser) at work. I have a Body Glove hard case but this seems so much better....especially since there is an all black version.

Dropped my Blackberry Bold today, first time since I bought it over a year ago. I must've spent about 10minutes going over it looking for damage!

i really love my blackberry bold, and i will do everything just to protect it from scratches and dents.. i actually bought a lot of cases already. i bought a hard case from a stall at the mall, and it totally scratched the bezel of my phone!!!! how ironic that i bought a case to protect my phone from scratches, and it scratched it more! i was so pissed when i saw the scratches. Even though they are tiny little scratches, it created a rough feel to my phone. then i bought a rubber blackberry case, so far i like it but it attracts so much lint and dirt! i have spent over fifty dollars just to protect my phone, and it will be totally awesome if i receive a seidio innocase 360 case! i like blue so i want a BLUE innocase! hehe.. blackberry bold rocks! its my baby

I would love one of these cases! A lot of my friends are getting the Storm, and I've got the Innocase II, so I'm pawning my case off on one of then with plans to get the 360.

So many more of my friends are getting the Storm, and I think I'm starting to advise them to get the 360 rather than the II, based on what I've seen so far.


Prior to owning a BlackBerry Storm, I owned the lovely 8703e. I had the phone for just over a month and I was home visiting my parents. I used the restroom and my mother came home from the store. She had purchased some items for the restroom cabinet (which was directly over the toilet). For some reason, I didn't flush after going #1 and I heard her come into the house. Again, PRIOR TO FLUSHING, I volunteered to put the items away in the cabinet. I was wearing a hoodie sweatshirt. I placed my BlackBerry in my middle sweatshirt pocket. As I turned to get another item out of the bag, my BlackBerry fell out of the opposite side of the middle pocket into p*ss water. Without hesitation, my hand followed my prized Berry into the water. Upon making a daring save attempt of my BlackBerry, I had to allow it to dry out and disinfected it multiple times. It actually worked with no problems after it was all dried out... although I never forgot where it HAD been!

I would LOVE to have the Seidio Innocase for my BlackBerry Storm. I am very cautious these days, but would like to have that additional protection! :-)

A couple years ago at my old job as a roofer, I was working one day and I was at the side of a roof, close to the end of the roof, and somehow my 8330 feel out of my (locked) pocket and fell about 100 feet to the ground. As you would think, it did not survive and my heart was broken. For my replacement, I bought a cheap $10 rubber skin for the phone, but that won't help very much from another fall. I would appreciate this very much for my 8330, since I honestly can not afford a new case myself. Thanks! :-)

Have the body glove case now and the case-mate skin.
body glove nice and hard cover, tacky feel to skin. and the cover for the screen is extra nice.
case-mate skin nice cover for buttons (buttons do not light up to well)
Looking for a good over all cover for phone, hoping to win one here.. looks like chances are slim.. but u know this web sight rocks none the less..
8330 curve

New user here and I am addicted to blackberry and now. I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 and sadly it is unprotected. Would love to have a chance at a black case if possible. Thanks guys you are great.

ok so a friend of mine was breaking bottles with a old fashion sling shot, so i thought i would video tap it with my blackberry bold. yeah BAD IDEA! a rock that weighed about 4oz smashed into my bold and broke it into many pieces, and i didn't have insurance on it. cost me 500 bucks to replace my bb bold

i feel rather embarest to even talk about it.
i had to live for a week with out my blackberry or a phone for that matter.

but to be a good sport, i usually am very careful with my phone, i never put in the same pocket with keys, but one time i did buy a brand new 8800 and the same day, i was actually too careful with it that i didnt grip it hard enough when pulling it out of my pocket and as such it tumbled to the ground. the phone was fine but knicked up pretty good. after that ive never dropped my phone again.

