Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!

Innocase 360 Contest
By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Jun 2009 04:47 pm EDT

Leave a Comment to this post for your chance to win a Seidio Innocase 360 for your BlackBerry. We are giving away FIVE cases of each model type below!

I fell in love with Seidio's Innocase 360 when I first caught a pre-release glimpse of it back in April at the CTIA Wireless show in Vegas. Since then, Seidio has rolled out the Innocase 360 for five device models, including the BlackBerry Storm, Bold, Curve 8900, Curve 8350i and Curve 8330.

Contest: As we head into the weekend, our friends at Seidio are hooking us up with 25 Innocase 360s to giveaway (five of each model). You have until this Monday, Midnight PST to leave your entry comment. Seidio passed on this contest message for us to share...

You'd be lost without your BlackBerry, right? So you have to protect it! We want you to share your experiences with us....what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry? Did it survive? If so, how? If not, what lengths have you gone to since then to ensure that nothing happens to your replacement? How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"? Let us know! 25 winners will be chosen to receive a FREE Innocase 360 from Seidio! With its integrated keyboard protector and a durable screen protector built in, Innocase 360 is so strong, it just might be the only case you need. 

Be sure to let us know which BlackBerry device model you have in your comment as well. Keep in mind that most of the case models are available in multiple colors (black, sapphire blue, rose pink and burgandy). Thanks Seidio, and good luck everyone!!

Learn More: If you're not familiar with the Innocase 360 from Seidio, be sure to check out this video and gallery, as well as this CrackBerry first look, community review and selection of Seidio products available at

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a Seidio Innocase 360. 25 Cases to be Won!



I would love to be one of the winners to receive the 360 case. I have a BB curve 8900 and recently it was thrown out of a moving car on the freeway due to jealousy. It was thrown out the window because i was texting while my boyfriend was trying to give me the im sorry, will never happen again speech.

While my phone was in the motion of being thrown out the window. My jealous BF hits a freaking car while he's driving MY CAR!!! he was too busy trying to keep me from grabbing for my phone; he wasnt paying attention to the road..smh (getting upset thinking about it) >:(

LONG STORY SHORT. I went back up to the freeway with my mom, dad and a flash light and i searched the bushes for 2hrs(no lie).. that phone was my life (pictures, important #'s, calendar info, memos etc) just as i was giving up my dad says "i guess luck is on your side, here's your phone!"

AND guess what my phone was completely fine, no water damage, no broken screen, NOTHING!! since that day i never let my phone out my sight .. OH and i broke up with my now "X" for coming between me and my BaBy aka BlackBerry

Im hoping and wishing to win this giveaway, it would be the best graduation gift for my BB. CSULA C/O 09
thanks :)

One thing you should always do....ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR BLACKBERRY!

You never know when something will happen....well maybe not quite exactly that. :)

Any Students on Here can Relate:

I'm in class one day, and I'm just playing on my phone. Most professors don't care, but this one guy got really worked up over cell phones. Usually if he caught someone texting, he'd take the phone and hold on to it during the class. Eventually, I guess he got in trouble, because phones are technically the student's property.

So he had to put up with cell phone use for a short while. Finally, he snapped, and my Storm was the victim. He started yelling on the top of his lungs about know one has any respect anymore. He literally ripped my phone out of my hands, threw it on the ground, and started stepping on it.

Talk about a power trip. The screen cracked, and the bezel was really messed up. Even though my school payed for the insurance claim, they sided with this certain professor. The worst part of this story is that I have him again next semester!!!

So please help me out in case this happens because I can't just not use my Blackberry for an hour and 25 minutes...

I would love to get one of these, was considering buying it but if I can get it for free, even better!

Storm 9530

Hope I get it! Good luck to all!

First to comment!..on SECOND thought.. guess not lol! i love my 8900 ... but i would love to protect it;)

The worst thing that happened to me with my 8900 was a week after i got it, i was playing football and a guy wanted to see it.. but he decided that catching a football is more important then the 8900 he threw up in the air :(

Verizon 8330... truck driver that's constantly abusing the crackberry... it's my mobile computer for work... I go through cases left and right... :(

Ive been hoping these would be a contest. I would love to win one of these for fathers day (fateher of 5 here!:).

i never any of these contest, so why im even bothering to fill this out i dont know. oh well here is my entry to be looked past. congrats to the winners.. i know i wont be one

Ever accidentally leave your phone on your lap while driving a car? Then forget about it when you get out... and watch helplessly as your phone falls from your lap and crashes down on to the cement below? Well.. I have..
Luckily it survived with minimal damage.

