Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



While visiting India last year on business I went on an Indian Safari with my colleagues which took us about 200 miles away from any civilization. Refusing to part with my BlackBerry, I left it in my back pocket throughout the trip. The 6 hour safari had stops to use little outhouses with nothing more than pits below the "toilet." As I'm sure you have guessed by now, my BlackBerry slipped out of my pants' pocket and fell straight into the bottom of the pit.

The safari personnel used a claw-like tool with a net one the end to withdraw my BlackBerry from the pit. Much to my dismay, my phone had been covered in the foulest smelling you-know-what I had ever encountered, as well as being transformed into a brick with this accident; the phone would not even turn on for one second. The situation was so embarrassing; I tipped the man who retrieved my BlackBerry $50 (he even wiped in clean for me with disinfectant wipes).

That night, I returned to my hotel and washed it and spent two hours blow drying it in hopes of drying it out and allowing it to function once again. No luck!
After being without a cell phone (never mind a BlackBerry!) for days, I returned home to Florida and replaced my BlackBerry World Edition with a BlackBerry Storm 9530.

If I am so fortunate as to win the Seidio Innocase 360, I would prefer a BlackBerry Tour 9630 model, as that is the phone I will be upgrading to with its release!

Thanks, Seidio, for your continued commitment to making outstanding products!

PS - I hope you enjoyed my [obviously] ENTIRELY FICTIONAL story! I am a Junior in High School and I have never been to India...or even been on a safari for that matter. I have a Storm 9530 and the worst that has happened to it is getting sand underneath the screen at the beach and not being able to click the screen. With the Seidio Innocase 360, I would never have to worry about sand messing my phone up ever again! THANKS!

To sum it up: If I win, please provide me with a Tour 9630 case (in either blue or black). But if it is not possible, I WOULD LOVE a Storm 9530 case (also in either blue or black) just as well!


Horror stories? I'm more worried about losing mine (I had laptop stolen last year) so I have it insured with 2 additional GPS software installed, and smrtguard subscription.

My Bold hasn't gone caseless since day 1 so it's looking still pretty good, but I do install additional screen protector because the old one feels kinda too thin and put a clear protector for the camera, just in case.

And oh, whenever my mum or other friends with lots of makeup using my Bold, I tell them to keep the phone away a bit from their faces, I just don't want to see my Bold full of make up :)

Can I put "either" Bold or Curve 8900 since we have both of them in the house?

Thanks, this is an awesome giveaway!

I was up at my buddies house with my girlfriend about 2 months after I had my 8900 and we were getting in the hot tub and i handed her my phone to put inside and she dropped it at the door onto the brick sidewalk. Needless to say it scratched it pretty well, and I came to find out it landed straight on the Mute button and now standby works when it wants to. Since then I have managed to drop it a few more times and this case would be perfect for my 8900.

P.S. A black one would be prefect but other than pink i would rock it on my 8900.

...but fortunately has not hit the ground...YET! So, with that in mind I really need an Innocase 360 for my Storm so when the next juggling act happens my Storm will be ready. Thanks for yet another great contest folks.


I have a Bold b4 my current 8900, it died when orange juice spilled on my BB and then my BB fell off the table when it tipped!

I just got two Seidio cradles for my Storm and I can't use them with my current Incipio Silicrylic case. So if I can win this, GOD BLESS YOU CRACKBERRY!

I don't have my 8900 yet, but will be getting one in the next couple of months. It would be nice to have a case waiting for it as I open the box the first time.

The worst that has ever happened to my current Blackberry is dropping it on a tile floor, while catching a friend that fell off a step ladder. The phone was fine, just popped the back door off when it hit the floor, and my buddy made it through just fine as well. Since then, I have a case for my 8320, along with the Seidio replacement battery door.

Maybe I should get a case for my buddy!

this is my first blackberry ever and i love it so much. i own the curve javelin and it is sooo sexy. help me make it sexier!

Just got a curve 8900 and I need one of these hella wicked cases for it. I have one for my storm and it has saved its life sooooooo many times!

oops...i just really need a case for my's been through a lot but i'm nervous lol

my friend has this and its incredible. i would love to have 1 in black. it protects your whole phone and looks great. its like have a bb over a bb.

