Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



Woot 8900 here.

I probably have one of the most ridiculous reasons for hoping to win one of these cases. My girlfriend is attempting to destroy my 8900! Whenever I need it, she will throw it across the room to me or she will be harsh on it. Her secret reasoning is that she wants to switch to AT&T (I have t-mobile currently) for a pair of iPhone 3G [S]. I don't want to switch and giveup my Blackberry! Help me protect it!

Perhaps this tells me that I need a case, a pure story of luck..
Me and my 2 friends, after a day of swimming, and playing around, and just screwing around, we dropped off one of my friend first.
As we were driving off, we kept hearing music, no radio, dead of the night at 11 pm.
Soon, getting annoyed, we stopped the car and searched for the source of this music.
We soon found out that it was a phone, the phone of our friend we dropped off 5 minutes ago, on the roof, edge of falling.
Picked it up, it was, of course, my friend calling from his home phone.
Unharmed, clean, saved, all from a case, we were all shocked at this such event..
And I do hope that next miracle like this would happen to me, soon. ;)

I currently work for a telephony company and at my current project of cabling a school I dropped my bb bold. It has survived to date now 4 drops from 10 feet up. Now realizing I am a clumsy moron, I went with a otterbox case because I was under the impression it was the best one for me. I hate the otter box case. It does work wonders but this thing is so bloody bulky and how it is designed for the bb 9000 makes typing tough.

I would love a new case, one that gives me the protection I need and the accessibility of my bb without a case.


I luckily haven't had any real mishaps with my phone yet (it still is pretty new). But I've been known for dropping my phone a lot ... so hopefully it doesn't happen soon with this one!

Blackberry 8330

im a delivery driver.....getting in and out of trucks all day....i have to call customers and from time to time i forget that my blackberry storm is on my lap....i hop out of the truck only to hear my blackberry smash to the pavement....i have a snap together case so when it hits the ground not only does the back and battery pop off and out the supposed snap together "case" splits into 2 pieces.....leaving me standing out in front of customers houses picking my 5 pieces of my phone and putting it back together only to have to wait another 2 mins for the phone to start up......i then bought a clip to my side but while moving products around the back comes off the phone or the phone crashes to the ground......have not found a way to fix my phone issues....but maybe this case will help.......


The worst thing that has ever happened to my Curve 8330 actually happened a few weeks ago. I was running to the bathroom, and as I was running in, I slid my caseless bb onto the counter. Only... it didnt stop sliding. :( My Blackberry kept sliding and plopped right into the toilet! After realizing what had happened and letting out a terrible shreak once only thought to come from little girls, I reached in and pulled out my bb to see it still functioning perfectly, except for some fidgeting LEDs.

I ran to my bedroom, yanked the battery out, and persued to taking my bb to pieces. Once apart, I grabbed a can of air and blew the whole thing dry. I let it sit to air dry afterwards for a day, and when I started it up.. fine! All fine! Absolutely everything worked as it should untilk a few days ago when my space bar stopped working reliably. So I opened the phone once more, and found rust under the keypad membrane. I found a pencil, and rubbed away all the rust.

And up until now, my Berry has been fine! Actually it is better now than it was before the dirty dive, as I removed lots of dirt from inside the phone and behind the keyboard. So thank you Blackberry for making such tough, but easily accessible devices! And thank you crackberry and crackberry members for always being there for support, otherwise I would not have been able to save my phone. And finally, thank you to Seidio for offering a few cases to people who really need them!

My storm 9530 has hit the ground 1000 times. It needs a nice, black case that will keep it safe.

I am always going out boating and I usually leave my bb curve 8330 tucked away in a cup holder by the seats and nothing happens to it.This last time a friend absentmindedly put his drink into the cup holder on my phone and the condensation dripped into the keyboard. luckily i noticed and I was able to take the battery out and it worked fine with no problems I adore my phone and have been looking everywhere for the perfect case to keep it safe!! I havent been able to find one. I have even considered saran wrapping ti to protect it from damage.

Sure ill take one for my 8900, but with my luck and not ever winning anything....I'll probably be left out once again =/ lol

But please pick me for once =D

I was working on my car in my garage with my storm plugged in during a raging thunderstorm. One of the large high tension towers in a field next to me took a direct lightning strike, blowing my garage stereo and killing the I thought. With all the lights out I went straight for my phone and when it was unresponsive I thought for sure it was done for. Just then the little timer box in the middle showed up indicating it was just rebooting! While it did boot back up fine, in the days that followed i noticed the back-light flickering and my signal appeared to remain on 1X which it NEVER did anywhere in Indianapolis. So since I always keep insurance on my phones I did a claim and had a new one in 2 days. Lesson learned, no more storms for my Storm! While I don't think a Innocase would have helped much in this instance it would definitely keep my storm looking great during anything else I could throw at it!

I have a dog that is a bit of a thief. She has taken everything from shoes to car keys, and that has even included my 8330. I have always kept it in a black innocase with a BSE screen protector so they both helped keep my phone safe. The case on the other hand didn't come out alive, but it did its job so I am very happy with it. Now the 360 would be a great replacement and an upgrade at that.

