Contest: Win a free copy of Amor by Pootermobile for Valentine's Day! 50 copies available!

Amor by Pootermobile
By Michelle Haag on 27 Jan 2011 09:20 am EST
Valentine's Day is approaching quickly, and we have a beautiful new theme from Pootermobile to help get you in the mood! Amor is a well crafted theme that you can enjoy for Valentines, and long after. The home screen sports an awesome banner that you can customize with a special message, and unique battery and signal meters in blue. The colorful 3D icons are eye-catching and look nice against the red backgrounds on each screen. The u-shaped dock on the home screen has 6-7 customizable icons depending on your device, and can also be hidden for full wallpaper love. This theme has no screen or menu transitions, which is nice for this of us that don't care for them.

Overall Amor is a great looking theme for guys or girls, and would make a great addition to your theme stockpile. Additionally, Amor would be a great gift for that theme loving BlackBerry addict in your life! At just $3.99, it's cheaper than flowers, and will last a lot longer. ;) Compatible with BlackBerry Torch, Storm, Curve 85/89/93, Bold 9000/9700, and Tour 9600.

Contest: Pootermobile wants to share the love with everyone, and has given us 50 copies of Amor to pass on to you! Rules as always: Leave a comment below to enter. One entry per person please. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Good luck everyone!

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Amor

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a free copy of Amor by Pootermobile for Valentine's Day! 50 copies available!


My wife would just love this on her Torch. All the background pics she has used the past couple weeks have been hearts and stuff. And, let's face it, when the wife is happy we are all happy!

Themeing is one of my favorite things, so I won't be mad if I'd win this. :d
But nonetheless, I'd like to wish everybody good luck!!

wow this is adorable, a great valentines present for myself. pootermobile is rockin with all the great themes they have, i will be sure and show it to all my friends and tell them it was my valentines present from pootermobile. cause they are just AWESOME.

Can't wait that long to see if I won... It's only $3.99, so...I purchased NOW! Lovin' it! (Catch the pun?) My only negative comment is that with my Tour 9630 I couldn't put any spaces in my personalized banner, but...I worked around that using a cap for each word. :)

Been using BlackBerry Girl and its one of my favourite themes to be sure :) Everything Pootermobile makes looks great on my Torch <3

I wanna gift My GF a Bold 2 with this theme installed, please provide me one, so that i can save that amount and buy other apps from crackberry store, Valentine's day on the way