I need one of these for my BlackBerry Curve 8900. I've dropped it plenty of times that a little piece of the BlackBerry logo on da back of da battery door fell off. So now I have 6 little pieces of da BlackBerry logo instead of 7. I really need one of these

I love my 8900 I have been 2 months and can not be without it.

The worst thing that happened recently was a friend (who is sick with flu) on the phone asked me to send an SMS. sneeze when I was writing it with my phone number and full green boogers ... I had to disassemble for cleaning ... but still alive. but now I also caught the flu

I've had my 8900 for 2 months now. Oneday last week billie jean came on on the radio and not thinking I jumped up off the sofa with the 8900 in my right hand and it slipped out and hit the wall and fell on the floor!! Scratched it all up! I really need that case!! Please!!!

OK. If i dont win this one, i will cry foul, honestly lets face it, there are 1300 commenters ahead of me, 25 is to be won, whats the stats that i am randomly picked from this pool, i will use some boolean algebra and stochastic process to nail chances- want to know? 9.1%, how? ask

Thats the case I have been looking for. I like that it protects the screen. I hate scratches on the screen. Cant wait till its availble to buy.

I have an 8330, and work at a USCC retail store. I have the gel skins, a hard plastic case and a leather Blackberry hip holster. I do everything I can to protect my investment, my entire life is on that phone.

Even though we have two live demos of the Curve, customers always want to see my phone. Custom themes, games and apps always having people want hands on. My phone's been dropped, tossed and left all over the store... But worst of all, someone actually tried walking out with my phone in their purse. A black Innocase would make all the difference.

Although it won't stop someone from stealing my Berry (it might make it worse, those are pretty amazing) it will help protect against the people who don't realize their not just holding my phone, they're handling my lifeline.

Thanks CrackBerry!

it was about two weeks after I had gotten mycurve 8330. I was in San francisco going out to dinner at pier 39 with some friends. On the way back to the car I had some ben and jerrys chunky monkey in one hand and my baby: the silver 8330 in the other. As I went to grab my keys out of my pocket my blackberry just barley slipped out of my hand and onto the pavement. So u think that's it? A fall? But I'm not done. As I cursed to myself iput down the ice cream to retrieve the berry. As fate would have it a sewage or whatever u call those things that run into the ocean was rift nearby. As I hastilly step toward the fallen comrad the tip of my converses kicked it and it slid right into the water runoffhole. I didn't know what to say really. Myfriemds told me to cut my losses and get a new one. Leaving that streetcorner was one of the most difficult things I've ever had to do. The next day I decided to reroute my morning jog and jog past the place I had lost my lifeline to everything I care about. Looking down into the hole I saw that my phone was perfectly fine and resting on some shrubs and pineneedles. To end the story I got it back after paying some tough pg&e workers to lift the steel cover and get back my phone. From now on my berry stays in my pocket always. I still could use somemore protection tho. Incipio!!!! Please send me a black one for my 8330!!!!

I've been using the invisible shield for my blackberry storm and its great against scratches! but when im driving i tend to leave my storm on my lap because im always answering a text message or checking my email. well, being the forgetful me, i would get out of my car with my blackberry storm still on my lap! clank! clank! clank! dammit! the invisible shield isnt much help against that drop against the cement! it would be great to get the 360 for my blackberry storm and show off to my friends!
thanks for reading my story!

I need one of these for my storm, last case I had broke into two pieces when I dropped it and my naked phone went rolling across the concrete :-(

yea so i had my new 8900 for less then 24 hours when i was walking into a store and tried to pull it out of its case they come with. slipped out of my hand and hit the concrete. which part his the concrete? well of course the only part of the phone not covered by the case. nice chunks taken out of the chrome but phone is fine

Seidio! I love your cases, I would love to win one of these for my Storm 9530!! In the dark gray or black of course! Please please please pick me!

Horror Stories.... um, I have the Innocase II and it works great... I guess my only horror story would be that I am getting my third storm next week because of dust under the screen... I'm hoping this case will fix that!

Good going Seidio. I have bought their products before for win mo device.

My current device is a Curve 8330. I'm looking forward to winning a black case.

My trusty old crackberry fell and the screen went blank. sometimes it would work and most times it wouldnt. Made me wish i had gone for the Innocase for it.Pretty sure it would have survived the fall with a case.

