Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



taking photos out of of helicopter in the middle of the bering sea with sliding door open equals phone at the bottom of the bering sea!!Safe to say it did not survive. Now it does go in the helicopter, and I will do whatever it takes to protect the new phone, insurance claims are killing me.

Bold 9000

i was extremely disappointed at first with my blackberry storm because my first storm was a lemon had to send it back second storm was also a lemon had to send it back got the new one that was a lemon had to send it back, but finally the replacement storm i have now works flawlessly and i just want to protect it at all costs and ive done the research the innocase is the best case to do that so i would be more then ecstatic to hear i could get one for free

My son and daughter-in-law turned me on to smartphones in 01/2009, while they have the Palm I opted for the Blackberry and I flaunt it everyday. I thank them often for turning me on to my smartphone. My Curve is my life line next to God. I don't go anywhere without it. It rules. If I had been born with a third arm my Blackberry would be surgically attached, that's just how close we are. I am so careful with it, I was literally un-glued the day that it dropped out of my lap when I was exiting my car. It was like when my first child fell off of their bike, I screamed, jumped out ran over to it, cuddled it checked out any nicks found out it was okay and learned from my mistakes. When it rains I will do anything to shield my BB from the weather. If caught in the rain without warning, I will get me a piece of plastic (plastic bag, plastic newspaper bag, whatever is available) and wrap my BB and place it under my garments, next to my skin. We are so close, we are the best of buds. It does everything for me. If I can't get to my pc, ask me do I care. No cause I have my BB. It's me and my BB, best of friends. Love me some BB Curve 8330!

I would love to win this product, I've been looking at them and thinking about ordering...maybe I won't have to now.

So I recently upgraded from a Samsung Behold to the Blackberry 8900. I had an older model of the BB not long ago and thought I'd love the touch screen. I couldn't have been more wrong. I changed services just to get the 8900 and I love it more than anything! It's been the best phone I've ever had. The last one I had a hard plastic case, and a screen protector on it. It worked alright but it was so bulky. I'd absolutely love to try out the new innocase 360. I protect my phone like its the most precious thing in my life. Not one scratch on it and I don't want it to ever have one!!!!!

The worst thing that has happened to my storm was dropping it. I was riding my bike and running my dog, the dog all of sudden stopped, bike flipped and storm went flying. Of course this was right after I got the storm, it's been scratched every since I've had it. Please give me a case for my storm. Now I treat my storm like it's the only storm in the world.

I have a bold and would really like a black case for my phone! They look cool and think would give some extra protection!

I used to have an 8330 when it first came out. I let my kid play a game on it... We see where this is going. Needless to say a blackberry isn't cheap. I had to sell my kid to get a new 8330. Man I miss her... Oh well, a new case would be nice, that would save me some money and then I can finally buy my kid back.

So I was just talking about getting a cover for my 8330 curve that night when we were out for dinner. I leave the house and walk to my car that's parked on a busy street beacuse my driveway is blocked and drop my phone. I not only drop my phone but the back comes off and the battery falls out...I look down to discover its all under my car!
I VERY VERY carefully bend down reach under car and find the back but nothing else, so I check behind and in front of tires and find nothing so get in car close my eyes and pray as I inch car forward that I don't hear a crush.
I was lucky this time...but I soo need a black or blue case!!!!!!!!!

My Bold fell out of my hands at the top of the stairs - and headed down! I was able to swat it with my hand to stop the fall and went sideways onto the wall. It survived but one of these in black would be awesome!

With all the hazards (working in a kitchen, working in the rain, dusty areas, etc) my Storm has seen, it needs some protective lovin. My Storm would be thankful!

Hook it up for my naked bold!!

I once had my hoodie on and was walking my dog. My Bold was in my hoodie pocket. All of a sudden my Siberian husky sees an attractive woman and wants to go play with her and pulls really hard. As he does this my phone flies out of my pocket and lands on the pavement and scrapes across and hits a curb. The battery cover and battery came off. I proceed to go to the woman to say hey and make some small talk. I then come back and pick up my phone and notice all of the scrapes. I proceed to notice that it is also wet. So, I wait several hours and put it back together. Luckily it worked but the phone is definitely scraped. Also, to top it off I have never seen that women again.

