Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



As a Health Inspector, I am constantly smashing my BB Storm up against kitchen equipment!!! I would love to have one of these cases to protect and preserve my Storm! (Black would be awesome!)

I have a blackberry curve 8330. I love my seidio case, but think that this case would be an improvement. Thanks for offering, once again, such great prizes.

I bought my Bold on release date from Rogers on Aug 2008 immediately before heading on our trip to the UK and Spain. Unfortunately, I only had the OEM holster which DOES NOT provide any protection for it. So I babied that thing everywhere we went, yet still utilizing it to the full by checking messages, BBM, and taking pictures and videos along the way. We finally made it to Spain and I continued to use my Bold wherever we went. We worked our way down to Valencia where we finally met up with my wife's extended family. They took us to many places, one of which was in in a mountain town for the local "Encierro" or "Running of the Bulls". Of course, I had my Bold out there filming short clips of the bulls, and even ran into the street taunting them as I filmed. While I was looking the wrong way, a bull came running from behind and scared my father in-law, John, who bodychecked me towards the gate. This, of course, sent my beloved Bold soaring through the air and skidding across the cobble stone road in the path of the oncoming bull. I shreiked and ran after my Bold, losing a sandle along the way, and rescued it off the ground before the Bull could get me.

The damage: Scratched screen, damaged bezel and hurt pride.

The lesson: Had I a Black Seidio Innocase 360 on my Bold, I would not have had to risk life and limb to protect it, I could have just let the Innocase 360 do its job.

this would be great for my storm -- i work in a bakery and it is a very tough environment. i would really like to have a little extra protection for my blackberry.

ive dropped this thing in snow, water, covered in drywall/plaster dust, paint, ac just doesnt end.
its almost to the point i want to shrink wrap my phone in something lol

help me keep my baby safe



The worst thing that ever happened to my Blackberry Bold was when I dropped it on a tile floor. Luckily, I had a skin case on it and nothing happened to it, but I live in fear that something will happen to the screen because the skin case provides no screen protection.

>>How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"?

Oh my, considering the painful demise I would suffer at the hands of my boss (who bought it), if I ever allow so much as a nick or teeny tiny scratch to mar the surface, I can't tell you the peace of mind I would enjoy at having an Innocase 360.

I might even be able to sleep at night.

Last year one of my daughters freinds who was 4 went under in the pool and could not get back up. I was standing beside the pool with my blackberry in my hand. Without even knowing it until after pulling her out did i realiaze I had my bb still in my hand. It lasted about a week and starting having issues. I would do it again in a minute bb or no bb..I now have a new storm that I just got this week and luck would have it the same girl was over swimming friday. The storm stayed in the house this time...and she swam great!

I have only one daughter whom I love with all my heart but I know have a second child and I also love her with all my heart. One day I dropped her near by bedroom door. I picked up my bold and kissed it a hundred times. From then when anybody wants to look at I say "You can look at it but don't put one finger on it, that's my second child," and i get looked at like i have 3 heads. That's how far i go to protect my Bold, my 2nd child.

i have a blackberry curve 8330 thru verizon and i have had it for a year. about two months after i bought it i went for a bike ride and put the curve in my sack underneath my seat. when i returned home i found the screen cracked. u cant feel the crack on the outside. its as if the crack is in the interior of the face itself. i still use it, until the tour comes out, hopefully soon. thanks

Not first (so annoying those posts), and I know I won't be the last. But, like others you can't beat FREE. I would like a case for my 8330 and soon for my Tour!

I had my Storm for only a week when my clutsiness got the best of me. I had a looser car clip for it situation on my dash to the left of the steering wheel. I was driving about 75 mph on the Expressway in Boston, MA, when disaster struck. I had my windows down and my stereo cracking and didn't notice a giant pothole approaching. Bang! My car shook and my Storm flew out the window. I pulled over right away in a near by carpool lane turnoff, and in a move that might have been dumber than leaving my BlackBerry next to an open car window, I proceeded to pull my phone from off the yellow line. Luckily, all damage was superficial, but I could really use a case to cover up the scuffs and protect my Storm from my future bonehead moves.

Yea I want a BB Storm case in burgandy. Well one of the craziest things happend to my BB. I went to the park witha couple of friends to play baseball like we used to back in the day. I had my BB in my pocket, so I think you know where this is going. I was pitch and the hitter hit the ball really hard. It hit me right where my BB was.My BB's screen was broken. Yea so I don't want something like that to happen again so can I get it.

I purchased the Blackberry Curve 8900 about a month ago and haven't looked back! I would love to have this case to protect my investment.

Much thanks!

I cant seem to keep my storm off the ground and in my hands like its meant to be. I continue to fumble it around all day. I think I need one of these cases.

