Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock

By Bla1ze on 10 Dec 2009 02:29 am EST
Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock
"Wishing you and yours, A safe and happy holidays - Cellunlock"

In keeping up with the season, Cellunlock reached out to me the other day and wanted to give a little back to the community. Cellunlock has offered up 500 BlackBerry unlock codes for you all. Any BlackBerry smartphone on any carrier this time around. We know a lot of you will be picking up new BlackBerry smartphones for friends and family so this comes at a great time. Big thanks go out to Cellunlock for offering this up for us and the community!

[ Remember folks, enter just once. Multiple entries will be excluded from the drawing, contest closes in one week. Winners will be notified shortly after by registered email ]

Reader comments

Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock



Pick Me! Pick Me! Im a fairly new BB user but I would love to get my 8900 unlocked! Thanks for the opportunity guys! And Merry Christmas!

Unlock these carrier tied hands of mine and free me and my Storm 9530!!! Merry Christmas Crackberry Nation!

Hi, i got a BlackBerry Bold 9700 for my own Christmas Gift..... But i'm going to another country in Janury and i want to use my bold.... Please i want an unlock codeeee

I had so many "problemas" with my BB Tour ( all know, what was with first once) :( And the only solution for me, was to return it :(
BUT the Tour that I returned to VzW had been unlocked!!!!
And now when they send me replacement Tour, I want at least a little bit of luck - Cellunlock, Please Let me with free unlock for my Tour!!!

Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee pick meeeeeee.... I need one for my storm2 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.... Thanks Crackberry, Thanks CellUnlock for this amazing oportunity!!!!!!!!! Hope could win =)

Crackberry is the greatest with these contest!
Christmas will be awesome if I could unlock my 9700! Happy Holidays!

Crackberry is the greatest with these contest!
Christmas will be awesome if I could unlock my 9700! Happy Holidays!

I'm going to work 12 weeks in Paris France.. I would like to unlock my Telus Tour so I could buy a local SIM card when I'll get there.

I've been looking tu unlock my BlackBerry Storm 9530 from Venezuela... I hope I win!!!

Had my old storm unlocked and it broke so my replacement is still locked and I cant stand being caged in by "the man"!! please help!

Nothing says "give a little back to community" like feeding the poor, destitute CrackBerry addicts! :-)

I'm so there...and would be so thankful!

Happy Holidays all!!!!!!!

used this service once, and will gladly use it again. :) would like a freebee though!

Thanks! i hope i take one

This could be my christmas present pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...Pick me!!!!!!!!!Thanks Crackberry, Thanks to cellunlock!!!!!!

This is such a great deal.

I lost my unlocked phone in a washing machine accident last week, so now I am hoping to win one of these codes!! =]

Maybe I'll get one I can use this time....


I won in the last contest but they wouldn't do it for my carrier. Speaking of which, I have an unlock to giveaway to someone in need!

I finally convinced the bosses to upgrade me to from an 8830 to the Strom 2. Sweet! How much sweeter would it be to have it unlocked. :-D

I should get picked ,please! I have not won a contest here so skip all the rest and Pick Me , Me ,Me,Me , lol just pick me

What a great offer for the holiday season thanks Cellunlock and Crackberry for all the great deals and support.
Happy Holidays to all

Cellunlock is the best! I got a free code from them awhile back and recently purchased a few because I remembered what they did for me. Codes came really quickly and the best part was that they "walked" me through a tough one with technical help beyond what I expected until it worked. Thanks again Cellunlock.

Hello - I love my BB Tour! It's my baby! The best smartphone I've ever had, including the iPhone. I sure could use an unlock code to perfect it even more.

Hi, Posting my comment. Would love an unlock code. Have called Verizon in the past, but this seems so much easier. Thanks

Please unlock my cell phone for me as I need this phone for business travel. I will be sure to recommend people to unlock their phones with your company in the future.

I want so get an unlock code so bad for the 9550 Storm so i can use on T-mobile cause i dont have verizon!! Please oh please!!

Am i begging too much??

I didn't realize you could unlock any carrier I have Verizon I would be so excited to see how that's done. I hope I can be one of the people selected to unlock my storm 2

These guys are soooooooo nice with their many giveaways! I hope I get picked because I need my 9700 unlocked.

Happy Holidays Cellunlock!

my girl claims i have been bad this year so i guess i get no gift oh well crackberry is and cell unlock is always giving so hopefully i get lucky this time

You guys have done amazing jobs at unlocking my phone before.

Would love to be able to unlock my Bold!

Happy Holidays

would love to win one of the 500 for my new 9700 - I often get local pre-paid sim cards when I travel out of the country to call back to the US cheap.