Well I just got a blackerry 8900 its a best phone I've had nothing happend to it yet cause I take care of it like a child because the phone get addictive and I love it so I'd like this case to protect it from harm and danger ...dust and grime and dents the real danger I love my new blackberry

I have a Storm and I climb buildings in my job. The worst thing that happened is that it fell out of my pocket from the second floor. Luckily, it landed on the grass and it survived. I have just a neoprene case for it, and I definitely need something better. A black Innocase would be perfect. Thanks.

I've been through 3 cases since I've had my Storm. I can't seem to find any that are durable and are a joy while using my BB..but then again I never got a SEIDIO.

My Blackberry Curve 8900 would greatly appreciate it if it was a winner of this awesome giveaway. PLEASE OH PLEASE!!! (I would greatly appreciate it too!@#$)

Fantastic! ...I'm in for my Blackberry Curve 8330 and would love the color black.
Thank you Seidio.

My Blackberry Curve 8320 had been in a clear, hard, plastic case from the day I bought it. Unfortunately that case was bulky and the phone wouldn't fit into the OEM leather pouch anymore. I purchased a Zagg Invisible Shield for my Blackberry and installed it immediately when it came in. I continued to use my Blackberry in the plastic case for about a week after installing the IS before I decided to finally take it out. The day I stopped using the case, my Blackberry was sitting on the coffee table in the living room while a friend was over. My friend was talking very animatedly; he ended up swiping his hands across the table and flung my Blackberry across the room where it hit the wall pretty hard. Luckily it survived without any damage done. Now whenever anyone is over, my Blackberry is securely in my hand where no harm can come to it, and when that certain friend is over I put it back in the clear case and as far away from him as possible.

I would love a black Innocase 360 for my Storm 9530. I have not damaged it yet and hope not to. So, pick me to win one of these and I won't have to worry. :)

When I got my phone I left all the plastics on it and already had a rubber cover that I bought at the sprint store while I was waiting for my Curve in the mail. I left the plastics on until the other day and got a huge scratch on my screen. My current cover stinks and didnt help. My wife had to get a replacement for problems she was having so I peeled her screen off and put my damaged one on it before she went in for her repair so I have to win a blue case so I dont get a scratch on my new screen =)

Our Storms are the oxygen our family breathes. With out them we would be in chaos. Please help us keep our assets protected with your help Seidio!!!

Thanks, Pair_of_freakberrys

Blackberry Storm Users

very nice. Black for my Bold would be suh-weet :-)

i love my Papa Bear (my 8300) is with me 24/ looking the best case for long time...i have a case but the bb look too "bulky"...hopefully my issues gone with a really good case...SEIDIO!

1 - Regular Screen Protector: $10
2 - Body Guardz Protective Skin: $25
3 - Mirror Finish Screen Protector: $15
4 - Custom Skin from DecalGirl: $35
5 - Gunmetal Colored Blackberry Silicone: $15

perfect $100 spent on protecting my Blackberry Storm 9530.
i never intended to protect my phone THIS MUCH, but it was mainly vanity purposes. about 5 weeks ago or so, i got bored of having all this extra stuff on my phone itself, so i cut it down to just the screen protector and the silicone case. the day that i took off all the extra stuff is the day i dropped my phone down a flight of steps in my apartment into a puddle of water. it sucks because i've always told every one to be careful with their phones, water damage is not fun, yada yada yada. and then im the one who ends up dropping his phone and getting it into water. the screen was cracked, some parts of it chipped off, the top piece with the hidden mute key and the lock button fell somewhat off, not completely, the memory card is no where to be found, so it's safe to say that phone was completely dead. although i did have insurance, i did an insurance claim, and got a pretty janky bb storm in the mail through verizon in this little white box that looks like it should have had perfume in it, but this one's screen wasn't as clicky as mine. not fun! i figured whatever i would get from them would just get worse and worse, so i just decided to suck it up and but a new storm out right. it cost me 450, and it pissed me off because i noticed that a few weeks later, verizon came out with a $70 mail in rebate for the Storm. all is well it ends well. maybe if i had a 360 case, it wouldn't have been so rough

these look pretty cool and seem just as good as the otter box with less bulk. But will it protect your phone from a 2 year old pretending its a drum? I've lost one berry to that so far...but that gave me to opportunity to convince the wife I needed the 9530 so all was not lost!

