Contest: Win an Innocase Surface for your BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9700/9780

Seidio Innocase Combo BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2010 01:42 pm EST

Tis the season for giving! While you're busy wrapping gifts for everyone on your wish list, why not wrap your device in a shiny new Seidio Innocase Surface Combo? This great hard case will protect your device from daily bumps and bruises as well as those unexpected drops on the pavement. Featuring the combination of the Innocase Surface and Innocase Holster, this case will keep your device safe and sound no matter what you subject it to. 

  • Slim case that provides scratch protection
  • Easily put on your case with our snap together design and opening slot for easy removal
  • Allows full access to touch screen, front buttons, and slide out keyboard
  • Precision cutouts for access to all the ports, controls, speaker and camera
  • Outer chrome is protected
  • Will not block or interfere with the phone's sensors

Contest: We have 5 each of the Innocase Surface for the Torch 9800 and Bold 9700/9780 to give away. Just leave a comment on this post telling us how you would use the case (or would you give it away?) and we'll pick 10 winners. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

More information/purchase of the Seidio Innocase for the Bold 9700/9780
More information/purchase of the Seidio Innocase for the Torch 9800

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Reader comments

Contest: Win an Innocase Surface for your BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9700/9780



I'll definitely give it a shot. Looks like a sweet case! If it's not for me, I'd re-gift it to one of my BBM contacts as a surprise! It's the season for giving afterall! :)

Would be great to win this case for my 9700! I love the Chrome but i find it really easy to scratch so definitely need this to protect it! Also, I would use this to protect my phone when I go Sailing as there is often no small enough place to put the phone so it doesn't bounce around!
I also may buy one of these for my Dad as he just got a 9700!

I've had seidio products forever down here in New Orleans, they are fantastic. But my case and clip for my Blackberry 9700 BROKE last week and they're on backorder. Please help crackberry! :)

im so fussy, i dont want a single mark on my phone, this would still loook nce with it wrapped on the phone.

i would definitely use one and need one bad..ive dropped my 9800 twice already and dont need any more scratches ..pls!!

i would use it to protect my 9800 torch. i normally keep it in my pocket where it collects lint and dust. the innocase would be perfect since i could wear it on my belt holster.

I would love to have one of these for my Torch. I am tired of the old Otterbox *Bored with it and sick of the hassle of getting back on every morning after being on dock all night*

Being a civil engineer, my phone should have tough protection at anytime as it keeps getting hit drop or something else.

right now i am just dreaming of a 9780. maybe this would make it seem a bit more real. is my contract up yet????

I would use this case not as a coaster, but for my phone! But really though, I wouldn't use it as a coaster. My phone is naked and has been naked since I bought it those many hard months ago.

I would love to win this for my 9780 since right now I have nothing protecting my precious lol, I need this badly, I will pray to all the gods that I win this!

If I win this I wont have to put my 9780 on a napkin every time I go somewhere ( Yes I am paranoid)

I would use this to protect my phone from scratches, etc. I also would use it to add some stylish look to my Bold 9780. I hope I win one. Thank you.

I would really love this case for my BlackBerry!
It looks simply amazing and I'm sure my Bold will look stunning! I LOVE the black case *.*
I've dropped my berry so much...

It's my birthday on the 19th of December and I'd loveeee this innocase surface for my Bold 9700. I'm still using the OEM pouch :( This would be an awesome birthday gift + upgrade from the pouch.

Thanks a lot Crackberry!

i would see if i would use it if i wouldnt end up using it i will give it to some one that would utilize it more than me =]

For Christmas I got my wife the Igrip Car Dock, a car charger, and a few other accessories for her Torch (along with some other stuff). A case for her phone for her birthday (2 weeks after Christmas) would be something nice for her phone.

i would love to have one for my bold 9700! i bought it and i dont have a case to protect it just the screen sheild! need a gd case tht could last for long since im keepin this fone for bit long time cause its simply great mobile!!

Thanks CB and gluck all :)

My younger brother has been bothering me non-stop for a new 9700 case! I would love to give him his christmas wish :)

I really need this case Ive already dropped my Torch 9800 and it caused the top to get scratched. It made me very upset So upset that I cried myself to sleep for a week afterwards. This case will hide it and protect it from further damage.and keep me happy and not crying like a little baby. so please crackberry help this 32 year old man regain his manhood.

I have had my Torch which is my first Blackberry less than a week. I would love one of these to protect my new baby. Thanks for considering me.

I would love to win one of these cases for My Blackberry Torch. I love this phone and I would really like the extra protection. Thanks Crackberry :)

I'd love to win a case. Right now I just have this invisishield, but it makes it look cheap! This case would look lovely on my torch and of course, I'd say that I got it from crackberry!

Wow! An Innocase Surface for my BlackBerry Torch would make my phone think it's a cat with nine lives! Now what could be better than that? This would be the best present I could give my Torch for it's Christmas Present.

