Contest: Win a great theme from BB-Freaks! 100 codes for Besty and ReVo available!

Besty and ReVo by BB-Freaks
By Michelle Haag on 5 Jan 2011 03:10 pm EST

Contest: Win one of these outstanding BlackBerry themes by BB-Freaks!

BB-Freaks has come out with a couple of great new themes to share with you. Besty and ReVo are both excellent choices for your BlackBerry if you are looking for a professional theme with that special touch of something extra.

ReVo is designed for those of you who want a simple yet unique theme. The home screen brings you a tabbed layout. Hit the first tab and your wallpaper shows. The second tab is home to 8 today entries and 7 customizable icons, and the last tab is actually a short cut to lock your device! (Some devices may require a password to enable locking, depending on your OS.) Battery and signal meters are displayed digitally, and I really like the futuristic font on this one.

Besty is a theme that at first glance seems quite straightforward but upon further inspection you see there is more here than meets the eye. The bottom banner holds all the usual elements, again with digital battery and signal meters. But, what's really cool is you can change the color of the bottom dock. You have 7 colors to choose from so you are assured you will find the perfect one for you. Add to this a hidden dock with 8 today entries and 8 customizable icons and you have a theme that is sure to please. Besty also has a free trial available, which you can find at the link below!

Besty and ReVo are both available for $4.99 in the CrackBerry store and are compatible with BlackBerry 89xx/96xx/9700 on OS 4.6-5.0. ReVo is also available for the Storm series. Grab them today at the links below.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Besty
For more information/screenshots and to purchase ReVo

Contest: BB-Freaks wants to help you guys ring in 2011 with a free theme you will return to all year long. They have given us 100 codes good for either of the themes listed above. To enter to win one of these codes, just leave a comment below. Only one entry per person please, multiples won't count. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST.

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a great theme from BB-Freaks! 100 codes for Besty and ReVo available!


It has been awhile since I've seen something I've wanted to put on my phone from a CrackBerry contest, so here goes! I will take either one! Thanks CB!

Look Ma, I have Tab-lets in my BB.
It Freaks me out!!

Cool, it ReVo-lutionized my Storm.
Practise before Playbook :-)

Wow! Those themes look like killers! Give me one copy please! Would be excellent to show off to others especially when waiting for transit. Flash to everyone and that will be sooooooooooo cool!

The Revo is clean, sharp & would look ohhh soo awesome on my curve :) this is my first visit here & so far, this is very very cool site!! Thank you all for sharing so much! I see I have much to read & research :)

Thanks BB-Freaks, you guys rock for creating such awesome themes!

The Besty theme looks ultra sophisticated! Me want!