I replaced my Die Hard Blackberry with a Blackberry Storm 9500 and every weekend i goto a different market of the city looking for Innocases but no one carries them here :(

I love the storm and wish i could get my hands on an Innocase out here :P

Blackberry Storm 9500

the worst thing that happened to my storm was 2 days after i got it for christmas, my friend wanted to see how it was, so i gave it to him and he was walking with it and tripped and my phone went flying in the air and a dam mazda 6 ran it over, the guy didn't even feel bad enough to stop and say sorry, i had to wait weeks to get a new one, i felt so lost with out my blackberry :[.... so i hope i can win this case so i can have a case to protect it from a dam car running it over again just incase.

Wooo! A full body case for my storm! I'll be happy with whatever color you are willing to offer oh wonderful

In the Navy, Took my phone on a trip to Panama as the only way to take pictures and video, through a river to see a very small village in the middle of no where, almost lost my storm more than once then.

The worst thing that has happened to my blackberry 8900 is that I don't have the Innocase 360 case. When I had my curve 8320 I had the Otterbox case for it, but now that I have the blackberry curve 8900 I need a good case to help protect it as i work as an EMT and need a good case to protect my 8900 from drops and falls. So please pick me , pick me!!!

I have a Blackberry 8900 and I have gone thru tremendous efforts to keep this phone pristine. I use a screen protector, a gel skin and use baby wipes on my phone because I work in a dusty environment. Unfortunately right now I also use a padded camera case because I'm the biggest klutz in the world. My friends call me Bill Buckner as an homage to the Red Sox first baseman.

I drove over a previous blackberry after leaving it on the roof of my truck because my belt clip broke. However, my biggest or at least most humiliating mishap came in a Home Depot; I received a call while in line and pulled out my phone only to have it slip. I tried to catch it but only managed to swat it higher and higher into the air with my free hand TWICE before seeing it crunch on the cement. To add insult the clerk joked if I wanted to add duct tape to my order.

I'm on my second Blackberry 8900 now. I need help!

I'd just received my new Curve 8330 and we had a concert to go to. We pulled into our spot in the parking lot and as I got out of the car, my BlackBerry fell out of my pocket. It hit the ground, the back popped off, the battery fell out and I held my breath as a car pulled into the spot next to us and drove right over my new phone! By some miracle, the tires just missed the scattered parts to my phone and I was able to retrieve it, put it back together and everything was fine! Obviously I need some serious protection for this baby!

I've dropped way too many habdhalds over the years. I almost slammed my Curve 8330 in the car door after the belt clip broke.

BTW, I prefer blue or black. Thanks.

OHHHHH yeah i sure could use the storm cover.. my poor storm is a true meaning of a hard working machine and could use some rr in a great case!!!

So far nothing catastrophic has happened to my phone. And I would like to keep it that way by winning one of your well designed cases for the storm. thanks

I have a Bold and I am currently using the Case-Mate Smart Skin as protection. I have only dropped it once and luckily didn't have any damage. I'd love to win this case in black so I can compare it to the case I am currently using.

So far nothing catastrophic has happened to my phone. And I would like to keep it that way by winning one of your well designed cases for the storm. thanks

I haven't had any major drops yet, but I am terrified that I might! I recently had an awful situation where I dropped my laptop and had to pay 400$ to get the screen replaced and it was just horrifying, because I depended on the piece of equipment so much. I got insurance on my phone because of what happened there -- and I'm really looking for a new case to try that will protect my phone from me being clumsy. I've had a couple of drops from my nightstand and a couple at work -- and I almost don't want to even carry my phone at all anymore. :( I have a curve 8330 -- and am not picky in colors! <3

I have had many BB through my life and they have all survived anything that I have put it through. My BB 8310 has gone through the worst...dropped who knows how many times...scratched all over...replaced trackballs numerous times...both top corners and lower right corner have been chipped out because of it being dropped...the back half of the BB has started to separate because of being is so horribly beaten up BUT IT STILL WORKS, I wish I woulda had a case though. Today I replaced that BB with a new BB Storm and I would love to have a nice black case to protect it with...I would cry for days if I dropped it just once. Please help me protect my new Storm!

