Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



Worst thing to happen to my blackberry? Well, back in the day when I was on Nextel and had a 7100i I was hanging out with some friends playing football and the thing flies out of my pocket. I go to catch it, but it ends up being one of those comical bobbling/juggling acts as I repeatedly try to grab hold of my phone and failing. I give one last grab at it but accidentally hit it farther away from me...and it lands on the paved sidewalk. and cracks open a bit. Needless to say I got a heftier case for it.
Ever since I've been considerably more anal about my BB. Now I have a Storm and I swear to you not a soul touches it. People ask if they can see it and I'm hesitant to even let my own family touch it. I've got Invisible Shield on the screen and a hard case on the rest of it...and I still drop it. I've dropped my current Storm at least 4 or 5 times, each time bad enough to make the hard case pop off.

It'd be really nice to have a solid, all-encompassing case so I wouldn't have to worry so much about my Storm. Black would be lovely :-)

well i've been protecting my storm so much that it's not been banged up too badly. worst thing would have to be when my friend slid it across the table after wanting to "check it out" T_T

Hey guys. I have yet to win a contest, maybe this will be my lucky time.

Sunday is my Birthday, and I am a loyal Crackberry member.

I have a Sprint Curve 8330, and if possible Black would be swell.

Here's hopeing. Thanks fellas!!!


Would love one of the black cases for my 8330, go along with the all black thing I've got going on. ;p

Hello! I'd like a Blackberry Bold 360 :D Pleeaaaseee :D This case rocks! hehe. I always enter your contests, but I never win! Can we make this one count :D?

Thanks :$.

Count me in! Would love to have a case since I don't have one. Would be nice if my storm was well protected with this case

I need a new case for my Verizon Curve 8330, my screen protector is all scratched up and the cheap rubber case that I first got from Verizon is all stretched out. Please help me I'm laid-off and to broke to buy a new one.

As a Police Officer my Blackberry Bold is pretty much the life blood that keeps me organized. Court dates, case numbers, you name it is tucked away on my BB. So the worst thing about that ever happened to my Blackberry was. One night while working with a buddy of mine we came a happy little drunk driver. After running him through everbodies favorite Field Sobriety Test we decided he was a bit to impaired to be driving. As we went to put him under arrest out happy drunk got pretty unhappy. Needless to say he started putting up a fight. As my partner pulled out his taser I tried to get out of the way. Well once he fired that bad boy one probe went into our drunk and the other probe made its way into my left leg. Unfortunately my Bold was hangin out in my left pocket and my Blackbery bold took a 5 second lightning ride and took a probe right through the screen. And it most definately did not survive. But alls well that ends well I have a new Bold and it stays in the patrol car safely tucked away for the most part. It still gets banged around inside.

I have a couple silicon cases for my storm but they tend to stretch out over time. I have also replaced the screen protectors numerous times... Would love to have a red innocase that covers all the bases (and my storm, too!)

the flave

Hey I'm a truck driver and live in a crazy world. My BB Storm takes a lot of abuse and I'd love to have one of these cases to keep it safe as long as possible! Pretty please???

I was running for cover during a thunderstorm and my Storm popped out of my case right onto the asphalt. Needless to say I have ground up my phone and it got a bit wet.

I've a Storm. The worst thing that's happened to it is that I learned that it's uncool to have it in a holster. Doh!

man i have a blackberry storm and id love to have a nice case for it, i hope i win. thanks guys, your the best.

I love my curve 8330 and wonder how I went so long with out it. So far nothing bad has happened to it (knock on wood) probably because I never put it down! This case looks sweet, I love the keypad cover, the reviews I read for other covers with screen protectors all have one thing in common...dust gets under the glass, this case seems to have remedied that problem. I need this case, win or buy, to ensure the protection of my most prized possession.

well i just bought the seidio extended battery for my storm 9530 so i hope if i win they will give me a case that fits the extended battery =)

I am a personal trainer and always have my phone on me at all times. My phone is CONSTANTLY falling out of my case on to hard wood, cement, weights, and even into MUD (when training outside)! my phone has somehow managed to survive this chaos but I am not sure how much my phone can endure until it finally decides to no longer run on it's cat lives! This case would do WONDERS for me to save my Storm (BLACK)!!!!!