Anywho, a blue or black 360 for my 9530 Storm would be marvelous. I'm bound to win one of these eventually right?

The worst thing that has happen to my blackberry? Well not much, yet. My old curve however was placed directly in my pocket once...only once, when the belt holster (from blackberry mind you) broke on me one day. I mistakenly put my car keys in the that pocket and in the short distance to my car, instant scratches!!

My new blackberry is a storm, and you should see the careful placement it gets lol. Its like I'm holding a baby...well on second thought..I AM!! Hehehe..

Current device: Blackberry Storm.

Edit: Prefer black if I am one of the lucky few!

I want it so bad because I would be so lost without my phone, even for only one day. I have a Storm and I would love to win the black Innocase 360 from Seidio. Thanks in advance

One of my kids tried to flush my blackberry...over and over again. Luckily it was too big to flush; unfortunately, blackberries are not waterproof.

I would love one of those black Seidio cases for my Storm!

Unfortunately, I don't have any horror stories to share, because I go so far to protect my phone that I absolutely do not let anyone else touch it.

That's right, only my finger prints have ever smudged the screen... well with exception to the agent who activated the phone for me...

I purchased the BlackBerry 8350i on opening day. Because of environments and conditions I work in, I purchsed the Otter Box for my Curve; however, I was getting a lot of complaints of audio feedback. I then had the InvisiShield installed on it...TWICE, and it's now coming off again. I've had 3 cases on it since February and am looking for something to hold up. Hopefully this will solve by case issue once and for all!

Worst thing that happened to my storm. Coaching indoor soccer team. Warming kids up. Storm flies out of pocket and smashes on floor. Gooooooooooooooaaal!

Fortunately it is okay. Whew! Heart in throat...what would I have done for email?

I was at work and had just gotten off the phone, I stepped into the the bathroom to pee and had the phone on my belt. I walk up to the toilet and SNAP the clip breaks and the phone falls directly INTO the toilet.
Thank Dog it didnt slip down into the pipe, but I yanked it out immediately and yanked the battery for 2 days.

I scrubbed my hands about 12 times and used purell about 100 times since it was a hospital toilet I stuck my hand in to get the phone. (staff only toilet luckily)

Phone still worked, just changed one of the 2 water stickers inside.

I would like the pink one for my Wife's 8330 please.

I walked into the bathroom to wash my hands and was texting. I set the phone on the side of the sink and it slid off and fell into the ceramic trash can. Shattered the corner of the case I had it in at the time, but my Storm is still holding strong. I probably by a new screen protector for it every month since I an anal about having any marks on my screen.

The worse thing that happened to my blackberry was that when I was having an airsoft gun fight in my dorm room, my phone fell out of my pocket and I accidently stepped on it....Not a good thing lol.

So I have a Storm now and lets just say that thing never leaves my pocket unless its necessary. Absolutely necessary.

i never win anything, but here I am typing to win a nice case for my Storm 9530. but...i doubt ill win like always...

I have had other Blackberry Devices. Unfortunately the leather cases and holsters did not do the job. I dropped one and it fell apart. I just got a Blackberry Storm and want to keep it new. I am tired of wasting screen protectors just to get the bubbles out.

i am the worst at dropping my phone...need to keep this baby sparkling clean!!! can i be a STORM winner...yea i got tha storm and it needs protection's like my other favorite thing...can't leave home without your protection if you get my drift.

I really like these cases and want one for my upcoming new Tour from Sprint...whenever that is. Do they have a case ready for the Tour already?

The worse thing that's happened to me is having to return my old curve back Sprint because the coverage in my area just doesn't cut it.

I made up for it by going with AT&T and getting a new Curve 8900, which really needs a good case.

Yes I have gone through 5 cases. On the last one I could not get my darn sd card out bc the case i bought at the mall stuck together so tight that my storm would not give it up. I had to take a bloody chop stick and pry it off. So I would really like a case for my storm please.
So if the gods are giving away cases at begging for one.

Hopefully my wife got me the extended battery for my storm for fathers day...but im not holding my breath

Those cases look fantastic ... never seen one that would actually "protect" the BB like this.

It would be sweet if I could get a case for my BB Storm.