I dropped it screen-down on to the asphalt after it had been raining all day. I had the silicone casing on it but it didn't help :( I had to put a piece of folded up paper under the battery to get the SurePress to click correctly. & sometimes the screen fades out in the corner bottom corner!! It sucksss sooo much

As an avid mountain bike racer my BlackBerry Bold is always at risk due to bumps and falls in rocky as well as muddy trials that I regularly race on. With a INNOCASE 360 from Scidio I can concentrate on the race and have peace of mind regarding the protection of my BlackBerry Bold on and off the trials - no more scratches on my BlackBerry. It will also make a nice talking subject between the mountain bike community.

I'd be lost without my Storm. It contents would be hard to replace. This case looks like the perfect way to protect it!

Just recently purchased a Blackberry Storm last week from Best Buy since my little one dropped my aging Treo 700p cracking the screen. Best thing that happened to me all week!
I don't know what all the fuss is about, but the Storm's a great phone especially after the update. I'm also taking my time to learn the ins and outs of this phone. There's also no way I'm switching providers even if my contract ran out almost a year ago.
I've got this gorgeous new phone and would love a Seidio case to protect it! Thanks!

I hope I win. :)

I was at the beach and my friends decided to toss water and sand in my board shorts, where my Storm was hiding. Of course, it got wet and there was some sand inside. I'd love a Innocase 360, because my current is basially a Crappy 120. :)
Nowadays, when I go to the beach, I leave my phone in the car to keep safe, and run back and fourth to check for any calls. Sucks, but I've gotta keep my baby safe by all means. :D

With this Innocase 360, I can carry my baby in my board shorts again, and laugh at those who dare try to wet me again. :)

Only smart people like the ones from seidio would come up with a great plan for the blackberrys. keep up the good work and keep designing brilliant things for the phones. I would love to be entered in the contest.

The evening started out great for me and my fiance. It was her birthday and we decided on an evening of drinking, with a sober driver of course. We drank at the house for a couple hours and headed to the bar. I walked in and decided I had to use the restroom. As I am using the restroom I decide that it is very important I check my phone for any new messages, despite the fact that my fiance was the only one that would be messaging me and she was outside. So I pull the phone out and where do I drop it? Yeah. Thats where. So I am sitting there looking at a soaked phone. Without thought I reach in and grab it. For anything else? No.But my Blackberry Bold? Definitely.

So I got a replacement through the insurance I fortunately took on the phone. Needless to say I am much, much more careful with my phone. My fiance says I baby it. I agree and say "so what"?

The worst case that ever to struck my bold is when I dropped it from about 30 inches high.
I was sitting inside my car and about ready to go to the grocery store that day when suddenly I saw a kid next door running towards the street chasing his toy. While at the same time I saw a car coming from the other direction.
So I got up and chased that kid and grabbed him> Luckily I was able to safe the kid from a fatal accident.
Afterward, I just realized that I had my blackberry bold on my lap when I was sitting in the car and dropped it hard when I got up and ran. The lcd was cracked and the casing was all ruined. The battery was off from the case when I found it.
Anyway, it was worth it although I have to but another blackberry bold. And if I were using a good case I might still able to fix my bold instead of buying new one.
I still have my bold now and hoping that it will last.

This case looks incredile. I believe a must have for maximum protection and safety for my storm. Would be an honor to own one.

I dropped my Blackberry grom a 2 story house roof. It did not survive. Now when I climb labbers, I keep my Blackberry in my pocket.

i badly need one for my storm...considering the number of storms i'm running thru..last thing i need is to drop one

Well one morning, when I was in a hurry, because I was late for school, I went in the bathroom to pick some hankies. As I went in, I had my Bold in its standard case. But I turned the upside down, and so it dropped into the toilet. I was up to my elbow down in the toilet to get my blackberry out there...
As I got it out, it was still turned on... I quickly pulled the battery, and laid it down on a towel. I used a hairdryer to dry it for about 10 minutes, and the next morning i turned it on again. There was some water between the plate and the display, but 2 days later that was dried too. The Blackberry still works very well, but I couldn't use it for a hole day. I nearly had abstinence symptoms, but the next day I was very lucky.