I am 1,200 miles and 2 months into the Appalachian Trail on foot. I started in Virginia at 7am with two of my friends to do the four state challenge which means I hike through Virginia, W. Virginia, Maryland, and into Penn -- 50 miles in the doing. We hiked for 15 hours straight with only two 20 minute breaks. After the sun started to set, we started to get into rocky terrain. I've been using my BB storm as a gps device and a journal logging device for the entire trip and pulled it out to check where we were. I was walking behind my friends, in the dark, trying to figure out if we crossed the state line so we can get a beer in town and pass out. As I was pulling out my phone, it slipped out of my hand and fell inches from a large pile of rocks. The backing came off and the battery out. My communication, location, and emergency device may have been broken. Much to my relief, I put it back together, and it was ok. The Dirt cushioned the fall and I was lucky enough that it didn't it a rock on the way down. I never want to have the fear of losing my one way of contact out of the woods again. Please innocase! Help a hiker out.

I spend every summer in Colombia, South America on a ranch my grandparents own. I've been staying there since I was a kid. I'd haveto say about 4 years back like every summer I was spending my summer at the ranch. I was helping my grandfather feed the horses. (We would go to each stable drop off food and on to the next). On one of our dump offs along goes my fairly new Blackberry 7290. I panicked, but couldn't go into the stable right away. my grandpa said to just wait till they ate, there was no way the horse would eat the phone. To our surprise we went in after, no 7290! I was determined to get my BB back. We waited for the horse to release, if u know what I mean, and fair enough one of the helpers at the ranch dug it out. Best part of the story which NO ONE will believe, the phone still worked, AND STILL WORKS til this grandpa still has it! TRUE STORY! I'm now the proud mommy of a BB 8900! I know blackberry can sustain ANYTHING!!!!!

Tmo gave me the boot so my new 8900 is on ebay no I sport an old school 8330 but it does look nice and I want to keep it that way. Crackberry Rulz been following for 2yrs now!! Love it

Tmo gave me the boot so my new 8900 is on ebay no I sport an old school 8330 but it does look nice and I want to keep it that way. Crackberry Rulz been following for 2yrs now!! Love it

Maybe this will help to protect my storm! The one I purchased with the blackberry branding didnt hold up as well. Black please!

I love my Innocase II but have dropped my Storm on its unprotected side so this would solve my problem. Looks great!

I'vebeen waiting for this for a while lol

and I hope i can get one soon for my new BB 9630, I dont want it cracked and dented like my 8330

Model: BB 9630 Tour

Well, I love to keep my BB Storm in my back pocket. It's easy to grab whenever I need it. Let's see how I can put this... I was using the toilet like every other blackberry owner, and where do I keep my BB, yep, back pocket. Did I mention I got my Storm the day they came out, and well, what I can tell you is that it's not my original BB Storm anymore. Yes, I finished business, yes I retrieved it, yes I took it all apart, and NO it didn't servive the 2 second dunk. And YES, I scrubed my hands until they were raw.... So I went to my local Verizon store to have it replaced, and was told that they would ship me a new one ASAP. That would never do. No no no... it's my life, it's my blood I told them. Didn't matter. So I went to another Verizon store, until I found someone to replace it right then and there on the spot. Yes, I have a new one, and NO I don't keep it in my back pocket anymore. I hold on to it now. I would love a saphire cover to match my blue eyes. Thanks.

I have an 8330 Curve..which I used to have in a Seidio hardshell case..until...

One night I was at a club with Paris Hilton, and she was talking on her Blackberry to, I think, Spencer and Heidi..they were complaining about being on 'I'm A Celebrity..Get Me Out Of Here' and how the conditions were primitive and awful. Heidi was telling Paris how she didn't even have a case for HER Blackberry, so, being the gentleman I am, I took my Seidio case off my 'Berry and handed it to Paris, who said she was going to send it to Heidi first thing in the morning.

So now I have no case. But hopefully chivalry isn't dead.

I have a Curve 8320 that would look great in a new Seidio Innocase 360! I used to have the same phone, in gold, til it fell out of my pocket at the theater in NYC. Searched high and low, never found it. I went back to that theater every day of my vacation, kept looking for it. When I got home, T-Mobile didn't have any more gold, so I got a sunset red one. Same great features, but boy do I miss my gold Curve. PS The red one has never seen the inside of my pocket!

