Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



Last month I was at the park playing basketball and i beat my friend 1 on 1. There was melted poop of some sort of animal on the ground and my friend got really really angry so he threw my brand new blackberry storm into the poop the day I just bought the blackberry storm. This park is like in the middle of nowhere and there were no houses for me to ask to borrow a pair of gloves. Since I would do anything for my brand new blackberry storm i actually went into the melted poop and got my blackberry storm(ughh)... The phone still works but the sound is a little messed up because of the speakers. From this day the phone still has some poop stains because if i wash the phone it would mess up. Now am i writing this letter from this poop smelling blackberry. Please have some sympathy for me and give me the case to the black berry storm so that i dont have to touch and smell these poop stains and I am on my blackberry like 24/7.

I have a blackberry storm and i would prefer the blue case if I win thank you very very very much!!!!!!

The worst thing that has happened to my storm was on vacation a few weeks ago my dad pushed me into the pool while it was in my pocket. It did not survive. It was extremely hard to go the rest of the week without it. I no longer bring my storm near water of any kind unless absolutely necessary. Even then I make sure everyone knows I have it in my pocket so they won't do anything stupid. Thanks

Well lets just say that I am not very "Easy" on my Curve. I have dropped it more times than you can shake a stick at. I have tried skins, not enough protection. I am currently trying the Otterbox, but it is bulky. This Seidio Innocase 360 looks like it the ticket. The keyboard protector and the screen protector is just what the doctor ordered. Oh and did I mention, I work in a hospital where there are many, many blackberrys. And what better place to expose the Innocase 360, and gain some more sales. I am willing to be the "UNOFFICIAL" spokesperson for and the Innocase 360 from Seidio. Lets protect my Blackberry Curve 8330.

This past February I was up north with a few buddies of mine at my cabin. We were having fun drinking beers and ice fishing for the weekend. On Saturday, we were in our ice house when my phone rang. I reached for it with my half numb hand and it slipped right out of my hand and fell straight into the 10" hole between my feet. Absolute worst day of my life. Or so I thought.

Then next morning we went back out to the ice house to continue fishing trying to make up for the horrible day before. And about two hours into the day, as I am staring at my hole I see a small light. It of coarse is my blackberry ringing with the light flashing. IT WAS STILL WORKING AFTER A DAY UNDERWATER, and there was nothing I could do to retrieve it.

Well that is my horror story, I would really enjoy having a case for my new Blackberry Storm. And I have learned my lesson, I will never bring my phone fishing again.

I would say pick me, but that likely wont happen. My Bold could use a cover, chances of me winning, slim to none.

my poor bold got dropped today and got a small battle wound please give me a case to save it when it is dropped again

that sure would help my storm stay safe. its already scratched up from dropping in. think i'd go insane without my blackberry

I currently have a Sedio Crystal case for 8320. I accidentally dropped my 8320 from a ladder while answering a call with the case on it and the only thing that happen was a few scratches. This would be a great replacement considering it is rubberized and the Crystal case is now all scratched.

I recently acuired a Curve 8330, Its my first Blackberry and I will be a Blackberry owner for life now! While nothing bad yet has happened to my new Treasure, I work in the harshest environment for a phone, constantly grinding metal getting covered in shards all day and thats just the start. I want to get an Innocase to protect my Blackberry so it wont end up like my last Phone!!!

It was scratched the first day I got it! It is one of the hard clear plastic ones....makes it luck bulky and scratched....

I could really use one of your cases for my Storm. Ya gotta see the chunk that got chipped out this weekend when I dropped the damn thing. I cried !

When I noticed that this giveaway was going on.
Hmm... my old Nextel 6510 took a spill down a wooden staircase years ago. Took the lickin and kept on tickin.

I'm using the 8900 now. Love the phone but I wouldn't bet in it making it through that same fall unprotected.

My wife and I had decided to go to Aruba on our honeymoon. Little did I know that this sweet little spot in the southern Carribbean was also a desert isle. When we went on a fun little Jeep excursion into the interior of the island, my honeymoon fun turned into crackberry horror. With all of the red sand and dust that was kicked up by the open top Jeeps, my little 8330 Curve could not take it. It was covered (inside and out) with the sand. When we returned home from our honeymoon, I had to, painstakingly, disect my baby to clean it out and make sure it was restored to near pristine condition. Needless to say, if I had a nice black Innocase360 on hand before I went, a lot of hassle could have been avoided.

My BOLD is just starting to show wear on the corners of the housing. I would love to win one of these cases to help protect my BOLD. Thank you for offering your free product Seidio! Thanks Crackberry!

I really could use this case. I dropped my phone at the ball field the other day and the whole time it was in the air I held my breath. I am super clumsy and this would help a ton.

While at work at the firehouse, I dropped my blackberry from the top of the engine. Luckly for me the berry survived. It exploded into many pieces, all of which I was able to find a put back together. Only a large chuch misig from the case. Did I mention that I got it for my birthday and this happened the very next day. I had'nt even changed the theme yet. That is why I need the case for my 8330 Curve. Thanks

Just ripped the silicon skin case the other day, my poor blackberry is going commando for now :-/ sure would be nice if i won one of these. thanks crackberry!

Need something that would last. Currently have the black plastic case that Verizon sells. This is getting abuse. I currently have a storm and would like to protect it more.