*I have a Blackberry Bold 9000 and would be really happy to own a black innocase 360

I am a volunteer firefighter so I am in and out of firetrucks. I have a BOLD 9000 AT&T that I have dropped once or twice running out the door to respond-knock on wood it was protected with the case that came with the phone. I have a screen protector sheet on the screen so that it doesn"t get scratched. This has done the job that it is supposed to.
I am also on a volunteer first aid(ambulance) squad. Although I don't ride as much as I used to, in this day and age with different contaminants/flus etc., I would do anything to protect the phone-it is awesome!
I am also a 911 supervisor so the folks at work are always comparing their phones and gadgets and I would love to have one of these great cases!

I would love a case. Though I only need one for my new Tour since I took my last BlackBerry back because it's touch screen sucked.

I have a curve 8900 and need a good case for it to be protected. And after all it is fathers day and would be a great gift

I have an 8310. Luckily I have not demolished it yet. BUT, everyone that I work with has managed to crack theirs in some way or another. I would really like for that not to happen. SO, that's where you can come into play.

One time I dropped my blackberry in the sink and it wouldn't work. I let it sit for two whole days without using it and tried it after. It worked! amazing. I have an 8900.

underwater, 5 times! I have dropped in 3 puddles, survived all three times. The fourth time was in the toilet, texting while taking care of other things (that was unfortunate) and it took 3 days to dry and come back to life. The last time was a water runoff drain. I was taking pics when it slipped out of my hand and through the drain, almost out of reach Just as I touched it to pull it out of the water the screen flickered and died. 8 days in a bowl of rice and I was gonna give up and toss it, when one last attempt brought a red LED! Works fine since...

Corners are all chipped, trackball needs cleaned almost daily and the screen cover is cracked all the way across, it ain't pretty!

I have since put it in a clear hard case, took a fall off an 8-ft ladder and survived that too.

I bought the original and as nice as it is, the only thing that would improve it is the integration of a screen cover! PERFECT!!

I want one!!!

My first Blackberry Curve 8900 was only in this world for a short time before "her" untimely demise. I deliver gasoline for a living and while at work i had my BB in my breast pocket. I was finishing up a delivery and bent over at which time my BB fell out of my breast pocket and into the 20,000 gallon tank of gasoline. I had only had my BB for about a week and was very attatched to "her". I don't put my new BB in my breast pocket anymore.

I have dropped my bb and gotten paint on it, and have scraches. my bb goes everywere with me and takes a beating this is the kind of case I've been looking for (at last).


These cases are fantastic, I have had several different versions for several phones and they are by far the best on the market, sure winning one would be nice for a change since I dont have one yet for my Storm!!!

I'm planning on offering my 8330 to my hubby once I get the Tour. He works construction and sure could use one of these cases.

I go through a lot of Seidio cases every year. I'm in construction and they can take a fall, chemicals and they just fit nicely in my pocket. Rock on~

I would love a chance to win this case. ive tried a few others, even the incipio, great case but it keeps cracking on the edges. im looking to find a better case and maybe this could be the one. thank you

well, i actually already won a INNOCASE maroon coloured for my bold..
well.. it's so damn expensive here in Indonesia,,
would like another SIEDIO product to accompany and help me protect my precious berry! :)

pick me up!
thx in advance!

damian hamzah
blackberry bold 9000

I like to have a black one for my Curve8900.
Well... I never won anything, hope this is the first time :)

I have bought 6 cases so far and won't use any of them. Far too inconvenient in use. Would like to try this one.

it would be sick to have one for my 9530 while i work and sell at telus.. to promote them and also protect my phone :p

I always listen to music while cutting the lawn. When riding under a tree a branch reached out and grabbed the headsets out of my ears. Of course that causes the Storm to be ripped from my pocket. The tree then decides the Storm is nothing useful and drops it to the ground. Luckily I was able to stop before it went under the wheels or was sucked up by the spinning blades and mulched into tiny little pieces as "Another One Bites The Dust" was playing on Pandora.

