CONTEST: Win a FREE Unlock Code for the AT&T Bold!

Win a FREE Unlock Code for the AT&T BlackBerry Bold Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 5 Nov 2008 04:58 am EST

We did this contest for the Rogers Bold and we're doing it again in honor of all of you who waited so long and finally now have your hands on a shiny, new AT&T BlackBerry Bold...

Courtesy of the good folks at BBEnriched, we have 10 FREE Unlock Codes for the AT&T BlackBerry Bold to give away. You'll be wanting to do this so you can swap SIMs when you take your Bold traveling and save yourself some roaming dollars (or if you just want to use it on another carrier).

The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) an AT&T BlackBerry Bold! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. Contest will close Sunday at midnight (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now! Big thanks to BBEnriched - be sure to visit their site at!

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I want it more badly!!


I am going to Italy in the spring and this would totally eliminate the time and bs that I would have to go through with ATT to get this done!!!!!


The Bold is a very nice looking phone. A good upgrade from the Curve.


yea the BOLD would be a great upgrade from a curve for you but it would be a billion times better if it was an upgrade from a pearl for me!!!


I hope to get the Bold so I can give the Curve to my gf.


Sprint won't have the blackberry bold until 2025 and I never win this type of stuff, but hey! if Barack Obama can get Elected President of the U.S.A ... why not try?

Fightin Loon

an unlocked code, eh? I want to win one of those bad boys!

Cyklone B

Just got my Bold yesterday and already love it.


i have a 1 yr old 8310 running and i'm wanting the bold big time. i stayed away from the at&t store yesterday but today, i might take a ride over there. or maybe i'll call at&t and have em send me one i'll have in my hands tomorrow. decisions, decisions.....


Congratulations to RIM and his archivment,looking forward to see in the near future same phone with 60gb hd & 2gb ram memory so we can forget forever our laptops in our business trips.
What RIM create in only 10 years was one of the great invention human being has been doing on Technology and mobility.
Keep the good works RIM team


It's very very difficult for us to be able to have a Blackberry Bold here, in Vietnam. The price is so high compare to people monthly average income, even a Pearl cost as much as my monthly salary. But anyway, we have a community of people who using Blackberry, we save our money and hope one day we have afford to buy the crazy amazing Blackberry Bold. I myself wish I can buy her before 2009!


A phone is a phone a smartphone is a smartphone a blackberry is a blackberry the bold is a whole new world!!nCongrats to RIM on releasing this beautiful bold which brings us up to a whole new world of technology i want it! i love u RIM and CRACKBERRY!!!! I WANNA WIN!


Still waiting to take delivery of my Bold, sure would be nice to be able to unlock the Bold when it’s finally in my hands though.

Anthony Angeles

that's a dope freaking contest this website is what's up yo




How do you make the best BB better? Unlock it!!


Thanks, CB and BBEnriched!


Sweet! Unleash my Bold!!!!


I got my Bold yesterday after trying 3 different AT&T stores. What they did not mention was that they are handling the Bold like the i-phone requiring a new or extended 2 year contract. they will NOT sell you one with no commitment (I added another line to my family plan which I will never use).


Great for overseas travel. :)


Please pick me. I love you and your website. Thank you very much!


I could use one of these codes :)


i would love to be the owner of a new blackberry bold. i was going to puchase one for $550 until i found out that my wife is losing her job the week of thanksgiving. i decided to save the money in case of an emergency. i would still love to own a bold, but keeping my home in order is a little more important right now. it would definitely be nice to have something go my way for a change! thank you crackberry, bbenriched, and congradulations to whoever wins!


I showed my mom the Bold and she was going oooo, ahhh and wow. I wish I could get one for my mom!


I am about to purchase my first BB. It is going to be the Bold. If only I could get it unlocked, since I plan to travel overseas frequently.


Here's to winning one of the unlock codes!