I currently have a Curve 8330 and it has so far been through a whole lot. I've dropped it more times than I can remember and when holstered has been run into the wall. I was considering an Otterbox, but that thing is a bit of an eyesore so I was hoping Seido would make a 360 case for my 8330 and looks like they finally did. This case is far less bulky looking and sleek.

You have no idea how hard it is writing his while jumping up and down with one hand in the air, screaming "Pick me! Pick me!" :) :) :)

Isn't it about time the CB website be awarded for awesomeness? ;)

Appreciate ya looking out for the rugged workhouse of the RIM world. Would like to compare a black one against my war torn Otter with its impressionable "2" that barely survived a trip in a nasty crawlspace underneath a building today. THANKS!

The worst thing is probably the time I was in the car and forgot I had left my blackberry bold on my lap. It was raining outside and when I got out of the car my blackberry fell from my lap and into a puddle. It was like a slow motion scene in the movies and I was so shocked I couldn't move. The bold hit the ground and the back cover popped off. I though I lost her and took a peak at her, not a single scratch. Dryed her out and till this day she's still working like a charm.

Use my Storm for work and personal use. After looking in the local stores for a case, they all seem cheap and overpriced. Besides this being a great price (free if i win a free one!), it's great looking and seems very functional. Would love to give more people a reason to look at my Storm and say, "pretty sweet phone".

My old curve got a ride under a fire truck tire in a muddy field. That didn't end well. Unfortunately I didn't learn and am bare-backing my current Storm. Thats noticeable with the scratch on the back of it. A case would be nice to cover it up with. :D

I was walking from the grocery store to my car and my arms were full of groceries because I didn't want to use a cart. All of a sudden a bag slipped and knocked my precious BlackBerry Curve 8330 on to the hard asphalt. My BlackBerry was in a case and it saved it but the asphalt took a chunk right out of the corner of the case. My blackberry was saved and I still have a case for it and I also use a cart every time lol.

I never really realized how well my blackberry held up until a few months ago . When one of the kids knocked over the table that sat near the pool. The blackberry was sitting right on top and the next thing I knew the blackberry bold took a swimming lesson . And one the kids in the pool goes look what I found !!!! Well the blackberry did survive but it went through some blow drying therapy first and a few days to dry out .

Well I am still new to the world of the BB. The worst thing so far is my Storm fell out of my pocket straight to the concret floor of my garage. Picked it up and it kept on ticking. Good phone.

BB Storm I prefer a black case. Thanks.

I think that the Burgundy or Rose Pink case would look great on my Storm. And protect it from the godforsaken...sigh....drop. Congrats again Crackberry for another great contest giveaway. Can't wait to win this!

I have the InnocaseII and the holster for the Storm, I would love to try the Innocase 360 for the Storm in red since my case right now is black (try to mix it up a bit)

I have a blackberry storm. I've had it for almost a year.
I have always had a cover for it. But none have seemed to protect
It. I like to hang my phone on my neck so I don't lose it or
Mess it up. My silicon case I had constantly had my phone slip
Out of its protection numerous times having it scratched and dented
Over time. My hard cover unsnapped and my phone would drop on the
Hard concrete as I was walking. Eventually all this dropping messed
Up my phone. It went really slow and always froze and restarted all
the time. One night recently I got fed up with it and threw it against
The wall. Not realizing I didn't backup my data. The screen now
Completely blacked out and didn't work. I got a new phone still looks
Brand new. And I need a good cover to protect it from messing up
Like the previous one.

Thanks for the contest!

Here's the info you need when I win:

Model: Blackberry Storm 9530
Color: Black

I have a Rubberized Body Glove snap on case for my curve. It does a good job of protecting it, but adds a bit of bulk to the phone. The Seidio case looks to be a much better case. I hope I win one.

drop my BB storm the other day, since i had a case it was ok...but this must happened to alot of ppl..
so ...protecting it is a MUST~~

I have a storm and am worried that it will get damaged at work one of these days. I'm a medic and some situations get rough, like carrying someone down 3 flights of stairs. This case would give my storm better odds.

I dropped mine walking from the garage to my house, with a case from eBay en route to my house. The faux leather backing wasn't quite grippy enough to stop it from slipping off the books I was carrying. Scratched the corner bezel and a bit of the leather. I got my phone maybe 2 weeks before the incident, and rushed home to brush the grass/gravel off of it. Definitely a fall-down-on-knees-screaming-NOOOO-to-the-sky moment.

