Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



I have owned several BB models, and along with the rest of us vzw customers, was anxiously waiting for Verizon to get the curve. I bought one the day they came out. Since then I have never been without my BB Curve 8330, I've always kept a case on it, mostly the gels skin covers. Until one fateful day my 4 year old needed some assistance in the bathroom, while I was busy assisting her my 2 year old decided to be helpful and bring me my BB. Unfortunately she thought it would be fun to see if it would float instead of handing it to me. I've never put my hand into a dirty toilet before in my life but this day I couldn't get my hand in there fast enough. LOL! I retrieved my precious BB and immediately pulled it apart to try to prevent the damage...It still worked and to this day I haven't had any issues with it. ( it got a nice spray down with clorox clean-up and withstood that as well) I would love a Rose pink case for my BB curve 8330!!!

My bold is my constant companion & having something to ensure it's longevity would be great. I am just wondering how many times that case can be opened & refit since the reset is a battery pull! Perhaps a reset app to go with the case would be helpful?

For my Storm. My Storm needs protection. You can provide protection for my Storm. Please help me, help my Storm. My Storm and I, thank you.

I have a storm for 6 months now, and still dont have any cases.
I really hope I get lucky this time. Hook me up. :)

While working in a middle school, I heard a disturbance in the hall, ran into the hall and a student knocked into me and my storm when air borne down the hall. I moved quickly to pick it up as another student went by and kicked it. I quickly started trying to locate it and had just spotted it just in time for another student to kick it. Using my best teacher's voice, I announced "let me through" and just reached my storm to watch it fall down a stairwell. At that point I said a word that if an administrator overheard me, I would no longer have a job! When I reached the bottom of the stairs, I received the only break I had that entire day, I found my storm resting peacefully in padded trash can. Unfortunately, the can was filled with remnants of that mornings breakfast.....

I need my phone to communicate at work when I am on the road and to entertain me when I am in traffic or in a clients waiting room. When I use it, I look like I am working when I am playing hangman or word search. Sometimes, I am working on it. I keep my phone in my pants pocket with the face towards my leg so that I can't hurt it. I have a screen protector on it also just in case I have something else in my pocket. I've been lucky. I've only dropped my phone once from 2 feet. I've had it for 3 months.

Worst thing that has happen to my 8900 is that I bought a Best Skin Ever (BSE)to protect it, and when i peeled it off it removed the silver paint off my phone!!!! Wish i had the seidio 360! =)

Would love a new case. My silicon cover just blows chunks!! So fat and bulky. Would also be a great fathers day gift for me!!!

I have the Storm and would love a new case as mentioned in my previous comment that i messed early in the morn!!!

I unfortunately was in a car accident and had my BB8330 in a SEIDIO clip laying in my cup holder charging. The impact of the car hitting me from behind shot my phone into the back window of my vehicle. I found my blackberry laying in the back floorboard busted, but my clip is still attached to my side today. SEIDIO ROCKS!

I unfortunately was in a car accident and had my BB8330 in a SEIDIO clip laying in my cup holder charging. The impact of the car hitting me from behind shot my phone into the back window of my vehicle. I found my blackberry laying in the back floorboard busted, but my clip is still attached to my side today. SEIDIO ROCKS!

Camping last fall @ ASP in NY, I left my trusty 8330 in the cupholder of my camp chair along with a handful of pretzel logs. Long story short, soothing fire, and a few Labatt 50's I went to bed without grabing my phone or leftovers. Woke up ready for some geocaching and phone was MIA. I searched everywhere in a panic, usually no signal in the camping area, nowhere to be found. Luckily I never turned off my alarm and at 8am I heard it chirping about 10 yards into the woods near the fire. When I found it, my 8330 was covered in little muddy handprints or coonprints I guess that's what they are called. Now when camping I always put it to "bed" inside my ever trusty camping hat.

8330 - Black

I unfortunately was in a car accident and had my BB8330 in a SEIDIO clip laying in my cup holder charging. The impact of the car hitting me from behind shot my phone into the back window of my vehicle. I found my blackberry laying in the back floorboard busted, but my clip is still attached to my side today. SEIDIO ROCKS!