The Worst thing thats ever happened to my storm was dropping it while putting it back in my pocket off the side of the toliet and under the next stall. I was freaked out for 1 it was on the nasty bathroom floor at work. 2 i dropped it and it almost went in the toliet but the good thing was it landed on the back side and had a
Seidio Innocase II Black on it took it off and washed the back of it and along i went. THank you Seidio for saving my Storm!

I got a bb about 3 weeks ago... & I have to admit that I'm becoming a crackberry addit. Using my phone all day long. Constantly looks @ my email, text, &messages from "social sites." The thing is for us to prevent from damaging our bb's. I want/need a protected case to keep my bb looking good, with a nice looking protective case! ;-)

My poor BB Storm has been naked since I purchased it 12/08. These cases look great and I would love to sport one on my Storm.

I'm a nurse in a busy dialysis unit. A few weeks ago it was worse than usual. I thought I could get a quick bathroom break in before the next patient was off the machine. In my haste, my blackberry fell out of my pocket and straight into the commode! I was in tears, not knowing if I could make it without my blackberry at my side. Getting a large forceps from clean supply, I gingerly fished my pearl out of the pooper. UGH!! Taking the battery cover off released a tiny rush of water. I gingerly dried it off best I could using a paper towel. I placed all pieces on my desk under a lamp to let the moisute evaporate. My pearl survived unharmed and has since been handed down to my daughter. I now happily carry the Storm. Dialysis machines are beeping...gotta run...

Lengths to ensure nothing ever happens to my Storm?

I don't let the wife use it.

Black Please. :-)
Model: Storm 9530

I've SOOO been wanting to get one of these for my Blackberry Storm but with 95°f weather, I need to get the Air Conditioning fixed before I melt. THANKS FOR THE CONTEST, oh and PICK ME :)

I could use this case to protect my 8330. I only dropped it once since I had it (October 2008) but once is one time to much! A black or blue one would work nicely.

I don't have any horror stories, though. I've only had my BB for 2 months, now. But I have already dropped it multiple times while walking my dog - she's a bit of a crazy one, and I need to use it while I'm out or I'm just unplugged for too long. One pull at the wrong moment, and it's on the ground, so my nice shiny bezel is scuffed up, and in an ideal world I'd get a new battery cover. Once, it hit the ground, the cover flew off and the battery ended up a few feet away from the 'berry. No idea how that happened. But if you DON'T give me one of these, you know I'll have a big disaster story soon. So please prevent that from happening. Please?
Oh, and 8900. Thanks.

Thanks for the oppurtunity. I've only had my Storm for about 6 months, and have realized that the holster isn't my favorite accessory for carrying this thing. I've been browsing the cases here at CB, so now, before I buy, I might as jump in on this contest first....


oh that would be so nice my current case adds about 2 pounds and 2 inches to my storm i would like something more hip hugging to my storm

I'd love to have one for my blackberry Storm, but what are the chances of me actually winning.... Slim and none possibly.

I'm one of those people who really uses my stuff. My storm is well taken care of but the case is a very important part of the plan. I saves the Storm from being hurt.

When I was a young lad of 22 (birthday being June 16th I just turned 23) I received the greatest gift of all, a BlackBerry 8330. I cherished it, I would wipe the screen clean constantly to show off my new prize that is a silver shiny BlackBerry. I would often fall asleep next to it listening to music out of it's powerful speaker, my fiance was not pleased that I would cuddle closer to it than her. One day in a rush to work I gathered my things in the usual order, wallet, keys, and phone. I was putting everything into my pocket and walking out the door when it happened, it slipped. My mistress of communication fell from my hands tumbling down the concrete stairs. It was like a slow motion video, it didn't just hit one stair and stop, it seemed to bounce on all four steps till landing on the blacktop driveway. I let out a enormous howl, WHY?! Why did this happen to my BlackBerry, it was so young, it wasn't even filled to half capacity with useful applications, I had just installed the new Facebook that sync'd contacts, WHY?! I rushed it to the Verizon store kicked open the door and yelled for a Verizon Tech, "Please Sir, you have to save my BlackBerry." but it was too late, my BlackBerry would never shine again, it would never be able to light my hallway while going to the bathroom late at night. I reverted back to my old phone, then a wonderful thing happened 3 days ago. Yes it was my beautiful shiny silver BlackBerry 8330 back from the dead. How I missed you...

If I were to win a case I would love one in a beautiful sapphire blue.