Black fo' Bold please :)

I baby my Blackberry curve 8330 when I first got it. I put screen protector, black silicone case immediately and always place my curve in a dedicated holster, triple protection for my 8330. Unfortunately, some area of the lens is not covered by screen protector. The keyboard is not protected as well, so I always concern about my oily thumbs touching the keyboard. I have to wipe clean my curve weekly. Seidio's Innocase 360 is a great product as it covers every inch of my 8330, it has hard screen cover, laser engraved keyboard for precision fitting. I would love it to have it on my blackberry, for all in one ultimate protection.

I definitely need to win a Black Case for my Storm 9530 so when I bumble it around, I won't have to worry about it getting damaged, Plus I Have Never Won A Contest.

I'd love a case for my 8330. I scratched the back up pretty good at the pool a couple of days ago, and I need to prevent further damage. Thanks!

Dear crackberry I'm in love with you, I have never been to a site that has every single thing I want /need to know about my 8900 and might I add the selection of merchandise is nothing short of amazingly spectacular! My addiction started with crackberry with my 8320 and grew from there so it would not only b honor but also a blessing to recive an innocase for my 8900B But whatever yoy guys do please keep up the fantastic work PLEASE

I have a Bold...and being that sometimes I have to use a cane, sometimes my beautiful Bold is dropped! :( I haven't had to get it replaced YET but I fear it's a coming. I have a screen protector on it to protect it's screen etc. but feel I definitely need this added protection :)


My bold has speaker issues now that its been dropped a couple of times.. and this probably would have saved it.. But I have a Blackberry Bold and hope you guys pick me.. this site is FANTASTIC!!!


Always happy to try out new things for my Bold. Gimmie gimmie gimmie. The more of these I enter, the more chance I have of winning something.

I wrecked my car back and my Storm was sent out the window onto the highway I had Ghost armor on it at the time, but unfortunately not even that could save it. :) I've since replaced the Storm but I'm not sure which case I want to get for it, so may the 360 is a good choice...

Man I would love to win one of these for my storm. I drop it alot. I have read all the reviews and was going to order one in black, but lets see if I get lucky here.

Thanks guys....

I am new to BB, having just gotten a new Curve 8330 when I experienced my first "ah **it" moment at the absolute worse possible time.

While I was on my lunch break at work, my car broke down and overheated - not steam... it was smoking. It was 100F outside and I couldn't reach anyone who could help me. I was in a section of town where I was unfamiliar with whether there were any service stations around. While I was waiting for my car to cool off, I began making calls, Googling for a service station and a tow. I was striking out everywhere when it came to getting the information and action I needed closeby. Finally two guys pulled up to ask if I needed a jump or what type of help they could provide. I stepped out of my car and my BB fell about 4 feet and bounced on the burning concrete. I picked it up, and all I saw was the hour glass spinning and spinning. I knew this wasn't good. I was still stranded, still unable to know where to go, still hadn't reached my husband (he had turned off his phone!).

Being unfamiliar with the BBs durability to take a fall, I was in a near panic. I tried a couple of things and eventually the system booted itself back up, and I was back in action and able to resume getting myself out of this mess. Because I had synched Outlook to my BB the day before, I found an old landline number from 2001 that may possibly reach my husband inside the airport hangar. It worked!! Within 3 minutes he called me, and was on his way to rescue me. But now I know I need protection for my BB because in that one moment after the long drop and bounce, I knew if it didn't work, I really didn't know what I was going to do. I can see where my BB was my lifeline and I'd be lost without it! A Seidio Innocase 360 would be the best protection possible - all the way around!

I am currently using competitor case for my BlackBerry Bold 9000. My wife considers the case too bulky and makes my BB look way too big. But back in April when it was raining very hard, I dropped my BB into water puddles at 3 different locations. The last drop, my BB was almost totally covered in water. My eyes got huge and I know that I had a panic look on my face. I picked up my BB, it was not flooded & was working just fine. If the Seidio Innocase 360 can protect my BB as well as it competitors then I would buy it.

I'm not sure I qualify for this giveaway, but I'm looking for some great protection for the BB Curve 8350i and reading over the information given in the learn more section, it seems as if this case would be a wonderful protector for my model of Blackberry.