The worst thing that ever happened to my BlackBerry Storm involved alcohol and gravel. I let my intoxicated friend borrow my phone to call her boyfriend as we were walking home from a party. Next thing I knew, she dropped my phone as we were crossing a gravel driveway while I watched it skip about five feet across the ground. Fortunately it survived, but with many gouges all over the surface. The next week I got a second a BlackBerry Skin Case (the first rip) but have been trying to decide on a better alternative ever since. Bulkiness and protection are important factors, however, and the search has yet to come to a conclusion! :(

Im lost without my phone, its always with me. I am a volunteer firefighter in western pennsylvania. Running to a call you usually forget to take your phone out of your pocket when donning on your gear. Basically anytime I am enroute to a structure fire I put my storm into a fire resistant glove and place the glove inside my coat to keep it from melting under the heat. I never let my berry out of my sight.

Alright!! I have been checking this one out now for a couple of days now. These look very sharp and with the keyboard protection that is a bonus! I definetly want one of these little numbers for my BOLD 9000 preferably in a sapphire blue! Thanks Crackberry!!


A lot of "worst things" have happened to my BBs over the years but the very worst was my own fault aggravated by a overly bold customer. Im a sale rep in a VZW corporate store and have this dangerous habit of leaving my Storm on the counter in front of my pos. I came back to my station one day and didn't notice right away that it wasn't there. After I finished helping my customer, I was looking for it to take out back on break with me. Gone! As the panic began to rise, a co-worker pointed out a customer sitting on a bench off to the side with a Storm in a case like mine. I walked up to him and asked if that was his. He answered "Uh, yeah"...I responded "Really? and where did you get a case like that?" He said he found the case at Walmart. Odd since I got mine through the company and customized it uniquely. He started to look a little nervous when I asked to look at that cool theme (that I downloaded from Crackberry) and asked why he had a picture of MY dog as the wallpaper. He dropped it and took off running. I picked up my Storm, wiped it off and went on break. No harm done to my BB and we won't see that kid in our store again...I hope. I also keep my Storm UNDER my terminal out of sight of customers now...unless, of course, I'm selling one :D

If I had one I wouldn't run the risk of my curve getting" drop it like its hot" here in Dallas. 98 degrees

My Blackberry Storm is my brains! I use it for work and life. I got a Seidio case for it because I am a klutz and wanted the phone to survive my butterfingers. I was 30 feet up a tree pruning it with a chainsaw when a bird landed next to me. I took out my Storm (in its Seidio case) to photograph it, and lost my grip (on the phone, not the chainsaw). The phone smacked into a lot of branches on the way down, and crashed on the hard dirt at the base of the tree. The phone survived without damage! However, when I took the case off to wash it, my dog snatched it and chewed it up, a tragic ending for a heroic protector. I need a new case so I can continue using my phone with abandon.

My Blackberry Storm is my brains! I use it for work and life. I got a Seidio case for it because I am a klutz and wanted the phone to survive my butterfingers. I was 30 feet up a tree pruning it with a chainsaw when a bird landed next to me. I took out my Storm (in its Seidio case) to photograph it, and lost my grip (on the phone, not the chainsaw). The phone smacked into a lot of branches on the way down, and crashed on the hard dirt at the base of the tree. The phone survived without damage! However, when I took the case off to wash it, my dog snatched it and chewed it up, a tragic ending for a heroic protector. I need a new case so I can continue using my phone with abandon.

My Blackberry Bold has been through more than it's fair share of bumps and bruises, which has resulted in it looking a little worse for wear... a Seidio Innocase 360 would cover up that wear, and protect it in future too!

I was all over the 8350i when Nextel released the next generation of getting things done. I run a family dairy with my dad and we both are crazy about our BB's!!!! When I got my 8350i in December it was all about protection. Well needless to say that without the 360 for all around protection my pride and joy I've had a few close calls. Thankfully cow manure is thicker than water and in turn it doesn't find it's way to the circuit board before I can get it cleaned up! I've had scares when jumping out of equipment as well, I remember watching my 1 month old 8350i sail about 5 feet away from me and land on concrete! The battery door went one way and the phone another way! But through it all the phone is still ticking, I just don't know how many more spills it can take and thats why I NEED an Innocase 360 for my BB!!!!!

About a month ago I was at relatives house and it just so happened they were having their septik tank emptied. My cousin had requested to borrow my blackberry 8820 in order to call his girlfriend. Before I knew it his little brother ran up behind him and pushed him resulting in my poor cousin to trip and fall into the in ground tank. Not to mention my phone....

After a visit to the emergency room and a few shots everything was fine except for his ego and my phone. But till this day we laugh and I thank him because the fiasco resulted in me getting a new Curve 8900. Cant do better then UMA.... :)

The absolute perfect addition to my new Curve 8900. I was sitting and looking at these on the CrackBerry store last night and was a second away from ordering one, when the wife came home.

