Contest: Win an Innocase Surface for your BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9700/9780

Seidio Innocase Combo BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2010 01:42 pm EST

Tis the season for giving! While you're busy wrapping gifts for everyone on your wish list, why not wrap your device in a shiny new Seidio Innocase Surface Combo? This great hard case will protect your device from daily bumps and bruises as well as those unexpected drops on the pavement. Featuring the combination of the Innocase Surface and Innocase Holster, this case will keep your device safe and sound no matter what you subject it to. 

  • Slim case that provides scratch protection
  • Easily put on your case with our snap together design and opening slot for easy removal
  • Allows full access to touch screen, front buttons, and slide out keyboard
  • Precision cutouts for access to all the ports, controls, speaker and camera
  • Outer chrome is protected
  • Will not block or interfere with the phone's sensors

Contest: We have 5 each of the Innocase Surface for the Torch 9800 and Bold 9700/9780 to give away. Just leave a comment on this post telling us how you would use the case (or would you give it away?) and we'll pick 10 winners. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

More information/purchase of the Seidio Innocase for the Bold 9700/9780
More information/purchase of the Seidio Innocase for the Torch 9800

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Reader comments

Contest: Win an Innocase Surface for your BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9700/9780



Damn Got To Love!!!! I was thinking of buying this next week and here is a contest for it. Thanks for giving me one for my 9700 =-)

My Torch is naked and needs to be kept warm during the winter. Please HELP Crackberry.

But since it is the holidays and it is all about giving, I would hook up my sister with the case instead as her Torch is cold and lonely.

Thanks CB for another great contest! :)

i need this case because my friend has the bold 9700 and he doesnt have any money to buy this case. it would be great if i could give it to him. thank you

The blue one looks really nice, it reminds me of my 8820, that really dark blue. Probably as close as a 9780 will get!

I would use the case as a protective layer so that my 9780 won't be too exposed to the elements, plus I do use a holster too (don't think holsters are for grandfathers)

I've been dreadfully needing to upgrade my 8900. If won this great case, I'd have no excuse not to go get myself a new 9780!


I would keep it for my self, and before I put it on I would show it the two broken cases from my Bold. I would explain to it what my expectations are, and tell it to hold on... It's gonna be a bunpy ride.

I have a Bold 9700 and I'm still using the old case I got for my Curve 8320, so I'd replace it with this case.

I need something to protect my Torch. I bought the Otterbox one and the front keeps falling off so I hope I can win one of these to get something better

There's no place like's no place like's no place like

I hope to give this to my cousin whose 9700 has scratches and scuffs all over the corners from when she's dropped it. I'd love to cover up her BB's battle scars.

I really could use one for my Torch. As a commercial pilot I have to carry my BB in my pants pocket and it gets a bit beat up, without some protection.

On my third 9700 because I seem to have this tendency of dropping my phones only when they are out of their cases... This case would really come in handy protecting my new baby :)

my poor berries taking a beating because I keep dropping it without a case and the cases I have keep popping off of it.

It would a cool replacement for my ZAGG skin for the 9700 which now I know doesn't work. It would be great if I could have this for Christmas: it would make my YEAR!!

I would use this case to protect my precious baby....It feels so naked without a case and I freak out everyday about it!! How am I supposed to "pass the torch" without protection??? Please pick me! =)

I am on the fence about upgrading to the 9700/9780 from my 8900....A great new case would make it an easy decision! AND, they are GREAT looking cases!

My Pearl flip just died on me so I got a brand new bold 9700 but it is quite naked right now! It sure would like to be dressed with one of those cases!

I would love to win one of these for my husband, his black torch is just not as hot as my red one!

I would love to win one of these for my husband, his black torch is just not as hot as my red one!

My Storm I just died, and I got a Torch to replace it, and was disappointed that it didn't come with the traditional RIM holster. I need a case for my Torch, such a beautiful phone needs a beautiful case.

Pick me please i need a good case mine stinks and is broken while this one looks strong and nice and stylish. I reallly need the case to protect it from my berry you know ;) so please pick me to save my baby

Had an innocase on my bold 9000, just upgraded to the torch. If you send one this way it would be much appreciated

I work in a grocery store and carry my BBTorch in my pocket. This would be great for me. I have been known to drop my phone when I'm in a hurry. This would be great protection for my phone.

I would use the case to cover my precious white Bold 9700. It is cold outside and she needs a new coat!

The Blackberry Torch was my choice for my very first smart phone. I just got it and really, really need a case for it. Me please!!!

I drop my 9700 a lot and have replaced the bezel on it TWICE already I need a good case because my old one isn't helping much.
Thanks CB!!!!