Cases. Thtey protect the phones and they feel great still when you type on the keyboard. I would love another one for my husband.

Hi i had 3 boken fingers when my babyboy placed my storm under the tire of my wife's car and i tried to pull it out when the car was backing out.the phone got a minor scratch but it survived hey i'm not able to text that good but at least my phone still works.

I bought my blackberry the day it came out for T-Mobile, the same day i left it on top of my car and it was ran over by an other driver... needless to say i went out my phone for a week beofore i got another one... I really need this case

i am sure it will protct my BB 8130 PEARL from the ill-effects of rain and moisture from the hand and also
protect from getting scratches.

How much dust will get under the screen for my Storm 9530. I would also like the Black one would go great with my blacked out Storm.

Ok not that kind of protection! lol. But for my Bold. I have the silicon case and I put my Bold in my purse. My biggest fear is when I take my Bold out, one of these days it might get caught on something and I'll end up dropping it. I had my Bold in my car seat. Traffic came to a sudden stop and I slammed on m breaks and my Bold when flying. I almost had a heart attack! Luckily it was ok. So I could really use a Seidio Innocase!

The worst thing that I had happen to my Blackberry Curve 8310 is that it fell in the toilet at a T.G.I Fridays restaurant. It was embarrassing and my friend was right there with me. My dad ended up having to blow dry it and that didnt work. My blackberry was destroyed. Now I take precautions to not take my cell phone near a toilet because I remember what happened before.

My speck case split open earlier today, and I would appreciate an improvement in protection technology.

8900 case in black please if im a lucky winner.

I swear I'm a blond some times. I droped my pearl in the lake off the boat. That sucked hard core. Went out and bought a storm. It's got some dings from the pavement. I'm hard on my BB, gotta get me some protection for it....

well i dont really have a story or had anything bad happen to my blackberry i only got it 2 weeks ago but then again you never know what might happen. i ended up buying a very cheap immitation for the time being until i can save to buy an INNOCASE for my Blackberry 8900.

im kind of a freak about any kind of damage to my phone so this would be a perfect solution for me. im hoping this story will end with my Blackberry 8900 in pristine condition covered with the ultimate protection of a BLACK INNOCASE 360!


Would love to win a great case for my blackberry.. I work in the alarm biz and protection on my phone is a MUST..

It would be great to get a case for my Storm. I've never won anything on, maybe this will be my lucky chance.

Pink, Black or Saphire would be nice :)

I am a police officer. I had my first blackberry run over by a tow truck. I had it in a case, however, it was no match for the weight of the tow truck. I now make sure to keep my blackberry Storm in my patrol car while working an accident scene.

Blackberry 8900...Hopefully i win this. i tried in every contest but failed. this will make my blackberry complete.

I had my Storm set up on my road bike (bicycle) and was riding with my brother on his new bike.... I had a mount set up on the handle riser that held the phone in a secure manner (or so I thought). I hit some rough pavement joints at about 25 MPH and saw the phone bounce out of it's holder and go skidding down the road... My first thought was "This isn't going to be pretty, thank God for Assurion!" However, the cheap silicon case did it's job and the phone survived it's unexspected voyage none the worse for wear! It did take a couple of battery pull resets to get everything working, but isn't that normal for a storm anyway!??? LOL
The case survived and the phone survived, but now I truely value the protection that a good case can offer!

I just dropped my Daddy's Storm, again. This would be a very nice Fathers Day gift from and (myself) wink wink. He really needs this case so that i can continue to play with his Storm. Thank you

I love my blackberry so much...i change the case everyday to find the one that I like the most....the people at the kiosk and the VZW stores probably hate me because I am always exchanging and buying new cases to protect my storm! I have a silicon case inside a leather case!! I need a case that will be the end all! My seidio case for my world was awesome and I still have it on it..I have a fear of dropping and losing my BB so I ensure I have plenty of cases in case one of them gets ripped or broken...i have tried clear case, silicon, leather, otter box, incipio, kiosk cases, body glove..none of them work! Please hook it up once and for all!!!

