Contest: Win an Innocase Surface for your BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9700/9780

Seidio Innocase Combo BlackBerry
By Adam Zeis on 13 Dec 2010 01:42 pm EST

Tis the season for giving! While you're busy wrapping gifts for everyone on your wish list, why not wrap your device in a shiny new Seidio Innocase Surface Combo? This great hard case will protect your device from daily bumps and bruises as well as those unexpected drops on the pavement. Featuring the combination of the Innocase Surface and Innocase Holster, this case will keep your device safe and sound no matter what you subject it to. 

  • Slim case that provides scratch protection
  • Easily put on your case with our snap together design and opening slot for easy removal
  • Allows full access to touch screen, front buttons, and slide out keyboard
  • Precision cutouts for access to all the ports, controls, speaker and camera
  • Outer chrome is protected
  • Will not block or interfere with the phone's sensors

Contest: We have 5 each of the Innocase Surface for the Torch 9800 and Bold 9700/9780 to give away. Just leave a comment on this post telling us how you would use the case (or would you give it away?) and we'll pick 10 winners. Contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. 

More information/purchase of the Seidio Innocase for the Bold 9700/9780
More information/purchase of the Seidio Innocase for the Torch 9800

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Reader comments

Contest: Win an Innocase Surface for your BlackBerry Torch or Bold 9700/9780



I would give it to my Sister as an Xmas present - she really needs a new case and would love one of these for her 9700!

Would definitely rock the case on my Torch so that I don't scratch the bezel up anymore from dropping it...

I'd definitely keep it for myself! I'd like to write some elaborate and funny explanation of what I'm gonna do with it; but lets be honest, I'm going to put it on my torch for protection. I believe in safe blackberrying.

I would use the case 4 my 9700 so it would look and b spruced. And I would use it 2 help protect the greatest gift my mommy ever got me. This blackberry is my life line and what better way 2 protect it than one of these great cases. And u guys would b get if u would give this 2 me cause 12/14 is my bday and what better way 2 celebrate it w/a great cover gift 4 my great BB gift that I own. Thx CrackBerry team 2 allow me 2 express my feelings on this.

I would give this case to my brother. He recently bought a 9780 and has a huge problem finding cases he actually likes for his blackberries but I think he would really dig this one.

i just left the iphone 4 for the torch. the iphone sucks compared to blackberry. once you go black you dont go back. so i need a new case to keep my torch flaming hot!

Looking for some protection on 9800 torch. Bein a bouncer my phone sometimes gets a few hits. Pick me!

I have an OCD when it comes to not dropping my BB Bold but i think this could help me!

I dropped mine only today in the supermarket and spent 10 minutes checking for knocks and bruises xD

Sooooo....Pick Me!

Nice one i'll use it for sure i have an otterbox but im freaking tired of the bulkiness me need a slim case lol....
btw: got a 9700

I need a case for my Blackberry 9700 so I can hide all the horrible scratches! Can you believe it? Almost 1 year with my 9700 and I have never used a case for it! :)

This would be perfect for my white bb bold 9780. I've been wanting on of those cases since I had my bb bold 9700. It would the perfect christmas gift!!!! :)

And so would my poor blackberry 9700! As a professional opera singer, I often play with my bb 9700 backstage as I wait for my cue to go onstage. I am so entranced I often come close to being late for my entrance. As I run onstage, I toss my phone at a stage hand. My poor baby could use the protection from all this rough handling I give it!

I've been trying to get my torch to look all black but places dont have the sliding part in black so I see no point. Since this case protects the chrome, its the closest I can get to have my torch looking all black. Help me out here and pick me! :)

love to get one for my torch. the mobi case I bought has started chipping from the edges..

Do these come in red ?

i would love to get one for my brothers 9800 as am very much afraid for his new BB that has no protection whatsoever.(feeling guilty as i talked him into getting this)

I dropped her the other day in the library. Broke my heart to see Nene (that's her name) on the floor. I'd love to win this. Plz CB!

I would definitely keep it to protect my BB torch! I have been looking for the right case and I think this might be it!

i will gift it to a very special friend of mine so that it protects her bold 9700 and we keep in contact with bbm :)

got a new 9780, use a holdster. I'd keep it as sometimes don't wanna use holdster but wanna hold phone in my hand...

I would give it to my wife for Christmas. She needs a new case for her 9700! Merry Christmas!

That is a great product. I'm buying my girlfriend. Bold 9780 for xmass and this would be a great addition and great protection for her 1st blackberry. I really hope I win she will be very happy

I would use this case to put onto my BlackBerry 9700 Bold. Therefore, it would be protected from the bumps and knocks it sometimes goes through when I'm working. It could do with a rest, haha.

Case will help so much with being able to slip my phone into my pocket without a lot of fuss or scratches!

I dropped my Torch the other day and thankfully nothing happened to it. Next time I might not be so lucky.