I've yet to find the perfect case to protect my beloved BB Bold, but I have found a great supplier of bezels! My Bold seems to find its way to the floor on a regular basis, putting nicks and scratches all over the bezel. After trying 2 different cases that I did NOT like, I've replaced my bezel and keep a spare at the house. Hook me up Seidio, at this rate a cracked LCD is in my future without proper protection!

Maybe the worst drop was when I was driving home from work at night. I'd read a text at a stop light and put it down between my legs when the light turned green (I don't phone/text and drive!). Pulled into my garage and completely forgot about my Pearl. I opened the door and jumped out as anyone happy to be home would and sent my Pearl flying to the concrete. Sounded like a pretty solid thud. Only visible damage was some scratches on the sides. My 2 month old Storm still looks like new. Would love to keep it that way!

My phone(s) yes three bold's have gone through everything you can think of. The drops you fumble five to six times to save from it falling off your lap and onto the charred up asphalt. To batting it away from falling out of your shirt pocket into the toilet. But the most abuse i put on my phone is throwing it onto my desk while walking in for a hard day and to bury the pretty device in spiral bound reports that scratch the innocent device. Then to put the phone in a cup holder full of dirty change from a unknown coffee shop which then inflicts more pain to this beautiful RIM invention. I bought an OtterBox and boy did i hate the way my phone now look like some kind of nexttel concrete pumping 2way construction device. Not to mention how it messed up speaker phone , i will leave it at that if you know what i am talking about. In other words and elegant case such as the 360 looks slim enough, while still protective enough that you do not want to simply remove it the next day and leave it in your desk draw.

" if they can only have wrapped the whole device in leather."

A BOLD new experience for my BOLD 'phone!!! (Sorry!)
Pretty sure this isn't covered by warranty! My Bold was 4 months old; my puppy is 5 months old. Been playing with 'Rommel' with rubber chew toys. When he saw my 'phone on the coffee table, wrapped in a silicon skin, he simply thought it was another of his toys! (Hmmm, chewy on the outside, crunchy in the middle!!!) There he is, all smiles & wagging his tail, with what's left of my Bold. Don't even wanna think of where some of the keys went!!!

...aaanyway, it's replacement is working fine, thanks to backup files. Rommel now knows electronic 'bones' are OFF LIMITS, the world is fine again. Don't know if your case can protect against THAT, but I'm sure it will handle just about everything ELSE!!!

i have a blackberry bold. i do on occasions drop it. i had a blackberry curve before i upgraded to my bold, which i love. about a week before i was eligible to upgrade i dropped my curve it the bathroom sink, luckily there was no water in it, however it did crack the screen. i am always afraid of do that to my blackberry bold as well.

Really want to win a case for my new 8900 Curve. Took really good care of my old 8310 Curve, only dropped it once, but don't want to nick up the new phone that REALLY ROCKS !!

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH BOY! I would love to have one of these great cases... my Storm (9530) phone is taking a beating! A black case would be great!

I just upgraded to the new Curve 8900 and I'm so EXCITED! I'm counting down the days until my baby arrives in the mail...until then I'm shopping for accessories!!!

I need this case for my blackberry bold! I just recently cracked my "back" button on it when my backpack slid on it on it cracked tt :(

i'd love to win this for my storm, i would take the red on to go with my blackberry pro v3 theme..thanks to nate!

I "lost" my Blackberry 8350i and could not find it! I tried calling the Blackberry, but I realized that I had turned the ringer off during a meeting a work. I searched through my purse, I searched through my work bag, I searched through my home, I searched my vehicle. I drove back to the office to determine if I had left it there. BUT, no Blackberry!!! Then, during a very frustrated speedy drive home, I slammed on the breaks and swerved to avoid a collision. AND... my blackberry slid from under the vehicle seat! SO, now I always be sure to turn the ringer on when I get in the vehicle... I also place the Blackberry in a compartment on the vehicle's dashboard. Never again can I be without my Blackberry!

I have a blackberry curve 8330 i have had it about a year now and its been through alot i have had several leather holsters with clips but just dont protect my phone enough i am a college student who lives off of my phone for school and for fun and work. The worst my phone has experienced is being dropped from a 2nd story apartment down the stairs it bounced down about 4 or 5 steps then fell through the crack of the steps and plummeted to the ground and partially hit the pavement and the freshly laid mulch. I was very fortunate and this is why i need such a durable and nice case. If by chance i win i would really enjoy a black case

My wife keeps messing her Pearl 8130 up, since she doesn't always use the case it came with in the box.

