CONTEST: Win a FREE Unlock Code for the Rogers Bold

Win a Free Unlock Code for the Rogers BlackBerry Bold!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2008 04:08 pm EDT

CrackBerry Contest time! This one is for all of the hardcore users & abusers. Since many of you in the USA are tired of waiting for the Bold to come to AT&T and are resorting to eBay and/or friends North of the Border to buy/send you down your shiny new BlackBerry, we thought we'd come up with a little something to reward you for your cracked-out efforts...

Courtesy of the good folks at BBEnriched, we have 10 FREE Unlock Codes for the Rogers BlackBerry Bold to give away. For the peeps in the USA you'll be needing to unlock your Rogers-branded device to use it on your network. And to anybody in Canada who has picked up a Bold and is running it on Rogers, you'll be wanting this so you can swap SIMs when you go traveling and save yourself some dollars.

The contest is open to anybody who owns (or plans to own in the very near future) a Rogers BlackBerry Bold! To enter, just be logged in to and make a comment on this blog post. Contest will close Sunday at midnight (winners announced on Monday), so post your comment now!  Big thanks to BBEnriched - be sure to visit their site at!

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CONTEST: Win a FREE Unlock Code for the Rogers Bold



I tried logging in with Firefox and it keeps looping back to this page as if I'm not logged in. I use Internet Explorer, and it works the first time.

The hoops I have to jump through just to get a free unlock code... lol

Make sure you have Cookies enabled on your browser and allowed on any security/firewall software you may have.

This site actually loves firefox. It's a lack of cookies that it dislikes.

Give that a go and you should be ok.

Hi Kevin

I have cookies enabled. All my sites remember me except this one. Sometimes the page doesn't even load on Firefox.

Perhaps an uninstall/reinstall of Firefox would help, but for now I guess I'll use IE until I figure it out.

I was thinking about entering but I don't have a Bold nor will I get one soon - so I have no use for an unlock code thus won't be entering :)

Okay Crackberry, I have been searching multiple internet sites for the past three to four months now...DAILY, waiting for the BOLD. My current BB phone (8820) is beat up and hanging on for dear life. Hence, I not only want and have wanted a 9000 for many months now, but now I have come to the "need". Please help this highly addicted Crackberry, I mean BlackBery owner. Thanks ;)

Yes! Please send me one of the unlock codes for the Blackberry Bold! I would really appreciate it!

Crackberry's my #1 BB blog! my first goto, most everyday!

Keep up the good work guys!!

Take care.

Haha, here's my comment!!

Don't have my Bold YET! but have pricing as a note in my account and signed up for data - am just waiting for STOCK!!!

Eager for my first foray into the BB experience!!

Could I be so lucky to win and have one of the first Bold phones in the USA. This would be awesome. I am really excited about this phone. BBerry gods be nice to me.

Why the heck not? Count me in. If I win, I'll be hitting up someone from Canada to send me a Rogers Bold, and if not I'll just keep on waiting for at&t like I have been. I have nothing to lose! LOL

Kevin, count me in! I wanted the Blackberry Bold since the first freakin' image surfaced on the Web! End my misery!

This is an awesome contest! Thanks a bunch to bbenriched and crackberry. it doesnt get much better than this! Hope to get a bold soon!

wow what a generous offer! i would be so happy with this phone. I have been using my same blackberry 8100 ever since it first came out and i am planning to get a new blackberry very soon. I'm definitely in love with blackberries and would never choose anything else and i look at this site everyday to see whats new. well good luck to me on winning this, lol.

its really nice that you guys are doing this! i am from the US and like you said its taking AGES for the Bold to arrive. Would be nice to get one, thanks for putting this up! hope i win =]

I was just browsing eBay for one. A Rogers Unlock code would be absolutely awesome for my purchase then!

I'd love to be able to unlock my Bold. Not that I would part with it - I love it, but I think I just cost myself a fortune in roaming data charges when I was in the States for a couple of days on the weekend. To be able to drop in a local SIM card would be fantastic!

I was one of the VERY lucky few to get a BB Bold the day they came out thanks to a contact I have in Rogers. I would LOVE to win this unlock code! Thank you CrackBerry & BBEnriched!

The bold is sickk as hell. I have a curve now and beyond an addict, haha. I would absolutley love it!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Let me WIN!!!!!!!!!! :) THANKS!

I am loving this Bold - but you know what I would love more? If it was UNLOCKED.

For freedom fighters everywhere, FTW!!!

I had to read the title of this post twice to make sure I was seeing straight. That would be absolutely wonderful. Now if only my sili-case and screen protector would come soon, so I don't have to keep the original plastic screen you're supposed to peel off on it, all is bliss. Now we just have to do something about that Rogers logo... A $150 paint job is too much for me. GO BOLD!

please...let some one kill me so that way i dont have to wait on a bold any more and i can just get one in heaven from jesus!!

great phone, love the fact that rim finally gave the blackberry the wi-fi!!! with the launch of the bold black berry as a company should definately ber no.1 on consumer minds, smart and brillant with luanch of the bold!!

Maybe one of these 10 bolds will have the updated 4.6OS and the newer platform so I can turn on my 3G without draining my battery in half a day!!! YAY BOLD!