I am really looking forward to the BOLD. If not the unlock code for the STORM is also in order.


The chance that I actually win one is likely as good as McCain's chance at winning the presidency right now, but at least I tried.


Oh my, I want one so bad (unlock code that is).
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Crackberry.


It was the only one in Town. What a GREAT TOY...Tool.


Here's to a new beginning... January 20th can't come soon enough...


I want the code really bad. It's the best thing yet haha. Thank you!!!


I need the code!! I travel outside of the US often!

Thanks CB!!


An unlock code would be just brilliant!


I visited an ATT store in my area yesterday to purchase the BOLD but unfortunately they sold out. Even the display model was gone. This is getting out of hand. Speaking of getting out-of-hand...I need to get one in my hands:)


I want to have one of the unlock codes for my Bold... I picked mine up on Monday the 3rd of Nov. Best Buy had them for $299... I was the first to buy mine from Best Buy with my Premier discount... Great price with no having to wait for the rebate to come.... I do allot of traveling abroad every month and this will help me with my business traveling! Go Crackberry dot com..... Great site!!!


This is great. Here is a little something for everyone. if you order online enter PROMO CODE" ESC25" at checkout. it will automatically get you an extra $25 of total price.


Oh yes! I would love to win a code. Thanks for this contest.


Hey you never Know>>> Bold here I come>>>...THanks Crackberry....


I really would like to win the Bold, it would help me in my job.

A James

I'm really thinking about getting this phone but I love my BB curve so much. A contest like this would sway my decision to get the Bold.


Just got my AT&T Bold - I'm game for an unlock code.


made my wife wait months for this so she can use her 2 yr extension. she's been using an old razr that lasts about 30 mins w/o recharging...can't wait to pick one of these up!


Big thanks to Kevin and BBEnriched for all the great giveaways!


I'd like to win an unlock code for the BB Bold! Thanks!

JInu Johnson

An avid reader, an avid blackberry user, who will have to wait months and months before the bold is release in the middle east, allow me the liberty to see the 'light' the new world with the blackberry bold rimmed glasses. My options of getting a blackberry bold in Qatar are dim bar that you would be gracious enough to give me an unlock code and I can have an AT&T bold shipped here unlocked.

Thanks & best regards,

Jinu Johnson


Hit me up CrackBerry. Love the bold btw. does anyone else find the brickreaker really like laggy and slow?


I would really love to have an unlock code for the blackberry bold. I have a lot of family members overseas, and it would be nice if i can still keep in touch with my contacts if I'm their visiting them w/o getting charged for roaming minutes.

Thank You in advance.


I am watching the FedEx tracking page like a hawk, it is pretty sick... I'm so excited to get my Bold I KNOW I won't get any work done today!


After 6 long months waiting for this phone I'd LOVE an unlock code!!

Thanks Crackberry!


I would love to snag one of those unlock codes! Pick me!


I have owned many phones over the last 10 years....from the candybar style to the flip, to the Palm Windows & Palm OS versions, to finally a Curve.

Blackberry puts out quality devices on the most stable OS I have ever, please throw me in there for the drawing to be one of the lucky ones!!!!


i want an unlock code for my bold!


Went to the local AT&T store - no demo units, but the staff unboxed a unit for me to look at. The display is incredible, sound is terrific. I want to surf the net before deciding on a purchase. I may wait to see the Storm, but I do more emails, etc, so the Bold may be right for me.
Price seemed a little steep, though.

Looks like a great product.


I'm so optimistic :):)


I just got my BOLD yesterday so a free unlock code would be sweet! :)


Just my luck! I just bought a new 8310 not even a week ago! Still, can't put it down it is that good. D@># you Blackberry! You've already got me wanting more!!


I just joined this community because i'm seriously considering purchasing the bold and had a few questions which i was going to post in the forums but one of them was regarding unlocking the device.. way to be one step ahead with this giveaway!


I am so torn in between the Bold and the Storm! They are both amazing machines.