Worst thing that happened to my Blackberry is:

I was texting on the toilet and ... well ... you can fill in the rest! Did it survive? Nope :(

I now have a blackberry curve 8900 and I have a seidio innocase II on it with an Invisible shield by Zagg.

I would love to try out the innocase 360!

My 8350i fell inside an attic today while i working inside the attic had a drop very small and tight and since i'm rather large and couldnt fit i paid on of my coworkers $50 bucks to get my crackberry thankgod the only thing is it got scratched on the back cover. now i put in one those id badge holder type wallet while i work it looks stupid but at least it wont fall while i'm on the walkie talkie i would like to find a really good case for when im working.

these cases are so classy looking. i have a body glove for my 8330, but would simply love to get my mitts on one of these.

i am the most clumsy bastard in the state of Louisiana and my 8330 would love to feel nice and secure in one of these cases

Recently my son (13 months) grabbed my BlackBerry while I was in the shower and he took a bite out of it leaving about six scratches across the screen. I immediately went to my carrier and ask them if they could replace the screen for me since I had purchased the insurance. They said it wasn't covered and I should have purchased screen protectors for my BlackBerry. I then proceeded to tell them I would have bought them if the associate who sold me the device had informed me about them. The assoicate disappeared with my BlackBerry and minutes later came back with a new screen on it. He made me purchase screen protectors ($9.99) which I gladly did since he hooked me up and made my BlackBerry as good as new. I currently use a BlackBerry brand case and am nervous because the screen is still not protected. I hate that you have to cut the screen protectors perfectly so do not use them. I would love a free Innocase 360 from Seidio for my BlackBerry Curve 8330 so I do not worry about my BlackBerry screen again. I am an avid BlackBerry user and do not know what I would do without it.

Storm case for me please would have been nice to have since i already dropped the phone within a week. !!

Hey yo! i wanna win!! LOL seidio cases are all i use for my BB be nice to add this to my arsenal!

bb 8900

I have a Curve (8310) that has been dropped numerous times. Luckily, it has survived. But I would feel better about it if it was protected with a Seidio case!

Blackberry Bold. Had it for a little under a year and it's hard to keep clean and away from damages. The chrome edges scratch easy and the trackball has already failed on me (can't scroll down anymore). Have to get it fixed or replaced. Other than that, that phone is the best phone i've ever picked up and definely still planning to keep it. A nice protective case would be nice =)

I think I forgot to mention I use the BlackBerry Curve 8330 with Sprint, and if selected, I would like a black case from Seidio.

my storm is currently wearing a bulky clear plastic case from verizon right now and it makes it look like it needs a diet. i would love to have this one instead so my friends won't think i'm sporting an old bag cell phone.

I have a Curve 8330 and my current skin case is cracked and faded and falling apart. PLEASE Help A Girl Out!!! Thanks :)

I just made the jump to the Blackberry world with my 8330 Curve and I love it...dreading the first scratch more than I did when I bought my new car...HELP!

Did someone say FREE case for a STORM 9530???? Count me in!!!

I haven't found a case that works for my Storm. The skin that BB makes is garbage and the Holster isn't appropriate for how I use it.

This one looks like it would meet my needs...hopefully I win one...

I just got my BlackBerry Curve 8900 and love it! However I have nothing to keep it safe. I love it so much that imagining my life without it is unimaginable! Please help keep me safe with an Innocase 360.


Although the Blackberry Tour is not out yet, (I am anxiously waiting for the release on Verizon) will this contest include cases for the Tour??

Awesome, this case looks great. It would be a great addition to my Storm! I'd want a black one if I won, I am not a fan of the other colors personally.

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you

I could REALLY, Really use a new Seidio case, seeing as my current Seidio Innocase 2 is scratched to ISH !!!!!!!!! I am constanly dropping it.

I never win anything, but what the heck... I would love to try something different for my curve 8330, the only cases I have used are the silicone ones... Crossing my fingers, thanks for another great contest Kevin!!!

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you black case for curve 8330

The worst thing that ever happened to my blackberry storm, is on the first day of using my storm it slowly fell out of pocket and on its way down it hit the sidewalk and badly damaged the chrome bezel. It did survive and from time to time I find flaws in the operation of my Blackberry storm related top the drop such as freezing consistently even on the newest OS. I have tried everything but nothing seems to protect the phone enough. I have spent over $150 in shipping and cases but nothing seems to work perfectly. Maybe this new seidio innocase 360 may help me???