Interested in trying one out. Pro: single pull out of pocket experience. Con: I thought there's some magnet/holster combo us BB users are supposed to use to get standby mode with battery savings going. I currently have an 8900 using the OEM sleeve.

My blackberry is a extension of my office as well as a life line between me and my clients. I am a community based social worker working with youth who have serious psychiatric issues. The phone sits on my lap as I drive. On a few occasions when I have hopped out of the car, my beloved blackberry as almost landed on the ground. If something ever happened to my blackberry I wouldn't forgive myself. I have yet to find a case that really would suit my needs for esthetics as well as protection of my berry. This case looks like a good fit

8330 bb curve
i just got it yesterday so a case would be sweet.

sapphire blue would also be nice color

There are the best cases for the Blackberry I have seen for sale. The ones at Verizon don't even compare to the quality and protection these cases provide for the Storm and others.

I was putting my son in his carseat and set my blackberry 8350i on the roof of my car, loaded up everything else, backed out of the driveway and drove up the street. Then it hit me, my phone is on the roof! I threw the car in park, hopped out of the car was still stuck to the roof! Thank goodness for my cheapo plastic skin but boy I'm a busy mom of two crazy boys and i work full time too. I need a good cover, i'd be lost without my phone!

Classic story:

Boy has phone.
Boy gets on motorcycle.
Boy goes for a ride.
Boy gets off motorcycle.
Boy no longer has phone.

I rode the six miles over and over and over and over again. Never found it.


We have a 14 week old. Lets just say don't leave your 8900 too close to where the very loaded and soiled diaper is placed when changing. The product is very hard to get out from in between the keys!

I need a black 360 for my 8900 please!

Your innocase II is awesome, but I need some overall protection please.....or come and potty train my 14 week old!

Don from Ontario Canada

I have the Storm 9530. Love it to death!

My heart screamed the first (and only) time I dropped it on pavement. I sure would like to ensure it's taken care of for years to come. Thanks!

Been looking at putting my Storm into a case - getting a FREE case would be really nice. Getting a FREE PREMIUM case like this one would be really sweet! Pimp my Storm....

ok so i work at a dq and i have always kept my storm in my pocket until last week. i was bringing a large chocolate milkshake to drive and someone ran into me and i spilled the milkshake all over me. (keep in mind this is 31oz of milkshake nastiness) so i start freaking out and i immediately took my storm out of my pocket and i see that it is totally covered.(some of the milkshake actually went into my pocket). At this point i realized i was screwed, i went into th back and totally opened it up and wiped most of the shake away. but there was a lot under the screen and i did not want to open it up and void my warranty. so every time i would click the screen you could see the shake stuff like move around and you could see it through the screen. after i put it back together it worked for about 3 hours, just enough to send some people a text as to what happened. it never had a chance, poor little guy, it was my original, and it has been through hell and back with me. i got an insurance replacement for 50 dollars and now i leave my phone in my car whenever i have to work. R.I.P. stormy. :'(

I got tired of my Storm's old, thin, floppy silicone case and took it off. Now I'm dropping it left and right. I scraped the mess out of it last week when I dropped it in the parking lot. I need protection!

Worst thing that has happened to my curve 8310 was that I was sitting with my in-laws and when I crossed my leg my curve went tumbling out of my pocket. To make matters worse some one came outside and kicked my curve before I could pick it up and right into a puddle no less. I saved it from the liquid damage but not from the physical.

When I go into the garden and do yard work I currently stick my Storm in a plastic sandwich bag. Dirt can easily get in the side pockets of your cargo shorts when pulling up weeds and scratch the screen, etc. My landlord and sis think it's funny, but... I HATE a scratched phone that could have been prevented!

I bought my first blackberry last November, The Storm. I was #2 on line that day!!!
I heard about BB, but didn't it fit into my live-style.
Boy was I wrong! I now even listen to Yankee Game from MLB on my storm.
This case would be a definite plus for my storm.