Please hook me up I need it I'm feening for it. I gotta get some crackberry love!


don't mind if i do...


This would make this week even better. Bold 11/3, unlocked 11/10.


So I work for AT&T and while I watched everyone get a BOLD I was forbidden to purchase one :( it is not available to us yet & I am really getting antsy that I might just purchase it a full retail. Please help me by getting me an unlock code so I can at least save some $$$ when I travel over seas...


Played with one at the store. So sweet, want to touch the hiney!


i want a free unlock code. pllllleeeeeeeaaaaaaasssssseeeee


please let me be this lucky


please let me be this lucky

best blackbery yet!


Hi! Just picked up my Crackberry BOLD. Please gimme the unlock code so I can take my bootyful phone overseas. *^_^*





I rather have a storm unlock code.


Jerry McFreakin Mcguire (you are my ambassador of quan


Having just transitioned from an ulocked Treo 750 to the Bold, this would be an ideal way to join the Crackberry community.


Here's to the Bold finally coming out!


Haha, give me one please~~~~ =) Thanks.

Well. If I am an AT&T customer and I go to AT&T store saying that I am going to travel abroad and would like to get an unlock code for my phone, how much will getting the code cost me? Isn't this code supposed to be free???

Ahhhhh.... robbery ..... :(


I want to swap SIMs! and if I get a free code, that's cool too;)


I hate being stuck with t-mobile :(


I finally got my ny launch bold - now lets unlock it!


Thanks to bbenriched for the opportunity. Hopefully I'll have one in my hands this weekend and this would be a nice bonus!

Andrew Q




BOLD OR STORM??? or maybe i'll just get both


Well since my mother beat me to the punch on getting one, this way I can have an edge on her... sad, I know


In my experience (7 different phones), AT&T simply gives you the unlock code for your phone if you are in contract or out, they will even give you the codes if you have broken contract and STILL have an outstanding bill. SO, Crackberry, I love your site, but what is this? It took me less effort to request an unlock code than to type this comment.


This is the 2nd batch of unlocked codes that you've offered. What can I say? THANKS.

(I know I don't qualify, being an owner of a Rogers Bold, but it's still great to see BBEnriched & Crackberry doing this...)


An unlocked BOLD! Count me in for this contest.


another unlock code plz!!


OMG! The Bold is so sexy! I want one.

Please. :)


This would be great when I order my Bold on Friday.

The Ohio Valley



I hope i get picked I really need this, thanks BBenriched for sponsoring this!!


I came up with a criteria. All who win codes - buy Bold, others - go for storm. Strange, but F U N!!!))


If its free , it must be for me


I cannot wait to get my hands on Bold or the Storm big choice I have to make.


Man id love to get my hands on one of them codes!!!


I had a chance to play with the BB Bold today, its awesome. Had to order one. This is gonna be my first BB in 6 years.


I'll enter.. just picked up my bold. This would be a nice addition.


i cant wait to own one


the Bold is the best I have had yet......


I would love me some of that BB Bold...

Thans for the chance.

Keep up the great work...


This Phone amazing... :-)


I don't really plan on jumping ship from AT&T any time soon, but it wouldn't hurt to have my shiny new bold unlocked. Good stuff Kevin.


Please give me an unlock code.


I would love to have one of these nice phones......*so wishes that AT&T would of been getting the Storm.......but this Bold is just as good*


Finally its out. Cant wait to get my hands on it.


Just picked up my bold yesterday, be cool to get it unlocked


Show me the Bold !!

tailgater has always had activities that promote user participation and I'm glad that there are sponsors that help CB do these activities! It also attracts a lot of new users (and lurkers like me) to register and participate in the site. More users = more information.

More power!


My first BB and I am loving it!!


Yep, unlock my BOLD, buddy! I'd love it.


I got my Bold yesterday, and I love it. Thanks Crackberry and BBEnriched for the opportunity to get my favorite BB ever unlocked!!


