Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



I would love one of these for my Storm, as fickle as they are they need all the protection it can get!

Well what a coinky dink , my children had promised me this case for birthday which was june 14th , my birthday came and went with no case for my phone . The next day I put on a jacket and went to the park to play some handball . The jacket had metal snap buttons inside and that's where I kept my 8900 . When I finished playing handball I took my phone out to make a call and lo and behold the top of my 8900 was scratched in about 6 different places . I went home totally peeved and showed my 8900 to my children , the look on their faces said it all . I still have no case for my phone . I would love this Seidio 360 , it seems to provide total protection and had I was given the gift I was promised my phone wouldn't be scratched now . I would love a black one if I'm chosen one of the winners . Thanks

yea i dropped mine today...there is one little i really need a Seidio case...please please pretty please? i love!

Those cases look great. I have been looking something with a bit more protection for my AT&T 8310. I had purchased a cheap one and was not happy with it at all.

Chris Luce
AT&T Curve 8310

take my phone to work... construction, it can really mess up a phone. I currently use a ds lite case and zip it in there, one of these would make things much easier

I keep my Storm in my lap a lot when im in the car...hmmm, I wonder what that leads to? LOL

Now, you guys have me looking at every new case review, I am slowly deciding which to buy. Winning this Seidio case would eliminate that ;)

This would work great since i work outdoors and always bump into things that make it fall from current holster. 8330.

Yea umm I dropped my blackberry curve 8330. 9times this week and I cracked the bottom. I really need a reliable case for my 8330

Just recently I received a text message while I was walking my dog, my dog stopped to sniff a tree, so I pulled out my crackberry from my pocket and read the text. As I was reading the text, my dog saw another dog and ran as fast as she could and jerked my arm which sent my crackberry flying into the air and landed screen down on the concrete. I was heart broken, luckily I called up Verizon and they replaced it no problem.

I haven't been using anything to ensure the safety of my crackberry, I just don't answer my phone while walking the dog anymore.

I have a Blackberry Storm, and I would like the Sapphire Blue if possible. Thanks.


I had a minor crack in the external screen of my 8330 already and while on my way to meet up with friends got a little overzealous as I was driving and made a sharp turn while having a good time jammin' out to what was on the racio. Got to my friends place and was looking for my phone to call them to let them know I was there and couldn't find my phone. Got out of my car and looked between and under the seats, on the floor, EVERYWHERE! In my frustrations I decided to take a sip of the cup of Dr. Pepper I had in the cupholder and noticed a strange looking ice cube..........SURPRISE! There was my phone which had been sitting in the cup for about 5 minutes. Pulled the phone out the cup hoping it'd still work but the crack in the screen caused it to fill up with soda. I've got to admit the backlight from the white screen glowing behind the case filled with DP was a pretty cool look! Had to fork out the dough for a brand new phone though! HELP!!

I try to be careful with my BlackBerry Bold, carefully place it in my front pocket (don't like belt-attachments too much). Would love to add some extra protection!

Been very lucky so far. Have only dropped my Curve8330 once. I use a screen protector and a skin to get it from getting scratched. If anyone asks to see it the answer is always NO LOL.
If I do win I have a Curve 8330 and would like the blue case if possible.

pick me pick me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please i love my blackberry 8310 so much i do anything to keep it safe :). since i got in last Dec. i cant seem to stop trying to hook it up lol first with themes and apps and with different cases so i can keep it looking nice :) so please pick me pick me.
i have a blackberry 8310 and if i am picked i would like the all black Seidio's Innocase 360. Thanks crossing my fingers

I think the worst thing to happen to my BB was with my 8100, the one day I forgot to put a case on it and I dropped it about 3 feet off my patio table and then my dog managed to grab it before I did.. Now I have a storm, still no case but hopefully CB will give me one.. :D

my BLACKBERRY STORM would probably look pretty nice in one of these cases!!! these are some pretty slick lookin cases!

I really thaught I was a wiz at playing with my blackberry, untill that one saturday I was sitting in my apartment looking at the famous crackberry sight, when I saw a link for a new and improved OS. When i was installing the system my laptop battery shut down and my blackberry went to a white screen of death. My Blackberry was down for 2 days. I tried and tried to install the os but had no luck, just when i was about to call the warrenty company I saw a link on Crackberry that helped me out of my jam.

I will never play with OS's again.

