Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!

ColorWare BlackBerry Tour Contest!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Sep 2009 12:35 am EDT

* Update: September 7th - It's labor day, so while we're taking it easy on the blog posts we thought we'd re-sticky this helluva CrackBerry giveaway for a few hours. Leave a comment for your chance to win a ColorWare Tour and enjoy the long weekend! *

In honor of reaching the 1.5 million registered members milestone, it's time for yet another kick a$$ contest! The prize? How does a custom-painted BlackBerry Tour sound?!

The BlackBerry Tour is the hottest BlackBerry Smartphone on the market and our friends at ColorWare are going to give one away to a lucky member of CrackBerry Nation. You'll be able to pick the colors (click the image above to jump over to the Design Studio), so whether it's your school's colors, favorite team's colors, your lucky colors or something else, if you win this one you'll have a truly special BlackBerry Tour to call your own.

Contest Entry: To enter, all you need to do is login to and leave a comment to this post. With labor day weekend coming up and back to school craziness in full effect, we're going to put an extended deadline on this contest to give everyone a fair chance to enter... so you'll have until Sunday, September 13th @ midnight PST to post your comment. ** Only leave one comment as multiple entries will not be counted. ** Be sure to tell your friends and spread the word. 2 million registered members here we come!!

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Reader comments

Contest: Win a Custom Painted ColorWare BlackBerry Tour!!!



Would Make My Day COmplete!!! Im a musician!!! Pick Meee Pick Meee Im a cello player with lots of skills :o) haha these silly things, I never win

Folsom, CA

I Love crackberry! This site has guided me on my journey that is the best addiction in my life, Blackberries!

I am a total addict and have had tons of different model and would love to try another!
Thanks everyone for the help and I'm praying that I can win a sweet customized Tour!!!

Happy 1.5 Mill Crackberry! Almost landed on my Bday too!

This will be quite the prize for the winner!! I just think of all the puppies and kittens that will never know the joy of having a Blackberry, much less a custom painted TOUR!!

Good luck to ME and ME ONLY!! LOL!

Seriously, this is an insane prize! Thanks for doing it!

This is the best site out there for Blackberry owners. I hope all have notices if you search anything for Blackberry on Google or other search engines is alwalys in the top 3 and sometimes number one. Crackberry is number one if you ask me.

u guys are definatley not! lying when u use the term "crackberry"
this phone is permanently glued to my hands!
but im loving every minute of it<3

Colorware is fly, winning a new blackberry is supafly, but winning a new blackberry courtesy of colorware is the ultimate!

everyone else migt as well give up aftrer this post, even if iit is a drunkin post, its sill the winner of the colorware tour from corlor wayre and cracbery, crackbverry rocks i love i t and it makes m yohne run a hell of a lot beteter. imagine if i wont a tour, it would be reeed and black, it wojuld lok realllyl nicve espoeciallt if it wad free...thanks so much fcrackbery havr a nice day!!

Guess it's meant to be for me to get it. it is my mother's b-day on the 26th and I've been begging her to upgrade her 8310. Please allow this to be the first contest I win!!


That would be really unique... I've never had a Blackberry. Mine is in the mail as we speak :) and i'm thrilled! I'm a senior in college and this would be a great graduation present!

I'm a flying dutchmen;-) from Holland and orange is our national color. So i hope i win a orange BlackBerry


I Live in Germany and we don't even can buy the regular Tour.

But i just love this thing! I need that! Realy! Im not Kidding!

Would love to get this thing!

Have a heart and give this beautiful Blackberry to germany!

best regards;)

"Colorware changing the look of blackberry to your custom needs" Makes your own blackberry change into the most personal mobile phone that you will ever have

You bet I'm in... I've been itching for a new BB for a while now!!!!

And now...for a random Bugs Bunny cheer...

Firecracker firecracker shish boom bah!
Pick me crackberry rah rah rah! :)

Wow this has to be the best contest since I've joined. I would LOVE to win this. I've been eyeballing this custom paint job from ColorWare for some time now. Hope I win!

In honor of the Rockies and the coming up-ness of Rocktober, i demand a purple black and silver Tour. Thank you very much.



Dear Crackberry,

Please choose me! I would be a perfect candidate because i am going into the medical profession and a device like this would help me greatly. I just finished my basic sciences and with all the loans I am running on I dont think I could afford a Tour right now.

Thanks for the contest though, giving hope is always appreciated!

Hey I am Pretty New To this site because I only got my first but definitely not last Black Berry about a month ago and I made this account around that time though I had been on the site before, I really would like to win the Tour because I have heard very good things about it like its 3.2 MP camera and a faster Processor Etc. I would also Like to Win it because it will be custom and possibly one of kind which is awesome :) I Also haven't Won any Contest on this or any other site in the past :( I wish everyone Good Luck

This is an AWESOME give away. I'd love to have a story like winning a tour to tell for the rest of my life!

I hope that you pick me. I want to win this for my sister who can't really afford a cell phone. Love the colors. Pick me!!!