I was out in the swamp of Ft. Stewart GA two weeks ago on brigade field maneuvers and it rained for days like in forest gump. I didn't have any case for my storm 9530 and when i was up on top of the turrett of my m1a1 abrams tank my phone got soaked through my uniform. it was ruined. I wish i would of had a Innocase 360 to protect it from the GA rain. Since then i have had to use a zip lock bag to keep my phone safe from the elements. my battle buddies tell me it's so ghetto fabulous that i use a zip lock bag. I love my storm it keeps me in touch with my family when i'm in the field and away from post. I desperatley need a 360 Innocase!!


SPC Aaron McGuire
1-64 Armor
3rd Infantry Division

Ft. Stewart GA!


Just got my brand new Bold. Didn't have a chance to get a case yet. It was only a couple days. Was over the girlfriends house took the phone out of my pocket to stare at the phone and all its glory. Slipped out of my hands and dropped right onto the tile floor from about 5 feet high :(.

I cried and my girlfriend made fun of me. It was a sad day but luckily I made it out with no marks on my baby.

How much would I love a free black 360 Innocase for my blackberry storm? I will not reveal the answer unless I actually win it. SO HOOK IT UP AND YOU CAN FIND OUT!

I am a new proud owner of a Blackberry Curve 8900. I have already bought a few accessories including a cradle, noise-cancelating headset, and set to buy a Jawbone Prime bluetooth headset. Upon hearing about this Innocase 360 my mind was sold on the benefits of owning one. This would complete my Blackberry. If I were to win this item, that just goes to show you that Blackberry and I were meant to be.



I'm on my third curve due to my ability to relentlessly drop my phone. The worst thing that's happened so far was being stuck in a bucket truck while replacing some coax on a telephone pole. I used my curve to make the call and got someone headed my way luckily right before the loser in me kicked in. The curve didn't make it into my pocket nor did it fall directly below me into the bucket I was standing it. Fell a good 20 feet to the ground and was soon sent in on my replacement policy with Verizon. Luckily there was no water involved.

once in a college lecture hall i carelessly balanced my blackberry bold on my thigh so that i had easy access to it while taking notes. being the crackberry addict i am, i could never quite put my blackberry away, let alone turn it off. but i had soon forgotten where i had placed my little device until i shifted around in my seat, not only causing my bold to drop but also popping out the battery and cover as they slid down the slanted floor underneath several rows of my peers' seats.

needless to say, i think i was fortunate that the bulk of my blackberry suffered minimal damage, but the battery and cover had to be retrieved after class.

Ok, it's going to be a hot summer in Dallas, Texas and I need a nice Inncase to kept my Blackberry 8900 cool and fun! I want to SHOW it off no matter where in Dallas or in Texas I am at where's hot hot hot!!! I love my blackberry and want to ensure that nothing happens to it, especially melting on me from the TEXAS HEAT! ANY COLOR WILL KEEP BLACKBERRY RAIDER COOL!!!

Adam Pompa

I have dropped my BlackBerry from pretty good distances a few times. It has held up well each time. I have the Storm from Verizon.

Believe it or not, I just got my first blackberry.

I waited up the other nite until my contract on my old phone expired, so that I could order the Blackberry Curve 8330 at midnight.

I didn't think that I'd get addicted to it, but after only owning one for four days, I can't picture life without it. I just said to my friend yesterday, I don't know how I'd live without it.

So now I am shopping for cases to make sure I don't lose my connection to the world!!!!

I have horror stories about other phones, that I won't bother with now, but none about a Blackberry yet. I just need to make sure I get something to protect it soon!!


Having never won anything from Crackberry, this would be a really cool thing to have. I love my storm and the 360 case would be the perfect item to protect it. I have had other seidio products for other BB's in the past and loved them. Hope I win one!!

I now own a BB Storm.
I've done construction work for three years installing theatrical rigging sixty to eighty feet off the ground. I had my phone (at the time a BB 7105t) in some grip case when I was on a grid sixty feet off the ground when my blackberry popped out of the case and fell through the grid. Swearing I waited for it to be sent back up to me (in pieces, I thought) just after I had bought it.

However, other than a ding in the bottom and the battery cover flying off, the phone worked great. In fact I used it for another year. As I was at college that year my roommate spilled a glass of water on my phone, and it STILL worked! I was amazed with it. Eventually I upgraded to a BB Curve and now I got the Storm.

I'm a kayak guide now and I take my phone with me on all my guided trips, we need it incase we have an emergency and need to call 911 (we also have a Marine VHF Radio). I was out one day and decided to entertain some people on the beach by doing some eskimo rolls in my kayak only to learn the drybag my phone was in had a leak in it. I rushed the Storm into my apartment to dry it out and it's still working just fine!

In short, a Seidio case would be great for my occupation since the phone always seems to be skirting death in one form or another. Also, the durable case would be nice since I'm constantly moving kayaks around with my phone in my pocket, so it gets mashed between my leg and a kayak pretty often.