P.S. I own a Blackberry Bold

well i for one would love one of these for my BlackBerry Storm 9530 on TELUS. i have gone through many cases and seido makes some amazing products! i think they should sell these cases in store for some people that do not know about them other than the people that visit this site. i'm always showing all my cases to my friends and recommending them too. most of them did not know of seido till i showed them when i had my curve...they bought it and fell in love with the product and well i have yet to receive a pin message saying they don't like it! i think everyone should have a seido case!! makes my device look awesome as well as protecting it as well!!! hope the winners use them and not just sell it after!!!!!!! i for one would love on free of charge and market it to my friends and tell them where they can buy on crackberry!!!!

Well I was tiling my bathroom and installing Marble on the floor when I was moving the bucket of thin set (mortar to adhere the tiles down) when I swiped the 8320 off my vanity and right into bucket Thankfully the thin set was thick and I also had the Seidio Hard case on the unit. I never moved so fast. The phone survived just fine, the shell got a nice rinse and I headed back to buy another box of marble and I smashed 5 tiles trying to rescue my phone.

I now have the Curve 8900

i loooooooove my blackberry curve 8330 so much that b4 i bought it i already had 2 cases ordered and a pack of screen protectors. i have a clear case on it now but i dropped it and it broke the corner of the case. my berry was fine but im in need of a new case. this case would be the absolute best thing to ever have!!!!!

I need a case for my new Curve 8900, and this would be perfect! :D Earlier today my niece crawled onto a table which started wobbling and my Berry was on it. Well, I rushed over to the table and grabbed my Berry just in time before the table fell. Thankfully my sister grabbed my niece in time, but that was the last thing on my mind ;)

I took my Bold to the local Annual fair. They have one rollercoaster that temporarily suspends you upside down, I never go on the rides but this year I decided would give it a go. You can guess what happens next.. While suspended upside down my Bold slipped out of my pocket and smashed on the platform below... when the ride finished the ride operator thought i was shaken from the fear of the ride... until i showed him my broken Bold.

If i had one of your Black Seidio Innocase 360, I'm sure this tragedy could have been avoided!

I have a Backberry 8900 on the AT&T network... I am interested in a black case and have read alot of good things in regards to your products and would like to review them for myself. Thanks

Ok so before I upgraded to my wonderful 8900 I had a pearl. I dropped the thing so many times that my track ball had fell out!! I didn't want a crappy loaner phone so i had to TAPE my track ball to my phone so I wouldn't lose it. Within a week or so I got a new pearl with the track ball intact. Please keep my new track ball form falling out.

I've been wanting this case for awhile now, just hasn't been in the budget : (
Maybe I'll win...

Blackberry Storm

I wouldnt mind getting one for my storm. im a busy body, always taking trips to computer stores and taking phone calls so I tend to drop my phone alot.

I would like a black innocase 360 for the blackberry storm.


a 360 for by 8900 would be sweet!

A few years ago I was walking to my car and dropped by 7200. It couldn't have hit the ground in a worse way. It hit a small but sharp rock right in the center of the screen cracking it instantly. It was very sad.

Well.. i got my shiny new blackberry 8900, just opened the box. will be cool to have it protected.

These cases look so pretty

I'm looking for a nice clean case since I got my bold... Now I know which one I want

cant count how many times a day i drop my phone! lucky to still have it and i wanna keep for a long time so a case would be nice thanks!

my phone is sexy
so why dont you text me
my 8900 needs a case
dont make my phone a disgrace
please just send me an innocase.

Wow a lot of comments, but still I'll leave mine in hopes of winning the Innocase 360 to protect my 8900!! :-)

I just got my first blackberry last week, the 8900, and I am loving it. Definitely need to get a case for it and this one looks like one of the sweeter cases on the market.

My Blackberry 8900 had a run in with my 6 month old Golden Retriever puppy!

She has learned when it plays a certain tune I always pick it up to answer it so now when she hears it she runs for the phone.

I would love to have one of the INNOCase 360 cases to give my Blackberry a little better protection until I train MaZie to be a little more gentle when she answers the phone:)

Thanks for the opportunity to enter this Great Give Away!!!!!
Sheila Sliger

I'd love to win.