I have a Seidio case for my Blackberry Bold and I have no problems with it, in fact I have recommended it to seven Bold owners who bought it. From reading the reviews on the 360 I hope I win one and it lives up to expectation. Maybe it will convince the 7 to get it as well.


I carry my blackberry Storm with me everywhere. Never without it I would love to have a new case to protect it from harm.

Although I just recieved my curve about a month ago, knowing I am very hard on phones, I didn't get a case boy I wish I had. I seem to miss my pocket every so often when I go to put my curve in there. I also work outdoors so sometimes it meets the pavement, not good. I have not had to have my curve replaced yet and don't want to either. I will go to no end to protect it now. I have promised my wife that I will not be changing phones every year or so. If I can protect this one it will last me for quite a while. I would just love to have a Seidio Innocase 360 in the sapphire blue, for my VZW Curve 8330 it would go great with my wallpaper I have, and is my fav color. Thanks for the chance to win one.

I would love to be able to protect my storm for the storms of lifes little misfortunes. I have butter fingers and I am constantly dropping my phone. Thank goodness its not broken. Please I need an innocase 360!

I would love one for my bold!! Blue, would be sweet!! i have never seen one in blue, always black.

I had one of these and it is a GREAT case. Gave it to my dad a few months ago for him to use and never got another one for myself. I'm real big on laying mine in my lap in the car and dropping it when I get out. Has happened several times. Could really use one of these cases. Curve 8330.

My Bold fell to the pavement as I was getting out of the car a while back, cracked the screen cover, chiped a few of the keys and marked up the bezel real good.. she aint so pretty anymore. All in all the damage is only cosmetic, and I was able to order replacement parts.. but I bothered to put them on yet, as I haven't found a good way to protect it from hapening again.

Please send me a black innocase for my Bold!

man i need one of these for my storms. I have already broken 2 storms by dropping them in the industrial environment i work in. If i break another, i will have to pay full retail to replace it.

I'm usually pretty good at keeping my Blackberry Curve 8330 up,with my 2 kids. The kids were about to go into the pool one day, and I happened to leave my phone on the coffee table which is conveniently next to the slider to the pool. Well they saw it on their way out, and the oldest thought it would be a great idea to take underwater picture of each other with mommies phone, (they are 4 and 5 mind you) So needless to say mommy went swimming for her blackberry, and since then i am so conscientious of the whereabouts of my phone. Lol

I am a police officer with NYC and about 2 months ago I had an incident where as I was trying to arrest a suspect in a burglary and as my partner and I were trying to slap the cuffs on him he took off. I gave chase and was able to subdue the suspect after a brief struggle. After everything calmed down I did a quick assessment of my gear and found that my blackberry curve 8330 was laying on the ground with a cracked battery cover and cracked screen. Thankfully the screen crack wasn't that bad and I only had a thin film protector on it but the battery door was shattered. The phone still worked however :) I really like these Seidio cases and would find one very useful in my line of work. The built in screen protector would come in very handy.

this is one of the best cases for bbs. my neighbor has it and it looks great. i would love to have one.

I have had my BB 8310 for about 6 weeks and I love it. I came across these covers last week and they look very nice.

This would be a great late Fathers day gift for my father in law... Constantly dropping his bold, I know, it's a crime.

Thanks again CB and Ceidio

My Storm has an Otterbox. But it would be nice to have something a little more "business like"

that would fit my 8900 perfect, and cover the big scratch my 2 year old put on it when she trew it. Pls let me finally win. my friend has one 4 of these crackberry things in 3 tries. i have won nothing in many. 8900

I have had several different Seidio products including several cases, this looks to be one of the best!!!

I fell in love with my BlackBerry and soon as i put my hands on it. At the same time it is a love hate relationship. I had my BlackBerry for about two weeks when I was out fishing (deep sea) and i was reeling in a sting ray i had the pleasure of catching. As i was leaning over to get the the ray unhooked my clip broke and the phone went over board i dropped the line and went for the phone. Well i caught the phone before it hit the water and then i went with it. As i went over the side of the boat i threw the phone back into the boat only to throw it in to a bucket of water. So it was pointless. I called my local rep and got them to get an replacement Curve for me. So far I have held on to this one and have not given it a bath yet. So i am indeed looking for some good strong protection for my BlackBerry 8330 Curve.