All the best...Matt C.

P.s. I am a dude so I like black and blue..
just in "case"! thanks!!

I used to own a blackberry 8320 curve, and because i liked the phone so much i decided to not get a protective case for at first. I'll tell you I must have dropped that phone more times than I should, when I look back i guess it was due to the amount of time that I kept wanting look at the thing. So did end up buy myself a otter box case for the my phone after i got the insurance replacement. But know I've upgraded to the 8900 curve with Tmobile and i have been looking around for a better case. But when ever i go into the T-Mobile store i've noticed they don't carry any of the seidio items. so please send me something for my 8900 curve

man I'd really love to win this for my Storm, I drop it at least once a day minimum, it drives me crazy i really need a good case.

I've got an 8330 (Curve) and the poor thing is in danger every day from being sunk like a submarine, baked in the oven, flown like an aeroplane, or just plain shmushed--and that's all on a good day with two toddlers. My poor phone is well loved by every member of my family--and in equal measure needs protection from all of us as well!

I have 2 year old twins who love to use my storm as a Frisbee. Innocase is a must have. Its like the Rino liner for your pickup, but for tech heads.

I was eating my dinner when my 8900 vibrated.. I picked it up as normal but dropped it into my dinner, that night I chose to have Gravy with my meal, there was no kitchen roll open so I had to LICK the gravy off my blackberry before it seeped into the gaps. Luckily it was fine, I dismantled it and cleaned it all religiously, works perfectly fine.

Mmmm gravy..
I just hope I don't drop it in the toilet next.. I won't be licking it then <.<

Sure would like to win a free case. This is the one I have decided on but can't figure a way to get it without the wife complaining about me spending money

I recently tore my skin for my Storm and ordered a new one from the crackberry store. The Innocase is a much higher quality case and I would love to have one!

I was working for a Japanese company in my city. Japanese are on time people. A second off the clock is late. A minute is really a bad point in your record. So, on one Monday morning, the traffic was bad for some reason. Time was definitely not on my side. I opted to get out of the taxi and just run my way to the office - about 3 block away where I was. Not a bad idea I thought if it will save me from a bad impression. So I ran and tried to be like Dash in The Invincibles. Getting through the first block was ok. Just had to catch my breath for a minute when I was in the second block. Then, I went back to getting my legs working like a BMW. Of course, all I can manage to get is just a few meters per second. Nonetheless I got through the second block well and ok. With 5 minutes to beat the time in the last block, I thought "ok, i can take it easy from here". So I just took a brisk walk, no more running. I thought it would be better that i take my time walking and fix myself as I neared the office.My thoughts were on getting myself fixed and ready for work while walking. As I was a few feet from the office, I waved at the guard, and checked my 8100 Pearl if I had any message, or any call that I missed, and the time. Now time was on my side, with 2 minutes before work starts -- just enough to get up a few stairsteps and punch in. And just as I was gonna get my berry back to my shirtpocket, a co-worker who was also trying to beat the time came zooming past me accidentally hitting the left side of my body. The force was enough to get me off balance and to send my beloved pearl taking some air. Make that a lot of air. My pearl flew about 4 meters where I was and made a perfect landing on the right foot of the guard. It bounced off and hit the gutter, and slid to a few feet more hitting the building wall. Thankfully, it remained in one whole piece with just scratches on the back cover and on the top part. It was a cardiac moment. It took me several days to get over that scary moment. I almost lost my BlackBerry, my other woman. Now, I made it a promise not to put my BlackBerry in my shirtpocket. It is safely tucked in its holster, in my bag, and only get it out in places where I am in a secure and safe position. By far, no more incidences of flying or close-calls in getting my BlackBerry Pearl damaged or broken. My brother in law, who promised to give me a case as a gift, still has not sent me any. So here I am on my knees hoping that this entry be picked for the love of my BlackBerry Pearl 8100. You should see it. It's a very lovely and dashing device. Sapphire Blue would just be perfect for my dear Pearl 8100 device.

No horror stories yet... But I work in a factory setting, so i'm sure there is one just around the corner. Blackberry storm, black case.