I'll take one with extra fries on the side pleeeeease!


I'll take one with extra fries on the side pleeeeease!


please give it to meeee

i just got my bold!!! i need it more than anyone else =]


I am torn between a bold or the Storm. But I am always up for a free unlock code.


Hey Crackberry & readers,

My current device, the 7290, is on it's deathbed and I'm ready to pull the plug. The Bold came along just at the right time and I could really use the help with a free one. If you all could help a fellow BB user out, I'd be extremely grateful.

Have a great day!



My girlfriend just got the Iphone and I went into the ATT store and played with this phone and it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay better. It is so easy to type...I have the BB Curve 8310 and I thought that was easy. This device puts all others to shame. It is truly the most professional looking device I have ever seen!!!

I would love to have this phone. I want it really bad. That would be such an amazing gift I could ask for and I really want it to prove to my girlfriend that the Iphone is not the way to go....the BB BOLD is the future!!!


thanks, please enter me into contest


I need One, ET Phone Homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


OK, so i get yet another chance to win the Blackberry Bold! Last time i wasn't one of the winners but hey.. i get another chance at it. Hopefully this time ill be one of the lucky ones.... and if not, its ok! =)


It's finally here and I can't wait to get my hands on one.


Pick me Pick me Pick me Pick me...


I would love to have one of the codes for traveling.


Got a Bold yesterday and so far it is GREAT! Also bought a few shares of RIMM on monday, so far things are good well!


Would love the unlock code.. having fun with my bold!

Daisy Dee

I would like a chance to win one, it may come in very handy if and when I travel...


Dave SB101CA

An unlock code would be crack. My bold is waiting to be unleashed. Va Va Vooom!


Me please!!!! Thank you.


Addicted to CRackberry


An Unlock code would be a great addition to a new Bold. Thanks!


Hi, I really need an unlock code....I am heading across the pond to the sand box and would like to use the phone in Germany! Danke!


This is great. With the Unlock Code,I will make my BOLD even BOLDER... ;-)


Sweet. That would be nice


I may have to bail on Verizon and grab a Bold at WalMart. WAs hoping to compare it with the Storm before deciding, but not sure the wait will be worth it.


This would be great for when I travel overseas. My wife already gets on me for using it to much, just imagine being able to use it overseas - :P


For entry!!! I'd really like to have this!

Tim O

I can't wait to get the bold, it'll be my first blackberry.


aren't my comments being posted? i've posted three already and none of them have shown up!?!?!?!


You sir, Are too kind.


aren't my comments being posted? i've posted three already and none of them have shown up!?!?!?!


I can't wait! To think I could win a new Bold and switch to AT&T for a good reason. Don't get me wrong, I love my Curve. But, the Bold is so enticing I want to win!

Piotr P

I want it soooooooooooo bad! lol


Nice, great holiday gift for myself should I get it!


Looking to get my Bold soon, thanks for the contest...

Chad M.

I would like one, please. :-)


Yo Quiero BB Bold unlocked...


My Bold will be arrive in about 1 hour from FedEx! I want to win! :)


I read the ad saw a great phone and would really enjoy owning one soon. This site is the best way to get up to speed on the BB and I just wanted to say thanks.


Would be great to get one. Thanks for the contest!


yaaaaaay i would really reaaaaally like a bold


I have a dream, that one day bold's will not be 299.99$ and will be free for all, yes we can. YES WE CAN!


This is an amazing device and I would love to have one. I love this site!!


By unlock code, you meen a code to unlock it so you can use it on any carrier right? Well if thats the case heck yea I want it.


currently a sprint curve user but for the bold, i'd gladly go ATT




We gettin my father-in-law a phone for christmas I plan on doing the BOLD since he is way over due an upgrade we got my mother-in-law in on it too so we can use his upgrade. He travels some and they are wannting to go to Paris this coming up year for a 2week vacation they need one phone unlocked to use there. If I get the code then my father-in-law gets a bonus on his christmas present. (I also wanna get him the BOLD so I can play with it and learn the OS before my carrier gets it LOL


I've been wanting one of these since I first read about them a while back. Hopefully I'll be one of the lucky winners. Thanks Crackberry.