I LOVE Seidio. I am new to blackberry and after much research bought an Innocase for my Storm... Now with the release of the 360... I just HAVE to have one.

I would love to win one for my storm as I already said I have several others and they are are very well made!!!

I had a problem with loud sound alerts on my BB Storm. I visited a Verizon kiosk in a wharehouse store to have the problem remedied. When I handed the Storm to the Verizon Rep, she loudly remarked "this phone is scratched and nicked like none I have ever seen." At that point I figured that I needed a cover of sorts to prevent further blemishes. I need to avoid more embarassment! Thank You,

Francis Serra

I have only dropped my Storm one good time (it hit concrete and scratched a chrome corner, maybe two other drops if you count carpet) but it is amazing the kind of stuff i go through to avoid drops. just a moment ago I was carrying a pile of stuff down the stairs and rather than let my crackberry slip down, i sat down fast on some hardwood stairs and caught it in my lap

Once I was checking the time on my Storm 9530 during recess break at the elementary school I work at. Then out of no where, I hear the word "catch" thrown in my direction. Needless to say I wasn't prepared and neither was my BB so it took a fall. By miracle, it survived the fall with only a minor scrape. So I see this case as cheap insurance for my Storm 9530.

I have a blackberry bold 9000 .... i really love seidio .. i am serious .... i want to win.. please.... cause i love crackberry too /./////// what else is there .. nothing as these are the best combinations ever.

Would be nice to have, looks like a great product and heard great things about it. Just to cheap to buy one lol. If I keep dropping my phone like I have been I will have no choice. Unless i happen to win lol but I dont see that in the near future :( or do I....

I would love a pretty Innocase 360 to protect my Storm as it hurdles toward Earth with me at 120mph :). My Storm is a proud skydiver.

I finally joined the Blackberry World and purchased a Storm 3 months ago. Being overly excited with all of its great features and applications, I had downloaded the Light Saber App on a whim.

My wife agreed to watch her 5 year old nephew at our house one Sunday. I had taken him outside to play in the yard. As he became more and more restless, I had decided to divert his attention by showing him my Storm. He instantly sat quietly next to me in a trance of amazement. Breezing through the apps, I had remembered the Light Saber, turned it on and waved it around so he could hear the sound effects. As he greedily grabbed it from me, he began prancing around the front yard waving it around. Before the thought had crossed my mind, our shiny new toy took flight out of his hands, and landed on the concrete walkway.

My poor Storm had chunks missing, deep scratches and dents. As we walked back into the house, my wife said it looked like we were both about to cry. In conclusion, this Jedi Master, and even his Padawan, have learned a valuable lesson when it comes to our toys. A Seidio Innocase would have saved me from spending $75 in replacement parts.

I was recently building a cabinet. I'm not an experienced builder and thought it would be fun side project.

I was carpeting the cabinet to give it a nice smooth outside, and was using spray adhesive to attach the carpeting to the wood.

While working, I decided, as any bumbling idiot would, to use the stopwatch on my Blackberry Storm to time how long I was letting the adhesive dry. In the course of my spraying multiple pieces of wood, attaching carpet, and starting/stopping the clock for each spray, I sprayed the Blackberry.

I had it in one hand and the spray can in the other. I was holding it on the opposite side of the piece of wood, with the wood between it and the stream of glue. However, I somehow lost track of where I was holding it when I was switching targets, and I started to spray with the Blackberry IN FRONT of the was right in the line of fire.

I stopped and dropped the can, but it was too late. The screen was covered. Like a mother delicately carrying a child, I held my Storm face up on my palm, with the other hand free to open doors, (more flailing behind me like a moron) and sprinted for the house. Once I got in, I bolted for the bathroom, rounded up about 1234643 q-tips and some rubbing alcohol.

1/2 an hour later, with a pile many, many filthy q-tips at my feet... I got all of the adhesive off and the Storm survived!