And I'd like a black one if I win! Or a dark blue if I can't get black


First of all, the BOLD is my second bb. My curve really went thru a really rough life! I had a flat tire on the road of highway 280 going south. The time was about 7pm at night. Luckily it was not dark yet. I stopped on the side and came out to see which tire was flat, right when I came out I took out my BB curve out of my pocket and IT slipped out of my hand and IT flew across the middle of the lane closes to me. I had parked it to the right side of the highway. I couldn't even call AAA to help me with my flat until I got my BB curve back. Now that was a challenge, trying not to get hit by cars going about 65mph! I was soooooooo scared!!! No one was willing to stop or help me. After around 5 mins has passed, I found an opportunity to run as fast as my little legs could carry me and grabbed my phone and ran back. It was like going back to high school when I was in the basketball team training, doing the exercise where you run side to one side and touch the line and run back to the other side and touch the other line. I would do about 10 reps until I get tired of doing it. That move that I did to get to my BB curve reminded me of the old days. I was so scared but I got my BB curve safe and sound!! I was soooo scared that it would be run over by cars and I would not be able to make the phone call to AAA. So many cars HONKed at me, but didn't help me. Anyways, I got to call AAA to help me and they came in 30 mins.
From then on, I have protected my BB curve by buying a case for it to cover it so it won't be so slippery when I hold it. I learned my lesson well!!!
Now I bought the BOLD, and LOVE it! It doesn't slip off my hand because I bought a case for it. But would love to win the Seidio BOLD sapphire blue. I just want to share my experience with others. Finally I got a chance to. Thank you crackberry!
Protecting the BB is very important. Now, I actually have a string attached to it. It's in the bottom of the inside the battery case on the left side when you open it. That have also saved me from dropping my BB BOLD! Love it!! Thanks for allowing me to share my experience once again!

The other day I was getting ready to leave and while loading my car I left my 8330 curve on the top of my car. After I left I started driving and went to make a call and couldn't find my phone. I went back home ran inside and looked everywhere. When I went back out I saw it on the roof of my car!!! I don't know how it stayed on... Now I have to get a case because I'd be lost without my crackberry~

I used to have a Blackberry Curve. The return policy on the phone advised that I may return the phone and receive full credit within 30 days of receipt if I return the phone in it's original condition.

To make a long story short, I wasn't sure that I wanted to keep the phone, and was considering a different Blackberry model. As it turns out, 2 weeks after receiving the phone, I dropped it, and it obtained minor, yet noticeable damage on the body.

The outcome: yes you guessed it, I was not allowed to get a full refund for returning the phone within 30 days.

I now have a Blackberry Bold, that I take care of religiously. The phone is great, and I manage all valuable information in it. I use it for everything, and it's very important to me. The only other protective case I have considered for it, is the Otterbox brand. I can't decide between Seidio 360 or the Otterbox.

Moral of the story here: Pick a good case that will protect the physical apperance of your phone, and one that you feel will protect the inner-workings as well.

Good luck in your cell phone adventure, and protect on, protect on!

I'm currently using the Seidio Innocase and love it. But on one of the few occasions when I didn't have it in the case I dropped in a parking lot and it landed under a another car. I had to do some major contortions to reach it. Unfortunately it wasn't the one and only time my storm has slipped through my fingers. The 360 would definitely prevent any more scratches when I get butterfingers.

I would love to get try on the Innocase 360 for the BlackBerry Curve 8330. I am pretty Obsessive/compulsive about trying to protect my CrackBerry (as I want it to last a while), but recently I have noticed that it flies around my car when I hit the brakes - thank you city driving. My 8330 stays in my pocket most of the time, so it is getting scratched up from my keys and other items. I could really use an Innocase 360! Thanks!

I opened my personal cell account 4 years ago. Two days after getting my new phone I walked into a door at work and wouldn't you know it a screw went right into the display, that was a Motorola V551. The phones I had for work I dropped and threw around. My next upgrade for my personal plan was a Razr V3xx and wouldn't you know it I also put that through the ringer. It was even dropped in the rain on concrete in Manhattan and had a permanent dent in one side and kept going. I really need this case for my Blackberry Bold or I can't account for what may happen to it as I only got it in February. This phone has to last me until my next upgrade in 2011. Please select me. Thank you.

already bought 2 cases would be nice to win one for free for my crumb snacther; aka my son! he has been hard on all his phones. now he has a curve.

I currently have a Blackberry Curve 8330 and I do everything on it.. email, text, call, surf the web, manage my business, play games... just about everything!! You could definatly say that I would be very lost if I were to be without it. Well about a month ago that happened and let me tell you, it wasn't good! I had a bottle of Vitamin-Water and my son took a drink of it at night time and then screwed the lid back on and put it in the fridge. The next morning I was in a rush to get to a meeting on time and just threw the Vitamin-Water into my purse along with my Blackberry Curve and iPod Touch. When I get to work (30 minutes later) I get out my Blackberry to text my husband only to find it soaking wet with the water! I was freaking out and had no idea what to do! I took off the cheap little silicone case which was on it and quickly removed the battery. I took my Blackberry apart, cleaned it out, and let it dry in rice for about a week before I attempted to turn it on. Needless to say, it, along with my iPod, did not survive. I ended up having to purchase a new Blackberry Curve 8330 and now I will go to any lengths to protect it! I have been keeping my Blackberry in a plastic ziplock bag ever since the incident because I never want to be without it again! I think the Seidio Innocase 360 is an amazing innovation for Crackberry users. It has style, 360 protection, keeps out dust and dirt, and is super strong! I believe that the Seidio Innocase would be the perfect solution to protect any Blackberry.