The Innocase 360 should really be called the Ineverycase 360 because it beats every case in every way. It truly is the best. I have one but could use another for my 8900 in a different color. Blue please.

I haven't had a case on my 8900 since i got it in April.. the poor thing.. bumped and bruised from a few tumbles.. i carry a big enough purse, but i can't put the phone in there! with brushes and various other hard surfaces! So i carry it.. but i also carry keys and glasses and papers and everything else.. sometimes, something's gotta give!

A few war wounds here and there.. but still holding strong!

I drop my curve 8330 at least once everyday. I already have a seidio case on my berry and I send up a thank you everytime it drops cuz nothing usually happens to it. I hate the way the screen gets dirty after every call. The Innocase 360 would be a dream.

I just got my first Blackberry...the 8900. This is the best mobile device I have ever owned! I have gone to great lengths to protect this investment...I have included this on my homeowners insurance policy!!!

The cases look absolutely fantastic! I would love to have a case like this to really get me off to the right start.

If I do not win a case I WILL purchase one. Period. The reviews were awesome. Good going on a well thought out device folks!

The worst thing that has happened to my Bold was one day I met up with a friend for a coffee and left my phone on the hood of my car after answering a call.
Then I left forgetting that it was still on the hood so then I started driving and did not notice it till it flew up my windshield and over my car as fast as it was going I knew it could not have survived.
So I stopped the car on the shoulder to run back and pick it up from were it dropped (just for parts for my sister) when to my surprise the battery came out the rubber case was at another place and I had only 2 cracks one at the top then one at the bottom. I then went back to the car and put it together when bam it works so till this day it stills works but looks real ugly so if I win this contest then I will buy a new Bold as I love that phone!

I didn't get to read the blog because I was so excited about winning one!

I dropped my phone pretty bad today for the FIRST TIME EVER! Manage to come out with just a little ding but if I had the case, not even KING KAMEHAMEHA could capture this phone!



Blackberry 8900!

The worst thing that has ever happened to my BlackBerry was... I dropped it in a gallon of silver rust paint. The good part is that it looked really cool. Imagine a fully chromed out Pearl. Ya, I know. I frantically wiped it off with a rag and it STILL WORKED!...for about half an hour. Then the paint I couldn't wipe out of the keyboard and behind the trackball dried. Surprisingly, it was semi-functional (the screen would turn on, no navigation and the odd key would work) for the rest of the day until the battery died. Then it was time to charge it up and try a backup. Sadly, the mini-usb port was beyond help. Needless to say, I cried myself to sleep for about a week.

Ok, ok, that was all a lie. Except for the crying myself to sleep for a week part. But that was for an entirely different reason. I will not share here.

Honestly, I am a total freak about taking care of my precious BB. I did have a Pearl and now I have an 8900 powerhouse. I started with a silicone skin and now I have Clear Protector (clear armor for all over also used to protect helicopter blades from flying debris. Overkill? I think not.) paired with a genuine BB leather swivel holster. I have been looking at Seidio cases for a while and when I first saw the Innocase 360 (here on CB), I knew it would provide the ultimate protection for my blessed Berry. I heckled the staff about when they would get them for the 8900. Then they got them and I realized (with the help of my beautiful wife) I was too poor. I would love this case to protect my Javelin as I am actually a painter.


After a lot of begging and weeks of chores, I finally got my BlackBerry Storm in January. I didn't buy insurance on it because I knew that I would do anything to take care of it,..... but unfortunately, one day I woke up to see my Storm filled with the bubbles soap my sister had won from her class the day before. She didn't tell me what had happened and when I did, I was furious. Although I did not have insurance on the Storm, after talking with a sympathetic Verizon customer support representative, I got a refurbished Storm for $50 (which was better than the $599 replacement cost). I have since then become paranoid about my phone and won't let a piece of dust fall into my phone, but I am having a tough time doing so. I have gone as far as to put my Storm into a plastic baggy and sealing it up to keep the dust out. I did invest in a $4 silicone cover for the Storm, but its not protecting it from scratches or the dreaded dust. What lengths would I go to protect my "CrackBerry"?... Well, considering it's the most expensive phone I've ever had, I have (very) limited funds and I am surrounded by careless siblings, I would probably use my duct tape talents to make a scratch resistant holder with a cut-out hole covered with clear vinyl for the screen to protect my phone... Yeah, sadly that's what I'm rocking right now. But a Seidio Innocase sounds a heck of a lot better :)

i have an 8900. i have yet to drop it, and i think having this will definitely protect it if i ever do!! i would prefer blue, but whatever color will dO :) Thanks!