I have a beloved Curve 8900. I've tried the gel which I do not like. Then, I bought a hard non rubberized case and dropped by BB twice. Then I bought the BB pouch and the lanyard broke within 10 days - not good.I'm so bummed. Oh, and I bought a bb side case which didn't fit with the gel onso I gave that to someone. I bought a bigger side case and it has no magnet so again not good. I'm all thumbs with cases and really need one.

For all I spent I should have just waited and got the 360. I have a hard rubberized case right now but I like the idea of the keyboard and screen to protect my BB since I use it a lot.

honestly before reading about this contest i had no idea what innocase was let alone an innocase 360. after following some of the learn more links i was intrigued and as any freebie offer i jumped to create an account to leave a post. id greatly appreciate a case for my BB 8900 preferablly in black but beggers cant be choosers aye?




I guess the best story of an enduring Black Berry in my ownership, would be my current: my 9530 Storm.

Although some may disagree.... my Storm has been a real champ!

I got in the first wave of being issued, and added as my first case, the bulky paperweight doorstop from VZW. Now as many of you know, not only is this case bulky.... but its pretty slick and hard to get a grip on... plus it makes a great projectile! Unfortunately I found this out first hand, when I went to pull my Storm out of my jacket pocket, and there went my Storm... from my pocket/hand, and straight in my co-worker's face (ouch!). That case only lasted a full week. After dropping it once and coming art, it was never the same. My Storm on the other hand was unscathed.

The replacement case was one of those no name cheap-o's from a kiosk in a local mall. This puppy only lasted two days, and was never abused in any way... with the exception being popped off once for a battery pull, with two of the plastic tabs breaking off.

The next case was... well not really a case, but a silicone cover from VZW. After one full day of being a major pocket lint gather... that puppy went back.

Soon after I decided to give the new Body Glove a shot. Yet another great case. Anything that can survive my two year old son's onslaught deserves it's kudos. My issue with this puppy was the inability to take it off! The darn thing was virtually glued together. After a lot of prying and grunting, I finally got the bloody thing off. I liked the case, but it started to develop a bunch of grit and dust inside the case and I wanted to clean my Storm.

And finally my current case.. Incipio's Feather. By far the best case that I've come across for the Storm hands down (as far as size and appearance are concerned). But even as nice as the Feather is, I'd still like to find a case that gives full coverage and protection. After seeing Sedio's new offering, I'm rather intrigued. I'd like to get the black one (but if they ever came out with a Sublime Green...).

But as far as cases go.. hopefully Sedio's 360 will fit the bill. ;)

I have gone through 3 cases since getting my 8900 back in February.... Its only June! My husband has threatened to take my phone if i drop it again. so for now it lives in my pocket. Please help me keep my addiction alive.

It would be great to win one of these. Ive been needing a protector. Thanks for the opportunity for such great prizes!

I had just gotten an 8310( 2 years ago) as a gift to myself and only had it for a short time. I went to Africa to visit my in-laws and we were robbed while gone. My blackberry was stolen! I'd had it long enough to go through withdraws ( it was the worst week of my life) I had gotten the phone before they would let you insure BB's because of the SIM card transfer so I shelled out 300 bucks for another one! Same make and model.

I called ATT customer service and argued with them to insure my replacement phone! I talked with supervisor after supervisor and finally they let me insure it! Never again will I be caught without insurance.

I recently upgraded to an 8900 through your website and am really happy with the phone! To this day it was the best 450 bucks I ever spent (300 to replace, 150 for the initial eventually stolen phone.) I'm a crackberry head!

P.S. If I win, I like rose pink! :o)

i work for a concrete company no matter what i do my bold always gets concrete on it somehow even if i keep it in my pocket nothing works maybe this case will keep my bold concrete free

New to blackberry, and love it. I have a Curve 8330 now, but cant wait to by the Tour as soon as it comes to Verizon.....

It would be awesome to have this case for free because I've been eyeing it already!

I have a Blackberry Bold
And I would love a Black case!

Ever the optimist, I'm posting in hopes of being one of the lucky 25, especially as it would look SO good on my Curve 8900!

Thanks -- and fingers crossed,

I have the Innocase II for my storm now and love the product. This could only be an improvement.

I would love to be one of the winners to receive the 360 case. I have a BB curve 8900 and recently it was thrown out of a moving car on the freeway due to jealousy. It was thrown out the window because i was texting while my boyfriend was trying to give me the im sorry, will never happen again speech.