Sure would be nice for her to have this one! Well, and me too ;)

i have a curve 8350i i love my blackberry i purchased a hard case to protect it the first day i put it on try 2 get it off & it breaks so i crazy glue it pop it back on my phone good thing i drop my blackberry all the time i have butter fingers if it wasn't for the case the blackberry would be history!my case is about done it would be nice to win one thanks in advance.

I had washed my car and after I had dried it I left the phone on the top of my car, being stupid I suppose. I drove off shortly after and began looking for my Storm. It had slid off the roof of my car into the road. I was amazed that no one had run it over! It has a few battle scars, but it's still alive thankfully!

One Friday night after work, I was running a little late for my Metro-North train. I decided I was not going to miss it and be stuck in Westchester for another hour, so I started a slow jog. I reached the platform entrance just as the train pulled up to it. As i sped up to reach the open train doors, my Blackberry Pearl 8120 (which I had been babying since I first received it)fell out of an open side pocket of my messenger bag. It landed on the platform where it then managed to connect with my foot. This sent my (in perfect condition) Pearl sailing on the train tracks! (Would you believe my luck?)I had no choice to board the train, but a very nice conductor and a fellow passenger were very helpful to me. The former gave me the number to the MTA's lost and found, the latter loaned me the use of his cell phone so that I could file a claim. I worried about my Pearl for three days.
The following Monday I went on a hunt and spotted my Pearl thanks to the zebra print hard case it was wearing. I flagged down the MTA police and watched as two kind officers retrieved my phone from under the train's platform,where it had landed during the melee and had spent the whole weekend exposed to the elements. The hard case it was wearing had popped of during the incident therefore provided no protection at all in my Pearl's most crucial time of need. All in all I was lucky, and grateful, to get my phone back--no matter the condition.
I have upgrade to a Curve 8900 since then, and I anxiously await its arrival in the mail. I fully intend to pamper this one and only keep it in zippered pockets from now on!!!

Hello everyone, I got the Seidio normal Innocase for a BB Bold 9000, Im very happy to have this product as my phone remains new, the only thing is i get my screen full of fingerprints all the time. I hope the new Innocase doesnt have this problem.

I can't stand the case with belt clip attached to my belt. I need a better alternative that provides protection in my pocket.

Had a pearl, until I left it in a pocket and put those shorts in the washer. I remembered less then 5 minutes later, but the water had been pouring right on my BB. After taking it appart and waiting a few days, it almost worked, except for the speaker. So now, I have a 8900, which I love anyways.

Im thinking about getting this case. Way more durable than the one that came with the phone. Thanks for posting this

Im thinking about getting this case. Way more durable than the one that came with the phone. Thanks for posting this
Go Storms!

The girls at the bars tell me that my curve 8330 needs to wear protection. Could I get a Seidio Innocase 360? Thanks.

I have a Curve 8900 and a 15 month old daughter who loves to steal it from me. This case would be perfect for me!

I have a Curve 8330, which is my second one. My first one was broken by my six year old son who thought my Blackberry was appropriate to toss up in the air and play catch with his baseball glove when I was not paying attentioin. A Seidio would keep my Curve protected and not to mention I pay very close attention everytime my son picks up my phone now!


The first storm dropped in the toilet. I spent days trying the rice trick and the blow dryer but to no avail. The next storm i had the camera wouldn't work no matter if i put a new OS on it or not. The 3rd one's right side LED's randomly died. I dropped the fourth one and broke the screen and the end key popped off. So now i'm on the 5th storm and i hope i win a case so that it can counteract my bad luck LOL.

Both my wife and I have the Curve 8330. I have never dropped, banged, or abused my BB in anyway. My wife on the other hand is always droping hers. She been luck so far, no damage, but needs the Innocase 360! so I'm trying to win this for her.

i take my 8900 drinking and partying all the time. it gets wet and nasty. I've only temporary ruined them from wetness of various means... once they dry out they come back to life! i would love a innocase 360 for my 8900, then maybe it would not hate me so much for being mean to it.

I would love to wina case for my 8900 T-Mobile! I have 2 smaill kids (3 nd 6 months) and they love to pick up the phone and play with it, drool on it, or throw it...........I really NEED one of these case, and would love to win one! Please consider me for this contest, and I would GREATLY appreciate it.

Thank you

Well, I actually have no story of a destroyed Blackberry phone since I'm a new Blackberry user. I am the proud owner of a brand spankin' new Blackberry Curve, the 8900 variety :) Love it, love it, love it! I mean, I really love it just in case you didn't figure out I love it.

Not that I don't have a cell phone horror story. I laundered a razr. Truly. I washed it. And of course, if you wash your phone, well then, logically, you must dry it also. Not that I knew I was doing any of that until I pulled the clothes out of the dryer and out falls the cell phone in pieces.

