Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Tour Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2009 12:35 am EDT

* Update: September 7th - It's labor day, so while we're taking it easy on the blog posts we thought we'd re-sticky this helluva CrackBerry giveaway for a few hours. Leave a comment for your chance to win a ColorWare Tour and enjoy the long weekend! *

In honor of reaching the 1.5 million registered members milestone, it's time for yet another kick a$$ contest! The prize? How does a custom-painted BlackBerry Tour sound?!

The BlackBerry Tour is the hottest BlackBerry Smartphone on the market and our friends at ColorWare are going to give one away to a lucky member of CrackBerry Nation. You'll be able to pick the colors (click the image above to jump over to the Design Studio), so whether it's your school's colors, favorite team's colors, your lucky colors or something else, if you win this one you'll have a truly special BlackBerry Tour to call your own.

Contest Entry: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. With labor day weekend coming up and back to school craziness in full effect, we're going to put an extended deadline on this contest to give everyone a fair chance to enter... so you'll have until Sunday, September 13th @ midnight PST to post your comment. ** Only leave one comment as multiple entries will not be counted. ** Be sure to tell your friends and spread the word. 2 million registered members here we come!!

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Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!



my girlfriend wants this phone sooooo bad and to have it with custom colors would make an awesome christmas gift!!!!

It's been a week and one day since i had the blackberry tour and i love it so much more than the peral that i had with t mobile.

i've never been first on commenting anything and it would be awesome to win one of these......

Shipping FAQ's (ColorWare)

Q: How do I ship the smartphone internationally?
A: While our other new products are available internationally, smartphones are not. Smartphones are only available to U.S. addresses.

Does this mean this contest is restricted to the U.S. too?

Never mind! I have my comment and won't win anyway. =)

Hey im not beggin to pick me. I just got one question, do you also ship the prize to Holland; Rotterdam?

Congrats Crackberry and Kevin on 1.5 million members. I can't think of a better way to celebrate than a Colorware Tour giveaway!

To own a custon design Tour would be great but here in the UK there are not many options avaiable to us. Winning this prize would give me something unique and would sure to be a talking point amongst friends and family.

1.5 Million and getting closer to 2 every day. The "Tour" of CrackBerry gets people loving the Tour and other phones. The Ultimate resource IMO and love every minute of it. Now winning a Tour would make my day also!

niceeeeeeee.... this is great.... hope i can win this time.. hehehe even thou i used tour now.. ^^

I so want this! I really wanna try a full QWERTY BB compared with my Storm. The Tour looks great and a good fit for me :)

CrackBerry Nation is growing and with this contest I hope I can win my own BlackBerry Tour. The orange custom color posted above looks nice. I never thought funky colors could suit a BlackBerry device, as I was accustomed to regular black. But hey, it's all about mix matching.

A new Blackberry to keep the kids distracted. Then I can grab my other 2 back and give them a couple of bricks and go on with life!

Storm owner hoping to be a future Tour owner. Haven't one a contest yet, this sure would be a nice one to win :) Thanks for all you do for us BlackBerry Fiends!

Wow! This custom painted Tour is amazing. I would love to have one in Orange to match my favorite football team, the Chicao Bears. Go Tour and go Bears!

Congrats on reaching the 1.5 million mark. This is the definitive BB site. Thanks for running these contests!

You know, that would be sweet.I could give mine to my daughter and have the new one in my favorite colors. Sign me up!

I would absolutely LOVE to have a Berry Tour, my Curve is getting tired and ready to be handed down to my child. the hand-painted Tour is beautiful and I would give it a good home!

This sounds so so nice in my left pocket. I think it will fit perfect. I will match my jeans to the color of the phone


This is the greatest thing on earth! I can't wait to win this very, very cool item. I will be the hit of the office.

Thanks for your consideration.

here's to my 1 in 1,500,000 chances to win contest entry!!!!!

good luck to everyone in Crackberry Nation!