Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Tour Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2009 12:35 am EDT

* Update: September 7th - It's labor day, so while we're taking it easy on the blog posts we thought we'd re-sticky this helluva CrackBerry giveaway for a few hours. Leave a comment for your chance to win a ColorWare Tour and enjoy the long weekend! *

In honor of reaching the 1.5 million registered members milestone, it's time for yet another kick a$$ contest! The prize? How does a custom-painted BlackBerry Tour sound?!

The BlackBerry Tour is the hottest BlackBerry Smartphone on the market and our friends at ColorWare are going to give one away to a lucky member of CrackBerry Nation. You'll be able to pick the colors (click the image above to jump over to the Design Studio), so whether it's your school's colors, favorite team's colors, your lucky colors or something else, if you win this one you'll have a truly special BlackBerry Tour to call your own.

Contest Entry: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. With labor day weekend coming up and back to school craziness in full effect, we're going to put an extended deadline on this contest to give everyone a fair chance to enter... so you'll have until Sunday, September 13th @ midnight PST to post your comment. ** Only leave one comment as multiple entries will not be counted. ** Be sure to tell your friends and spread the word. 2 million registered members here we come!!

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Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!



It would be cool to have the hotest Blackberry on the market !! Currently am on my second Storm. First one just died for no reason. After waiting two months for RIM to send me a replacement I ended up with a refurbished unit. This one has a HORRIBLE quirk. Every couple of days I keep having to reinstal the OS !!!!

Your amazing Mike you always have amazing prizes and contests, plus this site has great content as well! keep it up

Sounds like fun, please count me in for the contest. Congratulations on reaching yet another CB milestone!


OH Crackberry make me a blackberry my love, show me how you care. let me Obaminate the competition because I will be your biggest fan. Oh Crackberry, how I love thee with your round figure and your sexy computer code. Pick me my love!!

This has to be the sickest custom painted phone I have ever seen..... But if I do win that tour ill have to activate a second line cause my 9350 storm is the real deal....... Holla!

My Curve has already worn out (due to trackball insuffiency), it would be great to paint my next Phone like I would want it to be.

ohhh sh*t...this has to be one of the best givaways ever...i always wanted to colorware my phone...good luck to all...and good luck to me...

The custom colors are amazing, however I would just be happy getting my hands on a tour. I currently have a 9530 storm and am always up for a change. It is my first blackberry and I swear I will never buy anouther type of phone. I am now a bb user for life and cant wait to try some of the other models.

The tour looks even sexier with a little color added to it! Pick me, I have a great home for that baby! Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

That would be an awesome prize to win, that way I would stand out against the other users I have setup on our company BES that have a Tour.

Please pick me I enjoyed the look of colorware since its introduction on Crackberry. Due to economic reasons I could not at this time have this done. so winning is even better.

Thanks for the opportunity to win all these sweet prizes! I check this website more than my own on a daily basis!

Thank you Crackberry. I have been on the colorware website many times dreaming of how my BB would look best but knowing my wife would kill me if I spent money to get it customized (she barely talks to me as it is for buying a new BB at full price when they come out). I would truly love to win this contest.

This is a great contest! Leave it to CB to do something like this. I have wanted a colorware BB for a long time! I hope I win!!!!

I have been wanting one of these, i cant upgrade yet and i would have to pay full retail for the phone. If i won this it would be great.

This is great! I have been dying to send out my phone to be personalized by ColorWare for a long time. I just can't afford it. It would be great to actually win a device from them.

I need this in Yellow & Black, Stryper style..! Sorry if Im to 80s for you but yes, I loved Stryper color combination. Crackberry, Im 'Calling on you'.

I love this layout of the Tour. This is actually the exact same layout I designed for mine. Just waiting to get a replacement phone and then I will be getting these colors on my Tour.

I'm really starting to dislike the Pearl I have. If I win the Tour I would gladly send in a video of me shooting my pearl with a 12 gauge shotgun or give it to a CB Nation member to do the same as long as they post the video. With 00 buck, the thing would be in lots of pieces!

My curve is on its last leg and I have vowed to NEVER own anything other than a blackberry again as long as I live.....I would LOVE to win a new one!!