Oh what would be nice, so nice to win?
A billion dollars might make me grin!
Or perhaps true love is best for me,
Not after my last girlfriend, it couldn't be!
I wonder I wonder what floats my boat?
A vacation, a car, a dairy goat?
And then I realized and called my wife Kim,



I need this phone in my life!! BB Bold > iPhone. No contest! Obama and the Bold FTW!


I would love to win one of these! Thanks Crackberry!


(b0ld WiReZ)This phone is the phone I was born to own !!!(cough: on tmobile that is....)(SweET WiReZ CraCkBERrY). PLZ make christmans come early for me (F#CK WiReZ BOoLD) and 9 other crackbery nerdz (BERRy WiReZ CRAcK).

p.s sorry for all the random stuff but my terrets acts up when on this site (wIREZ oBAMa 2012).



can anyone tell me where I can get a Bold ? I cant find one. I am an AT&T user. thanks


I am getting the AT&T Bold this wknd.. looks awesome!


I love my new bold! I think its so much better than the curve!

j cherry

I can't believe the day has finally arrived. It seems like it took as long to launch the bold in the U.S. as it did to elect Barack Obama. Just happy it's here and can't wait to get my hands on it


My new Blackberry Bold comes to my office today. Since I'm the office manager for Interactive, I made sure to get first crack! I'd love to have some unlock codes to go with it.

Joel Kandy

I can't wait to get my Bold. I am sooooo excited, can't focus on work. I am going to be bold and go lunch time to get it.


Hook me up.. hope to get one soon.


what a great contest can't wait for my bold, hopefully getting it today!


I wanna win! I travel a lot and this would be awesome to have. Thanks!


hook me up like a tow truck, crackberry!


Since I got my AT&T Blackberry Curve I became a BB addict. before I had a couple of other PDAs, my last one was a Palm and I was afraid switching to Blackberry.... Nowadays I have no regret for that choice. I found the BB so versatile and easy to use and most of all no crashes compare from the infinity rebooting from my old palm. I read so many reviews for BB Bold that I fall in love at first sight and I'm feeling very lucky that I going to win one of these 10 BB bolds. I'm also so optimistic that I wrote an acrostic to illustrate how powerful is my love for the BB Bold:

B old of all smartphones you are a masterpiece in my hands.
L ots of fun will come with me. Music, photos a jamboree.
A llways will be in touch with friend, family and ugly boss.
C osts of data plan will be lower with a single touch.
K ing of mobiles. You are conquering the world.
B rilliant color and clarity come to life with you,
E ither video streaming and photos will be wherever I go.
R eal piece of technology: the sword of modern gladiators.
R are as a pearl, top of modern tech tool, a tool for me.
Y oung or old, from Peru to Saigon, everybody is loving you.

B old is your name and with you in my hand I fell so brave
O thers want you, but just together will conquest the world
L ong live for ever BB Bold. Long live forever in my hand.
D raw my path in life, take me to victory. YES, WE CAN!!!!!

Thank you in advance.

Sincerely yours,



I would love very much to win one of those BB Bold. Please, Please, send one this way.


I'd love to take my new Bold abroad! Pick me! :)


I just got my phone the day before launch date and let me tell you it was worth the wait. just caint wait to see what other great apps i can start putting on it.


I just picked up the blackberry bold yesterday.. long time crackberry lurker, new poster. It's my first blackberry and its great! Flying out of the country next month, so would love an unlock code!


Hey great give away! Loving my new Bold! Maybe Ill get lucky and be able to set it free!! :)

Kentel Styles
"Imagine IF..."