After that, I decided it would be a good idea to break out my old Innocase, which was sitting in a drawer somewhere. Even though it had 2 broken clips and was a little loose, I wanted my baby to be safe again. lol

Needless to say, I stopped working on the cabinet for the day. The trauma was just too much for me. lol

I have a Curve 8330 - and luckily, nothing really bad has happened to it (yet!) But I'd like to be safe - and this case looks like it's it! I don't really care what color, as long as it's a manly color :)

my storm was used by my dog at a dog toy and it ended up in the park's lake and needless to say the storm does not play well with water.

I've been waiting for this case to be 8900 is in need of protection! Maybe I can win one?

I have been waiting to get one of these. You know my email address. I will be waiting foe the winning email and Thaks ahead of

I keep my Blackberry Storm 9530 in my pocket at work all the time and I work as a nurse's aide. All the time I am bumping into things and having to use my upper thigh for support during the course of my shift. I have noticed that there is a slight lint buildup around the screen from it moving around in my pocket. I have one of the rubber/silicone wraparound things that I got from the Verizon store but the access to the buttons on the side irks me so I had to cut out the parts that cover the buttons.

I haven't had my Storm very long and the more I use it the more I love it. I don't know how I managed to live without a Blackberry for so long and I would never be able to go back now. From everything I have read and seen since getting it, Seidio seems to make the best products for phones and an Innocase 360 for my Storm would be utterly fantastic. Black would be the preferred color but I would also be happy with the sapphire blue.

i got an "otter box" for my 8330. it is big, bulky, and ugly. i have also had problems with the track ball getting clogged up with gunk. i have pretty much resorted to washing my hands thoroughly before handling my phone. i would love a case like this.

I got the Storm last week, it's my first BlackBerry and I'm enamored with it. I don't think it's been out of my sight since I bought it.

The other night, I was walking the dog and my wife sent me a Facebook update. It's a blessing and a curse to know that you have an update wherever you're at. Walking the dog is not the time to check your messages.

Of course I couldn't wait the five minutes until I got home, so I pulled the Storm from my pocket, unlocked the screen, and promptly dropped it from arm level straight onto the concrete sidewalk.

The battery door went one way, the Storm the other way, and the battery itself went straight onto someone's lawn.

Did I mention it was dark out?

5 minutes of searching later, I found the battery, put it all back together, and held my breath while my brand new phone did the slowest reboot known to man.

It works fine but the silver on the case is scratched up in 3 places. Of course, I went to the VZW store the next morning and added insurance to my plan. :-)

My brand new phone isn't brand new anymore, and I need a case!

Man I really need one of these! I have no insurance on my blackberry and I can REALLY use the added protection!!!!

My Blackberry Pearl did not survive.

I was on our farm on the tractor, plowing the fields.
I was checking an email at the same time, unfortunately, i hit a rock with the plow and the tractor jumped. The pearl was jarred from my hand and before i knew it, it was part in the furrow.

I managed to dig it up, but it sustained severe trama to the screen and keyboard...not to mention the pearl popped out and was never recovered.

since then, i have purchased the Storm.
I bought a crappy silicon case from the Telus Store and due to the silicon sticking to the inside of my pocket each time i want to put it in, or take it out of my pocket, i stopped using the case.

Now, my storm as of last week has a cracked screen (still useable) due to me dropping it from 1 foot onto hardwood flooring.

I need a case that is lightweight and protective, AND most importantly slides in and out of my pocket with ease.

I am pretty frustrated right now and feel that if i didnt have such bad luck with these blackberry's getting damaged, i would have no luck at all.

The farm is a tough environment on Storm. I go thru screen protectors weekly due to all the sand and dirt I am around, and that finds it way into my pocket where my Storm usually is. The only good thing is when i put that new protector on (since i am barely able to read thru all the scratches), the screen is so shinny and new looking that i fall in love with the storm all over again.

Please help me protect my investment, there is not enough money in farming to be buying new blackberry's every 6 months.

