Contest: WIN a FREE Unlock Code for your BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Curve 8900 Unlock Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 29 Jan 2009 11:47 am EST

We did this contest for the Rogers Bold and AT&T Bold and we're doing it again in honor of all of you who waited so long and will soon have your hands on a shiny, new T-Mobile BlackBerry Curve 8900...

Courtesy of the good folks at Horizon Wireless, we have 15 FREE Unlock Codes for the  BlackBerry Curve 8900 to give away. You'll be wanting to do this so you can swap SIMs when you take your 8900 traveling and save yourself some roaming dollars (or if you just want to use it on another carrier).

Contest Details: The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) a BlackBerry Curve 8900! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. Keep in mind we're a pretty easy going bunch of addicts here at CrackBerry, so while this contest is in honor of the T-Mo 8900 feel free to enter regardless - if you win and want your Bold or Pearl Flip or Storm or BlackBerry xxx unlocked the good folks at Horizon Wireless will make it happen. The contest will close Sunday at midnight EST (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now!

Everybody Wins: In addition to the 15 free unlocks, Horizon Wireless has decided to do their part for the economy in these troubled times... until March 31st, you can save $10 on all unlock codes when you check out using coupon code 'economy'.  Enjoy!

Big thanks to Horizon Wireless - you can visit their site @

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Reader comments

Contest: WIN a FREE Unlock Code for your BlackBerry!



I have been debating on buying one......
So winner, winner, chicken dinner......

Woo hoo....come on, baby!

This is the best BB I have used to date. Quite a freebie you guys are offering to anyone who wants to use this on a different network.

Just got mine in today, love it already. Gonna be going to Italy in a month being able to swap that sim card out would be nice.

My family is the ultimate CrackBerry Family.
Everyone in my family has a BB. Some have the Bold, I have the BB 8900, the adolescent guys have Storms, and the cool gals have the BB Flips.

I need a unlock code! :)

Why do I want an unlock code? because i want to use another network? not really....because I want better pricing structures? again not really...because I want to have the knowledge that I am not tied down to some stupid thing that allows companies to charge people for what they really should have in the first place, freedom to choose? yes, that would be correct. So in summary I want an unlock code so I can stick it to the people that like to decide for us (and so i can use an abroad sim when i go on holiday please).

Enter me in the contest please!

I can't wait for the Curve 8900!
Love the camera on that thing. After the non-camera phone WE 8830, it'll be so nice to be able to snap some super crisp pics with my new phone!

I would love an unlock code for my Blackberry Bold from AT & T. I love being a Crackberry member and would appreciate the unlock code. Thank you.

If there is a God ill win this.. but there probably isnt so ill take my chances with Crackberry anyways lol!!

8900 Looks sweet but I can't see any difference between the Blackberry 8900 and the Bold. I have a Bold now and if it came down to looks, i'm sticking with the Bold. The leather battery cover is classic. The Curve is slightly smaller in the size department. Overall, the curve should do pretty well for those who've been holding on to their old curve forever.


CRACKBERRY + MY 8900 = :)


Thank You Horizon Wireless. It's no wonder that so many people from go to you guys for all of their unlocking needs. Thanks, and to my fellow CB addicts, Good LUCK!.

I have had the BlackBerry Storm for since its release. I will not be getting the Curve 8900 any time soon, but I would like to win an unlock code for my Storm.

BTW -- I love the site.

Yes I plan on owning a T-Mobile version of this phone and would Absolutely love an unlock code for it .Congratulations to all those that win one.

Another great contest to keep us on our toes...

Even better if I can get my Bold unlocked (call me cheap...but I would rather free than not at all!!)

I have an original curve and would love to upgrade to the 8900! Looks like RIM had a fun time building this phone!

Very nice! thumb up to Horizon Wireless.

question: will this void warranty on the phone? and is there date that code must be used before expire?

thx thx, good luck everybody

I had the 1st Gen Curve and now I'm getting the 2nd Gen Curve. An unlock code would be great and make things even better.

OMG I WANT ON SOOOO BAD.... And must give major respect to Horizon , i have gotten a few phones unlocked with them and they are very quick to get the codes back

Well errr is this the part where I have to explain why I deserve one?