So about a week or so after getting my Storm, my dog took a strange interest in it. I was eating dinner one night and left the device on the chair I was watching TV in. Usually the dog lays at my feet while I eat, but was no where to be found. So about half hour later, I go into the other room after hearing a weird noise and there is my Storm, in the dog's mouth, with her drool all over the phone. It took a little while to get it all off. Surprisingly the only thing that happened was some scratches, and the screen was still perfect! Lucky me.

Hopefully I can get a nice case as a dog barrier so no more scratches get on my phone.

I am a blackberry virgin and want to keep my pearl 8120 safe and sound. I love the functionality of this case. If I dont win, I will surely purchase one.


This is a hot case and I will have one,I already have the Seidio battery cover and love it so this case will only add to the upgrade I have already made to my Blackberry 8330 Curve......If I am picked to win one these hot cases I will do my part to get the word out about it to all my BB user friends,if I don't win I will still have one soon,a must for my BB.

dropped it out a car window on route 80. after extensive work i managed to find it. but since the storm isnt that tough of a phone i had to go through warranty to get a new one. right now i keep it in an otter box and of course i havent dropped it since that day.

I dropped my phone in the sink while washing my hands and it broke =( had to dry it out for 2 days in a bag of rice, its finally working!! but i definitely need this case, im super clumsy, i cant loose my 8900 again, that was torturous!

I have a blackberry storm. I like to play sports with my friends.
So one time when I was playing basketball I placed my phone on this
big rock,then later a dog walks by and almost uses my phone as a toilet.
That is the worst thing that happened to my bb. I also drop it accidentally
on the ground. My bb is my life so please help me get it protected.

I have a Blackberry Storm which I stay attached to the hip with at all times ever since I got it. I hae had no serious issues or anything with it and love this thing.

The worst scare I had with it was at my job. I'm a Military Working Dog Trainer (K-9 for the military). While doing some attack training, I forgot to take my Blackberry off my hip. As the dog came at me to bite me on the arm, his front leg knocked my Blackberry off sending it flying off my hip and crashing to the concrete below. I immediately put my own safety aside and went diving for the phone to check and see if it was ok. Lucky for me, between the silicone case and the holster, my phone was just fine. Oh, and also lucky for me, the dog stayed focused on biting the protective sleeve I slipped my arm out of instead of coming back at me to bite me while I was unprotected.

The worst thing that ever happened to my BlackBerry Storm was when I dropped it needless to say it was down 2 flights of stairs at school. Boy did I go running after it also! Fortunately it survived although it has many scratches and for some reason I had to buy a new battery and a back cover for it after wards it still works good but thankfully it didn't really scratch the main screen as I had a screen protector on it! To this day I go pretty far to protect my BB Storm, I now never take it out when I am on the stairs, So I would go pretty far to protect it! None the less I will still probably buy one of these if I don't win! :)

ok heres the deal, I was at my out-laws new house that they were building from the gound up, I had finished doing the soffit and facia for them with my Bold safely at my hip... When out of the blue I was hit with "Tim would you be able to install the garage doors for us"....of course I couldnt say we arranged to do it the following weekend (new house is an hour drive away...So the weekend of the garage door install arrives I drive the hour to the new house, it's about 8AM I'm cimbing the ladder running all the wires for the openers, everything is going along great, now I am one of those people that needs to keep all my attention on what im doing, so as my wife keep texting me and I take my bold in and out of my case 8 feet up on a ladder I can feel my frustrations growing because everytime I try to do something I feel the phone buzz again.... the last straw for me was when ROBBERS called and said that we hadnt paid my wifes grandmothers cable bill I got angry at the guy on the phone as I had explained to them numerous times that she was in a nursing home and the cheques had to be signed by more than one party then he saw the note on the account regarding this....I was so frustrated at this point that as I was putting my Bold back in its (not so safe place) on my hip in the OEM case it SLIPPED...time stopped as I watched my beloved BLACKBERRY BOLD succumb to the pull of Gravity (curse you gravity)it slowly fell to the concrete floor 8 feet below after what seemed like an eternity it hit and when I say it hit boy did it hit and the pieces flew out from the impact zone and time STOPPED i couldnt believe it (I think i screamed like a girl) but i cant be sure, I climbed down the ladder and picked her up (she was laying face down) I turned her over and checked for a pulse after reinserting the battery and battery cover (all that came off) she turned on and worked fine the only damage was scratches all over the bezel wow amazing phone...So I would like the case for my BOLD just INNOCASE Rogers ever calls me while Im 8 feet up a ladder again :-o