While my phone was in the motion of being thrown out the window. My jealous BF hits a freaking car while he's driving MY CAR!!! he was too busy trying to keep me from grabbing for my phone; he wasnt paying attention to the road..smh (getting upset thinking about it) >:(

LONG STORY SHORT. I went back up to the freeway with my mom, dad and a flash light and i searched the bushes for 2hrs(no lie).. that phone was my life (pictures, important #'s, calendar info, memos etc) just as i was giving up my dad says "i guess luck is on your side, here's your phone!"

AND guess what my phone was completely fine, no water damage, no broken screen, NOTHING!! since that day i never let my phone out my sight .. OH and i broke up with my now "X" for coming between me and my BaBy aka BlackBerry

Im hoping and wishing to win this giveaway, it would be the best graduation gift for my BB. CSULA C/O 09
thanks :)

I have dropped my Curve so many times the poor thing looks like it came back from Iraq under attack the whole way. I got my storm and the first day I took it out of the holster and dropped the damn thing in the parking lot. Thankfully it took the hit just a bit in the corner and landed face up.

I use my Storm at the gym as well for Slacker Pro music and well it has taken a few trips off of the treadmill ledge onto the belt only to get flung 3-4 feet behind me. I have to say it is a pretty tough device but just how much can it take??

I'd certainly be lost without my storm, as it allows me to have my e-mail, sms, Slacker Pro music and the all important phone since my wife and I have decided to start a family.

I've been looking at the Seidio Innocase 360 for the storm but being out of work since February and really put a strain on things as well.

Anyhow, my Storm is my life line to the world.

Thank you for the consideration.


Andrew (AKA whitewolf)

I've been going through cheap quality cases left and right although they were supposed to be good quality (Good namebrands just cheap products) My last case was the Incipio feather...I ordered black but was sent a white one. I tried it on to see how good the fitment was before attempting to send it back and I dropped it and it cracked....which meant they weren't going to accept it and I didn't wanna be dishonest and say that it came that way so I just kept it.

I would like to win a black one for my Storm.

Ugh, I was in Vegas for a Stag and we were cough with peelers. I was getting a lap dance and she kept boucning on my lap. Pretty sure my phone hasn't been the same since that dance! I need a Seido Innocase 360 for my Storm!

My Storm would love a black or sapphire case! You guys are awesome! My story is about my previous phone. I had put my brand new phone in my pocket when I went outside to weed whack my yard. After a while I realized I no longer had my phone in my pocket and I began looking. I ended up finding it laying in my gravel driveway. Apparently it had fallen out of my pocket, got weed whacked, and knocked into the driveway. All of this before I invested in a case! If this happened to my Storm I would probably cry! So, you see, my Storm could use the protection from .. me! Lol!

I recently added $100 to the cost of my Bold by dropping it. Even thought I shelled out for the extended warranty, that did not cover accidental damage. The result is that the charger connection no longer works. The remedy was to buy a second battery with out-of-phone charger. It would have been better to have an Innocase!

My 2 year old loves flicking through pictures on my BB Storm. So one day when I handed it to him in the back seat of my car. Oh yeah the windows were down. I then heard something hit the back of the car and looked at him to see that he didnt have my BB in his hands. I slammed on the brakes and looked for my Storm for about 5 minutes. I found it on the side of the road in the grass. My clear Seidio case was not on it anymore. Just a couple scratches on my phone but the Seidio clear hard case saved my phone from greater damage. I sure could use this one that you are giving away since I havent replaced my other one yet.

Blackberry Storm owner

I would greatly appreciate this case, I've been desperately wanting one since they first came out. I currently been laid off and its been difficult to pay the bills let alone buy things I want. I try to take very good care of my bb storm but all of a sudden the send key is loose and something sounds loose from dropping it one day. I am very anal about my phone considering this is my first smartphone but its by far the best phone i've ever had. In a way I cherish it, its like my mobile computer. anyway this would be an extravagant gift and i would be incredibly appreciated. Sorry for the long comment and sounding desperate lol. I just want to protect this amazing gadget. Thanks.

This product looks amazing! i work construction and i have to keep buying new housings! I would love to get one of these.