Well I left my berry in the fridge last night and it's caught a cold and I fear an unlock code would be the only thing that would cure it!



If I were to unlock my phone, would I have to pay for the other Cell Service that I wanted to use my phone on???
Sorry if this is a dumb question... but I'm new to this kind of thing..

Having just made the pilgrimage from TreoLand to BerryLand I would love an unlock code for my new Berry...and a new case, a large micro sd card, etc. etc. but I'll settle for the unlock code!

Would love one of those unlock codes!

But after trying online services twise from different 'unlockers' without getting any codes, I have started to believe it's all a scam. But - perhaps someone can prove me wrong...

just took delivery this morning of my tmo 8900 and it would be cool to have it unlocked.........thanks horizon wireless

It's the nice new 8900 that I received from T-Mobile a couple of days ago. I'm coming off an unlocked iPhone. It's nice to have a real phone instead of what I began calling "The Cartoon Phone".

I sure wouldn't mind having this phone unlocked though ;)

How about someone just kindly explain everything that is need to know about unlocking my cell...

In case anyone was curious, I have a Storm, and was wanting to use it on a service like AT&T and I already have a SIM for Vodaphone also.
While on the subject I would also like to know where I could buy an AT&T SIM card..?

I currently own a BBC 8320 and love it, but i think it's time for an upgrade. I'm sooo getting the BBC 8900!!!

Unlock............I had absolutely no idea my STORM was on lockdown? I learn something new everyday.

Love the site!

Thanks Crackberry.

Man I hope I win this so I can put this phone on my ATT demo line. Thin I can walk around with the bold, pearl, storm and possibly an 8900!

Looking forward to the release of the 8900. I've been a Storm user for about a month and a newbie to the BB universe. Where have I been all this time! Out.

Thank you to Horizon Wireless for hooking up the crackbrerry nation. It's things like these giveaways, the apps, the theme builders, that trully make it a crackberry instead of a blackberry.

Here's hoping I'm fortunate enough to get a code, but BIG thank you's regardless

No way this is an AWESOME!!!!!!!! contest and just what i have been looking for. my buddy as the G1 and unlocked it for free and now makes fun of my storm that its not as good because its not unlocked. so if i won this contest it would be awesome to rub back in his face !!!!!!!

I can't wait to get my hands on the Blackberry Curve, it is the only reason I have been patiently waiting. My contract was up last October and I have just been patiently waiting, although I must admit, I love my Blackberry Pearl 8100. It does everything I want it do and it is small enough to be truly convenient.

It would be awesome if I win. A heart-felt thanks to Crackberry and Horizon Wireless for having this contest. Keep the contests coming :)

I just spoke with T-Mobile about the upcoming 8900 release and it seems like it's going to be a pretty cool phone. For me, one of the most important things is the updated camera (3.0MP) and more memory (although, with memory cards, who cares).

Winning one of these would be sweet. It looks like an awesome phone!

I would like to enter the contest for one of the xxx models, LOL. Namely a 8300. I went to their page, but I would like to know if the $10 off is on top of the discounts already there.
Thanks and good luck to all

This would be great. I am traveling to the states soon and was actually looking up unlock prices for my 8900. Thanks for the discount as well because even if I don't win I can still do the unlocking for a cheaper rate.

The 8900 is the best BlackBerry I have used yet, an unlock code would make it just a little bit better!!

I would jump off a building to catch it
I would go into the sewers if it got flushed
I would drive a bus into anyone who stole it
I would cry(man tears) if it broke
I would love whoever gave me this phone forever
I would cherish it like a child
I would never leave it unsupervised
I would take it to it its first dentist appointment
I would do alot more things if i had this blackberry

So PLEASE let me have one :)!!!!!!!!!

ps I will write you a full list if you want

this is sick. i wanna unlock my storm for the use in the states when i go there. horizon can do this! if i get a code great if not ill use the coupon to get it!!

It sure would nice to win one of these codes, it would save some cash that I could otherwise use for software and other accessories.

I just got my new T-Mobile Blackberry 8900 yesterday. I've been waiting for this phone for too long. I cannot be happier!

...then again, if I got a FREE unlock code for it, I'm sure I would definitely be HAPPIER!!