I accidentally dropped it (twice!) when I was in the bathroom (luckily it didn't fall into the toilet bowl!) and when I got up from my seat, forgetting that I'd put the BB on my lap. Both times I had my BB without case. Thankfully it survived. But with minor scratches :(

Now I use silicone case to protect my BB. This Seidio Innocase 360 would be perfect!

Current device: BlackBerry Bold.
I'd love to have the Burgundy one :)

I have a Seidio case for my storm and I think this new case would be another awesome way of keeping it protected. It would be great to win this case!

I would love to get one of these cases.
They look superb!
Love how it covers the keys on the bottom of the storm too.
As for worst experiences, i'm your everyday teenager.
Always running around to catch the bus, running to get to class, running to get SOMEWHERE.
I usually hold my blackberry in my hand and it has slipped many times.
The bad thing is, my thigh or foot usually kicks the blackberry to who knows where.

awesome love CB contest's seidio makes some goood cases! love to have this with the buut in screen protecter

Would love to win a blue one of these for the Storm.

I used to have one on my mogul, but I haven't picked one up for my blackberry yet.

Hopefully, I'll win

my blackberry survived being left on the roof of my car after hockey and slid off the roof, I didnt realize I didnt have my phone until I was a block away from where I was and found it lying in the middle of the road, it lasted about a month because the battery kept falling out because the backing was lost and couldnt find it at all and the screen was all chipped up causing me to only be able to read message when I was replying to them and could scroll down through the message to get too it. Nothing this bad has yet happened to my new 8900 but never know.

this is totally awesome! i so want this for my 8330.... other then the casemate smart skin.. its is the best!

I'd love to try and win a free case for my storm. Never won anything yet, so hopefully this is worth a shot. I love these cases but can't afford one.

I have a 9530 with Verizon. I have no protection for my storm, and no money to buy because i was recently let go from my job. Help a brother out please!

A sweet case I can impress my friends with, and know that my storm is safe when people want to see it at grad parties, not to mention college next year :D

A sweet case I can impress my friends with, and know that my storm is safe when people want to see it at grad parties, not to mention college next year :D

Current Device: Storm

Color if I am lucky enough to win: Black

i was at work and it was thunderstorming pretty bad. i had to run to my car which seemed like a mile away (and it might have been). so, i finally get to my car, and i threw open the door. the door opened up my leather case and there goes my storm. face first under the car next to me. so, then i had to lay face down reaching blindly to find my storm while getting soaked at the same time. phone was wet. i was soaked, but, all was good. at least it still worked... oh yeah. this happened at 11 at night - the end of my shift... good times !!

Hey, Seidio, do these things help a 'berry float? I'm having a hard time keeping mine out of the water. Last summer I was enjoying a day off with my kids and was heading out to the pool at our hotel. I had clipped my 8700g to the outside of my shorts so I'd remember to take it off before jumping in. But I got caught up in the moment of watching my 2 year-old in the kiddie pool and the next thing I realize is a buzzing coming from my now-submersed shorts. :-( The thing was just going nuts, incessantly vibrating! I pulled the battery and SIM card out as I pondered how I was going to explain this one to Eric, my IT manager. After seeing the screen half-filled with water (I have pics!) I threw it in the bag, resigned that I'd most likely be footing the bill for a new phone. But two days later on my way in to beg for mercy at the feet of Eric I noticed the water was mostly drained so I tried plugging the battery back in - voila! up came the friendly T-Mo boot screen.

I used the device for 4 more months...until we went to Hawaii and I dropped it in the ocean while trying to keep my 4 year-old from going swimming with the turtles on Oahu's north shore. Unfortunately, salt water isn't so forgiving. But luckily Eric was and he gave me a replacement 8700 they had lying around. We're getting ready to upgrade to 8900s at the end of the month and I know Eric is going to give me a hard look before handing mine over. It'd be nice if I had an insurance policy like one of these nice Seidio cases to reassure him...even if they won't help it float.

I don't have a story about something terrible happening to my Blackberry, because ever since I got my first one several years ago, I've always kept it safe and sound within a Seidio case. That is, until yesterday, when I went to the AT&T store to get a new battery for my Bold. Trying to be helpful, the salesman grabbed my phone and began trying to pull the Innocase off of it, in order to put in the new battery. In doing so, he pried off the top half of the case, while the bottom was still connected. This caused the case to break, right where it is pretty thin -- around the mini-USB and headphone jack.

So except for the last 24 hours, none of the four Blackberrys I've had in the last 3 years have spent more than a few seconds outside of a Seidio case -- no joke. Now my Bold is naked, and I'm nervous. It feels weak and puny in my hand. And I can't feel it in my pocket, so every time I get up I think I've left it somewhere. I woke up in a cold sweat last night because I dreamed that I accidentally knocked my unprotected Bold off of the bedside table and it shattered on the bedroom floor.

So obviously I don't have a great story of my BB getting injured. However, I fear I soon will have such a story if I don't get a replacement Innocase for my Bold soon. So I need to win this. I'd be more than happy to provide pictures of my recently broken Innocase as well, to verify my tale.

thanks for all the opps to get free goodies !!!!! u guys gimmie the goods !!! happy fathers day !!!

one time i accidentally tapped my baby (8900) and she did a few cart wheels off of my desk onto the floor... needless to say, she stuck the landing -_- but she was a little shaken, but okay after =]

I truly need one of these cases for my storm!! I've had other people drop my phone sooo many times. I was driven to the point where I had to buy a new one last week. I really need a case. It's a great phone, but I financially can't afford buying a decent case at the moment. I hope I win!

i would love to win a blue Innocase 360 for my Storm 9530. i thinks it great that Seidio is giving away things like this so that new users like myself can get a better look at which companies products live up to their claims.