I just recently got my blackberry curve 8330 in March. It was love at first sight. It was not very long before I was hooked up to my company's BES and addicted to every beep and jingle that came out of my blackberry. I loved emailing, texting, and sending picture mail (after a software upgrade), with my perfect, scratchless (at the time), phone.

...Until... one day I was going down the stairs at work, and my blackberry took a tumble (I had it balanced on my folder), I saw it tumble down a half a flight of stairs. It was like slow motion! I now have a deep short gash on my blackberry. Although it didn't break, I would 100% bet that one of these innocases would have prevented it from happening :-(

I really want one of these cases!!!

The worst thing that happened to my Blackberry Storm was dropping it on the pavement later and notice that the screen did not click as crisped anymore. It survived but I was not happy with the screen so I replace it. The lengths that I have gone since to ensure that will not happen again is buying the leather magnetic holster instead of keeping it in my pocket for easy access. I would go as far as needed to ensure that the life of the "Crackberry" and mines are safe at all times.

I once ran over my phone, it was in 3 different pieces, unfortunately it did not survive, however now i have a blackberry curve 8330 and love it! My favorite color is pink!

Had my first storm for about 2 weeks. Dropped it from a height of 8 inches and cracked the screen. Sure would have been nice to have one of these covers for it.

Since then, I went back to my Curve. Went to put it in it's holster, missed and hit the ground and cracked the battery cover. Once again, sure would have been nice to have one of these cases.

Sure could use a case for my 8330 please.

I have a Storm and I'd love to protect it... for freeeee!!! So hook it up maybe? This case looks sweet. K thanks.

Yes please, I would LOVE to have one of these super-sexy cases for my new 8900! In Black baby, yeah! (But dark Blue or Red would look pretty cool too! ;-)


As a BB Tour wanta be, I think this case looks supreme! Maybe winning a free case will give me the push to get rid of my stinkin RAZOR. Im really thinking BB Tour. Will see.

I just saw the video and the case looks awesome.
I would love to get the Deep Black for my 8900, please. :) Thanks in advance!

From someone who owns a cell accessory store, Seidio's cases are top quality. That's all I use for my Blackberry Storm, and I get compliments from people all the time.

I bought a clear cheap case for my storm one month ago. my storm has been dropped twice by children the case broke down but my storm survived it. I was really glad that I had that case around my storm. but also I was disappointed that my case could not live more than a month. I wish I could try on e of those Seidio Innocase 360.

Last week in Seattle i stopped off with my boss to fill up the rental car prior to returning it at the airport. I gassed the car up got back in and headed to SeaTac. As I looped around the on ramp and accelerated into the merge lane I caught something out of the corner of my eye in the rear view mirror. A black flash that bounced off the trunk landed on the road and promptly expoloded into four different pieces. MY BOLD. I slowed backed up and my boss jumped out and rescued the leather sleeve, the battery, the cover and the main body. A nice gouge/scrap on the top by the mute button and a heavily scraped battery cover. Popped the battery back in the Bold and waited for a boot up and no problems. Let me see an iPhone do this trick. No Way. Rock On Blackberry Bold! Would the Seidio Case Hold Up? Send me one and I might just test it out. :)

hello all. i am the proud owner of a bold 9000. and of course i love it. the worst thing that has ever happened was dropping it in the toilet. yes the toilet. it goes everywhere with me. just part of the addiction. needless to say my baby didn't survive. i ofcourse got a replacement. and have i learned my i would really love a 360 innocase. i think they look fab.

How important is my BB 9000 to me? It wakes me up each morning and rides on my side throughout the day. It allows me to know who's calling and from how far away. From dawn to dusk and in the dark it sits beside my bed. No wonder my wife queries the time spent with my electronic mistress! She needs to be protected and shielded from all harm and that is why I desperately need this case for my peace of mind!