So I work in the printing business doing mechanic work. All day long I bustle around the shop fabricating and moving large and heavy parts to be used be for the presses. So one fateful day me and my blackberry 8350i, i love to be able to beep my people in the industry ;), were at work doing the usual business when all of the sudden I realized that it was no longer in my pocket. So I immediately look around to see where it had fallen. Fortunately it survived the fall from the seat of the forklift. Unfortunately it did not survive me backing up over it (oops!) Luckily I had the insurance offered through Sprint and they hooked me up with a new device. I don't really think that a case would have saved me in that situation and I still haven't purchased one. But I thought that I would share my story anyway just in case anyone needed a good laugh.

Although my Storm already sports a black Seidio innocase II, it would be nice to have the full face protection.

please! please! please! my 8900 has wearing a case-mate smart skin with a best skin ever underneath but my bb deserves better protection.

I need one of these for my storm!

The worst thing that has happened so far was my storm falling onto a treadmill belt and flying off the back. Luckily it was okay, but I sure could use one of these cases in case it would happen again!

My 8900 is in needs of a good case. Some of the silver bezel is starting to chip away on the front & on the back. I need the best looking & best protection in a Blackberry case. Hope you can throw one my way. Thanx in advance. Love the site.

This would come in very handy to protect my "Storm" from nicks, dings and dust that happen while on the job. Thanks in advance and good luck to all.

I had a BB PEARL and I was in the Dominican Republic on vacation. I was taking a boat around the resort to buy my wife a t-shirt from a local shop on the beach when myphone dropped into the ocean, we where not going fast just tooling around. I got the guy to stop and I jumped in after it. maybe I was stupid to do so but i did and was lucky enough to grab it as it was going to be bottom treasure for some shark. I was so bummed out that i took it to my hotel room and used my hair dryer on it. I dried it out completly and no dice. The phone was now a paper weight. I had all my contacts in it and my calendar info; boy was I lost. This phone was my personal assistant. I am not proud to share this but I cried. I had an awesome trip and when I got home I used an old nokia phone I had and waited for the STORM to come out, now I have the STORM and love it more than my wife; just kidding. Now I have fond memories of my Carribean trip and swimming with the fishes to get my PEARL back. If this is selected I have a STORM and would like a Black case.

I have been looking for a good case for my 8330 curve. Would love to be one of the lucky winners for one of these. Crackberry is the bomb!!!

my storm has gone through a lot since ive had it. I have dropped it several times and that has resulted in many scratches on it. I bought a cheap case for it for now but i don't think its much better. I do however think a new Seidio Innocase 360 would be perfect for my Storm not only for functionality but for looks too. My Storm did survive all the drops but it kills me everytime it happens. A black case for my Storm would be perfect.

O.k this time will be the one.. LOL

I am using the 9530 Blackberry Storm and it would look great dressed up in a sapphire.

After further investigation - this really has to be one of the best cases for the blackberry in regards to oil and dust protection. Contest or no contest I am placing an order for one.

I haven't had a bad experience yet in dropping my phones and have not had to replace a Blackberry. Of course, now I have just cursed both of my Blackberry's.

The only thing that will protect my Blackberry Storm and my Blackberry Bold from this curse is Seidio!

I need this more than ever.. i drop my bold accidentally at least 5 times a week! Argh.

Device: Blackberry Bold 9000

Please please please please please please please...I really really really really need a case and this one looks like just what I need! Thank you for doing this! Marie

I had the hard case from Verizon 20 or so dollars, told the guy it would not last past one drop. However, he assured me it would. One night out and sure enough it fell and cracked and the blackberry flew out and got scratched, brand new phone brand new scratch. Please, don't let this happen to me again.
Storm Case Please

i have a blackberry storm and i'm a trucker, so neadless to say it goes everywhere with me. I love my storm, i have dropped it from the cab of my truck (pavement is not very good for the phone) luckly it didnt break (phew). from now on i keep it on a very short leash and keep a good hold on it, lol.

...I would get a case for my 9530. I'm tired of the plastic on the top and bottom getting scuffed and I think this would both protect it and cover the existing scratches nicely.d

I have a Blackberry Curve 8900. I almost bought a case tonight at BestBuy but didn't have the money - would love to get one of these really cool innocase 360's for my curve 8900.