It looks better than the Otterbox and comes in better colors. this would also keep my greasy hands off my phone.

i would use the case on my torch to keep it protected while im at work considering my job has messed up my old storm before i bought a case to go over and yet the cases for the torch are still a little pricey for my blood

I definitely need a case for my 9700. Just the other day I was putting my phone away in my holster and I totally miss it. The phone went straight down and hit the concrete. Now my baby has an ugly dent that needs to be covered with something. A case would not only hide the dent but it will make it my phone safe.

Would love to win the case for the torch! I'm carrying it around without a case and touch wood, haven't dropped it yet!

My wife doesn't do much to protect her Torch, more of the "purse drop" kind of gal. I have a pocket pouch, so I would give her the surface case.

U can never have to many cases. I love switching mine up from time to time to give my 9700 a new look. Thanks for the contest. Keep them comin, you guys rock!

I need one to replace the current surface I have on my 9700. it gets super loose and cracks easily if you keep taking it on and off.

well i have bought 2 cases from atnt and the top piece for both of them broke off... i am sick of spending 30$ a piece on cases because they seem to break all the time. Now i dont know if it is because i drop my phone all the time or because the cases are cheply made. this case would help me out alot. and besided this one looks way cooler then the other two i have had... do it for my poor little torch

Wow, I want this great case for long time since I had 9700.

Hope to win one for my new Torch.
Thank you.

Oooh! Mine would be for my new-ish 9780. I definitely could use it as I have already dropped the bad boy once. (D'oh!) However, I have asked for an Otterbox for Christmas, so IF I ended up with both, I'll do a comparative review and give one away here on CB! Thanks CB and Seidio!!!

If I do get it (which I hope I do) it would be great having it on my 9700, I don't really like the pouch and most of the other cases in my opinion are bad, would be nice to have this !

I have been trying to decide if I want this, or the Otterbox case for my Torch. Winning this would help me make that decision!

I have a torch and I would sooo keep the case. I am a digital artist and I use my torch constantly. I have over 700 images on it and use it as my mini portfolio. So, pick me, pick me.

I would definitely love to get one of these for my wife to use on her 9700, she's giving up her upgrade so I can cash in on the free Torch's from Best Buy! It's the least I could do, not only that but she's always dropping her 9700 out of her purse, and the cheap silicon case is on it's last leg!

I want this for my brand new bb torch! Need a good protection in here, please crackberry pick me up!

Would make me buy a Torch if i win one for it. If not, I will just use it on my 9700 if i win that one.

I can finally update my Javelin in the new year. I will of course be needing a new case for my nice new shiny Torch!

I would use it to replace my aged, cracked mobi hard case for my torch :( my torch needs some seidio love!

I'd be very happy If I win one of those.. My Blackberry 9700 needs one cause I drop my phone a lot :) I hope I win

My grandaughter who is 2 loves her moms Torch. The music camera and pics. this would be the perfect gift from her to her mom.

My berry Ghostly (that's his name cos' he's white) would love to add a new case to his wardrobe!

My girlfriend and I have been looking for a good case since we picked up our 9800's on the day of release in Canada. I used an innocase on one of my old phones and was really hoping they would come out for the torch. Since we were running no case we both managed to scratch up our phones and it was killin us so we picked up some cheap cases from a store here....long story short, this would make her soo very happy and I would order one for myself..soo heres to hoping I can get some luck. Thanks CB!

I would LOVE to win one of these cases! Just got a spiffy new white Bold so want to keep it beautiful!

I'm prone to dropping my Torch. It already has one big scratch from a collegue bumping my hand as we were walking down the street. Thankfully it seems to be functioning fine.
Please help me give it some stylish protection.

I am a huge klutz! One of the clumsiest ppl u will ever meet, so I would neverrrrr take this off of my Bold 9700.....please pick me!!!

During my time as a nursing student, well, you can imagine what kind of stuff can get on a cell. Then add to that all the things my Nursing Instructors have me doing...Ummm I have been known to drop my phone once or twice, and can't afford to lose the privilege of my BB Torch. Lord knows I couldn't afford a replacement if anything drastic happened to it . I think winning a protective cover for my treasure would be the ultimate gift.

i'd love to win this case for my 9700. I just got it from a friend and its in mint condition. Im scared to drop it and scratch it and was going to order this case from the online store at crackberry but thought id try my luck with this contest first. Heres hoping to a new case. Happy Holidays everyone!

Hope I win one for my Torch! I've been hearing some good reviews on this case and I want to witness it myself!

Definitely look good on my torch, not sure if it'll replace my oem leather cases, but I have a good friend in need of one if I decide to give it away as a gift.

theses cases look really nice. i have a 9780 and i personal would like to own this, since im one of those guys who needs to have a pocket pouch or invisible shield to keep the device looking new at all times & this is way far better than a pocket pouch or invisible shield more like a 2 in 1 protection case, I've never owned a case.. count me in on this contest.. good luck to all who enter for this contest.

i would appreciate this so much getting my first blackberry on jan 7 bold 9780
i could use a case because my iphone is got really messed when i dropped it on cement.
cb!!!!!!! - wpg guy

i would appreciate this so much getting my first blackberry on jan 7 bold 9780
i could use a case because my iphone is got really messed when i dropped it on cement.
cb!!!!!!! - wpg guy

I honestly haven't been having a good christmas season so far. I hope crackberry can cheer me up with this awesome case.