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you black case for curve 8330

please can i win i got blackberry curve 8330 please i got cancer abd i got 9-12 months to live and i like to have inno case 360 please i beg you black case for curve 8330

Just got my Storm a couple weeks ago...and I've been shopping around for cases, and this would be PERFECT. Wouldn't want to ruin that sleek look now would I? ;)

I would love to win a Seidio Innocase 360 case for my BB Storm - it would be about the only thing that might be better than the Seidio Innocase II Surface case that I currently use!

The worst thing to happen to my blackberry happened when I went from Colorado to Memphis TN to pick up a trash truck. The truck was used and the doors did not close all of the way. I did not know how to get back to Colorado and thought I would place my Curve next to me to use the BB maps to find my way. While I was getting onto the highway using a round a bout I heard the phone fall and thought I would get it when I stopped and with the door not closing all of the way I heard it fall onto the street. I got to a safe place and went back to see if I could find it and I had ran over the keyboard and the screen was cracked. I was still able to use the phone with voice calling but when I got back I retired the phone and used my pearl until I was able to get my Storm. I have decided to use my pearl if I am going on a similar trip. I have tried many different cases including the otter box for protection of my phone.

Would be such a blessing to have one of these. Already dropped my 8900 numerous times and live and die with my BlackBerry...need an awesome case to help me out!

Hook my Curve 8330 up! It works hard and deserves some extra protection! Please and Thank you Crackberry Nation!

I am somewhat new to the Crackberry world (just got my first one in February 2009)and the first thing I did when I got it was research a case for protection, and I settled on the Seidio rubberized-hard case. I absolutely LOVE it and I have dropped my BB on concrete, on tile, on carpet, etc., and I don't even have a mark on the case, let alone have any damage to my beloved Blackberry! This new case would be especially wonderful to receive as I just TODAY ordered a new housing, sides, trackball, etc., and I would be scared to death to have anything happen to it once it is RED instead of Verizon-Pink! Please, oh please, reward me with this case so my red BB will stay safe! I know I'll love the 360 even more than my current one since it protects the keys and screen. I am VERY protective of my BB and won't even allow anyone to call it just a "phone." Help me preserve that image! Thank you for the chance to enter this giveaway!

My Blackberry Bold is so cold and naked without a strong protective Innocase from Seidio! Seidio is my hero (and those giving these cases away!)

Thanks! and I hope I win!

When I first got my Blackberry Storm, I purchased screen protectors, a rubber case, the whole deal...well as soon as I walked out of the store I drop my Storm face first on the cement. Suffice it to say that the screen protector could not protect my screen in these circumstances. My heart literally skipped a beat, and then I picked up the pieces of Storm that had flown everywhere.

Seeing my calamity from inside, the Verizon sales rep came out and looked as sad as I was. He took me back into the store and set me up with a brand new Storm. Now THATS what I call good service, haha! What I do now to protect my storm is I keep it holstered up instead of carrying it around in my hand, way safer.

- David

Sure wish this would fit my 8310 'cause I would surely love to have it. I'll keep looking for new models.

I am a Realtor and without my Blackberry (currently a Storm) I would be out of business. Protecting my business is job #1 and your Seidio Innocase 360 case would be perfect. As I'm sure you know, Realtors are always on the move and I have bumped, banged and dropped my Storm more times than I care to admit. A case that would protect it, like your, is a perfect fit. With the real estate market being as slow as it is, the opportunity to get one for free is fantastic. Thank you, I look forward to using one of your cases in the near future.

i have a bold and a 8900 both phones i use the bb pouch which is only ok...the Seidio's Innocase 360 look great i hope i can score one...


My Storm works hard and I ask a lot of it. This case would give it some of the best protection available.

I have been fortunate so far and avoided any direct drops onto really hard surfaces, but the time could be coming.

Any time away from my phone would be very painful. Please select me, thanks.

One night I was partying with some friends I had my 8310 in my back pocket
several shots later, me and my friends got into a shoving match I tripped and fell
my case-less 8310 went crunch in my back pocket hence the early mentioned red housing. Dude I need 360 protection :o

i droped my storm on the bathroom floor at work, its ok except for some scratches and dings. i would love a black case for my storm

I was hanging out with a rather gorgeous looking woman with whom I went out to a local swimming pool. Impressed as I was with her stunning looks in her bathing suit I jumped into the pool after her not realizing my Curve was still sitting in my pocket. I didn't care much for the woman day was ruined. I put it in a bed of rice for 2 nights and while it eventually worked again..there were stains on the lcd, camera didn't work anymore, some buttons stopped working every now and then and/or the phone would simply shut itself off. I noticed that "massaging the battery" (yeah think about that for a second) brought it back to least for a while.