== The Scene of it ==
Dropped my storm in Vegas and cracked the screen. It had to land a certain way for it to crack. The case I had that you get from Verizon didn't help at all. When it landed on the corner it cracked the bottom right corner of the storm. My Storm screen is still working but I would like the protection that it would need.

Ive had a blackberry get utterly destroyed, I was mowing the grass and had my phone in my pocket with headphones on. My parents came to talk to me, so I pulled the phone out of my pocket and paused it. Then I thought I put it back in, little did I know it was dropped and fell to the side of my pocket hanging by the headphone jack, so when I started the mower up again, the ripcord caught the headphone, and pulled the berry off from it, it fell to the ground, and my music stopped so I just unplugged my headphones and kept going. After I finished I looked into my pocket for my berry, only to find the berry shredded apart.

This happened last month, the steps I am taking to change this are; 1, I no longer have headphones I use a stereo bluetooth, 2, to offset the battery drain I bought an extended battery with case so the extra weight lets me always know its there, 3, I also use the built in external buttons to control music, the volume can also skip songs, and the mute can also pause songs, thus, no need to take your berry out of your pocket.

I have the curve 8330

well to make a long story short. well i was taking my ex to work one afternoon and we had been fighting before we left the house. but she knew that i love my blackberry storm and i cant live without it, she decides to take it from the cu holder rolls down the window and throws it out. but that time i was shock didnt know what to say, i look out the rearview mirror to see where it may have went. by the time i saw where it was and 18 wheeler ran over my blackberry. at that time i was mad and sad. all my ringtones, muisc, pictures, and numbers gone. a few days atfer that we broke up, i was already drawing unemployment and i was only getting 213 dollars every week. so i didnt have the money to get a use one thru my insurance. so i sold English 097 book for my college course jsut to get my phone. now i was still taking the class. i got the money for it and got one, but now i make sure i keep my phone in my pocket no matter who is riding with me.

I am a volunteer fire fighter and a career EMT and my phone is an important part of my job. I am always getting dirt or some sort of mess on or in my phone. I love my blackberry storm and i really need something to protect it so i can have it for the long haul.

Blackberry Storm, Black


rad, my blackberry 8300 goes through hell and back, all the time, this seidio case would be a lifeline to protect the thing i love the most, my blackberry!

I love their products. I need a great product to keep my blackberry safe and secure. These products have been a great addition to my phones over the years.

I used to have a blackberry pearl. I was on the phone with someone walking through chicago when someone bumped into me and I dropped it on the sidewalk. As I went to pick it up someone kicked it and it flew out into the street landing right next to a drain where it was centimeters away from falling into it. The phone got all scraped up but some how still worked. Now I upgraded to the curve 8900 and have yet to drop it. I need to get a case for it because with my luck this will surely happen again.

Over the course of two weeks I managed to drown two different Storm's.

The first fell out of my tackle bag, rolled down a hill, and landed in a lake.

The second one I was out canoeing, and I had my phone in a "waterproof" box which turned out to be not so waterproof. After flipping the canoe in some rapids, and recovering it, I lifted out the box to see water come pouring out.

Now when I take it with me, the phone gets wrapped in cellophane, put in a zip lock bag, and then put in my "new" actual waterproof box which goes in my dry bag. I use a cheap bluetooth headset to make phonecalls until im on land.

I've never physically broken my BlackBerry Storm but I have lost it once and dropped it a couple of times followed by a string of swears. Most times it has just slipped out of my hand because I forget how light it is sometimes so a case with a good grip would be ideal.

I've never physically broken my BlackBerry Storm but I have lost it once and dropped it a couple of times followed by a string of swears. Most times it has just slipped out of my hand because I forget how light it is sometimes so a case with a good grip would be ideal.

Being a bartender and using alcohol some times my phone becomes slippery, I was stupid and didnt use a case of any sorts because I love the look and feel of my bold. Well one night I was in the bathroom and i droped it :( it fell hard onto the tiled floor and ruined my battery door latch. not to mention it fell on the bathroom floor of a busy bar man was i pissed. so i have been using a silicon case ever since. these seidio cases look great!

im a fireman and need a new case cause the silicone one i have gets to slippery sometimes a new one would be great, great price to FREE !!!! Have a Blackberry Storm by the way !!!!!

As I recently finished Paramedic school, my graduation gift to my self, was my 8830 World Edition Blackberry. I will never go back to just a regular cell phone; I am also a volunteer Firefighter / EMT, I work full time in an Emergency Room as a Nurse Tech III, & I'm also part time with our Office of the Medical Investigator. I have numerous apps on my Blackberry, that not only help ME, but help my job(s); whether searching to identify Medication w/ Epocrates or another site, to getting GPS coordinates for a scene investigation & report. Having this kind of a case would be AWESOME, especially in the environment of New Mexico!! Thank You!!


Oh i would so love to win one of those case. I have a blackberry bold and its my 5th one already cause the way i have it there are no good case out there until i seen this one.

I've only gotten into the blackberry buzz a few years ago and since then this phone has now become a need vs something thats just technologically EPIC. Since then i've gone through what would be 3 insurance replacements due to (toilette drop, car door, and a rogue lawnmower), on 8320's, one bought and sold 8900 and now currently own a Verizon Storm. Of all the wonderous applications these thing can handle the stock media player that comes with the blackberry OS is what takes the most punishment.
Being that i DJ various events and clubs (outdoor and indoor) throughout the year this device has always been there to pick up the slack if any computer problems arise. Sadly enough, they don't make a gig bag for these phones and with that said, sometimes its not only the media player that gets punished :*(. One of these cases would save me a huge amount of money, look amazing, and provide the excellent durability im looking for :).