Pick me! Pick me! Pleaseeeeee!!!

Good luck to everyone! I <3 Crackberry and all these giveaways!

I didn't even think about getting an unlock code to keep down roaming costs. I just thought they were used to enable users to use specific devices on different carriers. Marvelous!

There are very few things that I need to be one of the first with. This is the rare one. Need the BB 8900 fix. Have the 8320 now but the need is here to take the ride higher. Addicted to say the least. This is one great phone.

Been waiting patiently for a Blackberry with wifi AND gps, been following here religiously. I can't wait to upgrade my 8100 although the unofficial OS upgrade (Thanks CB!) has made it much more useful in the interim...


This is why CrackBerry my favorite site. I even made CrackBerry my home page. I sure can use a unlock code 2 my new curve.

My fiance and I are taking a cruise this year to celebrate our 3 year together. When traveling I don't wanna be restricted to not have my beloved BB or paying high rates from T-mobile or Verizon. I need freedom to choose another provider!!! Unlocking would allow me to do that obviously, but what's better than free???? Or should I say freedom...

Yay! I love unlock code contests! Since it may be a while before AT&T gets the 8900, I'll be doing some ebay checking. Everyone could use an unlock code at some point :)

How sweet it is!!! I can't wait to get the new curve. I've had the 8300 since it came out. I'm ready for wi-fi and GPS. Way to go RIM! Way to go Horizon! Way to go Crackberry!!!

T-Mo is pretty good in giving you an unlock code for free, but it always fun to try one's luck in a contest ...

This is my very first BB and having an unlock code will just be the icing to the cake!!!

I currently own the T-Mobile Curve 8320 and I love the simplicity of this phone. I have friends who own the Bold and various Blackberry models, what I like about the Curve is the ability to do a little of everything. I dont miss the 3G functions because I am able to surf the net at decent speeds with WI-FI. Knowing that the processor in the 8900 is faster I look forward to the smoother transitions and seamless internet.


This is the best little phone on the planet! I currently own the Curve 8320 and this phone truly can do it all without too much compromise. The fact that there is no 3G in the 8900 is irrelevant becuase surfing speeds are good with WI-FI. My motto is:


hey whats up just wanted to say I love being a member and want to be 1 of the 15 lucky people to get there 8900 unlocked

Oh man...I've been DYIN' to get a BOLD or the new Curve, but I'm a diehard VZW user...would LOVE to pick up an unlock code for one of those babies!

Just starting using not to long ago. I'm hooked! You guys have great deals, all the latest news, and vendors who work great with the community. I was pretty into my 8800 beforehand, but now I'm an addict! I'll be visiting everyday.

My blackberry curve 8900 is waiting for me on my desk at home, just got dropped off by UPS! I wouldn't even need this stupid unlock code if T-Mobile allowed me to use my Hungarian T-Mobile sim card when I'm there once a year... but for some reason it don't work that way! Same carrier, different country, no compatibility. who knew. (I lemmi win!)

I'm so xcited my 8900 arrives tomorrow, makes me wanna call outta work so i can sit @ home all day and play with it!

I'm game. I've been waiting to be able to upgrade to Bold or unlock it with Sprint (hopefully) but if this is successful then I'm in! Pick me Pick me!! I'm on my knees beggin' :)

It's nice to see that Horizon Wireless is being generous during these tough times and cares for its customer base. :)

My girlfriend is getting an 8900 for Valentine's day...I'm going to get her BB-addicted one way or another! :)

Thanks for the contest and also the discount on unlocking. Obviously there are different reasons for unlocking and with a new device release (US) there's going to be some extra demand for this. To have a reputable company such as Horizon Wireless to step up and offer this is awesome. I know who I am going to to unlock my new 8900 that is if im not one of the lucky 15.

Spare me a unlock code at least lol. Never won on this hopefully the odds are on my side. Whoever wins Congrats!

I think this is really cool. So i'm guess if anyone has a bb storm in there posession, any application that has been posted for it will be available for the unlocked codes? I so hope that's the case... I really hope that i'm a winner.

I recently traveled over seas and felt so disconnected from the world without being able to use my Blackberry...
it be really awesome to be able to use my BB with a foreign sim card and be able to keep in touch with everything