Sometimes, in the dark of night, when the wind howls through the eaves, I think back to the time when my Curve detached from my hip, in its holster, and flew through the interstate behind me. I was traveling at high speeds on my sport bike when i felt the detachment. The thought of a huge 18 wheeler crushing every key on the pad or damaging one of the best lcds eyes can look it that displays navigation, TV, web, Pandora and that cute Crackberry launcher icon alone was heartbreaking enough.. I went from very high speeds to very low speeds to a stop so I can turn my shiny fast bike around and travel in the opposite direction to reunite with the greatest piece of technology known to me. There it was... now if I could only get to it without getting crushed.. well I put my hand out to stop traffic like a crazy man as if my hand would stop a car that weighs like 3 tons but anyway they stopped I got my curve back unharmed still weighing 4.2 oz.. Phew! That was close.. Now, well now it stays tucked locked under the passenger seat when I ride until im sporting my new Innocase 360 during the silky smooth summer!! BB Tour coming soon :)

I've got the Blackberry Bold 9000 & can't find a good cover/protector. I've been through at least 7. They are either too bulky to where I can't type well or fall apart when my phone has been dropped, or don't fit into my pocket or the pouch in my purse. The rubber protector had good grip - a little too much - because it would eat my hair everytime I was on the phone, or I couldn't get it out of my purse because it was so "sticky." So, needless to say, I've been through quite a few cases - from the hard plastic to the soft rubber. I feel like Goldilocks in search of the perfect case!! Besides, the burgandy color would totally rock - not to mention, match my car! :)

Hmmm,... have not really ever considered getting a case for my Storm. Guess black Innocase 360 for a 9530???

My friend and I are diehard Laker fans.

And so the story begins, I was at a friend's house when the Lakers were going against the Celtics in Game 4 of the 2008 NBA Finals. Lakers were up, I believe it was 24 or 26 at the half. I have my BlackBerry Curve on the table, enjoying the big lead with a cup of Coke and slice of pepperoni pizza.

And then the next 24 minutes was Hell for any Laker fan. A complete collapse. The Celtics mounted the biggest comeback in NBA Finals history, on our home floor, the Staples Center. Little by little they chipped away, led by Paul "CryBaby" Pierce. I just couldn't believe the Celtics could be that close, and I could even believe it less when they won the game somewhat comfortably. My friend and I are both completely fuming after the embarrassing loss. His girlfriend was laughing at us, which didn't make anything better.

Then in complete and utter rage, my best friend leaps from the couch, and takes every item on the table, newspapers, magazines, pizza, plastic cups.. etc. (reminder: My BlackBerry Curve is on the table) and slams each one on the floor... the cold, hard tile floor. There was only one item that really suffered from his rage, and that was my Curve. (the pizza was deemed edible after the bout of rage).

He was so mad in fact, he did not realize what he had done until he had sat back down on the couch. Needless to say, the Curve did not survive. Cracked LCD screen, casing was cracked, did not boot, battery was on the other side of the room...

As you might imagine, I was not a very happy camper that day. I got a replacement, and was sure not to hang out with him without my Curve safely in a pocket or in a backpack. We are still good friends, despite this incident. So the story has a pretty good ending.

And now I have upgraded to a BlackBerry Bold, and have been babying it in a similar fashion. Let's just say I have only shown him my new phone once.

However, I'd love a Seidio Innocase 360 to protect my Bold from future outbursts of rage from my best friend when we're watching the Lakers in the NBA Finals. Who knows what could happen next year?

Thanks Seidio!


I would love to try this out and do a side by side comparison to my OtterBox Defender Case and write a review for others, this case definitely looks interesting. If these are successful i will run them with my entire fleet of Nextel 8350I's.

I really like Seidio products and think they are great in all aspects. I'm hoping I get a wonderful case for my Blackberry 9530 Storm. I won't definately show off how good these cases look on my blackberry.

would love to win one :) they look great! i have a bold and it needs some protection, its gonna get scuffed sooner or later, im a tad rough with it! these things look super hot, if i dont win won ill probably buy one!

Man does it feel so rigorous connecting ma Storm!¡!¡! With a broken screen&having nicks&scraches jst about all over, I feel so unreliable knowing my Bb is lifeless but still hanging in my pocket. Now,my 2nd night, that my Storm has rejuvenated, I feel empowered&taking full advantage of this great tool&also feel as I reconnected w/thy world!¡! Well I hope Ill be the chosen 1to receive the Sapphire Blue Innocase 360 4ma Storm...even tough it seems as it has been mutualating w/the eye of a storm,I'm still a winner having the vibe of being al!ve w/ma I have arrived

I need a push to justify tossing my Dash: If I won the case, I would be compelled to put something in it.

I'm ready to say good-bye to my scratched and dented 8700g and the Dash must go.

Thanks for the chance.