I have a storm.. but will soon own a tour...

I would like a case!

would prefer it to be valid for the tour but obviously a new case for the storm would be nice too

I have had my phone dropped getting in the car. Drinks spilled near my phone. I dropped it many time. My wife has even thrown my phone a few times(lost a case that way, the case broke into pieces) I have even fallen on to my phone several times because I have lost my balance do to my disability or one one of my crutches slip on something(why I will never get an IPhone). I have a BlackBerry Storm 9530. I'd love a sapphire blue one

The worst thing that has happen to my berry curve 8330 is when I dropped it like 3 days after getting it. It didn't scratch it up too much but I was still sad =(. The next thing that happened was when I tried cleaning my track ball and broke the chrome piece that goes around it. Let's just say I try not too drop it because if so the pieces go everywhere. To protect my precious berry I now keep it in the holster that it came with at all times when not in use.

I've had a bold for a few months, and i'm really looking for a decent case. This one looks like the one i have been looking for all along. Please hook me up CB!!! i have the Bold!!! thanks!

I sure wouldn't mind keeping that way for the remainder of it's life (until I get the 9630 hopefully next month).

The worst drop I had happend at work. I opened a very heavy door walked through while typing on my BB but apparetnally I didn't walk through all the way. The door closed and hit my elbow, sending the BB flying. It hit a steel railing on the side of the walk way bounced off that and on to the pavement where it continued to slide for another 10 or so feet.
It was a pretty hard one but it is still fine to this day. The only damage was cosmetic which I was able to fix. Replaced the battery cover with a coveroo cover and the antenna cover with a black cover. Looks pretty cool with a black trackball and track ball ring as well.

Anyway, I would love to have a 360 case for it to keep it in good shape for the rest of it's life. All though at this point seeing that the 9630 should be here soon it may benefit the next owner more than myself...but I'm sure who ever I give it to will be happy with it

If no friends of mine want it its going up on the market place fo free! Yeah it's older and out dated but I'm sure someone out there could use it. Least I can do to give back to the community that's helped me out so much.

EDIT- I have a Storm as well and would love to have the 360 for it too. That one hasn't taken a fall yet (bought used so it may have but it looks mint)but I only use it on the weekends so much more down time and less of a chance of a drop...but it's bound to happen sooner or later. Some extra protection would be great!

i luv the Innocase!!! my coworker has one and i have been telling him i need to get me one for my 8900. pick me, pick me, pick me.

So there is this huge college trip that a bunch of students go trek down from Oregon to Shasta Lake california. You can only imagine the monstrosity that can occur with 30 people killing 9 kegs over 2.5 days on a house boat.

well, at the end of the trip, during the final hours on the water, we had to do some clean up before returning the boats to the dock. Let me remind you all that this occurred when I was SOBER. I decided to put my phone in my front hoodie pocket. Mistake #1. Shasta Lake is notorious for its red clay that gets EVERYWHERE, so we had to mop off the decks. while I was reaching over the railing to dip the mop in the lake...*whoop* My 3 month old BB storm falls into the water. Let me remind you all, blackberries do not float because I was ready to dive right after it.

I purchased the $20 dollar pouch from CB and had those verzion wireless 3 pack screen protectors on it.

So 270 dollars later and a one year extension on my contract (do the math 20 months for next upgrade, 3 months down already....and another 12?? 20-3+12 = 29 months to next upgrade). OUCH. this time around I did not opt out of the insurance plan.

I was observing a mastectomy in the OR of the hospital that I work, the physician performing the procedure called me up for a closer view, when i leaned forward, my Storm slid out of my front scrub pocket and landed on the table directly next to the site he was removing. The whole room was quite pissed about contaminating the sterile field, I was pissed about contaminating my Blackberry. Its much easier to disinfect a case as opposed to a phone...I NEED ONE OF THESE!

Just got my Sprint 8330 a couple of weeks ago and I have dropped it a couple of times! Had my heart stop each time:-) Been looking for just the right case and I can think of none better! I could really use this!

With my last blackberry, I was getting out of my car with my pearl in hand.. it took a drop and bounced, and then I kicked it across about 4 yards of pavement... It seemed like it happened in slow-motion as I watched it play out, haha. I recently got my Curve 8900 - and it is begging me to grab one of these. And a free one would be even better!

This looks extremely solid and durable!! Even if I don't this case I may just buy it for my 8330!! Seidio Makes terrific products!!