Please CB save my Torch! SAVE IT!


i am currently a student teacher working with kindergarten students. sometimes i like to let them play on my phone but of course with all little kids, they drop the phone quite often! a case would really help with the bumps and scrapes!


Sign me up! This would be be an awesome gift for my blackberry... Yes I love my blackberry so much I even get gifts for it.... :p

I could sure use a case if there was ever a person that has never had a case it is I. An innocase from @seidio would surley make my day.

how would I use it? simple. put my 9700 in it, put them in my cycling jersey's back pocket, go on riding, and quit worrying about lowsiding and crunching the 9700 -- which would be situated between my body and the pavement.

(I wonder if the case is indeed that strong? nah, I wouldn't want to risk the case and/or phone to assess their respective strength :p)

Was looking for a new case for my 9700.... not expecting one from Santa. Seems I'm on the "N" list this year.
What? Just because I snuck up to the roof and feed his reindeer beens and ex-lax last year while he was dropping off goodies??? :)

My torch needs protection from drops, and it would be very nice to have a case, but the only one I've had was a Telus one that messed up the slider and popped off every time I pressed a button, so I think I'll trust the crackberry team on this one, and hope that this isn't a redo of the TELUS fiasco

Edit to correct: SureType changed Telus to yelps...

I just ordered a new housing for my 9700 because I have so many dents and scratches on my phone. If I win the innocase, I wouldn't need to replace the housing again. I would get it in grey to match it with my new white housing.

"Just leave a comment on this post telling us how you would use the case"

Well, I would put it on my BlackBerry Torch, how else would I use it?

this is cool and look like a good case since i am plannin to get a bold 9700 very soon i would love to have a case for it and use it all the time

my client keeps dropping her BB and risks getting it chewed up by her pit bull. can i enter the contest and give it to her if i win? it can be any colour. thanks!

If I win, I will give as a gift... Ok I'll probably keep it, but if I like it, I'll buy one or two for some good friends that are 9700 users

I'd pass it to the lady to use in conjunction with a dock. Funny, we've been looking in stores for something similar.

I have tons of friends, all of whom bought a Torch based on my recommendations, who I could give this too. But, I would likly use a new case for mine. And I would love to win something!

Been a fan of Seidio for a while now. I hope to win the Torch case for my wife as the current one she's using just isn't doing the job. I had the innocase for both my 8900 and 9700. It just fits right.

I would give this case to my boyfriend because he's not the most careful person with his blackberry LOL! Hopefully he'll be able to keep his new Torch for longer if he had this case :)

Before I got my Torch (which I absolutely love!!) I had approx. 20 cases for my Curve. I currently (only) have 2 cases for my Torch as there are currently not many available. Please help me expand my collection- and thanks!!

Just moved over to the Blackberry world from years of trying to put up with Windows Mobile. I am very happy I did. I need a case because I do have the tendancy to drop things.

I would like the burgandy one for my Torch. The case I have now keeps losing its front piece.

i love the look of this case and would love to use it as competition against the otterbox commuter for my 9700! pick me crackberry!

I would love to win this for my 9800. This is probably the first case I've seen that I actually like! Seidio makes great cases and need it to protect my Crackberry!

i need to cover my blackberry bold, I keep dropping it. Its got a nasty bruise on the top right corner and some dents along the bottom. I've even dropped into the toilet once.

I know my bold is strong, but it needs some protection

There is a popular expression which says "No glove, no love." While some have interpreted this cautionary rhyme as a means of expressing concerning for certain activities, I've adopted it for my Blackberry use. My 9700 never leaves the house without some sort of casing, the difficulty is that I dislike using the safe case for more than a week at a time, and I have a preference for slimmer fitting cases (i.e. if, when in a case, my phone doesn't fit comfortably in my back pocket, I'm not interested).

The Innocase would be a perfect addition to my Berry's outfit collection (let's face it, we accessorize it more than we do anything else). Not only would it provide much needed protection to my 9700, but without some form of casing I just won't use the phone. So Crackberry, I ask you, could you sleep knowing that you are depriving a Blackberry of love? ;)

Would love this case after dropping my Blackberry 9700 in bleach and water recently. The end call button no longer works, maybe this case will save my other buttons in future mishaps!

oooooo pick me pick me i want one to give my brother for his birthday on December 22 for his 9780

My poor baby Bold needs something to protect from the harsh winter weather...please pick me!! Thanks CrackBerry!!

I would prefer giving it to someone in my family whose BB keeps falling down (leaves it on the edge of a table while in vibrate mode!) but they don't have the Bold or Torch. So I will have to buy them one, especially if I happen to show up with one.

I just recently bought my first ever personal BlackBerry, a sparkling new Torch, and it is currently naked and case-less! I would absolutely love to protect it in such a wonderful case!

If only I had this when I dropped my 9700... won't have the scar that keeps reminding me of how I dropped it.