Model: Verizon BB Storm
Color wanted of Case: Any :).

i havent really dropped my curve that much. i did almost have it fall in the toilet once it had slid off the counter when i reached for a towel and i had to slam it against the cabinet in order to keep it out of the toilet. its got a little bit of a scratch but not much but a case would have probably helped this alot. i already take care of it like its my kid this would just make it easier.

oh ya i have a curve 8330

I have an otterbox for my 8330, which is great for when Im camping, etc. but in the office, it's just too big. One of these would be perfect.

Is there an upcoming model for the Tour in development yet?

i would love to have one of these for my curve 8330. i take really good care of it and practically no one but me uses it cause i want it to stay in good condition. the one time it did drop was when i had set it down on a bathroom counter to wash my hands and when i went to reach for a towel it slid off going towards the toilet and i had to slam it against the side of the cabinet to keep it from going in the toilet its got a little scratch from that now but a case like this would help alot to keep it from getting any more

I was walking down the steps with my curve 8900 in hand. Halfway down the staircase, I received a text message. The notification sound scared me, and caused me to drop my precious berry. It tumbled down the stairs and stopped at the floor. My heart was crushed, but thankfully my berry was not. It only got a couple of scuffs, but it continues to work perfectly. Right after I dropped it, I went to the nearest T-mobile store, and purchased a plastic case for it. I never remove it from this case, and also learned not to walk downthe stairs with phone in hand anymore.

When I first saw the cases I new I had to try to get one for my storm. I work in one of the largest delivery company's. And I need to keep my storm safe. Crackberry kicks ass!!!!

I've love to add an Innocase to my Curve 8900. It would make a great supplement to the my invisible shield, which sadly didn't apply well to some parts of the BB.

This Kansas aircraft plant worker needs a black Innocase for his Storm. Tired of getting it full of aluminum dust! Thanks for the consideration.

I saw the review for this case for the BB Bold by Jreal.. I will def be picking one of these up when the tour comes out, and seido makes one for it!!! Seems to be by far the best looking, and protective case for bb's.

Just want to thank InnoCase & Crackberry for hosting this contest. This is a great producr & a new case for my BB Storm would be a welcomed addition!!

Thanks again!!


i have been looking for one of these for the longest time. i cant find the innocase 360 for the storm anywhere. I am always concerned about getting water or dust under my screen and i never thought there would be as good a way to prevent all of that then this. I would love one of these. Color wise, i dont mind, maybe black or or saphire blue, just not pink haha.

good luck everybody, lets see who wins

wow, my first comment on crackberry. I have a curve 8900 that i bought a month ago its awesome and im so happy i bought a blackberry device they really are as awesome as everybody says. the only issue is that blackberries really do need some casing of some sort because they get dirty easily and scratch fast. Onb mine i have a little nick in the screen thanks o my usb and a scratch on the side from being in my pocket during school.they aren't that bad but after hearing about this case which sounds really awesome im hoping i win it. if i dont ill probably buy one anyway. :)

Please, please, please, please, I would love one of these cases in black for my 8330. I work in a construction environment and have a case of OCD about my phone (a severe case). This would help me out tremendously since I bought a case from the cellular store (broke the first holster and they replaced it) and I believe this one is getting ready to fall apart. I have my sixth child on the way in September and money is tight. This might not be the most creative comment but it is definitely sincere. Thanks.

So, I had just gotten my World Edition from Verizon, it was the first phone that I had actually liked and wasn't thinking about my next one the minute I bought it.

My friends wanted to me to go to this party, I had no real need or want to go, but I figured I was so lucky to be happy with my new phone that I said, why the hell not.

We are at the bar, same old situation, but instead of selling beer in glasses, they go for the extra classy red cup feel. So, I indulge and get a beer in my shiny red solo and head back to the dance floor. I'm at this place for a good hour when I need backup to hang out with (I'd call my friends who stayed home and didn't come with me).

I take out my phone, start typing away (the keyboard feels great) and then all of a sudden THAT girl hit me. Now, we all know THAT girl, the drunk chick who knocks into everyone at the bar, typically wears a tiara, and will inevitably end up crying at the end of the night about some guy who didn't want to make out with her after she threw up.

Needless to say, she knocks into me and my blackberry falls into the bottom of my red solo cup filled with the sweet nectar of Bud Light. I panic, take the phone out of the cup, pass it to a random dude next to me, push my way off the dance floor and remove the battery. I then take a cab home (I needed a reason to leave - couldn't think of a better one) put the battery and phone under a hair dryer and pray. I foolishly made the mistake of waiting only about an hour to put it back in - and the phone went to the Verizon screen and then black.

SO - my new phone broke because someone knocked it into a red solo cup of beer that I didn't even drink and in retrospect, probably paid too much for.

I have a Blackberry 8830 World Edition from Verizon but I'm waiting on that 9630 Tour.

Black for the Blackberry Storm! I had one for my palm centro before I got my Storm. They make the best cases, hands down.

not sure why i bother but i have a storm.
wouldnt mind a sweet case but im sure this will keep my streak at 0 and 104 in contests.