Great Case!
A Black Case looks awesome on my Curve 8900. ;-) And dont forget the protection Function. :D

Greets Chriz

I've got a Blackberry storm, and the thing is getting absolutely chewed up from work. A black case would defnitely help.

The worst that has happened really hasn't been too bad, just a lot of falling. Falling out of cars, falling off of decks, me falling on top of it. Either me, or this blackberry is gravitationally impaired.

i need a case for my STORM. i dropped it once & the back got scratched. doesn't look as nice any more :(

I have a Seidio that I got when I got my 83xx at VZW; but it must be the old style! It doesn't have a built in screen protector or I wouldn't have put off putting on the BSE til when I could not use it! It started to crack from a battery pull I did. (I didn't know about the cool quick pull app yet!). I was at the beach and we were leaving the grocery store and I had my Berry in my hand walking. I had just joked my bestie and we were cracking up. Next thing I knew my Berry was flying towards the door!!!! It was like slow motion! The case flew open and the BB did too! Thankfully it didn't go out! I screamed and thought nothing about my bend down to rescue it--I was in my suit with a cover up and I flashed all of the store that day my bestie said! My BB was ok and thankfully I live 3 hrs away so I don't have to see them--or them me!

Help me!

I've been looking for the right protection for my Storm. I've tried many, and have looked at the innocase. It would be awesome to have a cool manly colored one

I have a Seidio that I got when I got my 83xx at VZW; but it must be the old style! It doesn't have a built in screen protector or I wouldn't have put off putting on the BSE til when I could not use it! It started to crack from a battery pull I did. (I didn't know about the cool quick pull app yet!). I was at the beach and we were leaving the grocery store and I had my Berry in my hand walking. I had just joked my bestie and we were cracking up. Next thing I knew my Berry was flying towards the door!!!! It was like slow motion! The case flew open and the BB did too! Thankfully it didn't go out! I screamed and thought nothing about my bend down to rescue it--I was in my suit with a cover up and I flashed all of the store that day my bestie said! My BB was ok and thankfully I live 3 hrs away so I don't have to see them--or them me!

Our Blackberry's, in some ways, are like another member of our family :o) You dare not leave it home alone, you wouldn't be the same without it, you would never trust just anyone with it, and you can't wait to see it every day and get caught up on everything all over again :o)

I've had the near severe accidents but thankfully it required no "ER visits" for the device -ha! That being said, I now have a few undesirable scratches hear and there so I could still use a better level of protection than the factory belt clip I've been using (oops) and the INNOCASE 360 sounds like just what the doctor ordered!


i baby my bb to death. i am paranoid that it will get a scratch-espically on it's face. what do i do to protect it? i start with the best skins ever full body protection. that way, all surfaces that are scratchable are covered. but that's not enough. if i don't have it in the beautiful leather case that came with it, it is in my case-mate smart skin for all over coverage. some days it feels black, others silver. i have dropped my bb on more than one occasion. once completely out of the case. although i love the bse, it didn't protect the corner of my bb and now it has it's first scar. boo hoo. i have been eyeing the 360 since it came out. to me, it is the next smartest step up from the smart skin. although i love the feel of it, i would prefer the hard exterior protection while still having the soft keyboard protected as well as the screen. bravo seidio!

I reallly want to get one of these cases. My 8900 goes everywhere. While I do take care of her, knowing that its completely protected would be an ease of mind.

The worst thing to happen to my Curve 8310 was a tumble down 26 steps. The steps were carpeted but the landing was hardwood. My BB survived unscathed thanks to it's Otterbox. Now I normally would never mention a competitors product but you asked for details of the incident and the result.LOL!! I have actually been considering giving the Innocase a try after seeing a review awhile back...Maybe I will win one! :D

I have a Blackberry Storm and would love to have the Innocase for it to help protect it from this hectic life I have. Please pick me!!

Thanks for all these awesome contests you always have.

I've been pretty lucky with my BB ever since I had an old 7520 fall out of it's holster at a McDonald's. I didn't realize it until I got home, but fortunately an employee found it and called the phone number on the home screen. I've been paranoid with my BlackBerrys ever since. The biggest eyeroll I got from my wife is when I went to run home (literally) from my in laws, and I was scrounging for a zip lock bag to put my Bold into because rain was threatening. Rain no touchy! ;)