Contest: Win either Paradigm Duo or Crossroad by BBin for your BlackBerry Torch!

Paradigm Duo and Crossroad by BBin
By Michelle Haag on 26 Feb 2011 02:11 pm EST

BBin has no shortage of unique and fun themes for your BlackBerry Torch, and this weekend we are happy to share with you two of their newest creations: Paradigm Duo and Crossroad. Both of these themes have a ton of cool features and home screens with a lot of built in functionality. For details on each one and contest information, keep reading after the break!

Paradigm Duo by BBin

The first, Paradigm Duo, features dual home screens with eight user customizable icons on the first screen that can be hidden for maximum wallpaper viewing.  The second screen has four fixed icons (BBM, Browser, Messages, and Media), and each screen allows access to universal search for easy access. This theme is hard to describe so you will definitely want to check out the pictures and video at the link below.

Crossroad by BBin
The second theme is called Crossroad. This theme features a simple looking home screen with short cuts for calendar (New events) and a small slide-in dock for Phone, Profiles, and Connections. Beyond that, the home screen has hot spots for 3 more screens, each with shortcuts to different applications. The first is accessed by tapping the right of your screen and brings up Media, as well as 8 user defined icons. Tap the bottom and Work comes up with access to the Browser, Calculator, Memos, Tasks, and Password Keeper. The third screen is activated by tapping the top of your screen. This one holds BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Contacts, SMS/MMS, and Social Feeds. My favorite part of Crossroad is the landscape view, because you can access all four screens at once! It's a truly unique design and fun to use!

Paradigm Duo and Crossroad are available for $4.99 each and are compatible with the BlackBerry Torch. Each one has a free trial available too, so you can take them for a test run before purchasing. You can check out videos for each theme in the CrackBerry store at the links below.

For more information/screenshots and to purchase Paradigm Duo
For more information/screenshots and to purchase Crossroad


BBin wants to pass on some free copies to you guys, so if you're interested in winning one of these great themes, leave a comment below! We have 10 copies of each theme to pass on, so make sure you indicate which one you're interested in. The themes are only designed for the BlackBerry Torch 9800, so if you have a different device, you're going to want to pass on this one. The contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST, one entry per person please. Good luck!

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Reader comments

Contest: Win either Paradigm Duo or Crossroad by BBin for your BlackBerry Torch!



Happy birthday guys. I've entered your contest but have never won :( I really like Paradigm but the best is it rss feed with updates every 30 mins :)

I've tried a few themes that don't implement the trackpad on the torch. This is very annoying. Maybe the crossroad theme will work better.

This is a tough choice as both themes appear to be very well done and thought out, but since we must choose I will go for Crossroads for the landscape view of all four screens. That is a very compelling feature in my opinion.

The two looks awesome. But my fav is Crossroad. It's the second time I enter a contest on CrackBerry. Let's uf i'll be lucky.

An amazing theme by .... Happy to comment on their creativity even if I don't use a torch :)

I made an account so I can win the Crossroads theme. That's the new hotness! Oh...Hi Crackberry World!

Wow amazing themes, but I love the Paradigm Duo the most ;)
Hope that I'm going to win, and good luck for the other ones!

Both look great but if I had to choose, I'll choose crossroad please. I love the sliding homescreen of crossroad and the cool affect of showing all homescreens in landscape view.

I had to wait a while, maybe that will increase my chances!

Paradigm duo looks pretty awesome!

Both of these themes look super sweet. I check out Paradigm Duo last weekend and glad to see it offered in a contest. Good luck to everybody.

give me a new phone pleeeease
any thing will do mine is on the blink..........
that crossroads looks great......would make a great upgrade from my tour 9630 if its for sprint
thanks guys