What is the worst thing that happened to my blackberry? When I first bought my Curve 8330, Well 2 weeks after I bought it, I was asked to watch my Bosses 1 year old son, Who, I didn't know could crawl. So I put him down on the couch to watch "Blue's Clue's" and I went to the kitchen to grab a drink. Sure enough, I come back, and have one of those, "Where did my baby go" moments. Not the real baby, My blackberry, I searched the kitchen, and the chair i was sitting on. No luck. Spent a good 45 minutes good. Got side tracked when I realized TY needed his diaper changed. Well, That was until I opened the diaper and, There it was. Covered in 1 & 2. Needless to say, I attempted to clean it off(I bought it outright because I already have a contract) Unfortunately, It died. And I ended up having to buy another Curve 8330. I also bought an otter box for it this time, which I have recently taken off to put a Rubber Case on it due to bulkiness.

I would love to have a case for my 8330. Black. Seidio Innocase 360 = AMAZING

the worst thing that happened was getting out of my car my 8900 fell to the ground. luckily ther was only one tiny little dent that still bothers me D=

I have a Blackberry Bold I would like a black one if possible. I was eyeing these up for a while if I could win one that would be awesome. These cases for pretty cool

I'm a full time fireman. Usually, when the tones go off for a house fire I take my BlackBerry off my belt before gearing up. About six months ago I forgot my case and ended up carrying my Curve in my pocket. Well, that day we got toned out for a house fire and I forgot to take my Curve out before gearing up.

Long story short: My Curve went through about 20 minutes of 500 degree heat to a TON of water (I was soaked all the way through my gear). Afterward, I realized I still had my Curve on me and when I took it was still working! There was condensation (or some type of water) in the screen, but it went away after a week :)

Now, I always have at least two cases (one at home and one at the station). I have the 8900 and love it! (Prefer black if I win)

I want one for my 8330 Curve. I never win anything, Whaaa Whaaaa. Thanks Crackberry for all the contests and all you do.

Worst thing that ever happened to my Blackberry was that my cat stepped on it, hahah.

I have a Blackberry Curve 8900. :)

so my chances maybe good on this one considering half of the comments do not have devices listed! 8900 is looking for a new outfit!

I can be very rough with my phones. Just bought a 8900 Javelin and LOVE IT!
This case would make my new BB "baby" feel much safer while in my hands or anywhere near me for that matter.

Would love to have the Seidio Innocase 360 for the protection it offers. The appearance is pretty "hot" too!

I always recommend seidio as a great case to all my friends/co-workers and clients but, the service I received on my last order was less than stellar - 1 month for my order to arrive, getting conflicting resolution but, I have it on my Bold and my Storm and my boss has one also, and a senior partner want's the one I have for my storm, he is going to give me the price value for it.
Oh well, I luv my cases, have to protect those BB

I believe Seidio products are great. I had a Seidio case on my last phone. Hope to get the new 360 for my BOLD 9000.

Model: Verizon Curve 8330

When I read this post, one particular story instantly came to my mind... I am currently using a 2 piece, snap on, (beat up) Black Body Glove Case (with screen protector built in)

I was running a little behind schedule one day a few months ago. I was rushing around trying to leave my house so I could make it to class on time. I grabbed all of my books for the afternoon and threw my Blackberry on top of the pile. I picked up the stack and headed into the garage so I could put my books in the trunk. I forgot that I put my Blackberry on top of the stack and when I thew the books into the trunk my Blackberry slide off, falling on the garage floor... My the phone/case hit the cement garage floor, the case EXPLODED off of the device. The 2 pieces of the case went flying off of the phone and my Blackberry launched back into the air. I swear this all happened in slow motion. The phone, luckily, landed on a near by cooler instead of back on the hard floor.

Needless to say I NEVER carried my school books and my Blackberry in the same pile...

My Storm does not leave my desk without a case. Heck it

sits on my desk in a case. Murphy's law often comes into

play so why be SOS(Stuck On Stupid). If your offering a

Innocase 360 for free count me in.

I think ahead to next week, I won a free subscription to

Slacker and a Storm sapphire blue or burgundy case to go

along with it. Being me isn't so bad.

If you can't dream......