So..fed up as I was I finally shelled out 3 arms and 5 legs to do an early upgrade to the 8900 instead. In order to protect it..I actually have insurance on it this time (even though it still feels like a bit of a waste of money) and I immediately applied a Best Skins Ever full body skin after I got it..hoping that would be enough. But no..the BSE started peeling after about a month or started to look horrible with all that plastic sticking out so I ripped that off.

My phone is feeling very naked now and I know it wants some much needed protection. I think Seidio can provide this. As a matter of fact, I think it is staring at me now with that puppy dog eyed little wants to be found. One protection to rule them all, and in the darkness (meaning a black one would be nice) bind them!

Thank you for taking your time to read this nonsensical little rant whose only goal is to get free stuff.
I digress..

If someone wants to see my storm, I hold it while they look. Cant afford for someone to drop it. Non abusers just dont get what it means to us.

Storm 9530 in black...please!!!!!

I definitely need something better, especially with the build in screen protector.

Blackberry Bold please!

I own a BlackBerry Bold 9000. I have been holding off buying one of these cases as I research my best options, but winning one would solve all problems. Thanks Seidio for this contest and keep up the great work my fellow Crackberrians.

I have the Storm 9530, and since getting it in January of this year, I couldn't be happier. I was apprehensive about a Blackberry but some friends talked me down and I took the plunge. One worry was about the durability of the Storm. I am here to tell you, it has been beyond my expectations. I have dropped my Storm numerous times. The worst was while installing a stereo in my wife's car for Mother's Day I had grabbed my phone to answer a text and it slipped from my hand and fell about 3 feet to the concrete driveway. After it bounced twice and landed face down, I was able to grab it and see the damage. There was a crack in the screen! It was only about a quarter inch long and the phone worked perfectly! I was amazed...but about a week later, it fell off my couch onto the floor facedown and the crack finished its course across the phone from bottom to top.
Still, the phone works perfectly! I was able to get a new Storm 9530 from a friend and was waiting to activate it until I was able to determine the best way to protect it. I was looking at the Otterbox previously, but was not sure about the bulkiness. If I were to receive this case, it would ensure the safety of the new Storm so I may continue my Blackberry adventure. Thanks for the consideration and Crackberry ROCKS!!!

I would love a case for the Storm. I had the black, blue, and red one for the Curve, but am having trouble finding ones locally for the storm.

Wow. Someone has to go through all of these and pick out which device each person has.

By the Way, Bold 9000.

These are awesome.

The worst thing that happened to my 8900 was that the chrome started to peel off the bezel. That problem has been remedied and I have no gripes whatsoever.

But I am trying to keep my berry in pristine condition, so please toss my name into the hat for the 8900!


Really would like to win of the Innocase 360's for my BlackBerry Bold... I've dropped it a couple times and nearly scared the crap outta me... The Innocase 360 would be the perfect solution for someone as clutzy as myself....

I've spent the last week commuting to work by bus. Almost two hours each way, and my brand new Curve 8900 has been my only real company during the ride as well as my real-time bus schedule thanks to the transportation website.
Two mornings ago we hit a fairly large chuck hole in the road and to my horror, out of my hand flew my new baby, hitting the floor with a sickening thud and breaking apart into three pieces. The body, the battery and the back cover all went different directions. So I had to try and find the parts before people started getting off the bus. Did I mention it's been raining? Yeah, crawling around the wet, dirty floor of a public bus in Seattle during rush hour looking for the pieces of my BlackBerry.
When I got everything back together I found scratches on the cover, the body and a small gouge in the display. My God I wish I had something like this to protect my BB before this had happened. It would have saved that morning for sure.

Well, in a moment of blind rage, I flung my Blackberry Curve 8330 against a wall. Now, that wasn't the end of it. The sturdy little bugger didn't break at all. As a matter of fact, I got a text as it careened across the room. Maybe this triggered even more anger, which was absolutely misdirected at my favorite piece of technology in the whole world. I picked it up and smashed it on the ground. Long story short, I referred myself into anger management and wrote "I will care for and protect my Blackberry forever" 100 times. So, in closing, I need this case in order to keep my replacement Blackberry Curve 8330 safe. Preferably in a black Seidio case. Thank you, and goodnight.