My Storm is my most prized possession. It is either in my hand or in its leather case. I almost had a cow when I dropped it once and the back cover came off...oh my heart sank. It has survived the incident, but not sure I have

hey, i left a message before saying that i haven't had a bad experience with my blackberry, YET! i guess i spoke too soon. yesterday i decided to take off the cheap case i currently have to clean my blackberry and THERE THEY WERE, the case made 2 scratches to the left of the ear piece.

like i said before, im a freak when it comes to damage to my phone, so i was instantly crushed. just when i thought i was doing so well to keep it safe. this probably wouldnt of happened if i had bought the INNOCASE 360 but, unfortunately i dont have much money to spend being a student and all.


i would love to win an innocase 360 form seidio for my new blackberry 8900. you never know when you'll be super thankful you had a case on there!

I've had the Seidio Rubberized Hard Case for my Curve 8330 for about a year and it has performed very well. It has protected by Curve from damage due to falls and other mishandling. Its rubberized surface has kept it from falling out of my hand numerous times thus preventing potential damage. The thought of trying an Innocase 360 for my Curve 8330 intrigues me!!

I'm constantly checking my 8900 for little dents and scratches and get paranoid everytime I run into something while its in my pocket. I'd really enjoy having a black innocase.

I've got a Bold. If I win (or buy) this, will my Bold still be able to charge in the normal cradle charger or will I have to use the USB port?

my BB Storm would look sweet in blue.. thanks to CB & Seidio's fOR A GREAT opportunity to win.

When I bought my Blackberry Curve 8320, I was so excited! I feel in love with it right away like the rest of the world. I had spent so much on it ($350 on ebay), I knew as soon as I got it I would need protection. My friend suggested a Gel Skin. I bought it and I was protected from scratches when I placed it down (which was hard to do because I never wanted to). But there was a hidden dnager I didnt prepare for... Pocket Dust! I had dedicated my left pocket to only holding my Berry, but within two weeks out of no where, I noticed I had dust under my screen. $#*t! I wasn't happy with my gun metal silver so I decided to get a new Sunset housing for my Berry. The day came, DELIEVERY! I sat down at the kitchen table and began the deconstruction of the Berry with extream care as if I were playing opertion. I had it apart, wiped off the freaking pocket dust and assembled the new housing. Once I had it back together, I loved the knew colors, SUCCESS... I thought. I got into the sun and saw larger particles were left with the cloth I used to wipe with. DANG IT! So I took it apart again and wiped again. Rebuilt it and saw I missed more. I tried and tried and tried over again to get it clean but kept failing. So i decided to give it one last drastic try. I turned off all fans, and airconditioning and made sure all windows were closed. I layed everything out, and even breathed through a snorkel. I slowly did the procedure, finally I thought I had it perfect. I put it all back together and got up to go outside to make sure. But as i got up and turned around I ran into my sister who had been watching... I ran into her hard, and it caused my Berry to dive and crash into the metal bar stool legs and slide on the floor face down... My heart stopped. I walked over to it slowly to pick it up, it was too late, The plastic shattered and the LCD cracked. I got depressed. After giving it a nice burrial in my nightstand, I had to generate funds for a new Berry. Finally I had enough. I just bought The Blackberry Bold 9000. I have had it for 3 days. I wash my hands before I use it. I don't allow anyone to look or play with it. I leave it in the holder that came with it unless I have a message or call. I didnt know what to get to protect it until I saw this contest. I know that this case will protect my Bold 9000 better than a cup protects a Major League Baseball player's family jewels. The sleek sharp look of it caught my eye and then the description of it locked me in. I would love to own either a black or blue Innocase 360 for my Blackberry Bold 900 so I can get rid of my anxiety of hurting my Berry and use it to its maximum, brilliant potential. Thank you for the opportunity to tell my Berry distress story to you and other Berry Owners.

I still have not found the perfect case for my Storm 9530. I would love the opportunity to try the Seidio Innocase 360.

I've had my blackberry for 4 months and i have been desperately trying to find a thin lightweight case that will protect my entire blackberry while I'm at work. I work in a school cafeteria where my blackberry is subject to all kinds of things. I need my blackberry at work to stay in touch with my daughter who has RSD(Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) and her teachers throughout the school day! This case would be a god send.


My first Blackberry was the 8700. It was totally unprotected not even a screen protector. After a few years of hard use with numerous battle scars with the asphalt, it was time for a new device. The phone still worked great, but it was embarrassing going to meetings with a beat up phone sitting on the desk.

I now have the Bold and it's a sweet looking device. With it's great appearance, it also looks a bit fragile compared to the 8700 which was built like a tank. I had to protect it but didn't want to hide it's beauty. I ordered the Hybrid Innocase and the Ultimate Screen Guard. A week later, I ordered the holster to complete the package. I'm quite happy with the set up and then I read about the 360. With keyboard and screen protection, this is the now what I consider the complete package. In the middle of dining on the go, I'm often reading emails, chatting on IM and surfing the web. The 360 would keep the keyboard and screen clean from any accidental drips or food droppings.

I love the hybrid, which allows the original color scheme to show, but I think the Sapphire Blue or Burgundy would dress up the Bold nicely while offering the best protection. I hope I'm one of the lucky winners to show off the new Innocase 360 to my friends and family with unprotected phones.

I'm super careful with my BB, but it's always good to have the extra protection of a case. If I win, I hope to win either the black or burgandy for my Curve 8310!