This is will be the perfect case for my White BlackBerry Torch. My buddy has one of this case and it look awesome

i need one for my 9700

i love the innocase surface ii. i tell all my friends to get it.

unfortunately, mine recently cracked.

how can i tell my friends about how great the case is if mine's broken?


I just got a brand new shiny white bold...I need to keep her nice and scratch-free! I'm treating her like an egg at the moment!

My last one broke cause I dropped it a few time with a proper case I hope this one will last longer. :)

Nice one, i have been meaning to buy one of these cases for sometime now :) Maybe Crackberry would help me save some :)

Dad just recently upgraded from a Storm 1 (poor thing died after falling onto the beach after my sister dropped it on a family trip) and has now moved onto a 9700. He travels quite a bit for work, and it'd be great to preserve its longevity!

hope i can win one :( coz il give this as a gift for this coming xmas for my girlfriend,and its also our 1st year i would love to win one of this not only for myself but also for my love one this xmas.more power crackberry and blackberry :)

When one is able to protect that which one values one needs to remember the priorities !

Having a protection for the Torch would help by sending a message to those iPhone wussies and would help to protect an investment well worth investing.


PLEASE O PLEASE !!!!! PICK MEE TO WIN THIS ONE !!!! so many cases iv looked for and this is the only one iv liked !! pick me please !!!! =)

wow this case is awsom
I need this to cover the scratches and on my 9700 bazel
and good luck for everyone

I dropped my Torch "once" and it was a day after I got it. Havent dropped it since, but the damage it did was depressing. the Seido will cover the scratches I got on the top corners of the screen.

I would Love to win a Black One. :-)

Holy Cow, while little chance I'll win this baby, I'm pretty sure I'll drop my Torch another time or two, so this would be great to have just in case the improbable and the probably meet in the middle. Great site - thanks.

Just the sort of thing I could desperately use as I try not to drop my BB from a broken arm! And tying this wasn't easy :)

My spouse and I really need a cases for our Torches! The metal is so slippery and we both have dropped the phones more than once :(

I'd use the case to protect my 9800... Obviously ;). I don't have a case for it yet and would love to get one.

I have been looking for a case for my torch for a while now and this one seems to look functional. I would use this for my torch or if I win the bold case I would give it to my wife.

Have a Torch but would LOVE to win one for my son who is know for dropping his 9700 ALL THE TIME! Oh the pain to have to witness such bruatality!


Just gave a Torch as a birthday gift. This case would make the gift more complete. Thanks, CrackBerry!

I hope I win this because where I am, we don't have any quality cases for the Torch at all! All cheap chinese made cases that'll either scratch or damage the phone!
Please let me get my hands on this please!

I need to get one of these, my moms stupid dog was chewing on my phone and i have teeth dents on the backside of my phone.

Just broke my otterbox case after my phone dropped off my books onto a tile floor : ( my torch needs protection now-please choose me

Ooh, I really hope I win. I have the blue Innocase Surface combo in my shopping card for my Torch but I'm having a hard time hitting submit. I should be spending my money on Christmas gifts and not me right now so I would love to win one of these. Then it can be my own gift to me.

I'd love one for my new Torch. It needs some protection on it, although I really hate hiding this nice red phone.

I need one of these sweet cases for my Bold and I have been a good boy this year!!! Well, most of it... :-)

I absolutely love these cases, had one on my 9000 and would love to change up the color of my boring black 9700 :)

I don't have a bb9700 yet but my dad does and he's always dropping his phone from his holster although somehow it's survived every time. This would be a good Christmas gift for him!! although if I happen to get a bb9700 for Christmas .. I might keep it for myself :D.

I have never bought a case for my Blackberry 9700. Still use the one it came with! I'd love to win a case like this, it would be perfect for my needs. Keeping my fingers crossed! Cheers Crackberry!!

I am allways looking for a new case for my bold changing it up every so often..will defenitly use this case to its potential..hope to win this! thanks crackberry :)

i guess i'll have to give this one to my boos. he gave his when i needed one the most so it would be nice to repay him. merry christmas everyone (and happy holidays to those that don't celebrate christmas)

I would like a case for my new Torch that I just ordered, don't want to take a chance at messing it up!!!

I hope I win!
It's been a while since I've had a case on my phone. It would really be great to get this for "those unexpected drops on the pavement" like you said, and that has been happening a lot lately. It will surely save me from new scratches on my phone and from me having to jump up in down in frustration because I dropped the phone on pavement.

Just yesterday, my holster broke. The combination case holster would be perfect to get it back on my belt where it belongs. I had to take it out of my pocket because I accidentally called someone and then I left it in the conference room I was in... I could really use this. Thanks!