I would love a Seidio case. This would protect my Storm and keep it looking as good as new! Best thing is it's a good looking case too.

See they could have gone with a great Anime/ Naruto theme here,,.

Super excited to try out a new case, Black is fine..

My blackberry Storm is looking forward to it

I've never won anything from CB before and would be soo happy if I could win a pink one for my Bold. I looooove Pink. :)

Oh god! I surely need this protection condom for my blackberry bold, even to protect from my 1yr old niece who thinks she's cool to play with Bold toys.

You really wanna know my blackberry crash story? ok, so it was my first ever Blackberry 7730 in 2004. I was glad and the first one to get a BB in my group. So "once upon a time" I was charging my handheld and kept in on my lap while browsing crackberry(?) i think. lol. After i was done I forgot tht BB is resting on my lap and i stood up and heard a DISASTER sound and it was my BB losing conscious with face down. I pocked up and turned over, it was losing the display slowly like its closing its eyes to death.I thought it died but it didn't. it got blind with no display, eventhough i managed to use it for 3 months without display. Believe me yes i did. I still have tht cracked BB.

So here it was!!

now am with BB BOLD and if i win i would get a SEIDIO black case

I love the seido case I have for my storm... but this one looks like it will do a better job of keeping dust and gunk out of my phone!

Model: Storm
Color: Blue

but i would love one of these. I bought the innocase from seidio for my 8900 many months ago and love it. I would love a free upgrade! :)


I try my best to take of my Storm, it's nigh impossible to keep it in pristine condition. Whenever an accidental scratch or scrape appears I periodically break down in tears. I know, it's just a phone - but it's MY phone. About a week ago I decided to clean the screen with some all purpose spray cleaner (poor decision). The end result was that moisture inched its way under the touch screen and refused to come out. I tried almost every "wet-phone" scheme available; from vacuuming the edges of the screen to leaving it in a box of rice overnight. Ultimately it fixed itself (to my amazement) and has been working fine ever since. I was about to give my right hand to fix my Storm, it looks like I'll never try "cleaning" it like that again.

About a week ago I placed my Storm on the windshield of my parents car, and then went to go do some things around the house. When I came back, my parents took the car to the nearby mall, which requires a 20 minute trip down a highway...with my phone on the windshield...and then it started raining. FML, right? Well luckily I had an Innocase I Combo on it that somewhat protected it, and my phone slide down near the edge of the hood. My phone somehow survived the entire trip, but now my case just broke 3 days ago so I'm caseless. A new black Innocase 360 would be nice!

I traded my Acer Aspire One for a Blackberry Storm, and looking to protect my Storm with a case. A 360 case from Seidio would be an awesome addition for my Storm.


I wonder how many times I will have to join and comment on a contest before I win...? Please let it be this time!

....sorry, I was channeling my 2 year old son for a second there, but....I still want it!!!

.....for my Bold, of course.


While racing to get to work on time (as i was already running late), I saw that the light ahead had turned yellow and I needed to take the jughandle and crossover the highway so i could head in the opposite direction. While still accelerating, I quickly took the jughandle on the inside and began to cross the highway, yanking the wheel sharply to the left, barely staying in my turning lane. During the apex of the turn my Blackberry Storm zipped across the dashboard, out my passenger window, and with a Huge Thud struck the driver rear quarter panel of an elderly mans Buick! We exchanged words at the next light (which was 1/16th of a mile away) and then both pulled over and I apologized and explained i was late on my way to work. By the grace of God he was kind enough and understanding to tell me not to worry about it. (Though, as I was pulling away, i heard his grandson yelling at him to call the cops and get my insurance info.) My BB Storm was destroyed and I was forced to make a lost phone claim to Verizon's Insurance Co. I currently have my replacement BB Storm. -Thanks

So my storm tends to slip out of my hands quite frequently and I could definitely use one of these in my arsenal. Thanks for the opportunity crackberry.

The worst thing that ever happenned to my Bold is...put it in my pocket without any protection at all.
Please do help a Bold, it will thank you for this blessing.

I was going down the steps to the subway on my way home from work when I dropped my storm out of my pocket, i dived down 4 stairs to try to catch it.. missed. me and my blackberry ended up bruised :(.. but we both survived. =].... I think i need that case!

what is the worst thing that's ever happened to your BlackBerry?

I dropped out of a lifted (4") F350 while plowing snow. Out of my hand an on to the pavement below!