I'm likely going to give the case away if I win. What can I say ... it's the holiday season! :)

Good luck everyone! :)

Just got my Torch 9800.

Sure would be nice to protect it with this Innocase Surface.

Hope to be picked for one.

Thanks for this opportunity.

ive spent alot of money buying OEM housings and replacing them my self ive gone thru 2 housings in 2.5 months and my 9700 cant take it any longer "he" told me he need protection and i cant find a good sleek and stylish case for "him" please poor guy has been injured to many times! please i need this CrackBerry!

I'm a drummer and will use it to protect my Torch from a drumstick!! He has been beaten soooo many times, but if I win, no more!!

Have an Otter for my Torch, and really don't like it as it restricts access to the top row of keys on the slider, would love to try a new case.

I would use the case to protect my beloved, brand spanking new 9800! Amazing case for an amazing smartphone! Upgraded from a Storm2 and SO GLAD I DID! Love you guys at Crackberry!

I want to win one so that my wife will keep her Torch instead of going to a Pearl 3G. She loves the phone but is scared of breaking it! If we win this, it'll be just in time, 'cause after Christmas she's going to exchange it.

I don't have anything smart or clever to say. All I know is that those cases looks awesome and I would love one especially since I bought a cheap plastic rubber one that scratched my phone. :(

This case wold def provide my berry with the protection it needs while out on the field and for bbm our team!

I am a Chinese living in Beijing.I want this case to protect my 9700 from any impair.I want this case for a long time.And I love this case very much.

Could really use one cuz I tend to drop my phones a lot and in Dubai, good branded cases like this are next to impossible to find

The dark blue case is marvelous! Definitely will make heads turning and it totally rocks when you can flash it in the public! Let me win one now! I can't wait to get my hands on them!

I got one of the first of these cases when they first came available for the torch. Mine is black and I would really like to get a new color. I hope I am one of the chosen. Great case and holster combination. Love the protection it gives my "baby".

I was just looking at this case for my torch! Need to find something to protect it. Thanks and good luck everyone!

I would really want that case for my Torch.
Like you say kevin on the review it's awesome to have it "Naked" , but sadly if you have it naked all the times it can scratch and i am pretty sure that NOBODY HERE will like a blackbery scratch :|
And also if you drop your blackberry by accident wow! Poor of your screen first of all and second your blackberry. Dam you will need to buy like again a new Blackberry and the prices its so heavy!
But with a Innocase Surface for your Blackbery Torch, you can have you screeen protected and alaso your keyboard/baterry/inside the blackberry and all.
So if that happen, that you drop your blackberry torch by accident, you don't have to be stressed like OH NOOOO MY SCREEEEEEEEEN! Because with this awesome screen-protector your torch will be always protected.
And your touch will never NEVER NEVER get damage.

Thanks crackberry & all , for having this awesome contest that everybody can have a chance to win!

Best Regards,

Alexis Pinzón - Trap!

I would use this to stop having to replace phones that fall out of my shirt chest pocket every time I bend over to pick something up.

I'd use it on my beloved 9700 to replace the OEM skin. Even though I love the gel skin, I'd like some more protection just in case I do end up dropping my BlackBerry. Good luck fellow contestants!!

The only case for the Torch as far as I know that has a holster that will accommodate the phone without having to remove it from the case first. From what I read, the front piece actually stays on. Give me the Innocase Surface!!

I so need the Innocase Surface for my Torch 9800! Especially since my Otterbox cover broke. I guess they're only really looking out for Iphones. ;)

I always use my 9700 frequently so the innocase will be a perfect pair with my phone for protection .

I would definately keep this for myself purchased a few covers off of ebay for my 9800 Torch and the front of each of them had snapped after very little time, I love my Torch and couldnt bare for it to get even a single scratch on it even stuck a screen protector on it before taking it out of the box.

I need a case for my torch! I drop EVERYTHING my phone seems to be on the floor more then in my hand on some days, I haven't been able to find a case that will stay long enough on it or wont break, my phone has tons of scratches already, please save my phone from any more pain, please?

woow i'd like to have the violet one for my new and beloved blackberry torch because i'm a heavy bb user, take it everywhere i go and i absolutely hate scratches on my phone!

I would (offcourse) use it myself, because i allways drop my phones. I'm getting my 9780 soon, so I'll need that one protected good.

just got a new 9700 after a year with an iphone and could really use a nice case to go along with it

you know what, I would use this immediately. I bought a case before and took it off after a week becaues it was just too bulky and felt like a brick in my pocket. This looks top notch and pretty slim. Im a fan of how it looks.

I work for AT&T so I would use my case on my Torch to help sell the product. We will be carrying the Innocases soon and I always sell what I use on my phones the best!!