This would be amazing to have! My niece is constantly stealing my BB and running around the house with it, perfect protection for when she accidentally drops it!
Hope I win one of these!!!

I would love that amazing case. Obviously I would use it to protect my precious Blackberry Bold 9700 from being damaged ;)

Think it's awful that RIM doesn't provide a case when shipping the Torch. This would be great - gives me peace of mind that such an expensive phone is protected!

i need one becasue ive dropped my so many times that there are chips taken out of the mute button, i need something to cover it up and protect it

Shiny new Seidio Innocase Surface Combo-Oh!!!! would I love to have one of these for my 9800 Torch.
Thanks for the chance to win one.

I have my Bold since febuary and never actually used a case, now its all dirty and scratched(not that ugly though) and my cousin just got a new one and as a holiday gift it would have been nice for me to give it to him.

Would give away one to my brother for his Torch. He tends to drop it every now and then so this would be the perfect xmas gift for him!

My wife and I got each other Torches for Christmas, and are yet to get cases. We saw these cases and thought they offered the best of both protection and mobility with the protective case and the best holster around. If I win one, I'll offer it to the Mrs. If you can manage two, I would love to have one too!

I''ve been looking for the perfect casing for my torch. Currently using capcase, which does the work well but not perfect. This must be it! (if i win)

It'd be a great Christmas present for my GF to go along with her white 9780 (we gotta have his and her BB's)

This would be a sweet xmas surprise and I would give it to myself so that the GF would steal it and give me back my luxe ifrogz case

I need this sooo bad for my 9700!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I work with kids (PE coach) so my berry is always getting knocked off the desk or i forget its in my pocket and i have to take it out and put it down due to playing games...So please let me get this

I'd like to win a case for my Torch. I'd keep it for myself because my poor phone has no protection yet. It's like a special kid on a short bus that needs a helmet so it doesn't get hurt when trying to lick the windows. :D

I've just managed to upgrade from my old and trustworthy 8300 to a 9700! Gave it to myself as an early christmas present! Now a present from would certainly make my year! Good luck everyone!

I'd def gift it up and give it to my bf for his 9700.. He still hasn't got a case for it so I know he'd be lovin it!!!

I am a Paramedic . My OtterBox is great, but the nubs on the case that attach it to the holster broke on one side. It falls out a lot now. This case along with the holster would keep my Bold safe on scenes.

Haven't found a suitable case for my blackberry torch that will effectively protect yet be slim enough to carry in my pocket. The innocase looks like a real winner!

I would like to win one cause i had an old leather pouch for my white 9700 but its all beat up.

Good Luck everyone O:

I would use this on my TORCH. I dropped it before and now the vibration is messed up and sounds like a razor lol. I dont want anything else to happen to it. I hope i win :)

I've dropped my Torch a few times & while it does have a great bounceability factor, I'd rather not chance it again & the cover will help protect it.

Yes, I'm a little selfish, and I would keep it for myself. I've recently switched from the 9700 to the 9800, and haven't gotten around to buying one yet. So I guess that makes me selfish cause I wouldn't re-gift it; and cheap, cause I would rather win one then go out and buy one... So be it!

If I won this Innocase Surface, my Torch would wear it 24 hours a day. Love that it doesn't add too much bulk to my Torch, and I hope its as sturdy as claimed because my Torch's survival depends on it. I would also get the Spring Clip Holster to complete the case.

I'd use the case to protect my Torch from the inevitable drops that will happen on the icy streets of Toronto during the winter.

I would love to win the Torch 9800 case. As a canadian, Ive never chosen to win based on my geography. I just hope that I am allocated a decent chance to win this case as it would make a great addition to my favorite device.

I work nights and my wife works days and my kids are in school. So during the day, I don't have much to do during the day so I'm always on my BlackBerry.

If I won this case, I would put it on my BlackBerry so it could, hopefully, do its job and protect my BlackBerry. Not give it away, that would be blasphemy.

So please give me one of the cases for the Torch!

Thank You!

I've been using Krusell cases with my BlackBerries for years, but they let me down with their choices for the 9700... time for a change, and this is a great way to do it!

I'd dropped my 9700 and it now has a few scuff marks. This case will definitely work well for me as it will protect my 9700 from anymore falls if it should happen again...

I use a Tour but will probably go to a white 9780 after Christmas... also this would make a great stocking stuffer for my roommate ;)

I'd use this to keep my Bold 9700 safe through the holidays - and all other times.


Always wanted to order a case of this type. Only thing is that the shipping to Hawaii simply outways the value of it. Now if I won this I could pay for the shipping. Hoping that if I do shipping will be included.

How would I use this case???? With pride of course!!! Seidio is the best brand so far, but there's no store here that sell what I want... the Seidio innocase for 9800... So I hope I can get this one on my awesome Torch =)

Would love to cover my white 9780 with the red one. Perfect combo! And I just bought a Seidio desktop charger. Love it!