Logically, I don't want to have a bad experience with a mangled Blackberry, after all, as I've said before, I love it! I was hurt but amused when I laundered the razr and it did make a good story. But if I did that to my BB Curve, yikes, I'd be way more than hurt, I'd be devastated. The best way to keep it safe is to protect it now and the Innocase 360 by Seido sounds just like what I need to protect my investment.

I have a BB bold and I would love to have one of these cases. I have loved the look of it since I first saw it reviewd here.

I want one! I want one! I want one!

Been looking at this case for a while. Would really like to win a black one for my blackberry bold.

Certainly appreciate the company for their donation of these fantastic cases.

I'm a firefighter and absolutely love my blackberry!! It's Extremely important that i protect my blackberry however i can and this looks to be an excellent way!!

Need something that offers more protection than the soft sleve type case I am currently using.

Nearly had a heart attack after the last drop...luckily, I was in a hospital at the time!!!

Will the Seidio Inno 360 offer the protection I need?

Worst thing that happened to my blackberry storm (since being a new customer) is one night my daughter TOUCHED IT ... Since then i bought a silicone case.

Man, I really could use one of these. My Verizon silicone cover for my Storm is stretched out like an old pair of underwear!

Late 4 for work (as usual) . Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and I start going the stairs and guess what Blackberry Storm falls out of it's case and ...FALLS DOWN 1 FLIGHT OF CONCRETE STAIRS!!!! I curse as i watch my Storm fall apart in three pieces thanking the gods i have insurance.

I pickup the pieces and wonder how I will get though the day without her my suprise after a bootup that took forever it still works ..scarred,dented but working

Recently i was working for a real estate broker for a little more than a year.. due to the bad economy, my boss was running low on money and i had to quit my job to find something else. The day i let my boss know that i was leaving he freaked out and ripped my blackberry storm out of my hands and start slamming its screen against the corner of his desk over and over again. After that i got so mad at him and tried to take the destroyed phone back from him so that i could try to keep the battery and sd card. he sprinted out of the office.. eventually as i followed him out to the parking lot i couldnt believe my eyes. my phone was on the ground underneath the front tire of his 2009 toyota tundra. i tried to wedge it out but i couldnt. at this point i was so angry i just left. A week later, my exboss is released from the mental hospital and calls me to apologize. please let me win a black seido innocase 360 for my storm.. ive got pics to prove it.

When I got my bold back in Nov of last year, it was a replacement for my Curve that I had at work. The company decided *I* wasn't one of the individuals that should have one of the company owned blackberries. As the BES admin, I was a bit Po'd about the whole situation. So, I made a deal to get a Bold, I'd pay for the phone, company pay for the plan.

I had the phone no less than 5 days... and while heading out to my car, the RIM supplied leather case.. broke. The clip just snapped, and in the process, my wonderful new, shiny toy... fell into a puddle. Luckily AT&T were understanding, and replaced the device. I bought a cheap knockoff skin for it, from Ebay. It fell apart within a few months.

In Feb... we had a fire at one of our office buildings, and while the building was filling up with smoke.. I was rescuing my Bold. Lesson learned? rescuing a Blackberry from a burning building will cost you a full day in the hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

Final story: While taking a trip to Denver last month, I had to clear thru a TSA checkpoint. They seemed REALLY concerned about my Blackberry. The 'agent' dropped my phone not once.. not twice.. but 3 times while 'investigating' it. Seems my yelling at him for mishandling my phone got me into some trouble, and I missed my flight because I was 'detained for suspicious activity'.

Am I protective of my Bold? Yes. At my wife's notice of this contest (she has a pearl), she recommended I actually try to win a case.. so I'll be less apt to yell at the next TSA agent that drops my phone. *lol*

So, you can guess what I'm entering for.. a Bold skin, please.


Can't say I have had any close calls with my phone, but hell, could always use the extra protection ;) hahah

Really need this! In all seriousness! Good luck all!

Storm user here :)

This case would almost make me want to drop my Bold just to see how great it is. (Almost.)

They look incredible, like you're dressing up your Blackberry as Iron Man.

I'm on the third case for my Storm. I also use a Golla pouch that I had to take to a seamstress to make larger for the current case, because I loved it, and I fear holsters (my job is just too physical and I don't want to be bumping it). The 1st case was silicone. Felt ok, but was a lint magnet. The next case was a clear plastic case, but it didn't feel sturdy enough and I wanted something with a better grip. My third (and current) case is made of scuba material. It feels good, protects well, and isn't linty like the silicone. That said, the edges look cheesy, and it has no protection for the buttons.

I've never commented for a contest, no matter how tempting, until now, and I read about all of them (gotta love Viigo!). Why now? The Innocase 360 has me intrigued and a bit excited. It covers the Storms' buttons! It also appears to cover the screen gap, which would be so outstanding!!! The seems on the case itself appear to be much cleaner than the one I'm using now, and I like that it has a rubberized feel. PLUS it comes in more than just black (I do love black, but it's nice to change), which is the only option that I have with this scuba case.