So I got my first Blackberry ever...........The Blackberry Bold. I love it to death it"s sexy, a business yet pleasure phone and did I mention sexy lol. So I decided to get a case ASAP but since I go the Bold when it first came out they had those lame rubber fit cases. So I bought I bought it and the sexyness value on it dropped just a little. One day I am on campus headed to a meeting checking the Bold for my notes,presentations, etc.....a dude literally pops from thin air behind me and runs straight into me so I see my Blackberry flying out of my hand in slow motion as it hits the concrete. I was too worry about the phone to care about dude who hit me cause it was his fault he wasn't watching where he was going. I am thinking ok I got a case I am good.....heck no. The rubber case ripped on the concrete and scraped up the chrome and screen. My Blackberry was officially no longer sexy. Well to end the story my sim card slot messed up and I got a new one under warranty. So I beg of you please let me win a case cause I still using the rubber case right now reluctantly and I know you guys care to prevent a mishap like this again. Plus the case would make my Blackberry Bold Ultra Sexy so thanks. I am willing sacrifice looks to an extent for protection but with Seidio Innocase 360 I have the best of both worlds. Thanks again

I am extremely hard on phones. Finally, I bought a blackberry 8330 and love it. After 4 months of babying it, it fell out of my truck and got all scratched up. I really need this cover to protect it from me.

I demand you name me the sole undisputed winner of this competition, sending me all the cases with phones in them to boot.

That is all!

I got the Storm when it first came out. I was so excited (less excited now) I hopped in my car put it on my lap and continued to play with it until I reached my destination, which was home. Smartly I put the phone into my gym shorts so it would not fall from my lap. As I get out of my car the phone falls from my loose gym short pockets, and at the exact same time I was closing the door of my truck. Somehow it managed to be perfect timing and the door completly shattered the screen of my 45 min old Blackberry Storm. I jumped back into my car and rushed to the Verizon store like my wife was in labor. I told them what happened and they gave me a Storm that somebody had just returned and urged me to buy a case for it. Of course I didnt I just payed $250 for the phone I'm not gonna buy something else from I got back on my car put the Storm back on my lap and played with it some more. This time when I got out though I forgot to put it into my pocket, I dropped it right on the driveway and cracked the back of the phone. I try to be more careful but still have no case for it. Please Crackberry help me out and get me a Seidio!

I'm new to the Blackberry family getting my 1st blackberry last month, a Storm. No longer than 3hrs of being handed the phone I dropped it face first on the concrete getting out of my car. Luckily I purchased a Hardcase with clip combo so that took the fall, but the case cracked. My brother tried super gluing the case together but that only resolved of getting glue on my blackberry. I need another case and was seriously looking at one of these. Hope I win

Oh no, it would be so nice to stick my bold into one of these nice cases, knowing my luck i will not win, but lets try ;)

I have the case that verzion sells thats made for the storm but it sucks, I always come un clipped and falls, I have heard from verizon reps to buy blackberry products here but if i can get one for free why not. Blackberry Storm 9530

I was cleaning my toilet when my 8800 slipped out of my sweatshirt pocket and went down to the bottom of the bowl. I took the battery out and let it sit in front of a fan for a few hours. Within 24 hours the thing was fully functional. 3 months later I sold the phone to a coworker.
To avoid future accidents, I have since stopped cleaning my toilet all together.

My current device is the 9530 Storm and it has been toilet free.

While at Indianapolis Motor Speedway for Fast Friday this year my BlackBerry Bold fell out of the standard holster while walking by the pits. The back popped off and the battery popped out. It has a nice "battle scar" on it now, but after I put it back together it worked just fine.

I have a Blackberry Curve 8330 with Verizon Wireless. The worst thing that ever happened to my blackberry is... One night me and my buddy were coming home from the bar. He was dropping me off at my house when my blackberry fell out of my pocket and under his seat. After spending several minutes trying to fish it out with no luck of feeling it I decided to move his seat back using his electronic up and down buttons so i could get a better view.. and what do you know, just as the seat starts rolling backwards I hear smashing sounds. Apparently the blackberry was sitting right on the seat track, and now was totally smashed under the seat. So I had no choice but to keep rolling the seat back until it had completely ran over and destroyed my blackberry curve. Luckily I had insurance and got the phone replaced in about 2 days. Now I use a standard black snap on hard case, which does help but still probably wouldn't have helped in my situation.

Everytime I buy a case thinking it will do the trick I am often left saying what a waste of money. The Vaja Case is good but still the flip lid gets in the way, the 360 Case may just be the answer.

i have a curve 8330 and if you can think of it it has probably happened to my blackberry. it has been dropped, hit with flying tools (hammers, wrenches, sockets, screwrivers, etc.) i am on my 13th lens covering the lcd screen. i am on my 3rd housing from being dropped all the time and breaking. it falls out of my pocket and gets run over by me on my creeper at least 5 times a day. in all this is the protection that i need for my 8330.

I need one of these so bad, the main thing is the screen protector built in, whick is BA if you ask me. Hook me up guys with the black or blue one. Thanks guys love the site.

I love my alcohol. A night of drinking alcohol usually ends up with my Storm being thrown or dropped many occasions. Thus, my phone has been banged up pretty bad. I don't think my phone can take it anymore!

I'd love to have a Black case for my Storm 9530!

I have a Storm 9530 and I am already on my 6th device. I consider myself a power user and put my device to its full potential but that also means I am constantly playing with it and that makes it prone to disasters.