Got one yesterday and have found it to be very useful already!


I need to win, I must win!


Wow...I sure would like one of those unlock codes for my forthcoming BB Bold.


So, I got my Bold on the 3rd and have been waiting since august 21st, when a canadian family member (who works from RIM's IT department) had one on a vacation to the jersey shore and let me play with it. Best phone ever. Period.

So I am traveling down to the south of Argentina, Patagonia, and I want to take my precious bold along with me. However, She is locked to the treacherous AT&T. I wish to set her free and relieve her of her locked burden so I can use her with other carriers while away. Hopefully I will be lucky enough to receive a code.


Seriously if I win I will name my Bold. Not only that, but I will treat it better than my unborn child and un-impregnated baby's mama... Seriously


I have wanted this phone for so long, but I'm on TMO, so unlock would do miracles! BB RULES!! and CB OWNS!


This could be a great opportunity !!

I would be honored if selected for the unlock code, basically I have left the corporate world and have set up my own company Our Private Chef LLC. (web site under construction)
Currently I have a 2 ½ year old Motorola V (whatever), which has been fine for personal calls as I have had corporate BB in the past. But with the current economy and a start up situation, my wife persistently informs me that it might be sage and to hold off purchasing a new smartphone/productivity enhancing tool. I like everyone else, have been waiting and waiting with baited breath for the Bold release in this country.

I travel overseas with regularity and usually upon arrival will buy a pre paid sim card, so that it can be more cost effective and not pay overseas roaming charges (Australia only has 3G now) (albeit TMobile is somewhat ok with international roaming compared to the others).

In any case, I would love to be in a position to utilize its features when dealing instantly with suppliers and clients rather than being forced to always have the laptop connected.

I have not bought one yet (being the first just to say Naa Naa Nanna is not quite my style), and am waiting for the waters to calm down and hopefully prices as well, with Christmas around the corner.

In any case, my appreciation in anticipation…..



Loving my Bold so far but having it unlocked would be perfect for when I travel.


I'd like to throw my name into the hat as well!


can't pass up an opportunity for free!


I'm on tmo and would love an ulocked Bold!


I am planning to switch to ATT and for the BOLD since my contract for sprint is ending. Sign me up Sir!!


that is when my AT&T account is eligible for the discounted upgrade.


The BOLD belongs to the World, not to a local carrier


I bought it yesterday and I can't put it down...


Save me the trouble of calling customer service....One please.


I just got a new bold from att. I called them at 611 .My contract was up completley and I asked is there any specials. After checking my account they told me I was eligible for a extra 100.00 off. My net after rebate and discount was 199.00. Before you buy call ATT


Great timing, I just got one!


Just got mine on Monday, would love a free unlock!


haha victory shall be mine


This code will make it so I can purchase the new bold. Looking forward to enjoying a new Balckberry.

Chris C.

I need a bold in my life!!


an unlock code. Please Please Please


Hey, what do I have to lose. sign me up for the 1 in 10 and turn down the corner of my ticket so I improve my changes to be drawn.


OH GOODNESS could I use this unlock code. My company is sending me to Japan for 9 weeks starting at the end of January! I REALLY want to take my shiny new Bold and I REALLY don't want to get stuck paying AT&T their overpriced international charges. Come on CB!!!


Unlock codes are especially useful for international travel. ;)


Count me in!!! WOW!!!


The BB 9000 Vs Palm T Pro.

Both have 3G, built in GPS, and Wi-fi (9000 includes 802.11a), MS Exchange Server

Differences 9000 has access to 9 e-mail accounts, T Pro has access to Landware's Quicken 2.5

Currently using BB8310 O.S. 4.2.2


Another BB Bold code in my pocket!


The bold is an awesome phone

and after the time i've had using the Curve model 8320

and the Blackberry 8820

i would love to have a curve as my own personal starting blackberry