Would love to show one off on my Storm. I have dropped my Storm several times and have been lucky to get my foot under it most of the time.
I almost had a heart attack the day I dropped it down the stairs. Fortunately, it survived my clumsiness.

I always been looking for the base case for my Storm. I have the Seidio innocase hybrid and holster combo. And would love to have the innocase 360. I will even do a full review of it at crackberry. Promise.


I would love to have a Seidio's Innocase 360 for my storm, it sure would make things a little bit easier. My storm has had a couple of interesting falls.

I'd love to wrap one of those cases around my Blackberry Curve.

8330 Curve
Black case if a winner.


This would be sweet to get a blue one. I just lost my job and cant afford to buy things like this even though I need one for my BlackBerry Storm. looks like a really cool case...GIMME GIMME GIMME GIMME...PLEASE

Wednesday 23 November 2008, I had had my new Blackberry Storm less than a week and was looking forward to spending the Thanksgiving holiday learning the ins and outs of my new phone. I just had to survive one more day at the office. As usual, I was running late and overladen with my keys, smart phone, coffee mug, briefcase, etc. So I threw a few items on the roof of my car to free up one of my hands and unceremoniously threw all my "junk" in the back seat.

Leaping into the driver's seat, I hit the garage door opener and checked my mirrors. It took only a moment to see that Mother Nature was in a foul mood. It only rains two or three days out of the year in Las Vegas. This was one of those days. Cloudy, windy, cold, and a torrential downpour, I cursed my luck. After all, I had just had my car detailed. What a waste.

Since I was running late, I drove a little faster on my 30 mile trek around the Clark County beltway (215). Despite the weather and reduced visibility, I decided to be dangerous and try operating my phone while driving. Much to my dismay, my hand slipped into an empty pocket. My precious Blackberry Storm wasn't there. I cursed out loud, angry with myself. I was always forgetting things at home, wallet, ID, money, etc. Today of all days I forgot my phone. Que sera sera. It was too late to go back.

After making record time to the office, I hustle to the passenger door to retrieve my "junk" from the back seat. And what do I find? My Blackberry Storm . . . but it isn't on the back seat . . . oh no . . . it's on the ROOF of my car!

Shocked with disbelief, my jaw fell open. Could it be? My Blackberry Storm rode 30 miles . . . on top of my car . . . at highway speeds . . . in the rain? But it only took me a moment to see that the silicone skin on my Blackberry combined with the silky smooth finish of my recently detailed car resulted in a "grip" which could withstand the twists, turns, and sudden stops of my aggressive driving habit.

While momentarily pleased that my Blackberry hadn't flown off the top of my car into oblivion, I began to panic almost immediately. My phone was soaking wet. Heedless of the repercussions to my job, I jumped back into the car and sped off . . . to Walmart. I needed a hairdryer and fast. After browsing for a few minutes, I bought the cheapest dryer and raced back to the office. Removing the battery door and battery, I propped the Blackberry up lengthwise and began to gently dry it with warm air like a doctor nursing a sick child.

I didn't actually do any work that day at the office. I just paced and worried about my phone. One nerve racking day later, my phone was . . . perfectly fine. No marks, no water spots, no mechanical or electronic malfunctions. How luck was I?

I could really use this for my storm....I am a delivery driver for Fedex and worry about my phone every minute. Your product looks great and would help me not be so worried about my phone.

Well it will be nice to get one free so I can look like I have a newer style bb curve (8900,9630 etc etc)

Since im not eligible for a upgrade for 1-1/2!!

help me!! :)


proud owner of a Curve 8330 :)

I dropped my curve 8900 out of my car while it was moving. It got really scratched up, and I had to buy a new bezel, and new LCD screen to repair the damage. It was that bad.