Anyways my storm has dropped, fumbled, rolled out of the car, my dog has used it as a play toy, fallen and the battery and door exploded outward lol and these are just the ones I can remember. Some how I managed to get a new one from Verizon but its just annoying to be walking around with a beat up BlackBerry.

I am very impressed with this Innocase 360 as it battles the in's and out's of everyday life and would keep my Berry safe. I would love to win one in BLACK and would be very grateful. Thanks for the opportunity to try and win one and good luck to everyone else.

Dropped my first smart phone when getting out of the car -- had only owned it a few weeks. Had to pay $50 for a replacement, since I cracked the LCD. Now, I wouldn't be without a protective case!!

Blackberry Curve, 8330, Verizon
Burgandy case would be my first choice if I win!!

I have a storm 9530, and need a case because i work 2 jobs, and my BB takes a beating at both jobs. during the day I work at a car wash, and between dodging moving cars and spending the day walking on a big asphalt lot, a dropped BB gets dinged and scratched very easily. At night i work a a lighting tech for a rock band. so i am up and down ladders and working around hot lights and equipment for hours on end. I have used innocase's for my past blackberries, and would love one for my new storm.

I just got my blackberry storm 9530 and love it. Fortunately nothing has happened to it yet, and i'd love to make sure it stays that way by sporting one of your guys awesome cases. Love the look of your black model for the storm, keep up the great creativity.

My Bold only has a crappy skin that always gets stuck in my pocket so I usually carry it naked and I'm afraid of dropping it or scratching it badly and one of these cases would be great since they're probably less sticky then other skins.

My new fresh out the box blackberry 8900 is being delivered Tuesday so before it meets the kids it would be nice for it to be protected by this case. Fresh phone, fresh case just sounds like the perfect match don't you think.

My kid spilled a glass of coke on my 8330 last week! I have a seidio innocase for it but obviously the keyboard is exposed. This case sure would be a life safer for my replacement curve when they deliver it one day...

This isn't a story of what has happened to my blackberry, but instead of what I know WILL happen to my blackberry this summer.

I always try to take great care of my cell phones, but it seems that summer seems to bring out the worst. Be it at the cottage, where it gets tossed around like a beach ball... or on a boat, where I've never been able to find a secure spot for it (those waves really shift stuff around)... or crammed into a car with 5 other people on a 4 hour ride to go camping. Things just seem to happen to my phone, including finishes wearing off and screens becoming scratched. I've taken many precautions before (pouches, keeping it in my pocket, isloated from everything else), however by the end of the summer, my cell phone starts to show some wear and tear since all of the items I've tried in the past, require the phone to be removed before using it.

Now this is my first blackberry (8900). I've already dropped it once on my driveway. It was in its pouch, but the top bezel got scratched up (I have a replacement bezel ordered).

I'm so protective of my phone that I need something that will cover my phone and doesn't need to be removed for daily use (I still haven't even taken the screen protector off yet). A black Seidios Innocase 360 would be the perfect solution to keep my phone in pristine condition this summer...... that is once my replacement bezel arrives haha.

The worst thing to happen to my Blackberry 8900 was when I was getting out of my car, it fell out of my pocket and on to the concrete. Lucky for me, I already had a Seidio Innocase 2 so there was no damage. I was concerned about my keyboard/screen being scratched though which is why I think that one of these Innocase 360 cases would come in handy. :)

BLACK FOR THE STORM BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just bought my blackberry storm 9530 and I love it so now I need to protect it. I bought the hard cover but it really is not perfect. Yea it will protect against everyday scratches but as soon as it hits the ground the case just snaps open and out falls my phone! So please let me win, I need a new case bad... the black Innocase 360 from Seidio would be awesome!

Dropped my phone and cracked my screen, got a replacement but still haven't bought a case. all my friends are pushing me to get an otterbox but well have to wait and see. 8630 on verizon.

This is the first time I have bought a BlackBerry. I have seemed to somehow drop all my phones on a consistant basis in the past. This would be a great addition. I am not big on clipping phones on my hip so its always in my pocket. This makes it easy for it to drop.


Worst thing to ever happen to one of my phones was talking on it while doing dishes. I then dropped it into the sink which lead to a garbage disposal that I had running at the time. Ended up chewing up the bottom side of my phone and breaking the bottom three buttons. Could never dial zeros! Ha!

It was a great conversation piece but made life a little more difficult. Ended up texting numbers that had a zero in it to myself or saving it as a contact on outlook and uploading it.

So a nice black case for my Storm would be great!

One of the problems that I've had with my Storm is dust. Many others have had the same problem. This case looks like it could definately solve that problem. I would love to win one for sure. Thanks for that chance.

This is my first visit to this site and I can guarantee you it won't be my last. I found a lot of useful information and will continue visiting this site. Awesome site!!!

I have an adorable pink Blackberry Curve 8330 and do anything for it, but due to my personal economical status, I can't get a really nice case for it yet. So, when it's rainy outside I bring it with me in a double plastic bag...which gets me many weird looks, but oh well. I am yet to drop it, but would like it to be cased if I ever do! I'm hoping to clothe my baby with with one of these cozy cases, a rose pink would be nice so it can match my Rosie [her name], but really I would settle for anything to protect her. :) I would like to say goodbye to plastic bags and bubble wrap. Heh. Thank you so much,

So one rainy day I just stepped outside to go see what my dad wanted.. I left with my Curve 8900.

