Contest: Win a free copy of FokClear by Dohzen - 30 free copies up for grabs!

FokClear by Dohzen
By Michelle Haag on 10 Jun 2011 02:20 pm EDT

Minimal themes and BB7 icons are high in demand these days, and I found an awesome one for you guys to check out. FokClear by Dohzen is a fantastic new theme with a very open layout that will showcase your favorite wallpapers to their fullest extent. The top left corner holds your signal meter, network, bluetooth, etc. The top right is a weather slot. The bottom of the home screen has a spot for new message indicators on the left and the right has your date, time, and battery meter. Both meters on the home screen are circles that disappear as battery and signal levels drop. The app screen is very classy with a plain black background, making the icons stand out nicely. You'll notice that the meters here are also skinned for a nice overall look. FokClear is available for just $1.49 and is compatible with the BlackBerry Torch and 480x360 devices on OS5/6.

For more information and to purchase FokClear for the Torch
For more information and to purchase FokClear for 480x360, OS 5
For more information and to purchase FokClear for 480x360, BB6

Contest: We have 30 copies of FokClear to give away, courtesy of Dohzen. If you'd like to enter to win a free copy, leave a comment below! One entry per person, contest ends this Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a free copy of FokClear by Dohzen - 30 free copies up for grabs!



this would be nice been looking for a really clean theme for my make it more...BOLD!
thanks in advance CB & Dohzen!

never installed a theme before but this looks great. actually i signed up as a user just hoping to win this!!!

This is a nice, sleek theme that would look perfect on my torch! Especially with my wallpapers that I always switch. I hope I'm one of the lucky winners! Thanks CB! :)

This is one of the nicest, cleanest looking themes I have ever seen. Would love to win a copy! Fingers crossed.

For someone who loves changing themes so many times in a week. I think this theme is a must have... Would love to install this in my Bold 9700 OS6. :)

The layout looks awesome really solid and it looks hi res. I'd really love to see this on my cell... Pick me to win please :)

Looks like a great theme, I'd love to have it!
I hate that I have to choose wallpapers based on how they look when cut-off, not anymore!

I've never in my life bought or used a theme because I just didn't think anyone was that great. However, this one literally looks awesome! I would love to have it be my first theme.

WOW just this is the theme im looking for! i seriously hope i win this, thank you CrackBerry for your amazing contest

Oh wow!! I normally use the default OS 6 theme, but this honestly looks awesome. I really wanna try this :O

Thanks CB and Dohzen for this :)