Pick me! :)

it currently survives the use of a 2 year old girl who loves the tonePad app and the teslaBerry app. the screen protector would be perfect. also it looks better than my 5 dollar case i got off of ebay =)

I have a BB Curve 8330, I've dropped it so many times until the screen cracked right up the left side. I can easily go out and get another BB but I love it so much and I can't go one day without my crack!...berry! :)

while waiting for seidio and/or otterbox to come up with an all around full faced solution to protect my 9530 Storm, I bought the seidio spring clip holster in combination with phantom skinz. One day, when nature called, I was running to answer, all of a sudden, my hip got a lot lighter, it was my Storm plummeting to the ground. I turned around, picked it up and found a storm with a deep gash on the silver bezel. I was disgusted, its beauty was scarred. Phantomskin, your comercials are a LIE, P.O.S., maybe a little scratch from a dull knife, but it was no match for actual concrete. I ordered a black bezel(which had to come from china). When it finally came, I could imagine how sick the storm was going to look all blacked out, little did I know it isnt for the faint of heart. I had the about 70% torn down, then it came to the mute/lock rocker on top. I released the locking tabs, then pulled ever so slowly to remove the plastic piece. All of a sudden, it came off, but still attached was half of a flex cable. No more lockable or mutable storm for me. Now if only I had the 360, there would have been no scratches, no bezel replacement attempt, and no heartache.

i lost my BlackBerry virginity with my Pearl 8130... after a month with it i dropped it in my car and my trackball came out and was slammed in the car door... the ball was ruined.. now i have a Storm 9530... i need to keep this one alive and all i need is a case to ensure that

My storm can really use on of this guys!!!!
My storm can really use on of this guys!!!!
My storm can really use on of this guys!!!!

I'll take one... finally I think they have gotten it right with this one. I had their earlier case for my storm and it kept falling off in my pocket.

I have a BB Storm

I would love to try the innocase for my blackberry storm. i have tried different cases and just can't find one to work for it. i have tried a silicone case, a pouch case, and the overrated otterbox. none of which seem to do the job. i used the silicone case with the pouch case and it is not very practical. the first otterbox i got wouldn't allow full functionality of the screen, they did a redesign and sent it out...i do have full screen functionality with it but when i do have to take the case off to clean the back of the actually blackberry comes off with it usually pulling out the battery causing a reset situation. i have been very unsatisfied and would love to try out the new innocase. i would be willing to endorse this case in any way possible to get the word out on its usefullness. thank you for considering me.

eric m higham

yea i would love to have myself one of these cases
thnxs for giving us these giveaways and the people who make em =]

I drop my phone so much.. every day.. atleast 2 times.. I NEED This.. lol.. so dis respectful to my blackberry.. IM SORRY mr blackberry.. please forgive

Wooo! 25 in 1256, I LIKE THOSE ODDS!!

well, since I have a storm I guess it's like 5 in 1256.... still not bad.

I also failed statistics....

My First Bold was dropped from 23 floors off a building accidentally, it was in my front pocket and i looked over the balcony and viola' gone. I freaked out. Next Bold I had was so dinged up and scratched up becuase I always kept my bold on the armrest of my car and whenever I opened the door to get out it always hit the hard pavement . nevertheless i never keep it on the armrest anymore. Third and final bold the one i have now, I have a black blackberry skin that i use for protection. I feel like i need more. So please please please let me win the seidio innocase 360, I wanna give it a try, I think this might be the last case i get. I love your other products such as the extended battery.
thanks Mike

Pretty please for my 8900. These are such great cases and I have been looking at trading in my stock leather holder. C'mon Seidio.

I had the worst this happen to my while I was at work. I was cutting wood spikes with a circular saw. I had already cut about 60 or so stakes when i got to this thick piece of wood. I could tell from the get go that this was going to be harder to cut especially since my saw blade was getting dull. As I was cutting it the saw recoiled and shot back up my leg cutting open the top of my leg. Fortunately for me I had my blackberry bold in my pocket because after I went to the hospital and took out my phone my case had been cut through but it stopped the saw right before it got to my phone. I believe it also helped slow down the saw and stopped it from cutting me any deeper. In the end I got 30 stitches and ended up having to get a new case, but my bold was saved, my leg healed but my bold wouldnt have so Im happy! This is why I need a Innocase 360 for my bold!

id definitely love to pimp out my phone with this awesome looking case! i got a blackberry bold and a black case would be awesome!!

Hi my name is Curve 8330 and that's how many times my owner dropped me. He uses and abuses me.I called the blackberry help line and they couldn't help. So I saw this post for a free 360 and thought this is what I need.Please,Please help me. Sincerly beaten and batter Curve.