I saw a ball lying on the grass and so instinctively, I went to go give it a nice boot. The ball went flying but what I didn't know at the time was so did my 8900.. I helped my dad for about 20 minutes came back inside and went searching for my phone. I looked everywhere and started to panic because it had only been about 3 weeks since I got it.. I looked outside at the rain.. I raced to the spot I had kicked the ball and there lyed my phone.. Still on but probably almost water logged..

But actually, after taking out the battery and leaving it open for a bit it turned out to be fine..

The worst part was switching to my old samsung during the time my curve was drying out.. Now I do a constant check to see that I have my phone with me..


Both my friend and i got our 8900's the day they came out, at which time the store manager handed us our phones while saying "hers is better". We laughed and thought nothing of it, until recently, after having the phones for 3 months when mine crashed. ...not because of it being dropped(treat mine like a baby, never dropped it, and have had Seidio's innocase360's on them, just to make sure they're safe, from the moment Seidio came out with the Innocase360), unlike my friend whom drops hers daily (including on concrete, and from above her head (6'), while taking her purse out of a locker), ....never on purpose, she's just accident prone, and clumsy sometimes. I realize that in every batch of anything ever made there is always a defect, only this time it was not random, i was jinxed! ...both representatives at RIM and my carrier told me separately, and that in life stuff happens ...only that manager made it happen to me, lol. I had noticed some folders had disappeared from my menu, and that i kept receiving error messages (app error 200 and JavaLangNullpointerException). I called my carrier whom put me on the phone with a rep. from RIM who told me, just as a rep. from my carrier had, that all i needed to do was go into the Blackberry Desktop Manager, backup, and reinstall the handheld software, and shortly thereafter the problem would be corrected/fixed. I followed the rep.'s instructions and at the conclusion, the rep told me "ok, that sould do it, just wait 15 min, and when the clock goes away, it will be fixed." ...we concluded the call, and i waited, then about 20 minutes later the screen went white, it does when rebooting(hard reset), but there it stopped, on this white screen with a microscopic error message (practically needed a magnifying glass or lens to read it error 200 = unrecoverable app error or crash), which when i called RIM back, was what they told me, and that my 8900 needed to be replaced, that was on thursday, ...4 days ago, and i am without it ...having withdrawls!!! ...waiting ever so impatiently!!!lol
The fact of our experiences proves the protection offered by the Innocase360, and that with the Seidio Innocase360 your device will be protected!,'s the software you have to worry about, lol.
Innocase360, which after testing others, is the best out there! looking, best fit, secure protection (my friend has dropped her phone many times and it has survived thus far, and with no damage, to either the case or the phone. most of the time the case staying together ...only a few times it popped open/came apart), and functional!
(some other cases tested are secure, and look ok, but the fit is questionable and the cases themselves not functional (difficulty being heard during phone calls ...sounding muffled and at times echoed.
...Rest assured that while Otterbox's defender case may be secure, it is by no means functional!, and not to mention bulky! and the keyboard cover a flimsy joke! might as well not exist/be there.)
Also, during testing of other products, we always came back to the Innocase360, that is the case we will continue to use and recommend to others, ...and only the Innocase360! so be it

well this didn't happen with my current 9530 storm but it happened when i 1st got my pearl, it was snowing and the parking lot was covered in slush stupid me was putting my 2 week old phone in the case to "protect" it and i actually thought that i slid it in but i actually just ran it along the outside of the case and it went straight into a foot deep of slush and snow, pulled it out and never skipped a beat that is what made me a lifetime blackberry fan, they can build a phone that takes a beating

I just accidentally jumped in the pool with my blackberry curve 8330 and now I have a new one coming from the insurance i had on it. I would love to have a new case and this one looks really cool. Please send me one or let me win one.


Perfect time for this giveaway to say the least.
I just got my first BB, a Curve 8330, on Thursday 18JUN09. I spent the day playing and learning about all it can do. Saturday comes along and it's way too hot to cook inside so we decide to grill some yard bird.
Chicken? Check
Lighter fluid? Check
Bar-B-Q sauce? Check
Blackberry Curve? Absolutely!
Earphones in and the BB tuned to iheartradio and its off to the yard. I get the coals all piled up in a nice pyramid and soaked down with fluid, throw a fire stick on it and voila! burning coals. I turn to take up a perch on my lawn chair and wait till the coals ash over not realizing me ear phone wire caught the handle of the grill. As I walked away my brand new BB suddenly flew out of the supposed safety of my pocket and right smack into the middle the flaming pyramid as if it were an sacrificial offering to the the Kingsford grilling god! After a nanosecond of totally freaking out and without regards to my personal saftey I reached into the depths of hell and pulled out my BB. Fortunately, the only damage as a result was to my hand with two second degree burns.
Thankfully everything works as designed, except for my hand which I took a photo of with my BB.

So as you can see I really could use an innocase360!

I finally decided to pass on the Palm Pre in favor of a "real" smartphone, the Blackberry Curve 8330! That makes me a new Crackberry fan, and maybe will earn me a new Innocase 360 to go with it.

I only dropped mine BlackBerry Storm 9530 bounced on the asphalt at work and scuffed up the corner pretty good. I went right out and bought an OtterBox case and made sure to baby the Storm......just in case I ever decided to drop it again.....

Just in case I don't win a case for my Storm 9530 does the Store sell the Innocase 360 for the Storm?