I am a Crackberry addict from Virginia Beach, Virginia. I have a Curve that doesnt leave my side, even at night I sleep with it while it charges. Last September, at the Annual Neptune Festival parade, my family and I were all lined up on the curb of Atlantic Avenue enthusiastically watching the infamous parade. I had just got some waterbottles from the diaper bag on the back of the stroller when my sister called my phone. I guess my hands were still slick with condensation and I dropped my phone. I didnt hear it hit the cement so I started looking for it. I moved the stroller and somehow it slung my beloved Blackberry into the street. I watched in horror as there were Shriners approaching in little midget MG cars doing tricks. My husband surveyed the situation and looked at me and before he could utter, DONT YOU DARE, I darted into the street to grab my phone! Everyone gasped because the cars were roaring towards me, but I ran so fast, my flip flop caught the edge of the curb on my arrival and I hit my knee on the concrete. Yep, bleeding, crying, and all I could say was, I SAVED MY BLACKBERRY!!! We left the parade and I still have a scar on my knee and a pretty good scratch on the back cover of my phone. I WOULD LOVE...and probably deserve...a FABULOUS BURGUNDY COVER!!

My Storm took a tumble in a parking lot this week. Luckily it came away with just a few stratches on the chrome bezel, and nothing much worse. Hopefully there won't be a next time. An Innocase 360 would be perfect protection for my CrackBaby. :-)

I love my BB8330 and I would be totally lost without mine all the hosp numbers ,gps,and drug info on it , it has saved me countless problems, anyway the mishap is trying to call ahead to the hosp to let them know about a woman having a baby with some complications and dropped the phone into no such a nice mess.... but mother and baby are fine , but in ems have had many upon many poss bad problems that have and could arise... so i would ole so love to have a case like urs for my bb 8330 ... thanks

Hey...Def count me in on this contest. I have an 8330.

Seidio saved me and my berry once before. A soda exploded right in front of me soaking me in horrible stickyness. I looked down and to my horror saw my berry take the brunt of it. I was sure the sticky root beer would be the end of my baby but the Seidio case and holster kept the device protected and there was only minimal clean up necessary. My baby hasn't been without a Seidio case still to this day.

My son is 3 years old and loves to play around the pool and does not know how to swim. Of course, I am always there to watch him. I need this case to protect my bold when my son falls into the pool and I only have seconds to throw my bold before I jump into the pool to pull my son out. This has happened twice now and I'm afraid that one more time and my bold is not going to survive. Seidio, your my only hope.

I have a Blackberry Storm that I've had since January. For the first time in all the phones I have had...I have yet to drop or even put a scratch on it. This is the one and only Storm I've had with no replacements or anything...Works perfect. I would still love to have one of those cases to further protect my investment.

I just bought my first Blackberry Curve 8900 this past Wednesday from Crackberry and there would be nothing better than having a brand new case to go with it. Seidio case to go with it.

I will be more than happy to have one of these cases for my Curve 8330. It would be a nice fathers day gift to myself.


The worst thing that happened to a Blackberry of mine?
Well, its probably THE WORST STORY OF MY LIFE! This was a few years back I think? And I just got the Curve, brand new. So, I took the time to put all my contacts and email-addresses into it (I had about 300 contacts) and the third day I had the phone, I lost it. I was so mad and devastated from losing all my contacts and everything, I just didnt know what to do. So, I finally gave up the search for my Curve and called my provider. I loved that phone so much that I bought the Curve (again). The day it arrived, I put the few numbers I remembered into it, and went to my local community center where I play basketball now and then. Well, dont you know, that one of my taller, and muscular friends finds my lost blackberry underneath a near-by bench. I then got so pissed that I went through all the trouble with my insurance and that I just paid for a new phone, when my bulky friend asked me if he could jump up and slam the thing against the ground because I didn't need it anymore, I said out of frustration, "SLAM THE DAMN THING!" .....And mid-air of his jump I realized....OH NOOOOO!!! ALL MY CONTACTS!!!!!!!!! ...but it was too late.....he already shattered the entire thing across the basketball court. All my contacts were forever gone and I still dont have all my 300-some contacts. Maybe, just maybe if I had a Seido Innocase on it, it could have survived. And from now on I make sure each phone I get gets a case.

And by the way, I now own a Blackberry Storm and if I win I would like the BLACK Seidio's Innocase 360 for my Storm.