Hello. My name is migfig blackberry is my life ...I have recently had to get a new one because I had accidentally dropped my phone....I have yet to find the perfect case and I think this might be the one. Please let me win this contest

I play soccer at lunch nearly every weekday. When I'm done, I go back to work and shower before continuing my work day.
The worst thing that has happened to me nearly killed me... I usually hang up my clothes next to the shower stall, but when I picked up my shorts my Storm dropped out and fell. Being a soccer player, I tried to quickly put my foot out and cushion the storm from landing on the hard tile floor. Well, that works with something soft, but my Storm landed corner-down on the top of my foot... then bounced off and tumbled across the floor. My foot was bruised and my heart nearly stopped as I stood there looking at my Storm, wondering whether it had survived it's tumbling run.
Luckily, it was a trooper and came away pretty much unscathed. I wasn't as lucky, though. I was scarred for life. I immediately came to Crackberry and bought a case for it. Sadly, the case I bought (won't mention any names here, but it wasn't a Seidio case) ended up cracking near the top, making me regret my purchase.
Now I'm in the market for another case, but haven't jumped at one yet.

As for my Storm, it sits in my locker while I'm cleaning up. It abused the privelage of being in my pocket and must pay for it by being locked up, safe and sound.

I guess I'm kinda lucky. I've never done any major damage to my 8330, although I have destroyed a few cases. Most of them, believe it or not, have been slammed in the car door. My battery door has excessive wear, and the screen, some scratches. . . I'm currently using a body glove, that is showing bad wear after only a month, and I've dropped it while changing a tire and cracked the screen shield. . Please HELP!! I'm gonna need a new case any day now.

When I originally got my Blackberry Storm, I purchased a full body skin but since day one I've had issues trying to keep my Storm clean as the plasticy film would start to peel off my Storm. I've since purchased a Incipio Feather but wouldn't mind getting a nice Black Seidio Innocase 360 for my Storm as well. :D

a great looking case. I think it would really keep my 8330 safe and sound. Like my berry to look its best..

I didn't have my storm a day and my kid bumped me and down it least on the carpet! Since then its been safe and sound
Thanks for the contest!


I guess I'm kinda lucky. I've never done any major damage to my 8330, although I have destroyed a few cases. Most of them, believe it or not, have been slammed in the car door. My battery door has excessive wear, and the screen, some scratches. . . I'm currently using a body glove, that is showing bad wear after only a month, and I've dropped it while changing a tire and cracked the screen shield. . Please HELP!! I'm gonna need a new case any day now.

I guess I'm kinda lucky. I've never done any major damage to my 8330, although I have destroyed a few cases. Most of them, believe it or not, have been slammed in the car door. My battery door has excessive wear, and the screen, some scratches. . . I'm currently using a body glove, that is showing bad wear after only a month, and I've dropped it while changing a tire and cracked the screen shield. . Please HELP!! I'm gonna need a new case any day now.

I never win anything, so it'd be nice to at least win a case for something I care about for more than my invisible girlfriend :P.

PS: Thats code for my Storm ;)

My storm would love a new look! I'm not saying anything out loud though. Don't want it to be dissappointed if we don't win.

I've had two friends drop and damage their BB in the past few weeks. This type stuff is usually contagious, and I don't want mine to be Seidio - I'd be very appreciative if you would protect my Bold.

P.S. - Black is beautiful


I'd love one of these. I've never been much of a case person, but this is one of the very few I've seen that I'd consider for my storm. I hope I win this contest. :)

I have a BlackBerry 8900. The moment I bought it at the t-mobile store, took it out the box and what does Vanessa do? Drop it right then and there in the store!! Luckily, t-mobile stores use carpet, and nothing happened to it and it survived! Since that moment, I handle it with so much care. Currently have it in a silicone case because I am too cheap to buy a good protective case. Hopefully I will win and won't have to hold on to it extremely hard like my life depends on it!! lol

I currently have a blackberry 8330, a few months ago, I got in an argument with a friend, my phone fell out of my clip as I was getting into my truck, and it fell underneath my tire, Well, I was angry, did not hear it fall, spun my tires and launched my blackberry across the parking lot, found it later on, still working, I changed the housing and lcd, and its still working today. I now use a screen protector and rubber case to keep it free from scrapes and road rash, lol, hopefully next time, Ill have a better case that may protect my bb8330. I would greatly appreciate a black case for my 8330

I had my Blackberry sitting on the hood of my truck when it started to ring. I had gotten a couple of text messages, which vibrated it right off the hood, and about four feet down to the concrete. She was able to survive with just some scratches. I think this Seidio case could save my baby in case of another accident...

