Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock

By Bla1ze on 10 Dec 2009 02:29 am EST
Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock
"Wishing you and yours, A safe and happy holidays - Cellunlock"

In keeping up with the season, Cellunlock reached out to me the other day and wanted to give a little back to the community. Cellunlock has offered up 500 BlackBerry unlock codes for you all. Any BlackBerry smartphone on any carrier this time around. We know a lot of you will be picking up new BlackBerry smartphones for friends and family so this comes at a great time. Big thanks go out to Cellunlock for offering this up for us and the community!

[ Remember folks, enter just once. Multiple entries will be excluded from the drawing, contest closes in one week. Winners will be notified shortly after by registered email ]

Reader comments

Contest: Win One Of 500 Unlock Codes From Cellunlock



I'm going away to europe next month and I would LOVE to win this unlock code and take my crackberry with me!

Looking to get a BBerry flip this christmas and an unlock code to bring it over AUS in the new year would be wicked!!!

I have a 8900 that was replaced by my provider...the old one was unlocked by me...but now this one is locked again...could use this gift...

like what happens? an email, PM, phone call, CB crew comes to your house with balloons and a big check??! man i want to know.

Crackberry really has done a lot for BB users over the years and this time again. Thanks for everythings wether be lucky to win this one or not.

I'd definitely like a code for my new Bold 9700 so I don't have to giver Rogers my firstborn when I go to canada next month. Thanx Crackberry, you guys are the best.

I'm game. I won an unlock code once before--then my phone had a problem and had to be replaced. Unlock codes are not transferable.

Thanks to Cellunlock and Crackberry for a fabulous offer just in time for Christmas. My 8900 says unlock me please :-).

Ohh yeahhh holidays contests are showing up!! keep it up CrackBerry!! merry xmas to all!

P.D. Oh i definetely want one of this for my bold!

Free me please, i don't want to pay anymore roaming fees. i want to get a sim from the carrier of my choice when i travel.
I carry my Bold with me everywhere. :)

Just got a new RMA Storm. First one self destructed, and an unlock code would be so nice... :-) Much luck to everyone though.

I love these guys...I have locked several phones using their service and their customer support is TOP NOTCH. If you don't win, I strongly recommend you buy from Cellunlock.

This would be sweet, just got my storm2 from telus yesterday and need a unlock code. Please pick me. Merry Christmas everyone.

im following u on twitter.
would like to unlock my blackberry curve 8900

help me out?

and merry christmas


500 codes... That was very thoughtful of
I just picked up a new Storm for my wife. Should come in handy if i win..

Hey Guys

Love your site to the bone. Love the reviews and articals. I visit your site alteast 10 times a day to check new articals and reviews.

I do not know where else I would go to read the rewviews of the new applications for my Telus Storm 9530.

Keep up the great work.

Thanks a bunch.


Hi Crackberry - I am not only a Blackberry addict I am a Crackberry addict ! I love the site and would appreciate winning an unlock code. Thanks,
BB (my initials too !)

This would really help me with my fiance calling my soon to be mother in law on our honeymoon on my BB !

This is thy question. Oh how thou would love thy one to be free from ATT on thy Blackberry 9700. This is thy question to the wise gods of Crackberry Utopia....

i need to unlock my phone!!! i have people in my fasmily whith t-mo and i want to see how their coverage works on by bold 9700!!!pick me please

My girl friend would love to use my extra storm2 on att. This could and would make her world. Thanks guys and happy holidays

My Rogers javelin needs unlocking PLEASE! thx. What is the best US based perpaid SIM to buy for Canadians travelling there?

Hey! I still "Believe" and Santa's sleighbell still rings for me. I would love to get the unlock code. Happy holidays... :-)