I love my Blackberry Curve 8320 and I will do anything to protect this device. I do not allow my kids to use my phone. I will let them use the bluetooth for the phone other than that "hands off". I also clean the screen at least 5 or 6 times a day to ensure that the screen stays clean. I would love to have the Innocase 360...count me in.

I had a pearl with no case, and the thing was abused, the case cracked, trackball works when it wants to, and im out of memory. I recently upgraded and currently own a Blackberry Curve 8320. I got a leather holster from ebay, didnt get it yet, but i hope it will stay in new condition.

HI!!! Pick my Curve 8330..... it hates the time idle while I trim the little sticky screen protectors, and not give it something to do!!!!!!!!!!

well I know this will not be a pleasant story but!!!
while finishing up, my trip to the rest room I stood up to fasten my trouser's......... when my blackberry 8350i decided to do a swan dive into the bowl..... there I was looking in disbelieve as time was ticking for my dearly loved blackberry ... was i to fish it out immediately to some how try to revive the patient or...... call in reinforcements.... well needless to say i called in reinforcements.. and went out to the shed to retrieve ... my mini planting spade......

As i stood in disbelieve i pondered to myself....... dude what a "TURD"

S Scales

I just ordered a brand new keyboard, chrome bezel and unbranded bottom plate for my Bold. Would sure enjoying having it protected in a new Innocase 360 =)

I had just purchased a Bold in late April at full retail Best Buy price (I wanted the reward points and no contract). While on vacation my phone slipped out of my hand, hit the floor at some store and the chrome ring had deep scratches all over it. I have since replaced the ring but my LCD now has two cracks in the upper left hand corner that are growing by the day. Screen still works fine but not sure for how long. I know the Innocase 360 in black would have saved my phone.

I would sure like to win this case, that way I would have a case for everyday of the week...not really, but that would be nice :)

I never owned a Blackberry before. Earlier this week, I purchased the Bold, and I must say that this was a wise decision. It was either this or the new iphone. I'm glad I didn't go with the latter. Because of my line of work(being in the military police and a corrections officer) I tend to roughen up my gadgets from time to time. A case like this would definitely ensure that my Blackberry is protected from the daily rigors of scratch and drop. And If I don't win, I'll still be proud to be a member of the Blackberry community.

In Penn Station in Manhattan, there is a big escalator that takes you up to street level. During rush hour, I was riding up the escalator and playing with my BB Storm and it accidentally slipped from my hand. The phone went tumbling all the way back down as I continued to move up. For a few seconds I was in a panic as Penn Station gets really crowded, especially during rush hour, and I was sure that if it even survived the fall all the way down the escalator, it was going to be stepped on or snatched by someone. Fortunately, someone saw it fall at the bottom and picked it up and people started passing my Storm up to me - it was very heart warming that all these complete strangers could be so nice to me and my Storm. My phone was scratched up but it still worked. I don't know if it can survive much more of my clumsiness though!

My dog eats everything...including my blackberry storm. I made the mistake of leaving it on my nightstand and went to play some videogames. I guess he thought blackberries smelled pretty good, because he couldn't resist. I should have known he was up to something cause he was always sniffing it. He got to it and had his way with it. He managed to chew off the bottom row of buttons on my storm, and cracked the glass. Of course he cut himself, so not only was the storm destroyed, but it was covered with blood. Thats why i need a case, and a better place to keep my replacement storm away from my dog. If i win, i would like the storm case in black.

