Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock

By Bla1ze on 10 Dec 2009 02:29 am EST
Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock
"Wishing you and yours, A safe and happy holidays - Cellunlock"

In keeping up with the season, Cellunlock reached out to me the other day and wanted to give a little back to the community. Cellunlock has offered up 500 BlackBerry unlock codes for you all. Any BlackBerry smartphone on any carrier this time around. We know a lot of you will be picking up new BlackBerry smartphones for friends and family so this comes at a great time. Big thanks go out to Cellunlock for offering this up for us and the community!

[ Remember folks, enter just once. Multiple entries will be excluded from the drawing, contest closes in one week. Winners will be notified shortly after by registered email ]

Reader comments

Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock



My t-mo account got cancelled so i switched to at&t now i have a 8900 that i can only use as my mp3 player i would like to use it on att help!!

My 8900 has been begging me for months to unlock her, but I keep hesitating. I mean, what happens if we start seeing other carriers? What is she comes home some day and tells me that she met a cute i-phone over at the Deathstar? is awesome. they unlocked my bold when i first got it and I cant wait to get a free unlock for my wifes curve.
keep the good stuff coming

i am from trinidad and tobago in the Caribbean and my cell phone is locked to one of the companies here. They dont unlock it for free, and if i was to get it unlocked it would cost me about 100US so plz plz plz help me out...thank you

it would help too because i'm living abroad right now and can't get the same phones in italy that I could in america for 400 dollars cheaper.

I hope to get one for Christmas so i will say I wuld simply love to have a unlock code for a brand spankin new phone. PLEASE!!

I just switched from an iPhone 3GS to a Bold 9700 and I'm loving it and this site, it really helped me get up to speed with all things BlackBerry. So many possibilities for my new device :) The only thing I miss is the iPhone was carrier unlocked, so an unlock code would be perfect! I'm on T-Mobile in the UK.



Planning to get the 9700, the unlock code will be a nice gift. Always referring cellunlock to friends. Happy Holidays.


Huge crackberry addict
Att customer
curve 8330
Storm 9550 (unlocked from Verizon)
Curve 8320 (locked to T mobile)

i so want to win this cause i never on anything here and i thing this is so cool i have bought 7 code from them so far
i i think i would like to have one free!!!

my cousin got a blackberry for free but it's locked to O2 in the UK and he lives here in the states. it would make a great holiday gift if i could get his phone unlocked for him.

count me in i always travel overseas and i havent unlock my phone, so i definetly need to unlock my phone with this code :)

I need an unlock code, hopefully i am not too late since it says it expires in one week, so should be Dec 17.

Wow, the thought of unlocking my BOLD 9000 is overwhelming! It'd love to be able to travel the globe with my trusty side-kick and soak up what the world and my Bold have to offer.

I am honest... this is my only sincere wish for christmas!

please do me the favour, its a pretty while ago that i won something!

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