Contest: Win a free copy of ZonaSnap - 30 copies up for grabs!

By Michelle Haag on 4 Feb 2011 02:59 pm EST

We let you know the other day that ZonaSnap has been updated to v2.0.5, bringing some cool new features to the popular app. The good people over at ZonaBlackBerry want to pass on all this goodness to you, and have given us 30 copies of the app to give away! The contest rules are simple, as always. Leave a comment below about the app. Maybe you can tell us what you love about ZonaSnap, or what features you'd like to see added in the future. Winners will be chosen at random this Sunday at Midnight PST. As always, one comment per person please. 


  • Zonasnap added as an menu item with options to remove.
  • Send snap of your screen without saving straight from the screen as email, to Photobucket, Twitter, BlackBerry Messenger Contact or simply save to SD card under your pictures folder.
  • Can be added as a convenience key.
  • When used from the menu it gives you a preview of your screen shot.
  • Files can be saved as jpg or png format.
  • After the capture is sent to Photobucket, you will receive a notification in a window reporting that the image code has been received and it has been inserted into Memopad.
  • Short vibration to let you know the snap has been taken with option to remove this alert.
  • Options for add a Water Mark and rotate it, add Opacity, Scale and Align into the Capture, this Water Mark can be selected from the SD Card pictures.
  • Full 7days Trial. After the expired will be available all the main options except the selection of the watermark, will be set a default water mark in the capture.
  • Options to change the quality of the capture in the format jpg.

For more information/screenshots and to download ZonaSnap

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a free copy of ZonaSnap - 30 copies up for grabs!



Its a great app to have because sometimes a friend asks for help with something on their bb and I snap a few pics of my screen showing them how its done. Im currently using a trial version of a screen capture app but it would be awesome to have a full version so I could use it all the time! :)

I want this so much! I don't have any other application to screenshot my device, and this is just awesome!

Seriously, I am not sure how many people actually using this but I definitely is!

I found this app some time back and I guess it is the best around. With the features, I believe this just makes ZonaSnap more complete!

Nice app. Easy to handle screenshots to mail to parents, friends who are new to BB and as for some hints or when giving feedback to some developers...

I'm not a huge multimedia kind of guy, but I like the idea of how easy ZonaSnap makes working with screen shots.