I'm pretty darn careful with my Berry, but I do have moments, like at the end of a long day, when I remove my belt and forget to grab my device 1st. I HATE that! So far, so good. The case, plus pouch, has worked *knock on wood.* However, I'd love to do the same thing, but with some style!!!

I have recently became a blackberry user. I traded my iPhone for a Blackberry BOLD and I will never ever go back. I love my new phone. Why did I ever go to the iphone? I do not know. Now my friends say i need to be converted from Star Trek to Star Wars.... that will be a hard sell.

Blackberry Forever!!

Make it Seven!!

I just got my blackberry storm about a month ago and your having one I don't think I could live without one. I could of waited three for months to buy it but my phone wasn't gonna make it and I had to have the storm. So I went to verizon..bought the phone and I spend $35 on some case that was supposed to protect it. Well it didnt do a very good job. I walked out of the store and into another store and dropped it. Ok it made it. Well about a week ago (after the verison trial period) i dropped it again and messed up the covers and the case cracked. Spend $35 dollars on that case. The case described sounds pretty awesome becuase I like to wear it at work and it gets pretty banged up on the corner of desks. With the $70 replacement charge they will charge you I will go pretty far to protect my blackberry.

I have to make this 8330 last, ive had a innocase on it since birth! could really use a complete coverage case to make this bad boy last until the Tour comes for Sprint! I got my fingers crossed, if i dont win congrats to those who do!

To hell with all the rest Blackberry for life,

As a Storm newbie (8130-8830-8330-9530) I REALLY have to protect my investment. I've gone through more cases, clips, skins, etc. on all 4 BlackBerrys that I lost count. I really, really deserve a nice Seidio Innocase to keep my Storm beautiful and scratch-free.

I would love to win one of these for my 8330...I dropped it twice last week and now it's got some bad nicks on the face :(

My Storm would love to be wrapped in total protection bliss. Please let me win.......If not for it for my Blackberry.

My BlackBerry Curve 8330 as been put through the ringer. I have dropped it on concrete, tile, carpet and wood. My BlackBerry has scratches, chips and buttons knocked out. I have been saving for a new one and would love to purchase it will the right protection. I don't want the new BlackBerry to end up like my current one.

I will purchase a new BlackBerry Curve 8330 so I can easily transfer all my items and not lose anything. Without my BlackBerry, I would be lost. The fact that I can find anything online without delay has saved me multiple time while I am away from my computer. I also love the organization it brings to my calendar and daily events. I wouldn't want any other phone again!

Michael Crawford

P.S. If I win, I would love a black case. Thanks!

first post on this forum, maybe ill get lucky and win a bad ass case for my storm!! :) *fingers crossed*

Well, I guard my BlackBerry Storm 9530 like a fat man loves cake. Ha. On occasion I have the tendency to go overboard on my lil' adventures. And my phone is just along for the ride.
One night I came home uber smashed and passed out. The next day my mom came and paid an unexpected visit. I woke up to here laughing. She told me that my Storm was completely submerged in the kitchen sink.
I immediately jumped up and ran over to my lifeline. Needless, to say the phone was still working. I had to dry it for 2 days. I still have my BlackBerry and it works just like new or even better. But, I learned from that night not to abandon my phone and take care of my stuff.

i would really like to win that case!!

just wanted to say thanks for the chance..where i live access to accessories are hard so i end up paying 2 dollars to 1US dollar..just had to replace lcd & digitizer ..cracked screen from CNN now awaiting delivery driving me mad ..saw the case advertised went to seidio online but there shipping for me is 26US ..hence my problem ..have searching internet sites trying to get case with cheaper shipping if i win one it would make this caribbean girl EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY..

luv the site..

forgot to mention trying to get dust from under screen caused learnt lesson hard way ..also did purchase otterbox case but too bulky for girl and dust still got in at sides...

I have had my Curve 8900 for nearly 3mths now and LOVE IT!!! Everyone should have a BB!! I would LOVE to also own one of these cases to keep my Curve 8900 nice and safe!!

I recently renewed my wireless plan and I upgraded my phone to a Blackberry Curve 8330. So far I love it and it would be perfect if I got one of these cases because I have just been looking for a case so I can keep my phone in good condition. This case is exactly what I have been looking for.

I try to protect my curves, please help me protect my curve 8900!! Then I will be totally curvy!!


My girlfriends and I were out having some drinks awhile back. Just a girls night out thing. Well these good looking guys came up and bought us our drinks. They were so good looking, and I was so nervous, that I dropped my phone THREE times while they chatted with us! I've been married for 6 years & have had 3 kids, and haven't had some random hot guy talk to me in a long time!!! LOL Apparently I'm out of practice haha! Either that or I had one too many drinks.