I'd be interrested in a free code!
if I send a picture of my hot cousin taken with my BB Bold camera would that give me more chance of winning?
Hehe ok ok I admit I don't have a hot cousin damn!:(

I have been coveting this device since I saw early images on I can't wait to see the new display and to experience the faster and more powerful processor.

Gosh this is even MORE motivation to get a Bold...Even though I love my curve, I Def wouldn't mind a Bold!!!....Bring it on!!!

Wow! Would I love to win an unlock code? Of course I would. I can't wait to get my grubby hands on a Bold...if I had the code, I would buy a Rogers phone!!


This is awesome, what a great job you guys have been doing, hopefully I can unlock my rogers blackberry when it arrives!

I don't know which I'd rather have, the Bold be available in the US now, or one of these codes to unlock a Bold bought on eBay.

I doubt that ATT will be making that September 12th date when there hasn't been any type of formal announcement. I've had to resort to a Rogers Blackberry Bold but still want a proper ATT one

I have been waiting very patiently for at&t to release the Bold. Putting up with the problems I am having with my curve. If i had the chance to unlock a bold from up north< i would have my friend go buy me one immediately!

Stuck here in the United States. Been reading and all the other blackerry sites waiting for a Blackberry Bold 9000 to come to the U.S. Even signed up to AT&T in anticipation. Still no bold. My patience is running thin. I want a Bold and I want one now! What does a person have to do or say. I WANT A BOLD NOW...

It's been killing me waiting oh so patiently, an unlock code to go with it would be perfect. Thanks Crackberry

I drove all the way from nyc to buffalo to my boys apartment and then made him take me into canada to get my bold. On the way back into the states the border patrol asked why i was in canada so i told him to buy a blackberry bold...he looked at me like i was a lying criminal and asked me to turn off the car and open the trunk. Now that i finally got it i ordered and unlock code on ebay and it said it would take 12 hours to has now been almost 5 days and i still am yet to recieve the code. Please help im desperate i spent $900 on a phone that i havnt even used yet !!! Thankss

Awesome! Hopefully I'm getting my Bold within a week. I just couldn't wait for AT&T to release it. The Bold is worth the extra price! even if I have to unlock it!

I promised my wife I would not get buy another phone till Storm comes out. This would qualify as winning a phone. Thanks CB, in advance, for the code.

ahhh man!! I really need to win this contest. I'm on T-mobile so I have to wait even longer then you guys on at&t. I'm fiending for this Blackberry Bold. lol Thanx. Goodluck to everyone.

I soooooooooooooooooo badly want the Bold. I'm currently on the Telus network and I've been thinking about switching to Rogers. If I were to win the Bold I'd be soooooooooo happy and gladly make the switch to Rogers. Please can I have on?!!!

I would love a unlock code as i will be traveling to the States for a while and use my cousins Sim for data :) Hope i win

I've had my Bold for just under 2 weeks now and l'm loving it. I'm looking forward to some new apps and the accessories to hit the market.

Had the Iphone for about a month. Too much hype! Picked up the Bold today and I glad to have a real phone and not a TOY.

I wish I wish for this spectacular unlock code so I can use my blackberry in India for my sisters upcoming wedding :)
September 14th

I don't know what to say, only that I'm very interested in winning the blackberry Bold....
I only have one question: do I have to live in the USA? Because I'm from Argentina...


It is possible to considerably increase your likelihood of winning the lottery and winning more if your numbers actually come up...

Therefore, pick me =]

I am the IT Director for our company. We are in the process of moving all of our Bell Mobility units (approx 200) to Rogers. A decision was made to not procure and provide our staff with Blackberry units. Go see why... It would be great if I could win one of these units and perhaps I could convince Management to revert the above decision to not provide Blackberries to the staff.

Crossing my fingers.


I tend to shelter myself from leaving the somewhat stable/safe grounds of T.O., I suppose this could come in handy one day. :)

great thanks to for the unlock code privoded! and thanks to CB for the great contest! my rogers BOLD is on the way from Canada to China, to use bold in china's gsm netword, i need to unlock it, if i am lucky enough, that'd be so cool to win a free unlock change, if not, i will check out the for buying a code...
jumping to now, and best luckest wishes to all the guys leaue messages here!hiahia~~~
i love my bold!!!

SOON from a good ol trusted er' that happens to be in Canada.. Being in Los Angeles on AT&T, I am going to need these codes PLEASE..


Oh Canada! Thanks for bringing the Bold to the USA since it seems the folks at RIM and AT&T don't want us to get in on the action.

FINALLY!!! I have a chance with the Bold. I've been waiting FOREVER for it to come out for AT&T. And quite frankly, I have lost some, interest. But this brought it back. So PLEASE, if you may. Thank You you brought my spirits up =)

This is a sweet deal...though, it would be sweeter if you actually gave away 10 BB BOLD units *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*

Nor have I ever heard anyone I know to win an entry via the web. Just a clever way to get email addresses and other information.

But, you can win if you don't enter.

But where can I buy one, right now?

What a great idea for a contest! It just sucks that I don't have an AT&T account. I'll have to resort to ebay for my bold.

I live on an island in the Marianas Island Chain and if you will choose me as a winner here... It will be an honor and I will be the first to show off this phone to friends and colleagues!!! it will just be awesome!!!

i live in egypt so i think u can imagine how many years i have to wait for the bold to be here!!! so i think u should help out here LOL