I guess I'm kinda lucky. I've never done any major damage to my 8330, although I have destroyed a few cases. Most of them, believe it or not, have been slammed in the car door. My battery door has excessive wear, and the screen, some scratches. . . I'm currently using a body glove, that is showing bad wear after only a month, and I've dropped it while changing a tire and cracked the screen shield. . Please HELP!! I'm gonna need a new case any day now.

Well, I work at a Fish Processing plant. Having a proper protecting case would be wonderful! Although my phone will probably still smell fishy :p

Decided to spend a terrific day at Six Flags Great Adventure with the friends. Near the end of the day, we decided to give the Superman ride a shot. For those who don't know, the ride is a hanger and gives you the sensation of "flying" on your stomach. Well anyway, all is going great until one sharp turn and I notice a phone go flying towards the grass below and shatter into a million pieces. I laugh to myself that it sucks for that person until 20 seconds later when I got off the ride and realized my Blackberry wasn't in my pocket anymore. :/

One of these cases would be great for my new Storm (Black).

I guess I'm kinda lucky. I've never done any major damage to my 8330, although I have destroyed a few cases. Most of them, believe it or not, have been slammed in the car door. My battery door has excessive wear, and the screen, some scratches. . . I'm currently using a body glove, that is showing bad wear after only a month, and I've dropped it while changing a tire and cracked the screen shield. . Please HELP!! I'm gonna need a new case any day now.

I was doing a battery pull in a um while sitting on a um in any case the battery fell in along with the back door to my Storm 9530. Yes it was retrieved and luckly it was only those parts that went in.

My second thing was driving for a mile approaching a stop light and hearing a rumble on my roof of my car only to have my storm go flying across my hood and into the intersection. It survived with only a small scratch.

I need protection

I was working the concession stand at my sons high school for a female body building event and had my new Storm on my side, in the stock leather case with the magnet catch and spring steel belt clip,so I thought, ready for action... well I had gotten in a conversation with one of the other parents about texting our kids and I reached for my phone to show how proficient I had become and it wasn't there... in a panic i retraced my every step and couldn't find it anywhere... I even had my son call it to see if we could hear it, forgetting that for the event I had it on vibrate only... well I was about to give up and hope for an honest sole to turn it in to lost and found, when my son tells me, after looking for a half an hour, that he had heard earlier that a phone had been found by the event coordinator... after getting over the urge to chase him down and re-energize his brain, I went to the event table and yes they had my brand new storm... apparently the non-secure spring steel belt clip had allowed it to leave my belt in the parking lot and upon impact with the pavement it had a small but noticeable mar to the top left corner, one of the only spots not covered by the case... but none for the worse it still worked and I can say that even with this drop I am still using my original storm and the only thing missing would be a Seidio 360 case for the storm with an extended battery...

I used to have an 8310, and i left it in my pocket as I was unloading equipment for my band's gig one night...well low and behold I pull the phone out and the whole thing was scratched to oblivion from the equipment pressing against my pockets! Needless to say I don't have the 8310 anymore, but I certainly don't want the same thing to happen to my brand new Storm 9530! PLEASE hook me up!

it was all in slow'mo, at least in my immediate memory. . .
. . .i had one of those moments where all your faculties are out the window for a moment, and as i raised my hand to look at my sms, when suddenly my hands seemed as tho they werent there. the storm falls and hits the ground, facing screan up, and in the instant of releaf that i saw it seemed to be fine, the screan spiderwebs! im heartbroken. but, to my suprise, it still works, and i simply need to pay my $50 deductable and get it replaced. (better that than buy a new one!). had i been using a case of any kind, im sure it would have obsorbed the shock and saved me the troble and the trama.

so i would lovew one of these case, preferably in burgandy, but black is fin too, sor my storm 9530.