My husband just thinks I'm a clumsy mess, and drop my phone all the time.

I'd love to win a BLACK cover for the next time a hot guy buys me a drink (husband included!) for my 8900. Thanks & Innocase 360!


I have had several protective cases for my blackberry storm 9530 and none have held up. The innocase 360 looks like it would stand up to the challange.It looks like you have a winner here.
I went to great lengths to protect my Blackberry without good results. I purchased the bulky otter box, which has been touted as the best protection for the money. Well, that is not the case, it is not only bulky but also heavy and my Blackberry still broke after dropping it. I am looking for style and protection. Can Innocase be what i need?
Jeff Grace

I use a side belt holster; one day while running to my car to go to the fire station for a fire call my phone jumped out of the holster on to the side walk and scratched the corner up. Now I have to be more mindful of making sure the snap is tight.

Look no further...your winner is here. We have two BB Storms @ our house, and we would love to have a case to try....we'll buy the second on our own.

Thanks CB!

Must protect my precious!!!!! Please show some luv and send one my way!!! I gotta be lucky in one of these comps soon!!

whhhhooooo hoooooo FREE CASE LOL...

ok lets see worst thing...hmm...ohh ok one time while i had the Pearl i was at work(McDonald's) and had to text my girlfriend so i had to run to the bathroom to use it so i (a Guy) was peeing while text-ing and SLIP down goes the Pearl....Hey i had to get it back so well the rest is......NAWSTY... now i have the Storm which UI makes me wanna do to it, what happened to my pearl...... but on purpose

Friend was checking out the wifes Storm and dropped it into his BloodyMerry . Don't know if the case would have helped since the phone was naked when it went for a dip.

sweet i would really like a black one. I have has a couple of the body glove cases. would like to try something not as bulky as those.

The worst thing that has happened to my Storm, is when I cracked the screen a month ago...and its still cracked. Cracked from the GlassScreen to the Digitizer, and right down to the LCD:(
It happened when I was trying to pry the screen open to clean the dust. I put a tiny crack in it"aw!Man!NO!" but then I was like "okay calm down its just a tiny crack in the corner, nothin to get upset about"(but ofcourse it was!). Anyway, I stopped trying to open it and began to try and use the phone for some normal task, but the screen wouldnt respond, so I started tapping it...and tAPping it...and TAPPING it...AND TAPPING IT SOME MORE TILL SNAP,CRACKLE,POP! I cracked the freakin thing all the way thru.
Now I can only answer incoming calls and call the last person who called me by pressing the Call button(thanks BlackBerry)...*see if a cracked, nonresponsive iPhone can do that, ha!
I've ordered a replacement unit, just anxiously waiting for it...
I usually rock my Storm nude, but I would like to have a Seidio Innocase 360 to protect my Storm(even from me).
I'd buy one too....but whats wrong with winning one??

Knock on wood, the worst thing I have done to my BB Storm is misplace it and I found it 30 LONG minutes later.
I would love to win a black case for my 9530 BB Storm.
Thanks... James

Sniff sniff, hours after I posted my comments, my Seidio Innocase broke at the top right corner. Sniff sniff. As a matter of fact it developed a crack a few months ago but I was still a able to use it. But now it's, it's gone. waaaa. My BB Bold feels so exposed. Sniff Sniff. But alas, I know that some good Crackberry person, namely Kevin will see my BB's exposed condition and cover it up soon with a new Innocase 360.
P.S this is a true story.

I just bought the 8900 a few days ago & last night I somehow managed to drop it into the toilet. I've been using my old curve since than in fear of knowing what damage I did to it.

With my 4 kids, my Blackberry Pearl is constantly in use. My boy likes playing brickbreaker, my girls like to pose for the camera, my 20 month old just likes walking around the house with it, pretending she is talking to someone. So needless to say, it takes its fair share of abuse. Would love a case like this to prevent serious damage. Good luck to me!

A few months ago I had the Innocase Surface on my Curve 8330. I dropped it on the carpeted floor and it cracked. I have wanted to try another one because I did enjoy it but feared that another Seidio case might do the same.

Thanks for the contest.
revtup -Blackberry Curve 8330

I once had a patient, lets just say he shared his dinner a 2nd time all over me, it was like a fire hose with no off switch!!! It went all over me and my 1 month old 8330 Curve. Thank God for phone insurance, and lets just say I told them it was water damage. I have now tryed everything to protect the replacement, even had a friend try shrink wrapping it!!! (which didnt work). I love Seidio products and a new black Innocase 360 would save a phones life while I'm trying to save my own......
Wayne J Clark
Virginia Beach VA

Hey! Please pick me!! I love my blackberry and need to protect it (the case would hide the exsisting scratches :-( ... )I have a Blackberry Curve 8330.