Just got a new paint job and seat covers for my '93 Geo Storm, would be nice to have something new to cover my Blackberry Storm . . . just sayin' O_o

i would do EVERYTHING so i can keep my BlackBerry alive! so here's what happened to me some months ago. Back in March, i was just leaving my radio program, which it airs on Saturdays from 7pm to 9pm. I get out of the booth, so i can smoke a cigar and make a call to my girl, when suddenly a guy comes and tells me: "hands up! this is a robbery! give me all your stuff, cellphones, money, cards, everything!!". The only thing that passes through your head is: I WANT TO LIVE! so i just start searching for everything i had at the moment and the only thing that i had was 8$ and my almost brand new Curve 8900. So as i slowly started to move to give him my things, i hid my phone inside my pants, gave him the money and told him i didn't have a cellphone cause as you see, i'm poor and only got 8 bucks! LOL! so, he just took the money and started running away. Was an aweful experience...but...i still got my phone! LOL!

My cellphone is a Curve 8900, and if i win, i would to have my Innocase 360 from Seidio in black.

Thank you! Fingers crossed! =)

Finally someone has figured out a way to make a protective cover that is both good looking and FUNCTIONAL. I have a Blackberry Curve 8350i and my biggest problem is scratches & fingerprints on the face of it when wearing it on my belt. If you brush up against something, it scratches almost immediately and that is annoying. Also, having a protective cover for the keyboard is great to keep dirty fingers off the keys or if you get caught in the rain or accidently splash a drink on it. I love my Blackberry and would love to have this to protect it.

I will single-handedly overturn the Iranian presidential elections if I win case for my upcoming Tour. Thank you.

I would LOVE one of these babies for my 8900! The skin I have on is nice but one drop on the road cut right through the skin and nicked it up real bad. Ouch!

I currently have the snap on Seidio case for my curve and love it. I'm hoping to get a new Tour and hope there will be a case to fit that. I have dropped my BB a few times on the asphalt and the phone has been fine. I'm also able to easily wash off all the "swine" flu and other assorted germs I have on my hands from work because of the hard plastic exterior.
If I win, I'd love one to fit the TOUR.

I would love to have a blue case for my 8330!!! I am a high school teacher and a basketball coach so my Blackberry needs all of the protection it can get!!!!!

My work keeps me away from home and my Blackberry is the best way to stay in touch with the ones I love. This case would help protect my Blackberry Storm from damage and keep me in touch with my family while I'm away on business.

Here's to trying....

I was at work, i am a police officer. I was running in a foot pursuit and my blackberry came out of it's standard plastic holster and skipped like a rock across a parking lot. I caught the guy and then came back for my most beloved possession, my blackberry. Oh what a mess. The screen was cracked and the housing was badly scratched. I got a replacement and from then on I coveted my blackberry like a newborn baby! I also got a more secure drop in style case to secure my blackberry. I am very particular and would do anything to keep my blackberry looking new. I have the curve 8330 from verizon.

My BlackBerry Curve 8900 before it was run over by one of the amusement park rides at work. When the bumper car was of my phone I picked it up and it was literally curved :( sad sad story. The screen was horribly damaged and I could still receive calls and they could hear me but the only way to hear them was with the speaker. Now I hold my pocket shut so my replacement curve 8900 doesn't fall out!!! I look funny in the process.

I just got a blackberry storm and I love it. I am so overwhelmed with the amount of things you can do on it. I would love to have a great protective cover with two toddlers and an 8 year old my phones never make it without a bunch of bumps and scratches. Also, pink is my favorite color. Thanks for letting us try to win this great cover. Erika

I work in a auto dealership, I think the worst thing that happened to my blackberry was while bringing boxes up 2 flights of steps at the top of the second stairway my phone went one way and I went the other, when all was said and done the phone went back down the 2 flights of stairs as I watched on in horror that it was hitting just about every step... Luckily, the phone survived with scratches and a broken lens, which I was able to get fixed. As for now I leave the phone on my desk when I am moving boxes, I don't want a repeat to happen. I was going to buy a Otter Box but for me it was to bulky I did pick up a Innocase for my phone I like it but there is no protection for the keyboard or screen, I would love something that fully protects my phone so I don't have another mishap happen to my phone.

I have a BB Storm. Viewed the video on this case and liked the fact that it completely covers the whole phone. I hope I can be one of the recipients.