Would be perfect if it had a easy pop off bottom for a cradle charger, but id still like to give it a shot

Blackberry 8330 Curve

I am researching durable cases/skins (in black) for my Curve when out of its holster. With this new Innocase, I am sure that my Curve will be protected as best as can be.


I'm a police officer outside of Philadelphia, Pa.. One incident occurred during a midnight shift last year where I had to chase a violent "felon" on foot alone. The chase lasted approximately ten minutes; during the chase the battery to my portable radio died and I was unable to relay my constantly changing location too incoming officers. I then had to resort to my blackberry curve that was attached to my duty belt by a SEIDIO holster, however during the course of the pursuit my blackberry came detached from the holster and was damaged when it fell to the ground. Luckily the "perp" was apprehended without incident, if the chase didn't end peacefully I would have had no way of providing assisting officers with my location. If I had a SEIDIO Innocase360 my blackberry would have withstood the impact and I would have had secondary communication. Since the incident I retired the holster and carry my phone in my pocket. Any officer will tell you in the field of patrol communication whether it may be a portable radio or a blackberry is your "lifeline". Thanks SEIDIO and thank you Crackberry! A black SEIDIO Innocase360 for my blackberry Curve 8330 would be greatly appreciated.

Last night as I was working in my basement. My 18 month old daughter thought it would be funny to dump a full glass of water on my storm while it was on the charger. Here I am now 5 hours after the fact and still drying out. It appears that it will pull through but barely. I didn't find out this had happened untill 1 hour later when my wife finally told me about it. So my instant reponse time was nill. After this and staring down the $500 replacement cost.(Yes I'm that stupid to not get the insurance) I'm willing to buy just about anything to help prevent this. The kid also thinks its funny to take off running with the phone like its a game. If this case would help out at all at least with the spills, like it looks like it should, as I said if it cost $50+ I would buy it as long as it works.

My Bold was about to fall of the edge of the kitchen counter, so I dropped my bowl of cereal (and milk!) to run over and catch it (which I did).

Let's be realistic: A BlackBerry is just much a tool to a professional as a hammer is to a contractor (not saying contractors aren't professionals but I hope you get the point.)

I work for a student travel company and was in Utah a couple of years ago running a snowboard trip for 3,000 high school kids. I was at mid-mountain and needed a quick way down to deal with a situation. Long story short I hopped on a snowmobile with the ski patrol and the guy driving got a little close to some trees which tore off the holster for my 8703e. I didn't realize it until I got to the medical clinic at the base to help take care of a kid that got hurt and I needed to call his parents.

Once we got the situation figured out with the kid, I asked the ski patrol guy to replace our path to see if we could find my 'berry and much to my amazement, we did! The holster was toast and the screen was cracked, but with the 8700 series being built like bricks it got me through the rest of the week.

Now that the Storm's not as tough, I'd LOVE an Innocase 360! It seems as though Seidio is the only company that actually lets you use a phone case AND a holster at the same time...something that I definitely need!

Please hook me up with an Innocase 360 for my Storm!

So as it happens the worst thing that's happened to my blackberry happened this Saturday June 20.

I purchased a Blackberry Bold - when they where BRAND new on Rogers, as my very first blackberry. Am very much hooked. So much so that even to go lay beside the pool - I of course will have it on me. I popped it in my swimsuit pocket as my hands where full carrying out water for my family I could see outside - and once outside... I got distracted, and thus forgot the bold was in my pocket (and people think it's big?)

Hot sunny day... I dove into the pool, and emerged yelling "OH NO OH NO OH NO!!!!!!" promptly removed the battery, and did everything I could to dry it out.

By that night? I tried it once and it seemed that the keys might be messed up... tried it again later - AND IT WORKED!!
I was worried because even though that new iphone came out, and there are other BB's on the market...I couldn't imagine carrying anything OTHER than the 9000.. nothing out there seems to match it in my eyes yet.

The next morning I was up at 5:30 to run my first half marathon (Manitoba Marathon - Half) I couldn't NOT bring my blackberry - and it was a TOTAL champ!! I even qik'd throughout the marathon (as I ran - and looked like death) <- first video as I was driving there and mention the blackberry pool fiasco.

Crossing my fingers that it will remain ok - and I THINK I need a new battery as it seems to drain faster now (though not thoroughly tested)... but I'm just so happy it survived - and it has me thinking I've been insanely lucky so far - and need to start protecting it better!!!

That's my story. I thought it was funny timing that this contest came up the same weekend I nearly killed my beloved 9000.

..i don't know if i can participate in this contest..but i'll still give it a try!

I live in Italy..and i was amazed by this Seido Innocase 360 when i saw the video demonstration of this here on

I searched if i could get one for my Blackberry Bold 9000, but the only one i could find was for another model and from a foreign county..

Well, i'm not expecting to win, because i don't live in the US.. but it would be great to be one of the 25 lucky winners!

Regards to all the forum users and thanks for the opportunity!

This would actually go to my wife. We both have Crackberries, but I can only imagine how twitchy she would get if something happened to her baby (and I ain't talkin' about me!)

Curve 8330 and her favorite color is blue.

Viva La Crackberry!

I'm new to blackberry. Had an iphone 3G loved it but the screen cracked so I tried a Blackberry for the first time. I love my Blackberry Bold. The browser is not as great but everything else is top notch. I really want this innocase 360 for my bold because I dont have a case right now so It would be perfect for me.

