Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock

By Bla1ze on 10 Dec 2009 02:29 am EST
Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock
"Wishing you and yours, A safe and happy holidays - Cellunlock"

In keeping up with the season, Cellunlock reached out to me the other day and wanted to give a little back to the community. Cellunlock has offered up 500 BlackBerry unlock codes for you all. Any BlackBerry smartphone on any carrier this time around. We know a lot of you will be picking up new BlackBerry smartphones for friends and family so this comes at a great time. Big thanks go out to Cellunlock for offering this up for us and the community!

[ Remember folks, enter just once. Multiple entries will be excluded from the drawing, contest closes in one week. Winners will be notified shortly after by registered email ]

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Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock



Have a wonderful BB Bold and would love to be free from the confines of AT&T! Unlock me please, I've been a good boy Santa!

Hey please let me get an unlock code for my 9700 that I just got today, I bought it full price from AT&T and I'm broke right now so I can't afford to pay for the unlock code lol, I'm going to use it in Ecuador with Porta as my carrier. Soo please let me get it!!!!

cellunlock is great giving out to. i would definitely promo for them and refer people who wishes to get unlocked to them. thanks everyone and a merry christmas

I would love to be able to unlock my Tour as I am heading to Mexico over Christmas with the wife. Thanks and have a great day!!

I would love to be able to unlock my Tour as I am heading to Mexico over Christmas with the wife. Thanks and have a great day!!

pick me pick me!

i just got my new 9700 and love it. it will only be complete if its unlocked.


Perfect for my next all expenses paid trip to Iraq....I'm Air Force being Army sponsored for the next 9 months!

I think an unlock code from Crackberry & CellUnlock would be awesome cuz I have the new bold 9700 for T-mobile and I go to canada a lot cuz of family and stuff, and I have a prepaid crappy flip for when I am there, But I would like to just switch out my sim and use my awesome blackberry :)

Quite generous of! Would be great to help out my boyfriend to unlock his 9700 for his trip to Brazil in a few weeks!

I love my storm, now that it has a decent OS on it. I would love to unlock it so I can use it on multiple networks... THank you :)


Please please please unlock my Rogers 9700, so I can use it with any network

Please please please be my santa!! and get me an unlock code!!

Thank you

9700 lover!

It would be great to unlock my Curve 8900 so I don't have to pay to unlock my phone to travel international. Much thanks!

Thanks CELLUNLOCK for your generosity! This is a great contest! I hope I get one.

Much appreciated.

Woo-hoo! Any carrier this time. Us UK guys were thinking when we get a chance to win an unlock code!

Good luck everyone!

This would be great to win and incase i do my bb pin is 2141525B I got a blackberry curve 8900 tis the season to be jolly :)

Crackberry, please unlock my 9630 before I go on vacation this holiday season and have to pay out the a$$ for roaming charges.

I'm planning to get a BlackBerry Storm 2 soon, and would love to get an unlock code so that I can use it on Rogers. It would be a great Christmas gift.

It's really nice of you to give some codes away! Hopefully I can get one for my Storm2. Happy Holidays!!!

Hi Crackberry and Cellunlock,

Here is my entry, although I'll be getting my 9700 unlocked by Cellunlock regardless, getting it unlocked for free would be a big bonus though :)

I would very much like my phone unlocked because of the problems with the storm 1 over signal loss and Vodaphone's reluctance to give out the unlock codes I would like to use a different carriers sim card to find out if it is a fault with the phone or if it is down to Vodaphone just reducing their signal strength without letting their customers know what they have done.

Wow almost 2000 comments.. so many people come out of the woodwork when these contests pop up! I'd love a code. :]

I'm going to Mexico in the spring it would be amazing to be able to use a local carrier, please unlock my verizon 9530. :)