I fell into the pool with an electric leaf blower in my hand and my Blackberry Bold in my pocket!
I was barely able to keep the cord & blower out of the pool.
Upon a moment of reflection, when I regained my composure and checked the BB it was really wet which you could see through the screen. Took the battery out, shook it, put a towel to it; then a little hair dryer. Waited a few hours and when I put the battery back on, the screen was still wet, but I could surf, call, SMS. Everything worked!
Thank God I, or my Bold weren't electrocuted!!!!!
BTW, true story...
(Still) BB Bold 9000 and IT would love a very cool Innocase 360 on black.

Thanks for the contest.

I have the Innocase 1, and Innocase 2 for the storms we have, would love to win an Innocase 360 and give it a try....wonder if it fits the Innocase baedside charger i have....

As a firefighter/paramedic, my blackberry curve is very important to me. In addition to the usual functions, it a medical database for the hundreds of medications that our patients could take. In the firefighting role of our business, we must be able to respond at a moments notice. While at the station one day, I was on the phone with my wife when the alarm went off. I immediately told my wife goodby and that I love her and report to the fire truck. I started dressing in my firefighting bunker gear. Not thinking at the time I placed my Blackberry in my bunker coat pocket. Arriving on the fire scene, we immediately went to work putting out a residential fire. After putting out the fire and starting cleanup, I reached into my pocket and realized my Blackberry was not there. I told my coworkers and 6 firefighters went to Blackberry recovery mode. After about 15 minutes of searching the fire scene, my Blackberry was located under some debris from the fire. My Blackberry was only slightly damaged by some water and little blackened. I dried the phone out with the rice technique and replaced the case and my Blackberry continues to function perfectly. From some of the features that are available on the Innocase 360, I believe this case might be firefighter proof. Thank you for consideration. Bill Williams I have a Blackberry Curve 83xx, I perfer a blue case.

Would love a case for my Storm :) I work with a lot of other blackberry lovers and would be awesome to show them up with a new case


Last winter, less than a month after purchasing my first BB (8330),I was up on a ski chairlift on Gore Mtn in upstate NY when I felt the phone vibrate and answered a call. When I finished, I thought I snapped the hard case back into the belt clip, but apparently I didn't. About an hour later, i went to use the video feature when I found the phone was no longer there. It had fallen over 80 feet to the ground back on the chairlift. I had a terrible, sick feeling in the pit of my stomach over the expensive loss of my "new best friend". I asked a fellow skier to borrow his cell to call home and felt like I hit lotto. My wife told me someone found the phone as they skied over it and called my house to inform us they had turned it into the ski lodge. When I got down the mtn. I retrieved my trusted companion with the only damage being a small crack in the clear plastic screen which still reminds me everyday to double check when I snap the phone in it's holster. It would be great though to get one of these new cases!

blackberry bold.

i take extreme care of my phone, but i am an AT&T sales rep and i once took out my bold to show a customer the themes and apps i have loaded on mine, so the customer looks at the phone and puts it down on the counter and before i can grab it, his son (probably like 4) reaches up and takes the phone and runs to the opposite side of the store. i didnt think much, cause this guy should keep control of his kid, but sure enough when the guy went to grab the phone, his kid launches it across the floor.

thankfully, only a battery back/battery falling out was the extent of my damage, but you better believe that guy got insurance on his bold after that, haha.


Hey! Would love to get this in black for my 8900. Currently using a competitors and it plain sucks, might as well replace it with the best, and heck..for free perhaps? :)

I dropped my 8900 from 4 feet and it landed on the concrete ground of my parking garage. Luckily my silicone case saved it from any scratches, but have an Innocase 360 would ensure nothing would ever happen to it :)

The worst thing that happened to my 8310 occurred just about a week after I got it. I was walking my 6 month old siberian husky who is completely out-of-control. I got an important phone call and went to pull it out of the sleeve with the hand holding his leash. At that exact moment a rabbit went running by and my dog took off after it, successfully causing my phone to go flipping into the air. In the end, I missed the call plus had a nice scratched housing. From then on, I made sure to not answer the phone while walking the dog and make sure I have something protective on it at all times!