I work at an airport loading containers onto planes. these containers can weigh upwards of 3000 lbs so my little naked bold is in the line of fire every day! my holster couldnt take the abuse of the job every day and it eventually broke. So, i resorted to keeping my BB in my pocket. not a great idea. while the phone has never been broken it does take its share of knocks, while i get bumped, jostled, and shaken around. Just last week it fell out of my pocket and ended up on a long flight to tokyo! i was lost without my BB. i called the Tokyo/Narita Fedex and had them search the plane for it. three days later i had my phone back! a little cleaning and a full charge later i had my phone back. I never want to have to be disconnected for so long again!

Current device: BB Bold 9000

I'd love a black 360 for my precious bold!

Ahhh! I could well do with a case! I recently got a new silver rim for my BlackBerry 8900 as the original one got damaged by a case that i purchased of a well known auction site, it took all the silver paint off when i removed it. There fore i havn't bothered getting another case for it as im worried it will take the paint off! The innocase looks like its made with a material that wont scratch of take of the paint?

I Love my bold (9000) and i would love to protect it. I always seem to drop it when am leaving a building :(. It has few scratches but if I keep dropping it like i do i'll have to get it replaced. I know try very hard not to check my bold until i make sure am not walking.

(Pearl 8120)

I stayed over at my new girlfriends house one night.. She knew that my BlackBerry is my life... the next morning Im lying in bed whist she is downstairs making a coffee... So obviously I take the opportunity to use my BB.. but oh no the trackball has gotten a little dirty and it wont go left properly, being a smart guy I thought yeah I'll quickly clean the trackball...

So off with the crome ring and out with the trackball unit.. I clean up the inside, then the ball etc... as I pick it up the TB unit pings from my fingers to somewhere in the room... search, cant find it... Obviously I am in a state of panic... I couldnt find it anywhere.. then I notice that the drawer next to the bed is slightly open, maybe its gone in there.. this also happens to be where she keeps her underwear and Im thinking it could have pinged into the drawer, so Ill have to have a look... I do, carefully looking through each item........ then my GF walks into the room... slightly red-faced I explain and she begins helping the search.. no luck...

I go home thinking it'll turn up later (in the back of my mind Im honestly thinking, damn shouldnt have told her, if she finds it she wont give it back as she knows Im addicted)

Later that day I return to my GF's house and she has COMPLETELY gone through the bedroom and HOOVERED the floor, Im like "you HOOVERED????, Are you out of your mind???"

For the next hour I sift through the contents of one Dyson hoover, still no trackball...

3 weeks later I am Plus 1 new trackball minus 1 old girlfriend...

Have I learnt anything? Wait till you get home to clean your balls!!!

I would love to win, I have a bold that is in need of some protection as I keep dropping it. The Black one would look great!!



I'm a tractor trailer driver and one day when getting out of the truck my storm slipped out of my hand falling about 7ft to the ground. Only damage was a small dent on the corner of the phone. I wad lucky but it I had an innocase 360 the phone would have been untouched. Winning one of the 360's would protect my phone from this happening again. Thanks seidio for a chance at this awesome case.

I have the worst luck with phones... I took two steps out the door at my local verizon store, got it my truck, set my phone in my lap, turned on the car and went to reach for my door, the phone fell to my floorboard then straight to the blacktop! Talk about mad! I would love to have one of these to keep more dints from happening!

those look pretty cool. ive been looking for a case like this for my 8330. at work that thing takes a beating :(

These are by far the BEST cases for the BB Storm, I have one for a 8830 and will be ordering one shortly for the Storm unless I'm lucky and win one!!!

I have the Curve 8330. The other day I got out of my truck and the seat belt must have caught on the leather case I have for my phone. The strap with the magnet it in must have shifted and my phone fell out!! I now am the proud new owner of a Curve with a nice scratch on the back and a small scratch on the screen. The phone is about 6 weeks old too!! Help! I need this new case!!

Seideo has the best case on the market for the Storm, I would definitely give this new FULL coverage case a try!!!

I would really like to win one of these cases for my Storm. So far I have been fortunate with very few drops of my Storm. However, with one of these cases, I could rest a bit easier knowing that it will have protection if it does get dropped. Bring it on, I am ready to win it and will make good use of it.

This looks pretty cool! I have the Body Glove hard case, but dust/dirt still gets on the keyboard and under the screen. This case seems to solve that problem...

I currently own a 9530. I have only dropped it once, but it scared me so bad that I stopped using it until I ordered a Shield full body cover, and 2 cases. I never carry by Storm when doing something where it might get damaged.

I don't actually have mine yet, but my wife just upgraded to the 8330 Curve and I fell in love instantly! As soon as Sprint lets me, I'm going to drop my Instinct and get an 8330 also. I'd love to have a case for it to prevent anything from happening as soon as I get it!

I bought a stupid rubber case and it gets stuck in my pocket all the time and it seems like everytime i take my phone out just actually use it i end up somehow dropping it. I need this AWESOME case for my phone.

I would be completely down for a Black 360! Cover protect not only my bezel and screen but my keyboard as well? Absolutely!