I had a Curve 8320, which my now ex-girlfriend destroyed, heres how:

We went to Philly to visit my friend and we were staying in a hotel room on the 5th floor. My friend decided to pull a prank on me and sent a couple younger (but legal age) college girls over posing as someone I met online and planned to meet in the hotel. My ex didn't really believe me when I said I never talked to them and proceeded to "nicely toss" my Curve out of the window and down onto the sidewalk. Well, it survived barely, the screen cracked but you could make out some things, and I could make phone calls still. So I recently went out and purchased a Curve 8900 for T-Mobile and I LOVE IT! But my new girlfriend is kinda crazy so I could really use one of these cases because the new phone broke the bank for me. I need my BlackBerry for both of my jobs and its vital. Thanks

I am a new blackberry user, I recently bought the Storm, as I travel around the world every month for work and was searching for a communication solution after having relied on sporadic wifi for too long.

Still being relatively new, my Blackberry hasn't seen too much trauma, and I aim to keep it that way, this phone is going to be my link to home while I am on the road, and is quickly becoming my sidekick everywhere I go.

When I am home I spend a lot of time outside, and have already done a few juggling acts with the Storm. I'm not a good juggler, so it's a matter of time before my Storm is laying in the dirt, bounced off concrete, or soaked in the rain.

Aside from putting the Storm in a sealed plastic box or leaving it home, the best option I can see is the Innocase 360, which will give my Storm the protection it needs to go everywhere with me and do what it was meant to do. What good would my Blackberry be sitting at home while I work or play?

From blowing sand in Bahrain to thunderstorms in Hong Kong, snow storms in Anchorage, or riding motorcycles offroad at home, I am going to protect my Storm from all the world has to throw at it in a black Innocase 360.

The 2 guys I work with are slobs, I do Apartment Maintenance and risk my Blackberrys safety daily! for example, the first day I had it, I was texting and my coworker decides to paint the wall next to me and there it goes, DRIP right on to my BB!

Not to mention my hands STAY dirty! Anyway, I would love to have one for my Curve 8330! Black would be my choice

I have the BB Storm, and use it for work. I would really be lost without it, but I am clumsy. I need one of these to keep my BB looking great. I really would prefer a burgandy colored case because I believe it would really accent the Storm.

dropped my storm hard as hell while working the other day and then twice while drinking...can i get 1 thanks :D

Im currently on my second Storm since my first one decided to take a dip in the pool. Up until this point I was using a belt clip holster. We went to a hotel in orlando and i was walking around the pool when i decided to bend over and feel the water. So i began to bend over and put my hand in the water when my knee popped the case off my waist band. Time seemed to slow down as my phone went flying through the air. Then a plop was heard as the phone went into the water. I reached in to retrieve my phone but alas it was to late. It wouldnt turn and when i pushed the screen in i would hear a little splash from that was behind it.

Since then i have been keeping my replacement Storm in my pocket where hopefully it wont fall out. When ever i go near water i hold the top of my pocket to make sure it doesent face the same fate as my first phone. I have been planing on going out and getting a nice case to protect my new "baby" in since right now im using one of those flimsy $10 cases this would certainely be a nice upgrade.

gonna win one of these give-a-ways!! Count me in on this one as I have the BB Curve 8330 that I happened to drop today.


To win this case would be wicked awesome.

I lost a phone once (Moto Krazr) during a run, when I housed it in an apparent "Jogging pouch" (So much for "cell phone carrier pocket" - unzipped itself from the jarring and went missing. It broke my heart, but I let it mend with my Razr2, loved that ol' phone, but now everything of the past fades into the distance and is blasted away with my (never turning back phone, officially addicted)-8900!

This phone has everything, including three cases (all of which exceptional) but not as so if the cases being given away!

I dropped my phone first day in the mall,.. WHILE trying to put it into the free supplied (faux?) leather cae with my purchased 8900. Then, I went and purchased a red silicone case (BB),.. only to spill - just a weeeee bit of Tim Hortons coffee on it.

Then decided to get the (BB) leather holster,.. awesome with it's magnetic features,.. but also the clip while super durable, faulty when it comes to larger belt sizes ( :( ) so i came to realize; unhinged and slid down onto the ground while exiting my car, when climbing a ladder at work (eeeee,.. I was only on the first step) and once down the stairs when I bumped into my side rail, toting grociers, (BB is still intact, little teeeny scratches though)

I need not a medium, but something to blow the other cases out of the atmosphere! I think this seidio would do it for me (and any other lucky commenters!)

I think this Seido case would fit all my needs, all my comforts,..and all my tendencies to... drop, slip, spill,.. etc.

Thanks for any consideration, ..

Blackberry user; convicted for life. :)

Don't want my NEW storm to suffer the fate of my OLD storm, I need an Innocase. Storm owner just trying to protect my assets

I have a Blackberry Storm and have wanted to get this case since it came out but didn't have the money. I'd SURE enjoy winning myself one though :) I WANT A BLACK ONE! :) PLEASE lol

New case looks cool. I have a Storm and that case looks like it would be great on protection without adding the bulk of something like an otterbox. would of course have to get the holster to go with it

Oh man, I hope I can win won. This case is sooo sweet. Unfortunately, if I did not have bad luck, I wouldn't have any luck at all :(

dropped my bold the first week i got it. scratched the bezel on it. Replaced the bezel, now i need a good case :)