I am a Storm/BB addict. I have yet to put a case on my Storm and this contest has perfect timing.

I would love to win a case in this contest!

Happy Father's Day!

I just watched the video for this case and it seems pretty cool. If it works as advertised, I would really like to have one. I have a BlackBerry Bold.

this is the worst thing that has ever happened to my blackberry....i have a Blackberry 8330 and was out biking in shots and had the blackberry in my and my dad went out on a dirt trail and when going on a steep incline really fast my blackberry sliped out of my pocket and back then my BB didn;t have any protection....the back battery cover had to be replaced...since then i have tried 3 silicone cases that over time of me cleaning my BB stretch out so me being a neat freak of sorts would love this full protection of the new would really help me out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow!! what a great looking case. I could really use one for my Storm!!!!


I'd love to recount my horror story here but my girlfriend and I JUST got our first BlackBerry Storms yesterday! So I'll tell you the story about how I damaged my first cellphone for the very first time and we can all pretend that it was a Storm and not an LG VX8100.

Here in Cincinnati we're still dealing with the biblical plague of locusts (that's how behind the times this city is!) and we now have several sub-species of cicadas that collectively dig themselves out of the ground every four and seven years to go on a massive, clumsy, squishy, big-red-bug-eyed mating frenzy. The four-year wave came around a couple years back and it was mere days after getting my very first cellphone (I was a late bloomer) that I came walking into work one early morning.

For reasons unbeknownst to mankind like geothermal energy conduits running through the Earth's core, our front doors always seemed to attract a particularly large locust. This was day one of what would become a whole Summer's worth of bug-dodging but as things had just started I was unprepared on this day.

Walking to the doors, my new phone glimmering in the early morning sunshine in its holster, I didn't notice the bug until I was about to make the fatal footfall at which point the dopey bug jumped into action, noisily flying away from me. A little startled by the sudden noise I jumped back with such momentum that the whole holster slipped free from my belt and flew, spinning through the air to the rough asphalt below. It wasn't anything major, just a few scar-like scrapes across the shiny blue skin, but it was only days old and already I'd managed to damage it.

Since then I've never trusted holsters (though I continued to use them) and hope that I can finally get used to nurturing my new Storm in a marsupial-esque pocket, especially with a slick new black Seidio Innocase 360. :) Thanks for the chance to win something for my new phone!

So this is the worst thing that ever happened to my Blackberry Storm 9350. I had just recently bought this phone.

I didn't purchase a case for my phone, because someone told me that the phone already came with a "slide in case". I found the case in the box and I decided to try it out.

Somehow when I slid my phone inside the case, the power button got snagged on one of the stitches inside, and the power button "POPPPED" off...I nearly died. I've only owned my phone for about 2 hours.

It was a new phone, so I still had warranty and was able to exchange it to a new one, but the paranoia of sliding my phone in and out and having one of the buttons getting snagged still haunts me.

So Ive been using the Blackberry silicone skin case ever since. But looking and reading the reviews of the Seidio's Innocase 360, I am sold. And I would be honoured if you allowed me to have one of these cases, so that my prized possession is protected and there is no worries of any my of buttons being snagged.

So that is my story. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Armand Vizcarra

this would be great, i play a lot of golf and am never sure how my phone is doing in my golf bag. with this, i know its taken care of.

Since I skydive and always wanted to make a call on the way down I might need the extra protection in case it slips out of my hand.

After already going through 3 Storms (2 cracked screens), I would love to have the Seidio Innocase to keep my Crackberry protected in style!

After already going through 3 Storms (2 cracked screens), I would love to have the Seidio Innocase to keep my Crackberry protected in style!

One of these cases for my Storm would be supremely awesome.. I'm certain it will make my device even more awesome than it already is! :) Thanks CB!