I would love to win one of these cases. I have had my case in a silicone case since day 1 with a less than masculine design on it because of the protection it provides. I would love to have one of these phone cases for my storm to provide better protection than my silicone case and leather holster for when I know I WILL drop it, lol. Thanks Crackberry!!!

Who wouldn't love a little added protection from an innocase 360. These look sweet, I need one for my storm!

Guess I should read this a little more carefully :)

I have only had my BB8900 for a few months so nothing bad has happened to it yet. A couple of falls, but nothing major.

How am I protecting it? I have my OEM case right now, but I watch the thing like a hawk. Never leaves my person or my sight. Hell, I don't let others touch it for fear that they may sully it with their dirty fingers or the like.

I wouldn't know what I would do if I broke, starch, or damage my CrackBerry, that's why I really need one of these unique case (Seidio's Innocase 360) for CrackBerry Curve 8900. You know how many people let their friends use their phone to make a phone, well I'm so protected about my CrackBerry that I don't let them use it, I'm like I'll make the call for you or I'll dial the number for them and just let them use my Bluetooth Headset Motorola S9HD instead, that's how much I'm in love with my Berry... lol... Now! that's what you called a true CrackBerry user or whatever you want to call it. And is my number one site I go to and set as my homepage on my phone and pc.

I have an amazing amount of stuff under my Storm screen. I love the phone but have to wonder how long it will be before I can't see the screen for the dust and hair!

This is awesome i love seidio products, i used to have one of their cases for my curve until it got stolen, i WOULD love to rock a black one on my storm now!

Hopefully this will be the contest I win, but if not I'll still be addicted to this site! Keep up the good work!

Model: Curve 8330

My BB is my heart. it has so much info in it , i would hate to lose or damage it. It is a extreme part of my life. I have a deaf son, who our " means " of communication when he is out is out phones. I couldnt imagine my days without it. This case would be an added attraction to it, and keep it safe.I have an 8900 which i love. I would love to protect my life, with your case:)

Somehow my seat belt had a hold of my Curve when I started to exit my car. It caused my Curve to flip out of the holster and onto the street. It was a close call when 2 cars passed over it before I was able to rescue it.

I was very fortunate. The case was scratched and the battery door clasp broke but everything else was okay.

I seemed to be a klutz as I drop it at least once a month but this incident was by far the worst.

S Broomhead

I know my Storm would love to sport a Burgundy Inno Case 360.

In fact, I have been receiving mysterious text message from my Storm Pin Number saying "get me a Burgundy Inno Case 360 or I will wipe myself!"

So basically its threatening data suicide.

Please help by giving me one.


Ps, I am now getting ransom notes and voice notes from my phone threatening a wipe, I am getting scared, please help!

It looks pretty Jazzy and I have dropped my phone once or twice. She's not mad at me though. This case would help me make it up to her though.

I love my wife dearly, but she is very careless with many things including phones. She has a BlackBerry Curve that I have had to replace or fix more times than I would like to share. As a rule in our household, she is not to touch my BlackBerry Bold for any reason. We have gotten into numerous arguments when I have found her handling my prized device. I sometimes hide it from her. My favorite hiding spots are on top of the cupboard (she can't reach it there), in the nightstand drawer, or in the file cabinet in our office. On many occasions, I have had to just walk around the house with it in my hand so that she won't touch. I have fears that she will completely destroy it. I know that I can replace it and maybe have become too overprotective, but I love my Bold and want to keep it safe. Until she understands that or until I have complete (wife-proof) protection for it, it is "HANDS OFF WIFEY."

I've dropped my Storm several times and have caused it some cosmetic damage....I would love to have a case such as this Seidio Innocase 360 case (black) for my Storm so as not to drop it and cause any more damage. All the other cases don't even compare. I've even begun to wrap it in some bubble wrap which of course causes me to miss several important phone calls. I will go to any great lengths.

My 8900 was on my belt clip as I was waiting for my luggage at the Las Vegas Airport. Someone knocked into me and my phone dropped on the baggage carousel and went back into the luggage conveyer. All of the luggage that came off the planes were falling on top of my poor blackberry. It took 2 luggage handlers and a supervisor to find my beaten up Blackberry 8900. There were some scratches on the case but no dammage to the screen. I really need a case like your giving away to protect it against any more unexpected events like this one.

id love to get one of these cases. they look awesome and could def get some use outta 1. my storm is only three months old and i been through mutiple cases and screen protectors. i wanna replace my back door battery cover due to scratches and stuff. my BB takes a beating abd keeps on kicking! :) hope to get the better battery soon just need $$$$$$$$$$.

The worst thing that has happen to my blackberry? It's a little embarrassing, but at work one day I was running around like crazy with my blackberry in hand - I went into this conference room and was juggling everything so my hands were full. I put the blackberry in my bra because I couldn't juggle it. I forgot about it, until I had to bend over for something. The phone went flying out and flew like a hockey puck across the room.The back is scratched pretty bad and a couple of scratches across the screen, but i learned my lesson!

Current device: Blackberry Curve 8330.

my storm would love some protection and this looks like the best case out there. my 14 month old daughter is already a crackberry addict and she loves playing with my storm. its done a good job of standing up to her abuse so far, but i'm sure the innocase 360 would provide some great protection. she drops it all the time and her drool has gotten under the screen more than once. i was actually looking at buying a black one of these, but winning a free one would be even better!