Thanks for the Drawing! Its always fun to see these.

I love my blackberry bold more than pretty much everything i own. I would do any to keep it safe. For instance, if for some reason soomeone were to shoot my phone, i would jump infront of it to keep it from getting it destroyed. I WOULD TAKE A BULLET FOR MY BLACKBERRY BOLD. This is why i think i deserve Seidio's Innocase 360 for my blackberry to help me keep an important part of my life safe. I would like a black one to mantain the amazing design that Sedios's case can only improve. I hope i win this.

Another cool contest. While I'm generally careful with my 8900, it gets handled my other people (i.e., my kids) sometimes and I get a little nervous. Blue or black would be great if I get a choice! Thanks.

My 1st cellphone was a SAMSUNG and my co-workers called me "DA RINGTONE KING" cause i had a ringtone for every contact.Then i upgraded to a MOTOROLAic502 cause im a die-hard PUSH-TO-TALK user.Then,i UPGRADED to a MOTOROLA i930. But,it wasnt till i UPGRADED to my BLACKBERRY 8350i that the heads really began to turn.Everyone says i hav a PC on my hip.Its currently wrapped in a BODYGLOVE SNAP-ON with a INVISI-SHIELD SCREEN PROTECTOR NOT ONLY COVERING THE 8350i SCREEN,I HAV ONE ON THE BODYGLOVE SNAP-ON CASE SCREEN,TOO!So i guess u could say "THE PROTECTOR IS ALSO PROTECTED.But id luv to hav a BLACK INNOCASE 360 as ADDED INSURANCE!
One day,@ work,i thought i had secured my 8350i in its BLACKBERRY SWIVEL holster.But,it fell out as i was climbing in the company vehicle in-route to a staff meeting and was ran over by the truck!!!!..When i noticed it was gone,i called the guys back @ the office and told them to look outside for my phone.They immediatly reported back that they found it where the weight of the truck had pushed it into the ground.i didnt hav a case @ the time,jus a INVISI-SHIELD.They were scared to examine it cause they knew it was exspensive and didnt want me to blame them if it was broke.I instucted the driver to turn us around which would make us late for the meeting,but i didnt BLACKBERRY was PRIORITY!When i arrived on the scene,everyone was standing around the table,staring @ my BLACKBERRY,trying to VISUALLY determine its status.I moved to the front of the crowd and gently picked up my baby.As i cleared the sand from the screen and trackball area,the BRIGHT GREEN STATUS LIGHT was a CLEAR INDICATION IT WAS STILL ALIVE to EVERYONE'S AMAZMENT.Then i tried to place a call and ONCE AGAIN EVERYONE WAS IN AWE,INCLUDING ME,THAT IT STILL WORKED!I think this INNOCASE would FURTHER INCREASE THE SECURITY OF MY BLACKBERRY....And oh,since WITNESSING THAT ATTROCITY,4 of my co-workers NOW OWN A BLACKBERRY.And when they ask which sites to go to to CUSTOMIZE their BLACKBERRY,the 1st word out my mouth is.....CRACKBERRY!!!!!!!!

I would love the opportunity to try out a Seidio Innocase 360 Case for my new Curve 8900.

I think it will be a great asset in helping protect my investment.

My Body Glove case for my 8330, though a very good snap-on design, doesn't keep out dirt from the screen and the keyboard is unprotected, leaving it vulnerable and ultimately forcing me to dry the phone anytime it rains and soaks my pockets. Would loveee an upgrade! Black would be sweet, but I'm not picky

My Body Glove case for my 8330, though a very good snap-on design, doesn't keep out dirt from the screen and the keyboard is unprotected, leaving it vulnerable and ultimately forcing me to dry the phone anytime it rains and soaks my pockets. Would loveee an upgrade! Black would be sweet, but I'm not picky

My Body Glove case for my 8330, though a very good snap-on design, doesn't keep out dirt from the screen and the keyboard is unprotected, leaving it vulnerable and ultimately forcing me to dry the phone anytime it rains and soaks my pockets. Would loveee an upgrade! Black would be sweet, but I'm not picky

My Body Glove case for my 8330, though a very good snap-on design, doesn't keep out dirt from the screen and the keyboard is unprotected, leaving it vulnerable and ultimately forcing me to dry the phone anytime it rains and soaks my pockets. Would loveee an upgrade! Black would be sweet, but I'm not picky

Maybe we have gone to far to protect our "crackberrys" at this house. We, my wife and I have been walking around with 1/2 sheathed Curves for the past several months. Our Seidio cases do NOT last, or hold up. Corners crack from a poor fit and eventually you end up with a nicely protected battery cover. Maybe it will go for big bucks on ebay someday.

Maybe the 9630 cases will fit better?