When driving, I usually have my 8330 sitting between my legs hooked up to the car charger. In crazy traffic (ala Mad Max)I take a turn and it flies off my lap and under the seat. This will eitehr cause me to blind bluetooth any callers or need a replacement screen since it always hits the rail for the seat and cracks it. This case looks awesome and I would love to win one. Thanks!

I was walking in the hallway at school and i had my blackberry curve on top of my books, held between my books and my stomach. I had done it a million times and found it was safer then holding it in my hand. Until one time i came around a corner and this guy turned also. I stepped out of his way but he wasnt looking and my books when flying accross the hallway along with my precious blackberry. It skidded to a stop at the end of the hallway and I left all my books, my bag and the kid and i sprinted to the end of the hallway where as i ran up someone stepped on my curve. First it fell now this. Double whammy! Thank god they didnt crush it but it is all scrached up now. I would love this case to protect it from and feet and hallways that it comes accross in the future.

I left my bold on top of the car while rushing from work one day. I heard it ring and started looking for it, thats when i remembered i had placed it on top of the car before opening the booth to put my bags in. Thank God for the silicon grip :)


Sprint BB 8330, always wrap it up! If not, you never know what kind of damage your unit could come across! I believe in using protection! WRAP IT UP WITH A SEIDIO INNOCASE 360 PLEASE!

whenever i drive, i leave my blackberry on my lap, and one time as i got out of the car, i dropped it and left the worst scratches on its scarred for life...i have a curve 8320

oh where oh where do i begin, within the last year
Blackberry #1 Lost in the rain and after 20 minutes of calling and looking i actualy found it ringing under water in a puddle. she died shortly after =\ r.i.p. pearl
#2 while having a bad day at work i recieve a phone call from one of my employees that they had managed to screw up their lunch schedule(wtf lunch!!!) i promptly send my berry flying from the window of the moving machine i was in straight into a puddle, the guy next to me actually said he seen my eyes glaze over as i launched my device. i went back for her but she was D.O.A. sorry pearl #2
#3 While operating a front end loader i was climbing up and down the machine doing other thing after about 5 times up and down i noticed my berry was gone, after a short 5 person man hunt i spotted curvey laying on her back with a shattered screen, still operational but no screen to see what she was saying to me =\ i layed her down to rest R.I.P. curvy
Well i went one phone over my max 2 a year claim with alltel and i was booted from insurance i bought a bb storm and switched it to from vzw to alltel and have a very tight case for it that sticks to me well.

My hubby is a truck driver and he needs the 360 protection! So I am wanting to win one for him! I have a BBStorm and I am a gentle user.. but he is a BBCurve 8330 and NEEDS a Seidio!!

I've been eyeing this for a while now but the price and the fact that the rose pink for the bold is back ordered on their site, is stopping me from buying it..

so hopefully i win!!

My Blackberry Storm goes everywhere with me including a paint factory at a major manufacturer. Tried an invisa shield but decided to leave my Stormin the office more often than not because I was afraid it would get damaged. Using an Otterbox right now and it works well but was able to damage the screen within days (and it only comes in black and the holster is a little bulky). Would love to dress up my Storm with a new Innocase 360 and give it a field test to see how it would hold up!

I always keep my blackerry 8320 inside the holster, it's the best i've found to protect it so far because i idon't really like those silicon skins. I want to protect my screen at all costs!
Of course, the blackberry holster is not really all that comfortable... but i'm willing to keep using it to ensure my BB's safety!
An innocase would be a lot better though :D

My blackberry storm had been the victim of a tragic fall during a really good night at the bar... well it was a good night till the fall killed my blackberry. what happened was i was showing my buddy a picture on my phone when it suddenly fall out of my drunken disabled hands. the drop ended with the phone landing on the edge of a stone fireplace. the fatal blow dented the bezel and turned off the phone forever. now that i have been given a replacement storm, i would love a case to keep it from becoming a victim of future fireplaces and other objects and events that could turn my wonderful phone into a worthless paperweight. oh and my favorite case is Seidio's Innocase 360 in black, id love to have one