Did it survive?

If so, how?
No idea, it has some bangs on it from the fall and the screen popped off, but it did survive. Check out the end result:

How far will you go to protect your "CrackBerry"?
At this point, as far as I have to go. Spent good money on it unlocked and now its lost its shine a bit.

BB 8310 Titanium
This case looks awesome, its exactly what I had in mind for a perfect case but I had never seen it out anywhere. Thanks.

I could really put this case to good use with my storm. My butterfingers would appreciate you as much as my phone does!

True story:
I have a BB Curve 8330 that I put in my front pocket before I got into the "Drop Tower Scream Zone" at Great America. The ride is a 225 foot free-fall drop. No, the BB did not fall out my pocket, thank goodness, although some pee mysteriously happened to leave my body during the ride. Fortunately my BB took one for the team and blocked any potentially embarrassing marks. Unfortunately, the BB got a little soaked. I really need an Innocase 360!!!

My girlfriend drops her 8330 more than I drop my 8310. I have a skin on mine, so I want to win this for her.

As a witness to one of these times when she dropped it, I was saddened and had to install a new trackball into her Curve. That was an interesting week for her going without Slacker Radio.

Please help my wonderful lady out...

Thank you Crackberry and Seidio. =)

Wow! Not seeing many speak up for the 8330. Maybe this will be the one. I'll take mine in black, please.

What usually happens to me is i go to put my 9530 into my pocket and miss. So in one day i did this 3 times. The first banked off the corner of a table, the second fell straight on to concrete, and the third...fell down the steps. It survived, but has some nasty battle scars. HELP ME OUT GUYS! make my day :D

i currently have a blackberry storm case from verizon with tire tread. its awesome for supporting the back of the blackberry storm, but it doesn't protect at all on the front corners of the storm. This case looks like it would protect all around

I would love a Innocase 360 to replace my Otterbox!
I have a storm so i need to keep the dust out!!
Please let me win.

I have a Bold 9000 now, but when I had a Curve, the daughter of my wife's friend decided to use my phone as a hockey puck. She smacked it all around the house with a stick, hard enough to even leave dents in the wall. Needless to say, the housing and screen were damaged beyond repair. I would love to have an Innocase to prevent something like that from ever happening again.

Dropped my storm about a week ago and since then the radio is not working properly and my screen has now become un useable. Love the storm so much that I bought a brand new one today and have been looking around the web for a case that will protect my crackberry aswell as my wallet. Would love the chance to get one of these and would also be prepared to pay postage and packaging too. I need this so bad please

I have a Blackberry Curve 8900.
I just received it a few days ago and i've already dropped it once and it was a near miss because it was about to land in my toilet! I was washing my hands in the sink and i went to go dry my hands and pick up my blackberry 8900 when i dropped it and it landed right into the trashcan right next to my toilet! It was such a near miss i was so glad it landed in some cushion at least. It survived, yay! I really want this new Seidio Innocase 360 because I want to prevent my new blackberry from any scratches or my clumsyness!



Dropped and scratched my Bold just the other day... wish I had the 360 case at that time... for now I'm merely protecting it with the silicone sleeve... hopefully I can win one of the cases... that would be awesome!!!

I've only had my blackberry for 3 days but I am already on the search for anything to keep it new. These things are addictive. Curve 8330

a few scratches could have been prevented with one of these or my less greasy hands..

storm - black like a heart attack

Got a Curve 8330 after dropping my Storm in the toilet a few weeks ago without insurance.

Had a Seidio for my Storm and would love a new 360 one for my replacement Curve.

The worst thing that ever happened to my Storm was when I reached in my pocket for a tissue, and accidentally brought my Storm out with it and -plop- right on the hard tiled floor! Luckily I had a case, a Seido Innocase II, actually, so it was fine. But this new case looks awesome!!!

Jumped into the pool after my cousins son who decided to let go of the swim noodles that were keeping him afloat. Of course I was wearing my BB.
The Storm was laid to rest- Insurance is great!!!
big winner big winner



Dropped my storm about a week ago and since then the radio is not working properly and my screen has now become un useable. Love the storm so much that I bought a brand new one today and have been looking around the web for a case that will protect my crackberry aswell as my wallet. Would love the chance to get one of these and would also be prepared to pay postage and packaging too. I need this so bad please

I got a new 8900 and would like to protect it. It would be nice to have an innocase for my BB.